stop doing this please like seriously its not that hard

Feli and Gil are the type of people who would run a famous twitter by accident because they just constantly write shit like “for years I believed paying the Roman way means not paying at all and it always had me very anxious when my friends suggested doing that, I was so nervous” or “I dont know my birthday so lets just pretend its today i need 100€ please donate to my paypal” “what do you mean in other countries people stop at red lights this is a very wild concept to me” “the other day someone told me they respect my hard work but i spend all day home eating strudel and crying” with 100% seriousness 

Deep down I kinda want the anime to end quickly, so everything will fade away like it never happened, so I won’t have to see anymore of those goddamn “Yuuri is based on Yuzuru” posts and their predictions of the anime based on Yuzuru’s career. Good lord, seriously?

No matter how you look at it, they’re nothing alike. Appearance, maybe a tad bit, but career? It’s quite the opposite, and it’s not even hard to see it. Just stop. It’s the Grand Prix series and seeing posts like that popping up on my dashboard is super annoying. I like the anime; I watch it every Wednesday. I have nothing against it. However, fantasize all you want, but don’t tag Yuzuru Hanyu, please.

If you’re all wondering, Yuuri Katsuki is INSPIRED by Tatsuki Machida. It’s a fact, not a fans’ theory.