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I wish that anti-bullying campaigns would stop arguing that “anyone can be bullied”/that “it’s completely random who the bullying victim is” cause it’s usually not just “anyone” who’s being bullied - it’s the disabled kids, the neurodivergent kids, the kids of color, the fat kids, the mentally ill kids, the poor kids, the transgender kids, the gender nonconforming kids, the non-straight kids. We won’t get anywhere with stopping bullying if we don’t confront the underlying reasons cause it’s no accident that it’s the kids belonging to marginalized groups who ends up being bullying victims. Bullying is not just a “random” evil it’s an expression of the ableism, racism, classism, sexism, homophobia, fatphobia and transhobia in our society and it’s about time that we confront that in our anti-bullying campaigns. 


Today, Trump signed an Executive Order allowing the construction of both Keystone XL and the Dakota Access Pipeline. It’s going to take a lot more than than that for him to overturn what we and the Army Corps of Engineers have done. But it’s a step in the wrong direction. Join Standing Rock in continuing to fight for a cleaner, safer, and renewable future:


Stranger Things | season 2 foreshadowing

“Something is coming, something angry, hungry for your blood…it is almost here.”

Lego Brutalism by Arndt Schlaudraff


In response to the social media campaign Stop Funding Hate, which urges companies to drop adverts from newspapers accused of promoting “hatred, discrimination and demonisation,” the Danish company has announced they will no longer advertise with The Daily Mail :-).  (Link to the video:


Why would you draw angsty depressing Chat Blanc stuff when you could draw dumb stuff like this instead? 


Based on this post. 

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men have to deal with sexism just as much as women do and they have to keep up to the expectations that they have been told by by many people, that men must be strong and handsome and need to know how to fix everything. They have to deal with people not believing that men can get rape and abused by other men and women, they have to deal with the saying ‘men cannot hit women’ and if they do they get hated.

But when women hit men everything is all right, when they get abused and raped thousands of people are by their side, when they have to deal with sexism they get a whole campaign to stop it.

But men never get that, yes they do get people supporting them but loads of people don’t, saying that he should of enjoyed it and that he is lying when he gets raped. “ You shouldn’t hit a women! It’s wrong!” they say, so a man can’t hit a women even if she’s trying to kill him?

Rethink what everyone has told you about men, all of them are not the bad ones that do bad things because they want to. There are men who suffer from this hate because they can’t do stuff because it’s called ‘sexist’ and ‘wrong’.

Men are human and suffer just as much as women.

Campaign to stop associating jack as obsessed with hockey since birth and making it seem like his parents trained him to be a hockey player? Give me childhood jack whose parents let him explore his interests and jack with a happy childhood whose hyper fixation on hockey came with anxiety in his teen years

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If you're still taking these, I'd LOVE to see the Mynock and Bluebird as a Tattoo parlor and Florist shop. I don't care which is which, or which ships. Just that trope. And really shippy, please.

“Go over there and tell them to turn it down,” Blue said.

His hand hovered over the wire cutters, following them as they vibrated across the table from the loud music playing next door. The low thumping of bass bled through the walls with surprising clarity given how much rent was on the shop.

“You go tell them to turn it down,” Zero said.

“Obviously, I cannot go over there and politely ask them to turn down the music. I’m in the middle of something.” Blue motioned to the modernist arrangement he was in the process of assembling. “Therefore, as my employee, you should go next door and ask our new neighbors to turn down their music.”

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A letter written by Moors Murderer Myra Hindley to one of the victims mothers, Ann West. 10-year-old Lesley Ann Downey was one of five children killed by Hindley and Ian Brady in the 1960s. In the letter, she is pleading for the victims family to stop campaigning against her release from prison

One line reads:

“I know almost everyone describes me as cold and calculating - ‘evil Myra’ - but I ask you to believe that I find all this deeply upsetting.”

It Wasn’t Worth It

Characters- Jared x Sister!Reader, Gen, Jensen, Misha

Words- 1489

Request by Anonymous- Hi I recently lost my sister because she was texting and driving. So can I request one where the reader is a part of the Supernatural cast and she is Jared’s younger sister? One day she is in the car driving and she is in a group text with everyone and Jared sends her something funny and she starts replying but then gets hit by a car. She is sent to the hospital where she dies? Can you add that Jared and Gen start a campaign to stop texting and driving and they bring it up at a convention? <3

Warnings- Texting and driving, don’t do it, character death, sad

A/n- This is just really sad.

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You were having a little cast party after you had finished up season 11, you were all hanging out in your trailer sharing some drinks with Jared, Jensen, Misha and Gen who had stopped by.

“Shut up!” You shout at your older brother who was again telling embarrassing stories about you.

Jared chuckles, “Yeah up till she was 15 years old she used to run into my room because she was scared of the thunder,”

“Wait for a second, didn’t she run into our room last year when she was spending the night because of the storm?” Gen turns to Jared, laughing.

You choke on your drink, “I did not!”

“It’s okay Y/n, we will never judge you, we all have fears,” Jensen rubs your back, but even he couldn’t hold back a laugh.

You roll your eyes, “I hate you all,”

“Well, we love you!” Misha shouts.

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We are not fighting for ourselves only when we try to rescue gmw

This is not only about us.
This show is meant to address kids firstly.
Kids who learn from riley that being special doesn’t mean being weird
Kids who learn from maya that hoping does not mean being weak
Kids who learn from Farkle that you can grow as a person and change without changing who you are.
Kids who learn from Lucas that you can change yourself.
Kids who learn from Zay that you can rely on your friends any time.
Kids who learn from Smackle that you can be a girl that’s interested in science.
This is not about us.
It’s about the girl who had no idea she would have to say goodbye to Riley after she taught her to stand up against bullies.
It’s about the best friends that look up to Riley and Maya.
It’s about everyone who ever enjoyed the show.
Don’t stop the campaign because Netflix isn’t available anymore.
Don’t focus on Netflix because it’s the only way you can watch it.
Don’t stop.
Keep fighting.
Keep Fighting for yourself but also for everyone that can not live without Riley.
And Maya.
And Farkle.
And Zay.
And Smackle.
We have to do this as a team. We have to fight for those who can’t fight.
Keep tweeting.
Keep reaching out to Hulu and Amazon.
keep hoping.
Thank you.