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6/100 [4.24.17] ~ 🎶 Miro - ROMEO

My body is probably gonna be sore tomorrow if I don’t stop dancing ‘Boy Meets Evil’. I’m already done with the intro which took 3 DAYS. I just started listening to ROMEO and it really makes me mad that they’re underrated 😭😭

I’m making some kpop lockscreens so please tell me what songs/artist you would want


thickskinandelasticheart  asked:

Lol you probably have soooo many prompts but if you get the time please could you write yousana fanfic of Sana watching the Hei Briskeby videos today and her reaction to yousef in them?


Here’s the fic

I didn’t intend it to be so long and so angsty so I’m sorry for that!!

Hope you like it :D 


She was in her room, trying to study, trying to focus on anything other than the fact that she really needed to talk to her friends but she would have to wait, when her phone beeped.

She picked it up from the bed and unblocked it thinking it was probably a text from her friends or something like that. But it wasn’t. It was a notification from YouTube.

She would never, ever, admit it but since she had discovered her brother and his friends’ YouTube account thanks to Vilde a few weeks ago she had subscribed to it with a random account and had activated the notifications so her phone would beep whenever they would post a new video.

Sana could try to convince herself that she only watched the videos because she wanted to make fun of her brother, but that wasn’t the truth. She had actually subscribed to it because he was on them, Yousef was on them. She shook her head thinking about the irony of the situation. She was doing everything she could to make everyone believe that she was over him and yet there she was, her heart beating faster and faster on her chest because she was about to watch a video of him.

She opened the video but paused it before it could start. She stood up and closed her door. Then she closed the window and took her headphones, there was no way someone was going to catch her watching the video.

She sat on the bed and took a deep breath before pressing play.

She smiled when she saw the boys acting like the dorks they were in the beginning and rolled her eyes at her brother’s “interesting” voice while presenting it. She had her phone so close to her face that she literally moved backwards on the bed when she saw Yousef approaching the camera around second 9. She paused the video trying to calm down, it was just a video, just a silly video, it’s not like he could see her. She shook her head once more and pressed play again.

She chuckled at Adam rolling his eyes and Elias saying “no singing, no singing”, those boys were so dramatic.

But then something caught her attention, or more accurately, someone caught her attention. And that someone was of course Yousef. He looked right at the camera and then looked away, at the floor, his head slightly down. He seemed sad, he seemed hurt, he seemed…guilty? Sana frowned and went back to the second 20 to watch it again, and again, and again, and again. She probably watched those 5 seconds around 10 times but she needed to be sure. He truly seemed sad, was he sad? Was he just bored? What did that face mean? Maybe it didn’t mean anything.

The video continued with the camera focusing on Adam and then back to all the boys. Now her eyes wouldn’t leave Yousef during the rest of the video.

He smiled, or almost smiled, but then he went back to being serious, looking everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Until the game they were playing that day started and he seemed like Yousef again, smiley, adorable, dorky Yousef. As much as it hurt her seeing him happy when she was feeling so down, she prefered it that way, she didn’t want to see him sad, she wanted to see him happy.

She found herself smiling while he hummed and sang and danced. She even repeated the bit where he said it was Mutta’s turn, she missed his voice, it had been a week since she had seen him.

Sana laughed at Mutta trying to hum the song and the boys trying to guess it and she chuckled when they started to dance and sing Panda.

But then something changed. She heard a loud sound, like a door that closed. The boys stopped dancing and Elias stopped the song. He said that the video had to end ‘cause they weren’t alone anymore, his mother and his sister had arrived home. His sister, Sana, had arrived home.

She remembered that day. Her mom and her had been out doing some shopping and when they came back they heard the boys in the living room. Sana had excused herself and went to her room. She didn’t leave it until she was sure they had gone.

But it wasn’t the fact that she had arrived during the video what caught her attention, it was Yousef, always Yousef.

All the boys had stopped dancing as soon as they had heard the door closing but Yousef’s reaction…it was different. His face literally dropped, he kept looking at the door as if he was trying to see who there was, as if he was trying to see her.

Was the door opened when she arrived? Was there any chance that he had seen her? She closed her eyes trying to remember that moment exactly and then it hit her, it was, the door was indeed opened. She didn’t look into the living room when she passed on her way to her bedroom but the door had been definitely opened. That meant he had seen her, she was sure of it.

She looked down at her phone and went backwards again, to the exact moment when she had arrived, watching Yousef’s reaction carefully. She saw his face dropping, his smile fading. He looked at the door trying to see who had arrived and then…then he turned to the other side of the room, not only his face, but his entire body turned to face the window like he didn’t want to see her, like he didn’t want to be seen. He kept fidgeting with his hands, his eyes never once looking at the camera. He stayed in that position until the video ended.

She shook her head in disbelief, what was he doing? Why was he acting like that? Why did he seem sad? No, he shouldn’t be sad, he had no right to be sad. He was dating her best friend, he was supposed to be happy, the whole purpose of Sana being miserable was that he and Noora were happy and together. If he wasn’t happy then why was she suffering? What was all that for?

She tried to calm down, maybe it wasn’t like that, maybe he wasn’t sad, maybe it was all in her head.

She played the video from the beginning, her eyes focusing only on Yousef. She played it once, twice, three, four, five, six times. She lost the count. But the more she watched it the angrier she got.

It wasn’t fair, he didn’t get to be sad, he didn’t get to avoid her, he didn’t get to feel hurt. He had flirted with her, he had led her on, he had kissed her best friend and then started dating her. He wasn’t supposed to care about if Sana entered the house or not. He wasn’t supposed to care about her. He was supposed to be happy with his perfect Norwegian girl. All of this was supposed to be over so Sana could finally move on. But there he was, being sad and hurt and even guilty and making Sana believe that maybe, maybe, things weren’t like she thought, maybe she still had a chance.


No she didn’t.

She couldn’t let herself think like that.

She couldn’t let herself hope.

Having hope was what had led her there, to be alone in her room crying.

She wouldn’t allow herself to go through that again.

Feeling her heart beating fast on her chest she took her phone and searched in her contacts list. Yes, she had saved his number. Right after he had called her that Friday afternoon from a few weeks before asking her to help Elias, she had saved his number. She tried to convince herself that she was only saving it in case she needed to contact Elias one day, but that wasn’t the reason. She had saved it because she was hoping that one day she would use it, that one day they would text each other again like they used to.

Maybe one day was today.

She clicked on his name and started to write a text.

“Why? Why are you acting like you’re sad? Why do you seem like you’re hurt? Who hurt you? Was it me? No, I didn’t hurt you. You hurt me. You kissed her. Why did you kiss her? You’re dating her. Why are you dating her? You’re supposed to be happy. You’re supposed to be smiling and having fun. Why? Why are you being like this? Why?”

She almost pressed the send button but shook her head, she couldn’t send it. She had no right to ask, it was his problem if he was sad or not, it wasn’t her position to ask. He didn’t like her, he probably was sad because of whatever other reason that had nothing to do with her. Again, she was letting her heart confuse her mind.

She started erasing the text.

She was almost done when her door opened making her jump. She locked her phone quickly dropping it on the bed.

“Can you knock?” She spat at Elias

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry” Elias said raising his hands “I just wanted to ask you if you wanted to play basketball for awhile”

“I’m busy”

“Come on sis, it’s been a long time since we’ve spent time together.” He said “Please?”

She looked at him and sighed. He was right. Maybe she needed to blow off some steam.

She nodded and followed him outside the room not checking her phone once.

There was nothing to check anyway, right? She had deleted the whole message before Elias entered the room…or had she?

She didn’t know that, when she would return to her room a few hours later, there would be a surprise waiting for her.


OMG I’m really sorry for the angst and for the opened ending but I just got waaay to carried away and I’ve had this idea of Sana sending a message by mistake for so long now and I thought this was the perfect opportunity

Don’t know if this is what you had in mind but I hope you like it and that I didn’t disappoint you

Thank you all for reading♥♥

Edit: part two here


On this day in music history: June 3, 1985 - “Boys And Girls”, the sixth solo album by Bryan Ferry is released. Produced by Bryan Ferry and Rhett Davies, it is recorded at AIR Studios in Hampstead, London, UK; Compass Point Studios in New Providence, The Bahamas, Effanel Mobile, Sarm West Studios in London, The White House in New South Wales, Australia, RPM Studios and The Power Station in New York City from January - April 1985. With Roxy Music then on an indefinite hiatus since touring in support of their last album “Avalon” in 1982/83, lead singer Bryan Ferry returns to the studio in early 1985 to record his sixth solo release. Featuring instrumental support from musicians such as Nile Rodgers, David Gilmour, Marcus Miller, Mark Knopfler, Omar Hakim and Tony Levin, it is the Roxy Music lead singers most successful solo album. It spins off three hit singles including “Don’t Stop The Dance” (#21 UK, #21 US AC) and “Slave To Love” (#10 UK, #19 US Mainstream Rock) (also featured in the film “9½ Weeks”). The album is remastered and reissued as a hybrid SACD in 2006, featuring both the original stereo mix and a newly remixed 5.1 surround mix by original co-producer Rhett Davies and mix engineer Bob Clearmountain.“Boys And Girls” hits number one on the UK album chart, peaking number sixty three on the Billboard Top 200, and is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

friendly reminder u can still be someone’s fan and call them out on their shit. which is what u should do when ur fave says something insensitive bc they’re still people and their influence on their fans is not something to be taken lightly. dont excuse ur fave’s behaviour bc u love them.

Dean was pleased when Sam told him that he and Cas were going clubbing.

Dean had been dropping hints for months about the fact that they were both boring dorks who needed to have some fun. In Dean’s opinion, partying was supposed to be part of college. He’d never had the chance to go to college, so Sam was supposed to enjoy it for him. 

Then Sam ended up with studious little Castiel as his roommate and neither of them had any fun. They just stayed in all night, quizzing each other on dates of law and studying. 

So,Dean had been pro-partying when Sam called him to ask him to be their designated driver.

Now, standing at the entrance of the club, glancing around worriedly for Sam, Dean wasn’t so sure.

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