stop drinking cold beers

22tops  asked:

Please help me Louis as Beyonce and Harry as Jayz re-enacting drunk in love. I can't stop thinking about it. I need your thoughts on it please help.*voice barely a whisper now*

LISTEN, nothing would please me more than seeing Harry grind up on Louis but for the sake of this ask, lets flip it in reverse. 

Let’s talk about Harry and Louis, maybe they’re on vacation somewhere tropical and that song comes on in a little beach side bar they decided to stop in for drinks at. They have been sipping on ice cold beers, with Louis teasing rubbing the bottle down his neck, licking his lips, watching Harry under hooded eyes. Harry rubs a hand idly up and down his thigh, until he reaches the curve of his hip, gripping him tightly, but not pulling him close, not yet. 

Louis decides to order a few tequila shots, licking salt off the thumping pulse on Harry’s wrist, and his eyes light up when he hears the first chords of ‘drunk in love’ and tugs Harry off his stool, dragging him to the makeshift dance floor. 

The air is humid as they languidly move their hips together, Louis turning around and plastering himself against Harry’s chest, bringing his hands around to splay underneath the hem of his shirt, resting on his heated skin. Harry digs his fingernails in, chasing the bead of sweat that trickles down the side of Louis’ neck, slipping a hand down the back of his shorts, groping the firm muscle of his ass as he grinds their hips together. 

Louis tugs on his curls, causing a flustered moan to leave Harry’s lips as he tips his head back, eyes closed. His lips part when Louis starts nibbling on his jaw, start sucking a bruise behind that damp curl near his ear; his fingertips slipping down Harry’s stomach until they hook into the waistband of his tiny little shorts, tracing through the fine hairs of the treasure trail that he wishes his tongue was on instead. 

He leans over and grabs another shot, pouring the smokey tequila into Harry’s mouth, chasing the last few drops with his own lips and Louis leans up to whisper in his ear “I get filthy when that liquor get into me”

And…yeah. Its time for them to go