stop doing that silent treatment thing

BTS Reaction to Getting the Silent Treatment


Jin would try and make you smile in any way possible, but after you continued to ignore him, he would walk away from you to seclude himself as a couple tears fell from his eyes.

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Rap Monster would stare at you from afar for as long as you would ignore him. He wouldn’t say a thing to you, in hopes that you would eventually pay attention to him.

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Suga would become a withered mess. He would lay on the couch and moan and cry until you stopped giving him the silent treatment.

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Hobi would be a complete mess. After many failed attempts of getting your attention, he would break down into a sobbing mess, begging you to forgive him and speak to him.

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Jimin would become very confused when you didn’t speak a word to him after coming home from whatever you we’re doing. He would stand frozen in the door way, not knowing what to do or say.

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V would stare at you until you took a glance over at him, making hearts at you until you cracked and spoke to him again.

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Kookie would pull you into a tight hug until you stopped fighting against him, hugged him back, and said at least one word to him.

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Detention-TW preference

Request: can you do a preference series where the reader and the pack get detentio or something like that 

A/N : I’m actually kind of proud for these.


All Scott wanted was to make the silent treatment you were giving him, stop. The thing was that you found out he had once made out with Lydia while Stiles had asked him to find out if she liked him. This incident on its own pissed you enough , but seeing him spending more and more time with her lately made you jealous, so you decided to stop talking to him for a while in order to tease him.

‘’Y/N’’ he whispered from two seats behind. You were sat on the front, Stiles behind you and Scott behind him.

‘’Mr. McCall I realize mathematics might not be an interesting topic to thug like you but I’d rather not have you ruining the lesson for those who actually want to pay attention’’ the teacher said and you looked around you.

Nobody looked like they were paying attention besides Malia.

You were shaken out of your thoughts when a tiny paper landed on your desk.

‘’ I miss the sound of your voice ‘’ it said.

You wrote something down and gave it to Stiles who passed it to Scott.

‘’here, read this in my voice. SHUT UP’’ you had written and Scott let out a whine when he read it. The teacher glanced at him but Scott acted as if nothing was going on.

Stiles poked your back and handed you the same paper.

‘’babe, I think you’re confused and instead of I love you you wrote shut up. But I got it. So love you too xxx ;)’’ you chuckled at that but quickly covered it. However Scott managed to hear both the chuckle and your heart beat so he leaned back at his chair proudly.

You scribbled something down again and gave it to Stiles.

‘’I’m never confused ‘’babe’’. I just wished you had the guts to prove me that you love me. Being with Lydia 24/7 isn’t how I’d expect you to…’’

Scott sighed at this and Stiles handed you back the paper.

‘’I’ll scream it’’

You wrote a ‘’don’t’’ and gave it to Stiles who sighed getting tired of your shit.  Scott wrote something down again and when you received the paper it had two new notes.

‘’ I’ll do it’’ in Scott’s letters and

‘’ I hate being the third person in your relationship’’ in the same colored marker that Stiles was holding.

‘’Miss. Y/L/N …anything you want to share with the class?’’ the teacher approached taking hold of the paper.

Stiles and Scott knew what this meant. He would not open it and read it, cause that would be invading privacy rights but he was definitely going to give you detention.

The teacher opened his mouth ready to release  a storm of scolding on you when Scott stood up.

‘’oh ! Mr. McCall I see you did not take into account my previous notice..’’ the teacher commented motioning for him to sit down but Scott stood still.

‘’sit down Scott’’ the teacher repeated obviously annoyed but Scott did not obey.

‘’I see. Then let me ask you, Do YOU have anything You might want to share with the class?’’ the teacher said.

‘’as a matter of fact I do’’ Scott said causing everyone to turn and look at him.

‘’oh ? do ?’’ the teacher asked,.

‘’YOU DO ?’’ you asked embarrassed and he smiled at the fact that you talked to him.

‘’Yes sir. I LOVE Y/N’’ he said smiling and you buried your head in your hands hiding your red cheeks.

‘’why should we care?’’ the teacher asked and you shook your head.

‘’you shouldn’t. But I do love her’’ he still stood up smiling. Then you got up as well smiling trying not to burst out laughing.

‘’I LOVE HIM TOO SIR’’ you said proudly.

‘’I am not marrying you kids , I am teaching a lesson here. BOTH OF YOU. DETENTION. AND GET OUT OF MY CLASS RIGHT NOW’’ he said and you looked at each other whispering a victorious Yes as you exited the class.

‘’they told you they love each other and to punish them you let both of them skip the class ?’’ Scott heard Stiles asking after you had closed the door. He grabbed you and planted a kiss on your lips.



This was all your fault. You were the one who started it when you so obliviously , during lunch exclaimed that there is a comeback to every pick up line. Stiles argued that you can’t possibly think of one to every existing pick up line, but you insisted.

You were supposed to be having English literature when Stiles who was sharing the desk with you wrote something on ‘’Withering Heights’’

You looked at his tremendous hand writing trying to make out what he said.

‘’there’s something wrong with my eyes. I can’t take them off of you’’

‘’Stiles are you hitting on me ?’’ you asked chuckling and he pushed the book in your direction.

‘’come on. Answer back!….unless you can’t’’ he smirked. Oh so this was a challenge. Oh okay.

‘’there is something wrong with mine as well. I can’t see you getting anywhere with me’’ you wrote down and he sighed, turning the page where there was more space to keep writing.

‘’Are you wearing space pants? Cause your ass is out of this world’’

You chuckled at that one.

‘’good try stiles. But I’m wearing softball pants cause my ass is out of your league.’’ He sighed even harder as soon as he read that one.

‘’I googled sexy and a picture of you came up’’

‘’yeah you’ll get the same result if you google not interested’’

Oh this was becoming personal. Stiles knew you were only trying to prove a point but it felt as if you were turning him down.

‘’what’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this ?’’ he wrote down

‘’I was gonna ask you the same thing’’ you chose to whisper that one instead of writing it down.

The teacher, had been above your heads for a while now, reading the notes, but you two were too absorbed into what you were doing to notice.

‘’good one.’’the teacher said causing you two to look up.

‘’might wanna try that one with the principle’’ she continued as she motioned you  both showing the exit. You sighed pushing the desk and getting up, exiting the class.

‘’Seriously Y/N ?’’

‘’It’s true. Don’t even try to deny it. ‘’ you smirked.

‘’okay okay how about this one’’ he said raising none finger in the air.

‘’go ahead’’ you encouraged him.

‘’my friends call me sugar lips .wanna find out why ?’’he asked and you tried to think of a comeback. Then you grabbed the hem of his shirt and kissed him, he hesitated at first but then he kissed you back.

‘’couldn’t think of a comeback ?’’ he asked you smiling.

‘’no, I just wanted to find out why.’’ You smiled back.


Liam was the coach’s favorite student. Not only cause he was ‘’just that good’’ in lacrosse, but also because he always paid attention in his lesson. You had made a bet with Stiles that no matter what, you’d get Liam in detention, and you were never one to back away from a bet.

‘’ Liam!’’ you whispered but he did not turn to look at you. He was too into the lesson.

‘’Hey liam, I slept with your sister’’ you said finally causing him to look at you with furrowed brows.

‘’i..i don’t even have a sister. y/n…what ?’’ he questioned and you chuckled at how cute he was.

‘’what are your plans for tonight ?’’ your questioned caused him to furrow his brows even more but then he looked at coach.

‘’we’ll talk later…don’t want staying for detention’’ he said turning to face to the front again. Ugh this was going to be harder than you thought.

You threw tiny papers at him, tried to get his attention but nothing and then all of a sudden, someone tried to throw a plastic bottle in the bin while coach was writing on the board but in order for the bottle to reach the bin it would have to fly right by you , so when it did you hit it changing its course, causing it to land on coach’s bum. He turned with a furious look on his face.

‘’WHO DID THIS ?’’ he asked and you immediately pointed at Liam.

‘’Liam did it’’ you said and Liam looked at you surprised. You knew this was wrong but you had to win the bet. You really had to because if you lost, Stiles would tell Liam you had a crush on him.

‘’I AM NOT CONVINCED Y/N’’ the coach said in your direction and you sighed.

‘’Liam is my  best student and has never attempted anything like this…you on the other hand…maybe you should think this through during detention…’’ he said pointing at the door. You rolled your eyes but bit your lip in worry. Not only had you not achieved in winning the bet but you also got yourself detention.

‘’She’s telling the truth coach’ you heard someone say and turned to look at Liam. What ?


‘’I’m not I  threw it’’ Liam continued.

Coach looked at you, then liam , then you and then liam again unsure of what to do.

‘’ALRIGHT BOTH OF YOU. OUT’’ he said and you exited.

You felt terribly guilty.

‘’you didn’t have to do that…’’ you mumbled.

‘’well I was going to get one way or another because I have been dying to ask you…what did Stiles say he’d do if you lost the bet?’’ he asked taking you by surprise. Had he heard about the bet ? Was this why he was deliberately ignoring you ?

‘’throw water at me ?’’ you lied,

‘’you’re not afraid of a little water, come on what was it ?’’

‘’ugh fine he said he’d tell my crush I like them’’ you admitted.

‘’oh okay.’’ He shrugged and started walking away.

‘’wait..don’t you wanna know ?’’ you asked a bit disappointed.

‘’yes. But since you lost Stiles will tell me right ?’’ he said leaving you speechless.


With Isaac it was personal. It was a war between you two. You wanted to see who would last longer, who would remain silent and avoid detention.

At first you tried tickling him but it did not work. Then he tried tickling you but you too were strong enough to coat it.

You were about to give up when you realized he was following other methods. His hand landed on the small of your back. You looked at his hand , then him. His eyes straight forward paying attention to the lesson.

Your hand was placed to his knee and as soon as you did that he lightly squeezed your butt. This caused you let out a gasp. The teacher glared at you and you cursed under your breath. This was too close, You looked at Isaac slightly smirking but not looking at you.  

Your hand made its way to his thigh squeezing it, as a response he placed his hand as well on your thigh

You were both staring forward at the board trying not to smirk.

Your fingers caressed his thigh and moved slightly upwards as he did the same. Unfortunately, you were wearing a skirt with no tights, so the feeling was a lot different. Having his fingers like that caressing the sensitive skin, it made you crave other things. You moved yours even closer to his member and his eyes widened. He too was starting to lose, but then all of a sudden his hand with no warning slipped beneath the skirt and he pulled the fabric of your panties once causing it to hit your core. This made you jump up with flashed red cheeks.

‘’Miss Y/N I will not have you interrupting my class’’

‘’But.. but it’s not my fault..’’

‘’whose fault is it ?’’ the teacher asked and you glared at Isaac.

‘’Lahey? What did he do ?’’ the teacher asked and Isaac smirked. You realized you could not actually say what he had done so you sighed and lowered your head.

‘’I’ll help myself to detention…’ you mumbled as you walked out seeing Isaac waving at you with a huge grin on his face.





You were trying to focus on the lesson. You needed to get a good grade on this or you’d fail majorly and you had promised your parents.

Your phone vibrated and without taking it out you saw the text on the screen. It was from your boyfriend.

‘’skip class I want to show you something’’ it read. For a second you wished it was the d. but then you remembered you were in class.

Derek realized you were not answering and then about ten minutes later a lady came in whispering something in the teacher;s ear. Once the lady elft the teacher looked at you,

‘’Y/ are requested at the office, your cousin Miguel is here for an emergency?’’ the teacher said. Derek really ? you thought.

‘’it’s okay he texted me. It’s all sorted out’’ you informed the teacher and the lesson carried on.

About another five minutes later you felt something on your back and realized someone had thrown a tiny rock at you. You turned and saw Derek smiling at you outside the window.

‘’Um..excuse me , could we close the window it’s a bit chilly..’’ you said and the teacher allowed you to, you got up and was about to close it.

‘’Derek go, I need this lesson’’ you said before shutting it.

Ten minutes later and the fire alarm was turned on. You rolled your eyes and sighed, The teacher was about to gather you all when another teacher came in declaring it a false alarm.

The lesson continued and about five minutes on you received another text.

‘’your heartbeat rose when you told me to go’’ it said. Ugh freaking werewolf powers.  You decided to text back but the speakers that were in the classroom went on.

‘’May Y/L/N Y/N please present to the principle’s office’’ the announcer said. You did not have an excuse to avoid this one. Besides , maybe it really was the principle.

As soon as you entered the office you saw the principle’s chair turned with its back to you.

‘’hello ?’’ you questioned and the chair turned to reveal the person sitting on it.

‘’hi there’’ Derek smirked.

‘’Oh my god, what did you do to the principle ?’’ you asked.

‘’he’s alive…’’

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How would Chan, Wonwoo, Hansol, and Seokmin react to you ignoring them because of a fight you had together :) hope this blog gets lots of support!

Thank! Getting requests like this is already a huge support, so double thank you!

Dino: Chan wouldn’t really know what to do with himself. He’d be sad and confused and really upset. He’d feel awful and just want to fix everything but he also feels strongly about the argument you had. He’d eventually come to you and apologize, feeling bad for the things he said and just wanting you to stop being mad at him. You’d of course apologize back and all would be well. 

Wonwoo: Wonwoo would silent treatment you right back. Like damn straight you don’t get to talk to his perfect face cause he ain’t havin any of your shit, nuh uh. Eventually it start to kind of eat him away inside. He’d want to apologize but he’d also not want to give in. It my be a battle of patience. Whoever apologizes first though, wouldn’t matter, because you’d just be happy it’s finally over.

Vernon: Hansol would be utterly distraught. Like Chan he’d feel absolutely torn. He’d be still mildly angry about whatever you fought about but he’d hate you being mad and ignoring him. Although he’s generally soft spoken, he is very affectionate. Eventually he’d come to and suddenly hug you from behind, burying his head in your shoulder and mumble out something like “I’m sorry, please don’t be mad at me anymore”. It’d be adorable.

DK: Seokmin would be huffy, unable to believe you were actually giving him the silent treatment. He’d mutually ignore you accept to say things really loud in hopes of getting your attention, like talking about eating your favorite food or watching your favorite show really loud like “Wow, it’s such a pity that [y/n] is missing her favorite show right now because she would totally be freaking out about this!” . Eventually out of shear impatience he would scoop you up randomly, throwing you over his shoulder and marching your over to the couch where he’d lay down and pull you against him and mumble out something like, “Our favorite show is on and I’m sorry.” Absolutely cute.

Hope your fluffy desires were filled cutie pie anon (∪ ◡ ∪)



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Life your blog so much!!!!! Can you do a reaction to BTS trying to stay mad at you but fails xx

Jin/Seokjin: “Jagiya quit that. Can’t you see I’m trying to be upset!?”

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Suga/Yoongi: *drops his tough guy image and gives into your aegyo*

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Jhope/Hoseok: “Awwww okay I’m not mad anymore but do more aegyo for oppa~~”

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Rap Monster/Namjoon: “Babe stop. How can I be mad at you when your doing cute things like that..”

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Jimin: *immediately gives in in 0.5 seconds*

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V/Taehyung: *actually holds a grunge for quite a while until he feels you have suffered enough*

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Jungkook: *gives you silent treatment and teases you so much*

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Jensen trying too hard to get Misha’s attention on twitter is great ‘cause it makes me imagine him trying too hard when they’re texting too (specially if Misha does this thing where he stops texting like he does when he’s tweeting a lot and SUDDENLY he disappears for whatever reason)
Misha is gone for an hour and comes back to 30 new texts from Jensen