stop erin

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: i'm so mad that kate mckinnon wasn't allowed to talk about her character, jillian holtzmann being gay, while in every damn interview promoting ghostbusters, chris hemsworth was always brought up and she had to sit there while everyone gushed about how gorgeous he is. idc about chris hemsworth bitch, i want people to talk about the glorious weirdo that is kate mckinnon and how she got to play a badass lesbian scientist dammit

So there you got Abby and Erin, the core relationship of the movie with Erin literally jumping on the other side for Abby. But you also have Holtz and Abby who’ve known each other for a while and worked together all these years and Abby was Holtz’s family as stated in her final speech. BUT you also got Patty and Holtz, always being the dynamic and fun duo, the Baby™ petnames and having each other’s backs. BUT ALSO you got the heavy gay subtext on literally every scenes with Holtz and Erin, The Wink ™, The Dance™, The Bickering™, The Swiss Army Knife™   and so on..

SO what I mean to say here is: every ships in Ghostbusters (2016) are wonderful and whatever pairing you’re shipping, it is good and pure so please enjoy

You keep leaving me. You leave me longing for you again and again when I would give anything for you to stay, and it’s killing me.
—  The night circus, Erin Morgenstern
  • (Holtzmann walks out in a red dress, hair down, purposely doing model poses everywhere in the living room for the last 5 minutes my I add)
  • Abby: Geez Louizz! Jillian
  • ERIN: r-red.
  • (Everyone stops and looks at Erin.)
  • Erin: ....
  • Abby: Holtz, you broke Erin again
  • Patty, shakes her head laughing: gurl you can't do this every time we go to a fancy dinner, were late again
  • Erin, staring: ...
  • Holtz, walks up and winks: Aye, hot tamale, like what you see??
  • Erin, flustered, quickly grabbing all her stuff: .. You know what Holtz quit messing around we have to go!
  • Patty: mhm.

Okay but Erin and Holtz dressing up as each other for Halloween and going around the firehouse mimicking each other and giggling like children. Erin in yellow glasses and a lose tie and messy done up hair flirting shamelessly and awfully with a disgusted Patty. Holtz in a stiff fancy shirt and a tiny bow tie. Her hair down and straightened. Standing at the whiteboard and shimmying and finger dancing like Erin and saying “Holtz! Careful with the fire!” In a whiny voice until - “no, seriously Erin honey stop don’t touch that blowtorch I love you and I also love my jacket that you’re wearing right now. Which, you’re killin’ in by the way” *Nerdy Gilbertesque finger guns*.
Erin winks back in a scarily accurate impersonation of her girlfriend.

Abby whips out the camcorder and films it all for blackmail but also because she just… loves it. Her two best friend are such amazing nerds in love.

I lost my heart falling into you, I lost  my soul giving it to you.
I got stomped on. Trashed. Curled up. I tried fixing you but got cut on the glass as I tried to tape it back together again. I think I’ll love you forever, no matter how much it cuts me. I’ll never give up on repairing your broken soul. Not until you can give your heart to me and stop stomping on mine.
—  Erin