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Warm Me Up ch. 23

I don’t remember the songs I listened to oops. 

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Eyes seemed to follow him everywhere. It made Will feel on edge and frustrated. He walked, trying to ignore it as he got his work done. Forget months of hard work. One little bad day seemed to have branded him untrustworthy.

Part of him wanted to quit and intern elsewhere, but he was worried they wouldn’t take him if the doctors told about what had happened. What did they expect anyway? He was still just a teenager. And he was usually good about separating personal and work life. It wasn’t his fault the two had suddenly decided to merge into one giant headache.

“Keep your chin up, pal,” Malcolm said, walking beside him. “Just don’t look so angry when doing it. You’re supposed to look approachable.”

Will rolled his eyes and sighed. He gave a forced smile and shook his head. “Yeah, I know. It’s just creeping me out. Like everyone’s waiting for me to burst again. They know I’m not like that. It was… a bad day. After a few bad weeks.” He shook his head and rolled his head to try and shake off the stress. “I have to go check on one of my kids. I’ll see you later.”

Malcolm smiled at the term and nodded, disappearing into another wing of the hospital.

Meanwhile, Will hurried to the room for a little girl who had stayed a few days after a severe asthma attack. He opened the door and smiled brightly as the little girl sat up. “How are you feeling today, little sunflower?” he asked. Her name was Flor, and she was so bubbly and happy, that it was easy to provide a nickname for her.

“I’m okay,” she answered, licking pudding off her fingers. “Are you going to do the routine again?” He smiled and nodded. Her older brother chuckled softly as she scooted forward and sat up.

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What if the real reason V missed out majority of the 11 day RFA fiasco is because he’s too busy being Viktor???? 

Viktor looked like V during that skinny dipping with Chris too ok

Yes, I am Yuri!!! Messenger and Mystic on Ice trash


I wanted to draw Mila and Sara in their prom dresses from Another Girl in Another Time by @ablations. If you haven’t already read that fanfic then you need to go do it right not because it is actually the best thing I have ever read in my entire life.


me: i’ve got so many things to do im so stressed and anxious and aaahhhh

me: but what if i drew every clara outfit ever

sodammbeautiful  asked:

Brilliant!! now how do you bathe a cat and survive?

Step one: Don’t.

Step two: Repeat step one.

And if for some reason your cat is still not clean just take them to your local pet grooming station and sacrifice the groomer to your cat. Your cat may or may not be clean by the time you come to pick them up, but they will have a full stomach of groomer and the grooming station will be down one member, so that’s nice.

If that doesn’t work/too expensive try a bran bath. Your house may look like the inside of a cereal box by the time you’re done, but at least your cat will smell nice.

If Kol dies next episode I quit watching The Originals. They killed off Davina and destroyed my OTP. The only reason I would still watch TO without Kolvina would be Klayley but it looks like they’re going full on gross Haylijah action now. (that kiss after he killed Marcel last episode made me wanna barf, I’m staying home because I’m sick btw)

So in conclusion, if Kol dies then I’m gonna be like …

(not my gif)

I find it strange that people are complaining about all the salt inspired by the last two chapters in Erwin/Eruri enthusiasts.

Listen. We’ve had to deal with Erwin hate that’s been backed up by baseless reasons for YEARS, and now when we complain about EM for how they’ve literally not spared a thought for Humanity and attacked a superior despite WILLINGLY having joined the SC, the fandom is suddenly asking for the salt to subside?

Like, ha ha, are you even for real? That’s just going to add more salt to everything.

I want to puke

Stop talking shit about the things you dont know

Stop blaming the victims

Stop saying that France is “a racist country who authorize the publication of offending drawings”

Stop saying things like “they should have seen it coming” or “they deserved it”

“Je suis charlie” means that you stand for the freedom of speech.

“Je ne suis pas charlie” means that you’re a disrespectful asshole