stop fighting ; ;

if tld shows us anything clearly, it’s that john is constantly fighting with his inner self, that he’s always thinking about sherlock, wanting to be with sherlock, but he pushes it down and says the opposite nearly every single time.

consider all the previous moments on the show–the tarmac, the stag night, the rooftop of barts, the very day they met–and consider all the things john wanted to say in those moments, all the things he was saying on the inside, all the things he pushed down so that what he really felt wouldn’t show.

y'all are so fucking dramatic and fake woke. we barely saw isak and even this season and somehow y'all still find a way to blame it all on them. if anyone is stealing sana’s screentime/season, it’s noora. hell, it’s also william, who is not even on the show anymore. characters post things during breaks all the time, even if it’s not their season. it’s not that deep

Lance constantly harasses Keith by making slurping noises whenever the other boy goes to drink something.

Keith laughed at first, which only encouraged Lance, but now he can’t even put a glass to his lips without being subjected to the annoyance.

He’s tired. He’s frustrsted. And he’s dehydrated af. Someone help this poor child.



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