stop confusing your imagination for how it really is

Imagine Your OTP-Wifi Shenanigans

Person C (friend of Person A) changes Person A’s wifi network name to “Yell ‘PENIS’ for password” without their knowledge.

Person B, who just moved in to the apartment next door hasn’t had their wifi connected yet and is really fucking desperate. Yells penis repeatedly as close to the wall as they can.

Person A: confused, a bit horrified knocks on their door to ask them to um, stop, please?

Person B is incredibly embarrassed because holy hell this person is the hottest human they have ever seen how is this *legal*? They explain what they were doing and are ready to curl up and die but they *really* neeeeeed the internet so they ask if they could possibly have the password for just a few days?

Person A is reluctantly charmed and is a bit awed by how fucking sexy Person B is and in a moment of “fuck it this is already weird” invites them to come over ‘so the signal is stronger’

They spend the next 3 days in almost constant company, etc, happy endings ensue.