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reputation + songs // part II

Some of my favourite moments from Call Me by Your Name (the film):

1. Elio sneaking into Oliver’s room to sniff his shorts. He puts the shorts on his head and inhales the crotch like he’s taking his last breath on this earth. You’d think this scene would be played for laughs but Timothée is dead serious. He gets on all fours and sticks his ass in the air and you know exactly what he’s thinking. IT’S SO HOT HELP

2. When Elio and Oliver change into their bathing suits and we see both their asses. Incredible.

3. Dancing to The Psychedelic Furs. Oliver is an 80s god on the dance floor. Just when you think this scene can’t get any better, Elio busts out his own little moves and completely steals the show! Bless.  

4. Elio shaving his non-existent mustache before dinner and then Oliver doesn’t bother to show up! AHAHAHAHAHAHAH

5. Mrs. Perlman saying Vimini’s line about Oliver liking Elio. Nice work, Mrs. P!

6. Elio licking Oliver’s mouth the very first time they kiss. TIMOTHÉE CHALAMET WHAT ARE YOU?

7. When Elio gets the nosebleed Oliver massages his feet to make him feel better. He’s pretty rough so Elio moans (!!!) and grabs his shoulder. Then he starts caressing Oliver’s neck. THEN OLIVER KISSES THE TOP OF ELIO’S FOOT. Play this at my funeral.  

8. Marzia laughing hysterically at Elio when they have sex and he comes too soon. DRAG HIM.

9. André Aciman and Peter Spears’ cameo as the gay couple from Chicago. I want to hug everyone in this scene!  

10. Elio and Oliver kissing before they have sex for the first time. Nothing could have prepared me for this. Elio throws his body at Oliver and climbs him like a fucking tree. OUR SON IS AN ANIMAL

11. When Elio cries during the peach scene and Oliver holds him. The purest thing I will ever know in this life.

12. Winter Elio wears a beret! Why wasn’t I told!?

13. When they speak on the phone during Christmas and Oliver tells him that he’s getting married. Elio calls Oliver by his name over and over until your heart aches, “Elio, Elio, Elio.” Oliver then calls Elio by his name once, “Oliver,” and it destroyed me.  

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- Time can be rewritten!
- Not those times, not one line… don`t you dare!