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Gongmyung always being supportive of NCT 127 and his small brother

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Malin for the love of Sheith please give me that Single Dad AU we've been talking about PLEEEEASEEEE. A drabble. ANYTHING. /on the verge of dying

Shiro was jittering in the cold wind. It was only October but at this time of night, it might as well be the middle of January. He glanced down at his watch. Almost midnight. He shook his head and pulled his hoodie closer. He should’ve worn on a jacket.

Why of all nights did Ro have to get sick tonight, he thought. He had a meeting first thing tomorrow morning and instead of getting some sleep he was wandering the streets in the middle of the night to buy Ro some cough syrup, as well as the Pumpkin Cheesecake ice cream she requested. He felt bad for even thinking like this because he knew it wasn’t Ro’s fault she got sick and it was even worse for her, but he was exhausted.

After he grabbed the medicine from the shelf he decided on a detour to the candy aisle, if he’s here anyway he might as well, he thought.

When he turned around the corner he ran smack into someone juggling multiple chocolate bars, as well as a family-sized bag of chips.

‘’Keith?’’ Shiro asked astounded. 

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Keith’s face when he’s flirting talking to a rescued Lance

Remember when Keith was completely apathetic towards Lance.

Remember when the strongest emotion Keith felt towards Lance was annoyance.

Remember when Keith didn’t even know Lance’s name.

Yeah Keith doesn’t either.

130525; Jimin’s Tweet

1. 슈가형과 함께! 사진도 같이 올렸는데 이제 그만 괴롭혀요ㅋㅋㅋ 개구장이들 같애ㅋㅋ ©

Together with Suga hyung! I have even uploaded a photo together, stop teasing me now kekeke We look like brats keke

2. 개구쟁이 슈가형과 지민이 ㅎ저희 친합니다! 정말이에요 ! ㅎㅎ 맞지 형? ©

Brats Suga hyung and Jiminnie  he We are close! Really ! hehe right hyung?

Suga’s reply:  아니. ©  >> No. 





Jimin Scenario: Shy Boy.

Request: Hey thare! Can I request a Jimin scenario where you’re a guest host at ASC and bts is there as the guests and the fans started shipping you together and saying that you two look good together >w<

Genre: Fluff

You felt so honored when you received the invitation, you had let your company know that you wanted to participate in the show, but when you found out that the chosen star for this episode was no other than BTS you felt like screaming. You have been an ARMY since the very beginning, even though being a part of the entertainment industry made you keep it on secret or at least not show it that much.

So when the actual day came, you were feeling slightly nervous, while the makeup team was working on you, you were wondering how this interview would be and how they would be like in person. Because one would think that being idols you would see each other in every show, but in reality that wasn’t the case, this was your first time seeing them.
When your makeup was done you got all dolled up and took a glance at your reflection on the mirror. Great, today was a perfect hair day, a perfect day to meet BTS.

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1) My natural brown skin isn’t a “tan.”
2) “Chocolate” is not a compliment to a Black person, even with “omg” and heart eyes. I’m in no way offended that he thought I was Black, but I am offended that he tried it.
3) “lol” does not soften “wat race r u” and I can still tell you’re a racist through your weird culinary fetishizing.
4) Why are you trying to flirt with me through QuizUp when all a bitch wants to do is Harry Potter trivia? Leave me the fuck alone.

@imparria Plz plz forgive me. I really…just….laugh at the idea of your betta boi being so flirty.

Zoken probably: “Oooooooh, so you’re Bazz’s mate hmmm? ;) Nice to meet you~”