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About Efi Oladele

Listen, I’m excited for Efi. She looks adorable and I’m super excited to see what mechanics Blizzard will give her in game. I’m a person who enjoys playing a character for how they play, not just because of their race (i.e. when Sombra was released everyone was claiming they were going to play her because of her race, not for team composition)

Here’s where I want to talk about Efi. Please, do not go around saying “protect Efi from the whites!!! Pure black STEM woman!!!” She’s 11 years old. Stop. Overwatch takes place in the future where humans fight robots. Stop. She’s 11 years old in a fictional world full of diverse characters coming from all sorts of backgrounds and cultures. There is no need to make her into a racial matter.

Second of all, she’s 11. I see people talking about her being “Lucio’s wife!” And that is terrible. Lucio is 29 (26?) and it’s pedophilia, and culture doesn’t make it automatically right. BUT I’ve seen snippets of people wanting Efi to be a lesbian and some even wanting to ship her with some of the Overwatch females… The youngest girl in Overwatch is D. VA whom is 19. Please, do not ship her with any of the Overwatch agents. Don’t force gender preferences and sexualities onto *pre-teen fictional characters* There is still a whole lot of room for character development but please, not this early.

-Disclaimer: I am not racist, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic, etc.etc. I am very supportive. In the case of a young character who was JUST released, I dislike seeing people trying to shape her to who they want her to be. Efi Oladele is a young African girl who loves to build robots and is a super genius. Please don’t make her a matter of race. There is so much room for character development! She was just announced and I beg of people to wait to see where Blizzard takes us in her own story.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. These are just my opinions that I am expressing out loud. They are not prejudice in any way. They are not racist or homophobic opinions, just rather PSAs from an open minded individual. Thank you!


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“Where are you going?” Archie asked. You cursed, you were hoping you’d be able to sneak out of the house without him asking any questions.

“To ah… see Jughead”.
Archie immediately frowned when he heard the name of his former best friend.
“Look I know what you’re going to say Archie and I don’t care”.

“Look I know about how you really feel about Jughead but come on [Y/N]-”.

“Exactly Archie. I really care about him, I also really care about you, you’re my brother after all but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop caring about him just because you two are fighting. Newsflash Archie I can make my own choices” with that you walked out the house without Archie saying another word.


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I’m so interested in how people, in general I suppose, think of Homura as not being HELPFUL because she’s not FUZZY.

Is that really a thing? LITERALLY ALL SHE’S TRYING TO DO IS HELP. I mean obviously I’m choosing to read it at the moment through the filter of my new pet theory that she’s been trying to do this again and again and again


and that she’s just fucking tired of it at this point because nobody bloody well LISTENS. But still, all I get from her is trying to stop these idiot children from making their idiot children mistakes. She was the only one to go get Home Run’s soul back. She’s tried to stop them fighting each other. She’s cautioned Madokusa I don’t know HOW many times (it’s not her fault Madokusa refuses to make any kind of decision here whatsoever). And even just here with Home Run, she’s “You’re being dramatic and stupid, stop it.” and brings her the witches soul whatever thingie to try and save her.

If I’m right (and again please no one tell me if I am or not) she’s persisting in doing this DESPITE how many times she’s failed. I’m not sure she even believes at this point she can fix shit, but she’s still trying.

Near as I can see, Intensealot’s the most helpful character in this whole fucking story.

[Finally reminder that I’m watching Madoka spoiler-free and I’m not looking for any confirmation or denial or other hints or details about anything!]

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Can I request a small fic where s/o is defending Keith for being Galra against the rest of the Voltron team? (Well, I think Allura and Pidge would be the most conflicted)

Keith’s fist were white, or at least, whiter than usual. 

“Where did you get the audacity to be like this, huh?”

Shiro let out a sigh and Keith grit his teeth harder. 

“Just calm down, it’s-” Allura started, wincing when your voice cut through hers.

“It’s not okay. God, he’s your teammate, not some sociopathic killer!” You hissed, hands crossed over your chest.

“We never said that!” Coran cried.

“Implicating it is just as bad, Coran!” You replied, glaring at the orange-haired man. 


You turned around, the rest of the paladins freezing where they stood.

“Stop fighting.”

“Keith, we-” Once again, Allura was cut off. 

“It doesn’t matter, I’ll be in the training room.”

You watched as Keith exited the room, shooting you a look. You would stand by him. Forever. 

Blood of Passage: Part Thirteen


His body was slick with sweat, convulsing as his blood spilled down his throat into his chest. He was dying, he was dying he was dy-

The priestesses murmured prayers were drowned out from the whistling in his ears, the wet choking from his lips; the utter terror in his blood.

“Stop fighting, Tarus.” The teal eyed priestess’s smile was meant to be a comfort. It wasn’t. “Deep even breaths. It’ll be over soon.”

His wrists chafed against the binds on his wrists, on his wings. “Stop,” he gasped. “Please stop.”

“We’re helping you,” she said. “Your father just wants best for you. He wants to help you.”

That male wasn’t his father. He was someone who raised him out of love for his mother, not for him. White spots danced in front of his vision, lighting cracked against his fluttering eyelids, his voice was a whisper, “Stop.”

Darkness greeted him.

Adrien’s arm around his throat summoned brutal memories he tried to shut down. His tawny forearm brushing the cords of scars that wrapped around Tarus’s neck, bringing about images of golden brown blood and he forced himself to maintain calm, to not let years of shutting down memories be forsaken; to not attack Adrien.

Sweat was slick across Tarus’s forehead and the sound of his own choking filled his ears. He felt Adrien’s eyes on him, a piercing look that told him he wasn’t hiding much from the shadowsinger.

Adrien tried to remove his arm from his shoulder, he held him in place. He breathed deeply, evenly, and let it go. “You need support,” his voice was thick, a small tremble in it. “You’re still weak.”

“No,” he tried pulling himself off. “It’s causing you pain. Let me walk on my own. Or at least lean fully on on Blake.”

He could feel the attention starting to shift to him and his weakness. “”It’s fine.” He forced his voice into a lightness that his body betrayed. “I’m fine.”

“No, you are not fine.” Blake’s brutal eyes were on him, assessing his weakness. “Let Adrien lean on me.”

He shook his head, “No, then you’ll be too vulnerable against attacks.”

The male, Zevakyn, turned around, his dark eyes were distraught, a frown tugged at his lips. “Let me take his place. Maze is too short to be able to support him. Let me help.”

Adrien and Blake’s shadows mingled around each other, their eyes showing traces of communication between them. Adrien nodded and turned to Zevakyn. “Okay.”

As soon as Adrien’s arm was off him, his lungs started to work with him, the palms of his hands sweaty, rested on his knees, forcing air into his lungs. “ Do you need to take a break, gather your wits?” The female.

Yes. “No, I’m fine.”

“Who did that to you?” Zevakyns voice was a razor blade of lethal calm. He looked up, meeting the male’s eyes, those dark spheres were merciless.

He shook his head, his hair sticking to his forehead, “Doesn’t matter.”

He felt the male reach down to his haunches, those dark eyes meeting his. Tarus kept his focus on the male’s eyes, distracting him from the memory that was pulling at him. The male’s voice was soothing. “That was then. This is now. You aren’t there, you’re safe, here with us.”

His lips twitched into a half smile, a bubble of laughter escaped him. “Safe is relative in the Blood Rite.” Zevakyn’s eyes lit up in surprise.

A crooked smile rested on the male’s lips, not quite reaching his eyes. “Can you continue?”

The knot of terror started to unravel in his stomach, the memories starting to fall back into the darkness of his mind. “Yes. I’m- I’m alright.” He straightened, looking between them all. “I apologize, I wasn’t expecting that to happen.”

“You don’t need to apologize.” Mazakynn’s eyes were soft with understanding, “Happens to the best of us. Try to remember you got out. It helps me.”

He wondered what kinds of images trapped her, she seems like nothing could pierce her armor. “I’ll remember that.”


She knew the look he had. Pure terror rested on his features, reliving some brutal memory. She had her own terrors when she closed her eyes. The brutality of her father and brother hit her with a force when she slept, locking her in cruel nightmares.

The days where the wrong touch or the wrong tone of voice triggered attacks. Those attacks she had, where only Adrien knew the worse of it. Him trying to pull her out of her own memories, but not knowing what they were.

She was a master of pretending she was okay, up until everything crashed down on her, bringing out her weakness in tremors and sweat and brutal memories.

She gave him a smile, “I hope so.”

Adrien’s eyes, always assessing, his shadows feeding him information about Tarus. His eyes were on the thick cord of scars at his neck, his lips were pursed. Knowing him, he was holding back information about Tarus. Whatever he was gleaming from him, he wasn’t happy. His eyes slid murderous. “He’ll get his, Tarus. I guarantee it.”

Tarus shook his head, “He thought he was doing what was best.”

“Doing what’s best? You have scars wrapped around your throat,” Zevakyn snarled. Maze blinked. She had never heard that tone from him, the sheer primalness of it. “No one deserves that.”

Tarus stared at him, the male’s golden eyes were intense. “Maybe not, but the past is in the past.”

Zevaykn’s eyes were darker than she had ever seen, his hair falling over his eyes., “It doesn’t matter when it happened. It’s the fact that it happened at all.”

Blake’s eyes were darting between the two, his eyebrows narrowed in thought. “Zevakyn’s right. But right now, we need to get out of here. Can you continue, Tarus?”

Tarus’s eyes were trained on Zev. “Yes. Let’s go.”


Zev took Adrien’s arm around his shoulder, taking part of his weight on to him. Tarus led and they followed. The sheer panic that were in the male’s eyes, trapped in some memory that he didn’t know.

Adriens arm was tense around his neck and he knew it was because he no longer trusted him. Keeping secrets, especially secrets such as killing five males as brutally as he did, he supposed he deserved Adrien’s ire. It made sense really. Trust is what got him nearly killed.

But the viciousness that came out of his own throat, when speaking to Tarus, he wasn’t expecting such a tone from himself. But those scars flashed the severed neck of Chelia in his mind and he forgot where he was. And that buried bloodlust rose to the surface, demanding the blood of the male who would do such a thing.

The blinding panic in Tarus’ eyes undid him in a way he wasn’t sure of. And he didn’t even know the male. But he did know that he didn’t want to see that panic there again.

“Nate and Bay are around the corner,” Adrien said after awhile.

He didn’t doubt him. Adrien had a way of knowing where almost everything was, knew almost everything about everything. Perhaps not knowing about Chelia bit into his pride a bit.

Nate and Bay appeared and a knot loosened from his stomach. Bay was alright, the invisible weight from his shoulders had lightened, a light was in his eyes. Zev found himself smiling at the closeness between the two males.


Adrien straightened his head, glancing between Bay and his brother, his shadows were telling him such interesting things about the two. Nate frowned, “Are you alright?”

“Oh you know,” he forced lightness. “Just another day in the Blood Rite.”

Maze barrelled out from behind him, hugging Bay. She smacked the male’s chest. “You bastard. The next time you decide to split apart from the group do me a favor and don’t.”

He glared down at her, pausing at the scar on her face. “Who did that to you?”

She rolled her eyes, “No one you need to concern your pretty head with.”

Nate cocked his head, “It is pretty, isn’t it?”

Bay’s ears reddened and Blake choked on laughter, earning a glare from Bay and a lazy grin from Nate. Bay cleared his throat, turning to Adrien’s wings, his face pale. “Is he dead?”

Maze nodded, “Cyrian killed him.”

Nate’s eyebrows hit his hairline, “I’m sorry, can you repeat that? The same Cyrian who Adrien hates more than anything in this world? That Cyrian?”

Adrien glared at his brother, “Yes. That Cyrian.”

A low whistle came from his brother, “That has to be a blow to your pride, huh Adrien?”

“If I wasn’t close to losing my wings I’d end you.”

Nate stuck his tongue out at him. Bay sighed, “If this is what it’s like having siblings, I can’t wait until Aysel is grown.”

Nate snorted, leaning into Bay, “Nah. She’s Cassian’s kid. It’ll be worse.”

The smile on Bay’s face faultered as he narrowed his eyes at Tarus, assessing him. Nate nudged him, “Come on, Baylor. It’s the Blood Rite, were supposed to kill each other.” Nate sighed, “Tarus, are you still planning on killing me?”

“Not actively.”

“See there you go, problem solved.” Nate slung his arm around Bay’s neck, “let’s get out of here and so I can eat.”

Adrien snorted. Nate looked over his shoulders at him, “Careful, Ade. Or I’ll eat that fat head of yours.”


Bay looked harder at Tarus. The male was awfully pale and Zev’s eyes were full of worry and something else. Blake and Adrien seemed to trust the male so he said, “Clean slate?”

The male nodded, almost relieved. “Yes.”

Nate smiled, “Look at Baylor being the bigger male.” he elbowed him. “I’m so proud of you.”

“I’m taller than him, I’ll always be the bigger male.” The others snorted, a small grin was on Tarus’s face. He handed him one of his weapons, “Call me Bay.”


Heres the next part! Please, please leave a comment XO

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What kind of nicknames do draal, blinky, angor rot, Arrgh and Bular would give to there BF/GF?

assuming a human s/o jsut bc i cant think of non-human nicknames


Draal probably gives you a lot of nicknames, mostly insults (playful ones). They include ‘fleshling’, ‘pushover’, ‘meatsack’, and so on.

Blinky, unsurprisingly, doesn’t give you a nickname. Unless you count a more ‘formal’ name as a nickname- such as him calling Jim ‘Master Jim’, or Toby ‘Tobias’.

Angor Rot doesn’t give you a nickname other than ‘pest’, probably. He’s rude.

Arrrgh also isn’t much for nicknames, but he might call you something typical, like ‘sweetie’.

Bular calls you rude names that don’t count, such as ‘asshole’. Either that, or just “human”. Fight Bular. Make him Stop™

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have one from Thunderstorms, the sequel to there’s a hell of a good universe next door:

“Do not seek to cozen me with familial names!” Green sparked around Loki’s fingers, ominously. “You may try to force me but I will fight you with every ounce of my power. I am no pup you can drag back by the scruff of my neck.”

Thor took a step forward, face darkening. “Do not tempt me.”

Steve moved, then, stepping in between them. “Both of you,” he said loudly. “Stop this, take a step back, don’t start a fight in the middle of the street-”

“Couldn’t have said it better myself,” said an unfamiliar voice. All three of them turned, and Steve turned to see a bland looking man of middling height – and more alarmingly, at least seven armed men behind him. “If all of you gentlemen could put your hands somewhere visible, please? SHIELD would like to have a word with you.”

Loki made an incoherent snarling noise. “Look what you’ve done,” he said savagely to Thor. Steve jerked.

“SHIELD?” He recognized that name.

“Nice to meet you, Captain,” the man said. “Agent Coulson. Huge fan. Now, hands? I don’t want anyone getting jumpy.”

Thor’s expression darkened. “I will not be threatened.”

“What are you going to do, Thor, kill all of them?” Loki said, though Steve noticed he had not raised his hands either. “I am sure your father would approve of that.”

“I’d rather not repeat myself a third time,” ‘Agent Coulson’ said. Steve raised his hands, hoping Loki would follow suit, mostly watching Thor. Loki made an exasperated noise and held up his hands, though Steve knew well enough that wouldn’t mean anything if Loki decided he didn’t want to cooperate. After a long, long moment Thor did the same.

“What is the meaning of this?” He asked.

“We just want to have a little talk,” Agent Coulson said. “You,” he pointed at Thor, “and you,” Loki, “and probably you should come too, since it seems like you’ve been keeping secrets, Captain Rogers.”

“My personal life is my personal life,” Steve said stiffly. “If you want to have a conversation you can come and knock on the door.” He hoped Thor heard that too. And was trying to watch Loki, in case he tried anything drastic.

Trans women-

Speak up. Don’t let people walk over your opinions. Call them out for exculsion. When you see or experience transmisogyny, no matter how accepted and mainstream it might be, or when you’re speaking on issues pertaining to womanhood and you’re brushed aside, challenge it. Defend yourselves and always, always, speak up. Scream if you have to!! I know you’re tired and exhausted and your eyes have rolled so far back into your head that they might be stuck there. I know you feel like we are the only ones that care for our voices. I’m tired too. Tired of being let down. But we can’t stop fighting for our place and for our rights and for our safety. For our place at women’s marches, for our place women’s public restrooms and locker rooms, our place in gender studies courses, our place in queer spaces for women, for our place in our own fucking bodies. People are going to hurt you and let you down and tell you that you don’t know what you’re talking about. They will invalidate you and tell you that you’re paranoid, over-sensitive, mistaken, demanding. They will use biology and socialization against you. They will speak over you and make assumptions and discredit you. But you know who you are and you have a right to be here and a right to speak. Fight, fight, fight. For you, for me, for the trans women of future generations. You voice matters, it always matters. Don’t ever stop using it. Let your strength be endless


Yo its okay to like both, story of my life.
Obv i sorta shipped bellarke first then i really liked clexa now i ship bellarke but still like clexa IM BOTH OKAY YOU CAN’T MAKE ME CHOOSE!

I REALLY LIKE BOTH I JUST WANT EVERYONE TO BE HAPPY I WANT MY CHARACTERS TO BE HAPPY!! And yes i do ship bellarke right now BECAUSE IT’S GONNA MAKE THE CHARACTERS HAPPY THAT’S ALL I CARE ABOUT! IF THE WORLD IS ENDING LET CLARKE BE WITH SOMEONE SHE CARES ABOUT AND LOVES PLEASE. THIS IS WHAT IT’S ABOUT TO BE BI, THIS IS BI REP GUYS, SHE LOVES BOTH, AND SO DO I, So can we stop the fighting? Yes we all know it was wrong to kill lexa off that quick and that suddenly and that cheaply it was awful and i do not support that death at all, but the one thing this show does get right is its BI rep okay? It’s real, clexa was real and so is bellarke. They are both as valid as each other and the bellarkes need stop trying to erase clexas relationship and the clexas stop trying to erase bellarkes relationship because CLARKE IS BI. Not straight, not a lesbian, BI! And neither the clexa fandom or bellarke fandom can take away that fact, thats my representation okay?.Also its the representation for millions of other people in the world so i suggest you stop.
Tickle Fights

“Peter, stop!! I - can’t breath!” You giggled, gasping for air in the process. Peter kept on tickling you, smiling mischievously. He had come up the ladder to the treehouse just seconds before, grabbing you by your waist. As he leaned in for a kiss, he grabbed your waist and started tickling. You tried to wiggle from his grasp, but his hands stayed furmly at your side. “Not until you say it!” “And what if I refuse?” You retorted playfully. You couldn’t give in to his silly mind games, especially since he thought he could always win. And usually, he did. But not today. “Then, I’ll just keep on tickling.” He began to tickle you more rapidly, to the point where your heart rate became too quick to handle. Coughs sputtered out of your mouth as you tried to warn Peter what was happening. You were having an asthma attack, and you could feel yourself slowly losing every last breath. After what seems like a lifetime, Peter finally sees your struggle and releases you from his arms. “Oh my god Y/N I am so sorry…I didn’t mean to hurt you” Peter’s eyes filled with worry and concern. YOu knew that he didn’t mean it, but your ability to talk had been stifled. As you slowly started to regain your breath, you inched closer and closer to him until you were able to crawl into his arms. He closed any remaining space, embracing you gently. “It’s alright. I’m ok, look at me.” His eyes refused to meet yours. You pulled his head downward, looking into his amber eyes. “I’m ok.” The look of panic slowly disintegrated in his eyes, reducing to his normal sweet and caring stare. You slowly leaned your head towards his, and kissed him lightly. You could feel the smirk, even with your eyes closed. “I told you, Peter Pan always wins.”

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Dear A,

And here we go again.

Damn, I am so tired of messaging around in circles but it seems we’re never going to stop.

And I am so tired of fighting you.

This doesn’t exist, I keep telling myself. It’s just an online relationship. There’s nothing to it.

Ah, if only my heart wasn’t so deaf.

Damn you, A! You’ve made me fall for you. How? How on earth did you do that? I can’t fall for men in my home land, but you, on the other side of the planet? How did you melt my Antarctic ice-covered heart? Did you do it with your words that burn with Floridan heat? Your eyes in the pictures you send me that are alight with Hispanic fire?

(If this is a catfishing thing, A, you’re dedicated. Two years of online messages without you asking for anything?)

I haven’t told you I love you, like you’ve said to me. I don’t think I’m there yet, but my God, I’m close!

You fill my dreams and fantasies. You’re talking about visiting. You talk about the beautiful life we’ll have!

Oh, A, I’m not angry with you.

I’m scared.

Scared you’ll tell me you don’t want me anymore.

Scared you’ll tell me to stay.

A, I am so sorry that right now, I can’t love you like you deserve. If we spent time together, talking, laughing, making love, then I’d fall in love with you so fast it would make a cheetah look slow.

Maybe, just maybe, we’re meant to be.

And maybe, just maybe, we’re meant to meet.

And maybe, just maybe, this will all work out.

But for now, I’ll settle for you messaging me at 2am.

You told me you needed to make me yours.
You silly man, don’t you know I am already?

With love from one side of the Pacific Ocean to the other,

Your T.
Check it out

Oh yay! More info! ^_^

Now if only this Fandom would stop fighting over stupid things we could get somewhere.

Sigh, guys Butch isn’t out to get us. He REALLY cares about his shows and characters. You don’t have to follow exactly what he says, but he literally is the canon of this show.

A while back, a whole bunch of misinformation got out, and a lot of the bad stuff you heard about him isn’t true.

And as much as I hate to admit it, I shared a lot of that info. And it’s info that I see echoing in the discussion threads to this day.

Since then, I’ve learned that we were misinformed, and I can’t even tell you where the false info came from. It was a lot of he said, she said, in a time of uncertainty in this Phandom.

You don’t have to agree with what he says. You don’t have to follow it in fan work, but really, he is trying to reach out to us. The show was canceled before it’s time, but he’s trying to change that for the better.

With all the rumors, I see why a lot of people don’t like Butch, but we’re not even giving him a chance anymore.

I’ve been here 10 years now, and while I’m not overly active, I see the shift in our persona. We keep becoming colder, and more bitter.

Now, that’s not to say we’ve been a happy Phandom, we’ve always have had angst and gore, and the why does that exists. Still, everyone coexisted.

It’s only been in the last two years that this has stopped. I used to talk about how fandoms crumble on themselves, and it’s happening. I’m literally watching my home Fandom rip itself apart.

And it’s too the point again that your not even letting the creator share fun facts with you without getting pissed about things that don’t matter!

People bring up the Trans Danny thing. You know WHY Butch spoke up? Because WE were to STUPID to FIX the PROBLEM OURSELVES. Spoiler alert guys! Trans Danny has always existed, and no one gave a shit about it till some shitty outsiders came in and caused a lot of shitty chaos.

Pompous Pep? Yep, that’s existed.

Gore? A staple.

People get mad at Butch, because he gave an answer. His answer. The only answer that fucking matters in the concept of the show.

You headcannon Danny as what you feel? Great! That’s what fandoms are for!

But canon is different. You can’t change it. Without the ground to stand on, the whole structure falls. And Butch had the canon set, whether we like it or not.

Have I gotten you riled up yet? Good, that means you care!

I’ve tried reintegrating back into the Fandom for a while now, because I love it so much, but it has become so toxic, that here we are, bashing the creator because he wanted to share some facts and work up an interest to a show he’s been trying to get back on the air for 10 years.

Why would any new members want to join that.

And your thinking, we’ll I’m here, I won’t leave. Let me tell you right now, that you WILL move on. Sure, you’ll come back for fun jots, but the people I came in with are mostly gone. Not many of us left. And even I’ve fazed out a bit.

In a way, I’m glad you all can be petty if you choose, it means we did our job in keeping this place alive for you.

Still, all I want is for you all to treat each other well. Will the Phandom continue to survive if a sequel doesn’t come?

Will it?

What are you doing to guarantee it?

Have you assisted any new members lately?

Are they comfortable speaking their minds?

Are you protecting each other?

Are you laying down a solid foundation?
Cause let me tell us, we had nothing but canon and shambles to build on. You have so SO much more.

Is you environment loving?

That last question sums it up

Are you a loving, welcoming Fandom, that wants to create bonds, with different individuals. Are you patient? Are you kind? Are you understanding?

You need to figure it out.

And Phandom heads (or whatever you call yourselves now), that’s your job. You are at a vital time in the fandoms life span. You don’t want another Phandom war.

I hate that I can’t fix this, but it’s not my Phandom anymore. It’s yours.

I just leave the groundwork and the warning.

So stop arguing, stop shaming, stop fighting. It’ll lead to nothing but pain.

And know that I’m still popping in and out, many of us are, to check on our baby.

Because the canon is Mr. Hartman’s, but the Phandom is yours.

What are you going to do with it?

And seriously, watch the video, it’s great! 😆


Yusaku Komiyama (W/A/C), Jim Zub (Adapted), Tony Moore (#1VC).

The original manga is adapted into English for the first time! Time and again, the Avengers have assembled to save the Earth from destruction. But they’ve never had to face a threat as gruesome and UNDEAD as this one! Now, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes must fight to contain an outbreak of horrifying zombies, and stop them from spreading across the Earth! But not all of the Avengers will escape uninfected…

#1, 48 pages, $4.99.

#2, 40 pages, $4.99.