stop exams

u know how badly i just want everything to stop. i want exams and deadlines to stop. i want to be able to read and write whenever and whatever i want. i wanna watch tv shows all the time i wanna listen to music and look out of my window for hours but i want to be able to do all this stuff without worrying about everything else. i just want it all to stop


I thought this post was really cute so here’s datekou

KNK as Exam-Takers

A/N: I stole this idea from @ncttrashaf
There’s so few things for KNK… tho they already took an exam once, I still felt like making this…
[I’m making this just for fun, I have easy exams tomorrow, so I was bored]
Good luck on exams if you have any!


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*has no clue what he’s doing*


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*whines and groans about the exam; a little rude to the teacher, loathing life- slightly emo*
“You said it was 50 questions, not 65.”


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*doesn’t know the answers, but has a great time bubbling in a cute design on his answer sheet, covering his paper protectively, laughing to himself*


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*has properly studied and reviewed the material, is well rested and ate a nutritious breakfast; judges everyone whining about the exam in disappointment*
“We learned this last year.”


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*casually cheats as he is left with no other option*

I’m very proud of myself today, okay? Hear me out. 

I’m a Teacher of English as Second/Foreign Language. I’m currently working at a Language Institute, and every Halloween we host a party for the younger students. They wear costumes, we play games, eat candies, the whole enchilada. This year, however, I’m teaching teenagers. The thing is, we’ve given up asking them to take part in the party because well, they’re teenagers, and they feel they’re over the whole dress-up and playing games thing, they find it silly or something. I know…

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But since they still have to come to class while the party is going on, I prepared a special lesson for one of my classes. I told them they could bring food and drinks and we would watch a video. So I brought Hush, and I made a video watching worksheet to analyze the plot, themes, and characters. Anyway, at first they weren’t very into it. But as we continued watching, they were hooked. 

Btw, this was me watching them as they watched the episode…

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…especially as we got to this part…

(and yes, they were fucking scared, two of the girls jumped on their seats… the same happened when the Gentlemen get to the dorms and the student opens the door to find them there…)

Anyway, since we don’t watch the whole thing through (we watch a few scenes, then stop, talk about what happened, they write down notes, then continue watching), we had to stop just when the episode was about to finish. And this happened:

ME: Okay, guys, we’ll finish watching the episode next class. 

STUDENT 1: I want to watch it.

STUDENT 2: Me, too.

ME: You mean you want to finish watching the episode? You liked it? (I was already excited at this!)

STUDENT 1: No, I mean I want to watch the whole show. 

STUDENT 2: So do I!

STUDENT 3: You said it’s on Netflix, right?

ME: Yes, it’s on Netflix! 

STUDENT 1: Have you watched the whole show?

ME: Yes, I have watched the whole show over a dozen times. It’s my favorite show. (I really had to keep the fangirl in me in check at this point…)

STUDENT 3: When school’s over, I’m going to watch it!

STUDENT 2: Yes, I’m going to watch it over the summer!



As promised, I made a AlterAfterDeath and I decided to do an AlterErrorInk too.(I know the pictures are huge, I’m sorry)

Lil’ Reap(AlterReaperTale) belongs to @friisans

After(AlterAfterTale) belongs to me

Ink(AlterInkTale) belongs to @bear-teeths

Error(AlterErrorTale) is a fusion between @bear-teeths and @mana-chan Error Tories

rocky’s pic got me so shook like just imagine him laying around and staring at you like that… his eyes and features are so pretty;; and the oversized sweater paws are so cute but the second someone calls him cute/handsome he’d burst out into flustered giggles and bring out the cutest eyesmile ever oh god why do I hurt myself like this