stop fitspiration

I’ve had the flu for the past week now and it’s really knocked me about!  I’ve not been eating as well as I could’ve and I’ve gained some numbers on the scale :( sucks that this happened so close to the end of the challenge. 

But then I look at the difference between these two photos and remind myself how far I’ve come, how hard I’ve worked and that it didn’t happen over night. 

You’re always going to have bad days, weeks, months even.  The important thing is what you learn from them and how you bounce back from them. 

I can’t wait for this flu to be gone so I can come out swinging!

this week’s grocery haul: (most of it organic)

california navel oranges
california grapefruits
fuji apples
2 packs of greenwise chicken breast
greenwise spring mix salad
watermelon slices
2 boxes of barilla whole grain penne
15 grain bread
2 cans of greenwise black beans
red grapes
texas toast croutons
greenwise tomato basil pasta sauce
organic girls caesar dressing