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CatCo Magazine special issue

Cat Grant has an important message for all of us. Be smart. Be like Cat


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So here’s another super surreal moment I wanted to share! 

Bluejaigeyes (aka Johnamarie Macias of TheWookieeGunner) was wearing my Star Wars Rebels dress on Friday, and excitedly told me while she was in the Celebration store, she ran into Dave and he commented on it! 

(She also tweeted it to me but I didn’t see it till after I saw her in person in the Heroines of Star Wars line!)

Apparently he told her he loved how they were drawn, especially Ezra! ;.;

This is so unreal. I still can’t believe this picture was taken. Thanks so much for the heads up Johna! It really made my whole day! :D

That amazing Purgill that Dave is holding was made by Johna too! She’s so talented and lovely!


Can we stop with all the fanwar/shipper war and just be happy with our own ship?
Cre. Honeywater_jm, Unfair play

mostly @ qrow fans/shippers

Okay RWBY fandom! Let’s make something clear!

JUST. BECAUSE. WE. SHIP. A. GAY. SHIP. DOES. NOT. MEAN. WE. THINK. IT. WILL. BE. A. CANON. SHIP. (goes for lots of straight ships too) THE LIKELIHOOD OF FUCKING QROW/IRONWOOD BEING CANON IS PRACTICALLY NONEXISTENT, BUT PEOPLE ARE ALLOWED TO SHIP IT ANYWAY. I DON’T CARE IF YOU ARE THE BIGGEST DAMN QROWIN FAN ON THIS EARTH. PEOPLE ARE ALLOWED TO SHIP WHAT THEY LIKE. THE AMOUNT OF HATE BETWEEN SHIPS IS 100% UNNECESSARY. FLOWN NORTH SHIPPERS ARE ALLOWED JUST AS MUCH HAPPINESS AS QROWIN, OZQROW, AND IRONQROW SHIPPERS. I happen to very much like OzQrow but no way will it ever be canon. I think Qrow/Tai is kinda cute too, but I know it won’t be canon. IT DOESN’T MATTER!!!!!!!!!! Realistically, Qrow probably won’t end up with a canon love interest. Just please stop feeling entitled to dominance because your ship is “stronger” than another one.

side note: please note when artists and writers put something into an AU. it makes all the difference with ships. there are rwby aus where qrow and fucking oobleck are gay. but they are fan-generated aus. please respect that.

~from the desk of a very fed-up RWBY fan

When people still try to pull you into fan wars