stop flirting on tv

They’re getting married.

With the sweat on his back sinking uncomfortably into his costume, Victor’s first and only thought is that they’re getting married. There are cameras flashing at them at blinding speeds as they hold up their medals, recording their every move, and the reporters yell for their attention. Victor drowns them all out.

Victor can’t exactly spare anyone a second of his glance.

Not when from the top podium, his fiancé holds up his gold medal with pride and just a hint of overwhelming disbelief, still in shock that he actually won. 

Not when Yuuri looks down at him with twinkling dark eyes and a breathless, slow grin, sweat beading at his hairline, looking like a masterpiece that has come to life. 

Not when he stares at Victor with his chest heaving, beautiful brown eyes shiny with happy tears, as if to say, Look at me, Vitya. Look how far I’ve come.

The sight makes Victor’s throat run dry, makes his gut flutter and his heart hammer inside his chest with the bruising force of his adoration. It makes Victor want to say, Happiness and a gold medal looks beautiful on you, solnyshko.

It makes him want to say, you make me fall in love with you again and again.

It makes him want to say, you are everything I’ve ever wanted.

It makes him want to say, please marry me. Please stay forever. I love you, I love you, I love you—

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Exo’s Reaction - When Another Member Badly Flirts With You

Xiumin - *He knows you don’t like Kris the way he likes you so he doesn’t worry about it too much but steps in when he goes a bit to far*

Lay - *Gets confused why Tao was flirting with you when he knows your Lay’s but he doesn’t ask or say anything about it just smiles at you and kisses you in front of Tao*

Kai - *Finds it hysterical when Kyungsoo tries his pulling techniques on you but you just walk away and kiss Kai on the cheek on the way into the kitchen* 0/1 to this Chicken Master! 

Suho - *Just stands there staring at Baekhyun and watching him fail at his flirting skill* Um…. Baekhyun… stop… please?

Kyungsoo - *Gives Kai the death glare to signal him to back off*

Tao - *Gets really bitchy about Lay being all flirty with you*

Chen - *Chanyeol starts being all flirty with you and Chen immediately gets annoyed*

Kris - *Jumps in between you both and tries changing the subject before Xiumin takes it too far* Anyone up for food, i am!

Chanyeol - *As soon as Chen was caught flirting with you, Chanyeol gets in a pissy mood and tells him to back off a little* Leave my girl alone camel, go eat your camel food *makes imitating camel faces*

Baekhyun - *Baekhyn is on the other side of the room and as soon as Suho started flirting with you, he was gobsmacked* You better not be trying to steal my jagi Suho?! How rude!

Sehun - *He walks into the dorm and finds Luhan flirting with you. He stops right in front of the TV, clears his throat and sassy Sehun appears*

Luhan - *When he hears Sehun being so flirty with you* *gif*



And by stop I mean don’t you dare stop

Wait I fixed it.