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Sometimes he woke up in the middle of the night, startled by something. Might be his dreams, might not. He didn’t remember enough of them to tell.

What he remembered of them usually went like this:

He woke up alone. Statics filled the air. The streets buzzed. The punches never came, and he just walked the streets until he was on the ground, in front of an alleyway. The dusty lamppost stood between him and the entrance. The light flickered the way usual household light bulbs did, but slower.

Then he woke up, alone, the newest podcast playing on loop in his ears. The light was always off.

It really wasn’t much to go by.

even more bc it has to run its course 

Being Draco’s Sister Would Include...
  • Always fighting.
  • Making him your servant.
  • “Bloody hell Draco!”
  • Beating him at Qudditch.
  • “Stop having a big ego.”
  • Calling each other git.
  • “I dont like him,”
  • “You don’t like anyone.”
  • “Neither do you.”
  • “Bloody Mudbloods.”
  • Always rolling your eyes at him.

okay but i have this hc that sirius completely sucked at quidditch.
he tries, bc it’s what popular boys do and he wants to play with james but he just can’t. everytime he tries he fells and “don’t laugh james help me !”
but everytime he fells, there is a cute little werewolf who gets him on his feets and force to go to the infirmary bc “really pads you must stop with your ego and just stay away from these evil brooms” and then kiss him better

I love the Second Roman Triumvirate. Antony, Lepidus, and *looks at smudged writing on my hand* Octopus.

I just noticed that jungkook stans tend to be bias wrecked by park Jimin MOST OF THE TIME LOLLL IS THIS A COINCIDENCE?!! OR is it because Jungkook likes to stick around park jimin so damn much loll JUNGKOOK GOTTA CHILL HIS BOOTY AND STOP NURTURING JIMIN’S EGO WITH ALL THE SKINSHIP AND SHIT , CAUSE BOY BE TRYING TO RUIN ME.

Here is an exercise for your heart that could save your life spiritually:

1. Think of a family member, friend, or “enemy” that you know.
2. Imagine if you got a phone call that that person’s parent, spouse, or child has passed away.
3. Imagine if you heard they’d been a terrible car accident and might not make it.
4. Imagine if you heard they’d been diagnosed with a terminal disease.
5. Now think about what you would do?
6. Would you call them? Would you go to the hospital to hug them? Would you show up to the funeral of their family members?
7. Now think even worse, what if you heard that that person actually died.
8. Would you go to their funeral and cry knowing that your ego stopped you from working things out, and you have to live with that regret for the rest of your life?
9. Imagine if the next time you see that person is on the Day of Judgment.
10. Now ask yourself: Is it worth it? Should I really wait until one of the above happens?

The Prophet (peace be upon him) mentioned a man being from the people of Paradise simply because he cleaned his heart every night.

It’s time for you to clean yours…

Oh Allah, let our love for You overwhelm our hearts in such a way that they cannot contain poisonous hatred. Ameen

—  Omar Suleiman

You can save yourself a whole lot of trouble if you stop using your egoic mind as the internal point of reference for your perceived reality.  ~Anon I mus (No-self)

anonymous asked:

You do realize that it's okay for people to think differently than you right? You do realize that everyone has a different way of thinking, right? Get over you enormous ego and stop harassing Reylos and then mask it with feminism and anti-abuse. Sincerely -Sick of this ship P.S: I come from the SPN fandom. Your hate has been spreading and it's awful.

idek where to start with this ask lmao

“its okay for people to think differently than you” is for shit like, pineapple on pizza or like dogs or cats. not bigotry. misogyny, abuse apologism and racism (among the other things that come from r*ylo shippers) actively hurt people and are more than just a different way of thinking

ive never harassed a r*ylo… most people on the anti side call that shit out bc we know its not cool. also r*ylo literally is misogynist and abusive but okay

idek what to say about the “i come from the spn fandom” stuff except that its fucking funny lmao

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Not a question but I really wanted to say thank you for writing FAWL. It's one of my most favorite fics ever! It's one of those fanfiction you want to print and read comfortably on paper not in your phone screen! Thank you! You deserve the world!!

oh my gosh anon stop it if my ego gets any bigger my cats are not going to speak to me :D But thank you. 

[MBTI Types] Ruthless Roast
  • No offense... but this might offend you.
  • ---------------
  • ISFP: Wow. WooOOOOwWWWww. Why are you so cocky
  • ESFP: The center of the universe is a black hole, not you
  • ISFJ: Don´t pretend that you don´t keep 1001 nasty secrets
  • INTP: You need a Shia LaBeouf in your life. Loser
  • ENTP: ... shut up. You make me lose faith in humanity
  • INTJ: "Fierce"? Nah that´s just a façade
  • ENTJ: You ugly pile of ego
  • INFP: Stop playing the victim
  • ENFP: Even Leo DiCaprio can´t charade as well as you do
  • INFJ: You´re a failure and use this to manipulate others
  • ENFJ: So much pretense within one human being
  • ISTP: Yes yes, go on playing the saint
  • ESTP: You self-indulgent tyrant. Other opinions exist, too
  • ISTJ: The worst gossip monger I know. COWARD
  • ESTJ: Tell me more about how to wear blinders