stop dancing boys

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He is beauty
He is Grace
With a perfect heart and face 


me @ anyone who sleeps on jin


y'all sleeping on one of the most talented and handsome man in the music/acting industry. and this thing about “jin stans being whiny” needs to stop because you don’t have to be a jin stan to know that he DESERVES better.

I want to fuck pennywise

NOT because of the actor but because he is a hot as fuck monster and I am a proud person that has teratophelia.

The fact pennywise could kill me, hurt me, eat me turns me on.

The danger and fear turns me on.

I am NOT a clown fucker though I am a monster fucker.

I feel sorry for others that are the same but are just trying to please others and use excuses to not get hate threats or hate in general for liking what they like.

What’s appealing to me isn’t the fact he eats children, it’s the danger, the fear, the gore, the teeth, the Primal instinct.

Pennywise isn’t the first monster/being ive wanted to have fuck me and they won’t be the last.

End. Have a great day.

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6/100 [4.24.17] ~ 🎶 Miro - ROMEO

My body is probably gonna be sore tomorrow if I don’t stop dancing ‘Boy Meets Evil’. I’m already done with the intro which took 3 DAYS. I just started listening to ROMEO and it really makes me mad that they’re underrated 😭😭

I’m making some kpop lockscreens so please tell me what songs/artist you would want

BTS dance line dance styles:

Jimin: smooth like a like a snake 🐍 

Hoseok: what’s poppin’ girl 💥

Jungkook: chop chop chop 🔪