stop calling them that


Hi! So I know there’s a lot of really important events to focus on - and we should! - I fear that a really important one is getting swept under the rug - one that would ensure whether or not we can continue to fight for issues we all care about. Net Neutrality is on the chopping block again, with Ajit Pai as chair of FCC. And the Telecom companies that are pushing to kill it have basically bribed a bunch of Civil Rights groups to back them - which is so awful and twisted considering a lot of people wouldn’t be ABLE to organize on behalf of civil rights issues today because they wouldn’t even KNOW that there were violations or threats of a violation without the help of a free social media,  a free internet (like Standing Rock or police brutality since mainstream has stopped covering it). Time to call ‘em en mass and remind them who they’re actually meant to be protecting, yeah? And if they decide that the $$ the telecoms sent them is worth more than the people they’re supposed to be protecting… well, NoDapl’s already shown us: we’ll just have to pull out - tell them why - and find uncorrupted civil rights groups to support with our $$ instead.

My life goal is to adapt every meme


White people all over America go nuts these days. Alt-Right Neo-Nazis convene their conference in DC where they greet each other with Nazi Salute.
These people knowingly speak German, use Nazi gestures and rhetoric. I am sure the media will tell you the alt-right has strong opinions and will ask you not to overreact… 

But I guess it’s time to stop calling them the alt-right. They are neo-nazi/white supremacists.

Don’t be silent.

I’m sick of it!

The following is to everyone from the Eddsworld “paultryk fandom”.

Thanks for ruining this show for me…
If i knew how things would turn out i’d never donate - hell i’d rather spend this money on a whore or two.

I’m speaking for myself and Paul

It’s time to stop and end it.

For a while i have found this pretty funny and safe to be left alone - and soon after it started poping up in random places outside this closed tumblr space it became unbearable. We had to involve Tom in that where he called out people that were harrasing us, called them to stop and sadly… sarcastically stated that the ship was canon (unfortunately that did not help the case). I was waiting for it all to just slowly die out considering the show was over. After leaving it be for a plenty amount of time i received an unexpected email from famousbirthdays asking to clarify the info they got. That’s when i noticed that it’s still going and now when i’m writing this it’s probably too late to change anything…

Seeing how fed up with it I am, I will not try to be nice or politically correct, just so you know.

First of all… thanks!… (in case some of you did not catch it… it’s sarcasm!

For using my real name in those fanfics, arts and trivias! Thanks to some of you dumb assholes if you search me up you’ll end up finding eddsworld gay fanart! (Imagine explaining that to people, friends or even possible boss if he looks me up) 
Also who was the fucking genius that created my “famous birthdays” profile - where most of the info is eddsworld related? 

Some people may say - “But i don’t mix reality with fiction”… Well good for you since your fiction isn’t labeled with your own fucking name! 

Whoever is guilty of doing the above… Fuck you! 

Here’s a little thing you can notice when you search MY REAL NAME!

Here’s the same with google images

  • If you’ll decide to not respect this whole post and want to continue this shithole, at least stop using my and Paul’s names and last names ever again!
    Just shorten it to just “Pat and Pau” or whatever! And stop associating us with those characters!

Second of all…thanks again!… (that’s a sarcasm too… kinda the same one Tom used in his infamous tweet
Because of that I also had to cease all online public conversations with Paul just for our image safety. No matter what, people always needed to butt in those conversations adding nothing else than Eddsworld or comments suggesting we should make out. We talked about swimming - guess what kind of art showed up soon after!
I can’t interact with my friend (who has a wife) because some idiots will immediately gay us out even more - Even the spelled out reason sounds dumb!

Third of all…  Do some of you HONESTLY think that sending me the shipping fanart to my twitter etc. was a good idea!? (For a while i cared less if it was just the pilot character drawn more as a cartoon tribute rather than the fandom) Did you honestly think “Hey i’m sure he’ll love it!” ? I had few situations where i was guest at my friends streams and noticed sudden rise of “eddsworld” related messages on chat and of course  “Where’s Patryk / Paul?”  Same shit happened few times on my own streams.

(Note… I already started to block people sending me Paultryk stuff or having avatars from it without hesitation. To be honest i’m at the point now that if i see someone messaging me with Eddsworld avatar/mentioning Eddsworld etc, i want to block them too for good measures)

Am i unfair? Maybe… I mean i have to get mad at fans of the show that helped gather money for children cancer research! FUCK!
But i just want to end this chapter!
We tried to wait it out… nothing happened… 
We tried to calm you down via Tom… you people went batshit crazy…
We tried to wait it out again… yeah go figure

Neither me nor Paul have any more involvement in Eddsworld! 
Hell i never had any involvement other than donating money and receiving my rewards!

  • If Tord had at least part of the shit i’m seeing now (and i assume he was even more stalked) I can honestly say i fully understand why he left Eddsworld and disappeared.

So if you still follow me because of me being in eddsworld, please unfollow and forget about me! I don’t want to have anything to do with it anymore! 

(Let me repeat myself! You have no idea how hard it is to say that stuff, knowing how much good things this series has done! I wanted to help close off a series that inspired me and help charity at the same time! I NEVER ASKED FOR MY NAME TO BE TARNISHED BY HOMOSEXUAL SHIP FANDOM!)

So here are my last words to people that took paultryk too far:
I seriously don’t give a damn anymore if that fandom cured your shyness, helped you find your lost parents or allowed you to improve your art or anything. 

In short and kinda more in my style, quoting my Narutoe video…


Can I just remind people that many bisexual and pansexual people, myself included, use gay as an umbrella term for all people attracted to the same sex and we use it as a descriptor for our and everyone’s same sex attraction because it’s specific to that part of our identity. So please stop policing me for using gay to describe my and characters’ same sex attraction. Using gay as an umbrella term is not the same as invalidating and erasing a bi/pansexual person’s identity.

Oh, young love, young dear
Why have you shaken me from the fall?
All of my life, all of my days
Given to you, cast away

Here’s to the war
Here’s to the night
All of my love, sacrificed

Remus Lupin & Sirius Black, days before the 31st of october, 1981.

This guy whose paper I’m reading decided that rather than going to the trouble of writing out “Pliny the Younger” and “Pliny the Elder”, he’d just (with no explanation I might add) call them “Pliny” and “PLINY”

Dude no stop

jacksons speech tonight really goes to show you that these boys see everything that is said online. the fact that he knows igot7s get shit about being got7 stans hurts my soul. cause that means he sees all these fl*op7 comments and even after that he’s more concerned about our feelings like what even?? i have never and will never be embarrassed of got7. like idc what anyone says my boys slay point. blank. period.

Please help Aleppo!

Right now in Aleppo: 100,000 civilians are trapped in an area of five square kilometers with non-stop bombs falling on them. Please join me in calling the State Department and Russian Embassy to demand that these innocent civilians be given safe passage. If they are not, they face certain death, torture, or detainment by their government.

State Department: +1 202-647-9572
Russian Embassy: +1-202-298-5700

I have been able to get through to the Russian Embassy, but not the State Department yet. Please, please call. We may not be able to do much, but we can certainly do this. (Information is from an email sent by the Syria Civil Defense, aka the White Helmets)