stop drawing noodle arms

(full view is highly recommended - damn Tumblr..!)

Taylertots recently drew Mirai and Akihito as The Beauty and The Beast. Taken that The Beauty and The Beast has been my favorite Disney movie since it came out (Belle speaks to me in so many levels..!) I absolutely had to dig my hands in this crossover au! 

My favorite scenes in The Beauty and The Beast as a child was when Beast tries to invite Belle to dine with him for the first time. Belle refuses and Beast has hard time to keep his composure with “flattering”. I found it as a child both sad (how Beast treated Belle) but also encouraging, as not even the feared Beast was able to turn Belle’s head. She stood up for herself without hesitation in a situation where the most courageous men would have fled screaming. Don’t tell me Mirai wouldn’t do the exact same for Youmu Beast Akihito!