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Beautiful Stranger [Chapter 7]

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Chapter 7 of Beautiful Stranger

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Series Genre: AU/Fluff/Smut/Angst

Warnings: None

You felt your chest constrict at the way he said her name. It was eery; like he was talking about some malicious, looming presence he couldn’t shake.

“I’m listening”.

You felt Jinyoung slide up to meet your lips once more, placing a long, slow kiss against them before pulling away.

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Safety in the Darkness

So this is my first Teen Wolf imagine, starring Dark!Stiles <3 I hope you like xx 

Nogitsune Stiles!

Y/N walked swiftly down the road, listening to music in your earphones. It was quite dark out, as you’d stayed behind in the library to do your homework, and you’d lost track of time completely. You were a little frightened walking home in the dark, because you knew about what was out there, but you were too proud to call Scott or Stiles for a lift home.
You were lost in your music, until you heard a car pull up next to you. Glancing towards it, you saw it was a blue Jeep, and pulled your earphones out of your ears, smiling.

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anonymous asked:

hey, can I request number 4 and 98 from the February list with Kai Parker and reader ? 😊 And I wanted to say that I love the new fanfiction with Kai Parker, keep going, loveing it 😍

Kai Parker - “Come here. Let me fix it.”

“Damn it!” You cursed while you stared at your reflection in the mirror. After being at war with your hair for at least half an hour, you were now fighting with your necklace. “Stupid thing! Just click!” You hissed between your teeth and you took another deep breath before you tried it again, but your fingers were simply trembling too much.

Come here. Let me fix it.” Kai held out his hand and you walked towards him and turned around. His hands were steady and calm and within a few seconds the necklace was around your neck. “Take a deep breath.” Kai turned you around and he placed his hands on your shoulders. “Anyone who wouldn’t pick you, would be an idiot.” His eyes met yours and you nodded.

There were quite a few idiots in the world. It wouldn’t be the first time that one of those idiots would be in charge of deciding on whether or not someone would get the internship.

“And if they don’t pick you because they are an idiot, I always have some methods to change that.” Kai smirked. Even though you had told him at least a thousand times that you didn’t want him to use compulsion to get something done for you, he didn’t seem to listen.

“We’ve talked about this…” You whispered, but Kai rolled his eyes and his grip on your shoulders tightened.

“I know. Something with unfair advantage, manipulation, free will, blabla, boring arguments, blabla, more nonsense, blabla…” Kai shook his head and he grabbed your chin to force you to look up at him. “What’s the fun of those vampire powers if I can’t use them to get my girlfriend to get that internship she wants so badly?”

“It’s just not fair towards the others, Kai.” You took a deep breath and you avoided his glance. The last thing you wanted right now was ending up in a fight. You were already nervous enough. “Maybe they are amazing and deserve this internship too!”

“Tss, as if anyone can ever be as amazing as you are!” Kai pressed a kiss on your forehead.

“Kai Parker, just because you don’t have the urge to kill me, like you have with everyone else, it doesn’t mean I’m the most amazing person in the world. Newsflash. I’m not.”

“I can make everyone believe you are? I don’t think it would even be that hard. I just compel a few important people, make them tell it on television or write it down in the tabloids and I’m sure everyone would believe them within a few weeks!” A scary kind of excitement was reaching his eyes, implying that there was a part of him seriously considering doing this.

“No, Kai Parker, no. You’re not going to do that.” You sighed and you shook your head. “If I promise that if that internship doesn’t work out because of some stupid reason you can fix it, will you please let that whole plan of yours to make me the most amazing woman in the world go?”

“I’ll think about it.” Kai kissed your lips and he tucked a strand of hair behind your ear. “But only if you let me fix this whole thing if that internship doesn’t work out. Even if it’s because of a so called good reason, which I can’t imagine.”

“Fine, but let’s see if I can do it on my own first.”

Finally- Sidney Crosby (Mom and Dad part two)

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Ok so I got a couple of requests for part two to the Sid Mom and Dad imagine so here I am with part two! Of course we have the Flyers vs Penguins rivalry to spark things! I hope you guys like it! Up next: Miles Wood for smut fans or Tom Wilson for everyone!

Warning: cussing

Anon Request: Hey! The Sidney Crosby imagine was so great (like all of your writing)! I was wondering if you would consider doing a part 2 to it where they have to confront the whole mom and dad thing and their feelings as well. Thank you!!!

And: Ohhhh my gosh can I just be one of the likely many people to ask for another part to the Crosby Mom + Dad imagine?! It was so cute 😊😊


              Ok tonight was the night.

              You were finally going to talk to Sid.

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LUNA LOVEGOOD HEADCANON: first few years of hogwarts || bday gift for @hcgwarts

  • luna didn’t really make friends very easily, even from the start - even her own house didn’t really accept her, and many of them used to joke that she was more of a hufflepuff than a ravenclaw because she was more ditsy that intelligent.
  • it upset her for the first few months but soon she learnt to cope.
  • at one point, she developed this crush on a hufflepuff boy that she shared herbology with. he was a shy boy, really sweet and so intelligent in the way he understood people and emotions. but it was his first year at a new school too, and so when he heard the other kids sniggering and calling luna “loony”, he fell into the black hole of peer pressure and started to leave her alone.
  • luna was devastated because she thought she’d made a friend, a real friend. the worst part was that this boy was meant to be kinder than the others, more understanding, but he hadn’t acted any differently. so luna learnt to be stronger, to not let other people bother her, to not let anyone else’s opinions get to her.
  • tbh for a while this new philosophy made her a little bit cold. and she kind of stayed that way until she went home for the summer after first year and spent some time with her dad again. he helped calm her and stabilise her. he reminded her who she was, how beautiful she was, how her heart and her mind could be put so much better use if she stopped being angry and hurt.
  • when luna started second year, she started it on a new foot. there was a skip in her step, any anytime someone picked on her or called her names, she would smile and tilt her head and look right at them. soon, people stopped saying the names to her face. of course, they still continued behind her back, but it was less hurtful now.
  • her dad would also help. she would write him letters almost every day, and he would respond. every morning at breakfast her family owl would appear with a new letter from him, explaining what could be behind these new misdeeds going about - every time her shoes would go missing or a charm would be ‘accidentally’ cast on her or something happened, her father would find some magical creature who could have been responsible. and even though luna believed in the creatures because her father did, she knew that it couldn’t always be them. but she choose to believe him because it make it more bearable.
  • as each year passed, luna, with the help of her best friend - her father - managed to build up her self confidence until she begun to realise the truth, the trick that no one teaches you - that happiness comes from within. it didn’t matter if no one else liked her. it didn’t matter if people thought she was barmy. look at dumbledore, she would tell herself. he’s mad as a hatter, but people respect him because he’s proved himself, because he’s sure of himself, because he prizes each of his own qualities, including his madness. and so that’s what luna aimed to do herself - to be proud of herself in every way.
Addicted to You - Dean x Reader

Synopsis: Dean can’t get enough of (Y/N) but doesn’t think she feels the same.

Warnings: ANGST, slight language.

Word Count: 1012 (Including lyrics)

A/N This is for @iwriteaboutdean ‘s 200 follower 90′s baby challenge. My prompt was “There She Goes” by The La’s. I really hope you like it and congrats Amanda on your first 200, you deserve it. And I really hope I tagged this right.

(Also lyrics are italicised.)

You sat with Dean on his bed in the bunker watching your favourite comedy movie on his laptop. He couldn’t stop laughing, even if he didn’t get the joke or find it funny. You laughed at everything in that damn movie and anytime any laughter came from your mouth he was filled with the bellowing sound. Your laughter was contagious and spread like wildfire to this man you had always called your best friend.

Ever since you met when you were only teens, you said best friends, he thought love.

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Mad: Part 2

“We’re all a little crazy on the inside. Some are just better at hiding it than others.”

Warning: Contains smut, violence and tense situations in some chapters

Teaser  Part 1  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7

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Bestfriend Ten
  • yes thai prince has another request yay ,
  • thanks for requesting anon !!
  • this bestfriend! series is as cute as the boyfriend! ones omg

  • okay so you were just visiting this dance open house ,

  • and you were just accompanying your friend since she didn’t want to go alone
  • you were not really interested in what was happening there
  • and when a group of boys were dancing on stage , one of them caught your eye
  • and it was none other than ten chittaphon
  • the way he’d smirk at the audience as he moved his body to the music smoothly ,
  • and the way he executed the movements without making any mistakes caught your attention
  • he caught eye contact with you and smiled a little , then continuing dancing
  • after the performance , he came up to you excitedly like a small child ,
  • “ i saw you staring at me !! how was my dancing ? ”
  • and you’d be taken aback at first because of his excited tone but calmly , you’d compliment him
  • “ haha yes , it was great ! ”
  • then he’d clap really loudly as he smiled non stop
  • with that he introduced himself to you , and you did the same
  • turns out he only stayed like one street away from you so your houses were pretty close to each other
  • when he asked for your number , you were hesitant to give it to him at first ,
  • but you gave it to him anyways since he seemed nice and friendly
  • y'all met up often and he also invited you over to outings with his friends
  • with that , you learnt that his favourite word was microwave
  • the friendship grew even stronger when you realised that he stayed by your side physically and emotionally during that one week where everything just fell for you
  • when you were too sad and had no appetite to even eat , only he had the power to convince you to get up to eat some snacks
  • he listened to all your rants , problems and feelings
  • and also tried his best to give you advice
  • like that , the both of you grew closer and became bestfriends eventually
  • you’re always so happy around him because he has that positive vibe and sometimes he says things without even realising that it’s funny
  • skinship’s really normal and both of you don’t mind at all
  • he likes to lie on your lap and you like to play with his hair everytime he does
  • when you disturb/tease him though , he gets really whiny like a small child
  • “ what was that for ,Y/N ”
  • “ nothing , i just wanted to poke you ”
  • “ it hurts , stop it ”
  • “ no /pokes him again/ ”
  • then he’d pretend to be sad while pouting but when you smile at him sweetly ,
  • he smiles at you too and would probably attack you with tickles
  • he’ll try to attend to you anywhere and anytime because he feels that it’s his responsibilty as a bestfriend
  • and everytime you call him to come over , he’d reach your place within ten minutes with your favourite food
  • when he has dance performances coming up , he often practices and dances infront of you to ask for your opinion
  • and when you compliment him , he gets all happy and excited ,
  • like the first time you ever did
  • when he found out about your crush on taeyong though ,
  • he got all sly and mischievous , claiming that he’d become the ’ matchmaker ’ for both of you
  • turns out he used your phone while you were sleeping to text taeyong to ask him out for a date
  • and when he told you about it , he was smiling so proudly as he passed you your phone
  • you almost killed him from the embarrassment but since taeyong agreed , you took this as an opportunity to get closer with him
  • he likes imitating you and the mistakes you make ,
  • and would tease you about it for weeks
  • one time he caught you trying to dance to a song ,
  • but your hands and legs were in the wrong position and you looked very awkward ,
  • so he burst out laughing and the next few hours he imitated your pose and kept bringing it up
  • the next thing you knew the rest of the members all knew
  • including taeyong
  • thanks so much ten
  • he’ll always support what you do
  • and would try his best to help you too
  • you guys have nicknames for each other and it’s saved as the contact names in your phones
  • you probably named him is ’ shortie ’ or ’ idiot ’
  • and he named you as ’ don’t talk to her ’
  • when you found out you smacked him so badly he threatened to tell taeyong
  • but he changed it anyways ,
  • to ’ taeyong’s gf ’ instead
  • you gave up trying to ask him to change it again
  • when both of you are in the good mood y'all would jam and go crazy to music together ,
  • so loud till the point where your neighbours literally screamed at the both of you to lower the volume
  • at the end the both of you would lower the volume but still dance like crazy
  • ten’s a really nice bestfriend but also such joker at times ,
  • sometimes you want to hug him ,
  • other times you feel like choking him
  • but this was what made your friendship special and you cherish it a lot !!
  • this was so bad im sorry ahh
{PART 1} Magical Thailand (M)// BamBam

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Pairing: BamBam x Reader

Genre: Slight Smut, Fluff

Summary//Request: You’ve been married to BamBam for almost a year, and for the past 8 months - you’ve been unable to get pregnant.

This scenario is rated M for Mature as it contains slight smut/sexual content, mentions worries of being unable to get pregnant.

{Part 1} {Part 2}

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Treat You Better

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader, Reader x abusive boyfriend :( 

Summary: if you know the song Treat You Better by Shawn Mendes, you know the plot

Warnings: abusive situations, violence, swearing, story completely in Rob’s POV, name-calling 

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Imagine a witch turns you into a dog, and Dean takes care of you until the spell wears off.


@irishgirl2001 said:

How about one where the reader gets turned into a dog on a witch hunt, and Dean takes care of her and fluff until the spell wears off?

Characters: Reader (as a dog), Reader (as a human), Dean

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Angst, fluff

Word Count: 1,500

Things to know: At first, I had NO clue how I was going to write this request. Then this story just kind of came to me. I took a few “artistic” liberties if you will, but I hope you like it. I’m pleased with how it turned out. :)

Dean didn’t usually take a liking to dogs, but ever since you had disappeared on a hunt a few days ago, and a dog had shown up, he had become a dog lover seemingly overnight. Under normal circumstances you would have found this extremely entertaining and would have tortured him endlessly about being a hypocrite. These were not normal circumstances.

That bitch had turned you into a dog three days ago, and Sam and Dean had no clue what had happened to you. They had immediately put all of their efforts into finding you, but every trail they followed turned cold or ended in a dead end. Little did they know you were literally right under their noses the entire time.

You had always been closer to Dean, and that didn’t change just because you were walking around on four legs. Sure, Sam wanted your attention, practically begged for it, but you would tease him by turning around and sitting at Dean’s feet each time Sam thought he had won you over. You would plop comfortably on top of Dean’s feet and place your head on your paws looking innocently up at Sam. He would laugh each time because Dean initially tried to get you to go back to Sam.

The more insistent you became, the more Dean softened. As he would sit in a chair, you would pad over and lean against his leg, placing your head under his hand and look at him. As a human he always fell for the puppy dog look, now that you were a dog, it seemed to intensify. He would scratch behind your ear some and stop, you’d beg for more, and he would relent. It was an endless cycle, one that usually ended in a blissful belly rub, you and Dean both smiling like idiots.

After the first day, he started calling you sweetheart. It was funny kind of. All he could do was talk about you. Anytime he would mention you, you would put your paws up in his lap, wagging your tail like crazy.

“You’d really like Y/N, sweetheart,” he’d say to you as he scratched your back. You’d wag your tail more emphatically, lick his face even, but he never got the hint. Sam would chuckle at the way Dean was with you. He was floored that Dean had taken such a liking to a dog.

Dean started telling you things he wouldn’t have dared tell you as a human. You knew this because he never had. You had been a dog for five days at this point,  and Dean was really starting to miss you. He was propped up against his headboard, and you were sprawled out right next to him. He was petting you absentmindedly. “You know sweetheart, the minute I find Y/N,” you turned your head listening intently to him . You didn’t want to miss a word of this, even if you were still a damn dog. “I’m going to kiss her into next week. I’ve loved her since I can’t remember when and screw keeping it to myself.”

You placed your paws on his chest and licked his face. Dean laughed at you as he continued to pet you. “It’s almost as if you understood that,” he said looking into your eyes. His eyes flickered a moment of recognition, but he immediately dismissed his thought. He ruffled your fur gently, and hugged you. “I’m gonna find my girl, sweetheart. I have to,” he said as he kissed your head.

You wagged your tail like mad, but it was no use. There was no way you could figure out how to clue Dean in that you were right here, that you loved him too. Were you going to be sweetheart the rest of your life?

You watched Dean undress to his black t-shirt and boxer shorts, your favorite part of the evening. You’d sit on the bed with your head on your paws literally panting. He’d pat your head every night. Tonight he commented on you watching him. “You watch me get ready every night,” he laughed scratching behind your ear. “You little perv.” He laughed as he got into bed.

Just like you had the last four nights, you snuggled up next to him on the empty side of the bed. Tonight you even put your paws on his chest and licked his face. Dammit, you thought. You just wanted him to know it was you. He fell asleep with you snuggled next to him, and before you knew it so had you.

Next thing you knew you were waking up with your hand resting easily on Dean’s chest. You blinked a couple times and looked up at Dean. “Good morning Dean,” you thought. It caught you off guard because for a moment you thought you had actually spoke. Too bad dogs couldn’t speak. You laughed to yourself and this time you were sure it was a human sound.

Dean startled awake and lie there staring at you. You didn’t move, you were too confused to do so. Were you human again?

“Y/N? Is that really you?” Dean asked in disbelief, his hand resting on your bare back.

“It’s me Dean,” you laughed. He sat up and started to pull you into a tight hug. That’s when you both realized you were completely naked. You gasped and threw your hands over your chest, grasping for the blankets that were under the two of you.

Dean tried to stifle a laugh. “What the hell, Y/N? You’re gone for days and then you show up naked in my bed,” his grin reached his eyes as they run over the length of your half covered body.

You pulled the blanket closer to you before speaking. “Dammit Dean,” you say as you secure the blanket in place. “I’ve been here the entire time,” you said.

“What? Yeah right. I may be an idiot sometimes, but Sam can side with me. You’ve been gone almost a week,” he insisted his eyes piercing yours. He grabbed you and squeezed you tight. “Where the hell have you been?” he practically whispered into your hair, breathing you in and sighing with relief simultaneously.

You turned your mouth to his ear and whispered, “Right here, sweetheart.”

He grabbed your shoulders and pulled you away from him, looking into your eyes. “What did you say?” he asked his eyes looking left to right, searching your eyes.

You placed your hands on his chest and smiled at him with the look you had been giving him for almost week. You saw the light bulb go off in his head. “You…” He stammered. “You were…” He looked into your eyes. “Sweetheart?” He asked wide eyed, the question in his eyes.

You placed your hand on the nape of his neck and pulled him into a fierce kiss. He was hesitant at first, but quickly matched your want. Your tongues danced together,  and he tasted wonderful. This was way better than licking his face, you thought, and you couldn’t contain the giggle that arose in your chest.

You pulled away with a laugh and looked into his eyes, trying to be serious. He smiled at you and you both opened your mouth at the same time, “I love you.”

He smiled at you, searching your eyes for the truth. “You heard that did you?” he asked, running his hand through your hair. “And the rest?” You simply nodded before kissing him gently again.

You pulled away and Dean sighed. “I can’t believe it. How? When?” He fired off.

“The witch,” you answered simply. “I’m gonna track her ass down and shank her myself.”

Dean couldn’t help but laugh at you. “I dunno, we may owe her a thank you card first,” he said with a smirk as he kissed you again. “I’m not sure I would have had the courage to say everything I said last night otherwise.”

You smiled at him before pulling him into another kiss. “Maybe, but I think you would have broke eventually,” you said confidently.

Dean chuckled and then said, “Sam isn’t going to believe this.”

You got up from the bed and grabbed one of Dean’s shirts and threw it on. It was much too big for you, so it didn’t matter that you didn’t have any underwear on. You reached for the door. “Come on!” You laughed. “I can’t wait to see the look on his face.”

Dean followed behind you, wrapping his arms tightly around your waist and kissing your neck. The two of you stopped in front of Sam’s door and Dean knocked, his arms still wrapped around you.

“Sammy, get up. I found Y/N, and you’re never going to believe where she has been this entire time.”

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EXO When You Randomly Hug Them

Xiumin: Xiumin found it cute that you would hug him from behind at random moments through-out the day. The feel of your small arms trying to encircle the whole of Xiumin’s body amused him. Anytime he turned around to hug you back, you would have skittered away, leaving Xiumin excited for the next time you hug him.

Luhan: Luhan would be kind of scared of you when you randomly hugged him. You never said anything, just sneaked up and wrapped your arms around his neck before slipping away. All Luhan got was you smiling creepily at him while you giggled running away. 

Kris: Kris didn’t know why you started hugging him throughout the days when you were together but he didn’t mind, he found it endearing. Although you didn’t mean to, the last time you hugged Kris a little too hard and made his hat fall off as you two fell to the ground. But that’s okay, Kris just picked up his hat and smiled at you.   

Lay: I think Lay would be really confused every time you hugged him. We all know Lay can be really slow when it comes to certain things. You usually did it when he was sitting down somewhere so you had time to run away. But you were feeling extra cuddly and wanted to see his face this time; it was priceless. 

Suho: The first time you randomly hugged Suho he was very surprised. The second time you randomly hugged Suho he was like a giggly teen. Now anytime you got remotely close to Suho he would stare at you then look away then stare back; just daring you to hug him again. 

Chen: Of course Chen found it adorable that you would hug him at random moments when he wasn’t paying attention. It made his day a little bit better every time he could feel your body pressed against him. But he was getting tired of you not letting him hug you back so Chen decided that two can play at that game. Plus, it was more fun that way. 

Chanyeol: You loved to randomly hug Chanyeol during the day; the surprise that spread across his face before the big smile lit up his face was incomparable. Chanyeol would just wish you would let him hug you back so he didn’t have to run around the apartment to catch you. But that was the point, seeing Chan lop around was freaking hilarious.

Baekhyun: Baekhyun would turn into a puppy every time you ran up to give him a hearty hug. The way you would wriggle out of his grasp before he could grab onto you firmly always made him laugh. Baekhyun would wag his finger at you while calling out, “Ah Jagi, you’re such a tease!”

D.O: Squishball. We all know that Kyungsoo would turn in Squishysoo the minute you ran up to hug him. Every time he felt your tiny body hugging his equally tiny body made that penguin smile spread across Kyungsoo’s face. 

Tao: Honestly you need to stop randomly hugging Tao because it’s all going to his head. At first it made Tao all giggly and want to snuggle with you, but after a while Tao became more of a diva then he already is. Anytime you try to hug him now Tao would just look at you offended. “Sorry Jagi, this is off limits.” 

Kai: I think Kai would just be really happy every time you hugged him when you felt like it. I mean Kai is a pretty simple guy so having you hug him throughout the day made his life so much better. And it was worked out because he got to hug you back. 

Sehun: I know that we say Sehun is sassy all the time but I think if you randomly hugged him all the time he would become an embarrassed noodle. Anytime you tackled Sehun into a bear hug and gave him a quick peck on his cheek, he would instantly tense up. Sehun enjoyed it, but he wish you would stop doing it in front of the other members because of their teasing him. 

This was just really nice to make cause the weather is stormy where I am and it gives me the cuddly feels.  (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

- Admin Jade

Sehun as a boyfriend

Dating Oh Sehun is going to be interesting. It will be a learning experience for you both; just try to to strangle each other.

•When he asks you out, he will be cocky as hell. So just to mess with him, you act like you’re gonna say no. He will be sweating bullets.

•Your first date will be to his favorite bubble tea shop. Since you were friends to be begin with he will know exactly what to order for you.

•He is going to be a whiny brat. You must fight giving into him. Just so you know, you’ll always give into him.

•He will beg you to bring him food and bubble tea when he’s at practice.

•He will sass you constantly. But If anyone else sasses you, they’re dead.

•He will do the Baby Don’t cry dance anytime you’re mad because he knows you can’t resist it.

•He will whine if you forget to kiss him.

•He’s gonna whine when you forget to text him.

•Your apartment will be his first stop when he gets back into town.

•He’s going to get jealous when he finds out you and Chanyeol are best friends. “SHES MINE YODA!” “But she’s my best friend, noodle boy.” You’ll just leave the house.

•When he asks you to live with him, he will be super cocky. So you’ll say no just to mess with him.

•He will whine when you call him Sebooty.

•He will try to get the beagles to prank you but will plan a surprise prank-Ception. A prank within a prank.

•He will whine you tell him you don’t want to cook.

•He will use all of your good beauty products. “OH SEHUN, I TOLD YOU TO STOP USING MY SHAMPOO!” “but jagi, it makes my hair feel amazing.”

•He will shower you with love and affection. All the time.

•The one time he isn’t cocky is when he proposes. But that means it’s your time to be cocky.

Basically, your life with Oh Sehun is going to be full of sass, bratiness, and love. He will be your biggest fan and the best partner you could ever ask for.

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Stand By You | Emma & Killian

While Emma Swan lived through moments that made her smile, the rest of life was built on nothing but pain and lies. Pain of being orphaned at a young age due to her parents being killed by a drunk driver, and lies from those who used her for their own advantage: boyfriends, friends… The pain was ENDLESS. She strived to please her parents and got good grades growing up, but her college years ended up being the opposite. She rebelled against her foster parents after living with them since high school and moved out on her eighteen birthday. The only joy she found and relief from her pain was drinking and hooking up whenever she could. 

Ten years later brought a change in Emma Swan’s life, which also lead to her apologizing to her fost___ parents she grew to love. The pain of her parents death still played a part in Emma drinking her pain away, but it was not nearly as frequent as it was back in college. It was something the now twenty-eight year old was trying to stop and in attempt to do so, she found a safe haven in the walls of a church just down the street from her flat. 

However, when leadership of the congregation had changed, it also brought a younger man to the center of it. Emma found it difficult to focus on the words from the pulpit every Sunday as she held a growing attraction for the priest over the recent months. Meeting him in his office to talk about the pain she still felt and going to confession whenever possible proved to be impossible when the current priest bonded with her over similar interests, having a similar personality, and a similar TESTIMONY of his life before giving himself to the church. How is it possible that he understands me so well? More than anyone and yet I can’t do anything about it… Why did I allow myself to start having feelings for him? 

“Father Jones, I have to talk to you about__ Oh, I.. I’m sorry. I didn’t realize you were busy.” Emma commented as the look of pain and devastation of the anniversary of her parents death was on her face. She bit her lip slightly and looked at the carpet for a moment before making eye contact with him again. “You said I could come to you at anytime and I thought__ I should have called first. Sorry. I’ll leave.” As Emma pivoted on her heel to leave, the young blonde hoped__PRAYED he would stop her.


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I know this is terribly OOC but I cannot get over the idea of a big Andreil wedding, like a bunch of people are there and it's in a huge banquet hall and there are colors and lights and dancing, coach wymack walks neil down the aisle omg

this may be ooc but for the sake of both of us, i’m going in indulge

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Imagine calling/texting barba in the middle of the night because of a nightmare due to a case that had been particularly terrifying for you.


You wake up gasping for breath, a scream lodged in your throat. Breathing hard you take in the dark, but familiar sight of your bedroom. Cat sleeping soundly on the pillow next to you, the face of your alarm clock shining brightly, giving the room a slightly redish tinge. Focusing on the alarm you see it’s 1:32.

You grab your phone from the night stand beside you, intending to call Rafael. After unlocking it however, you stare at the screen, having an internal struggle. Hearing his voice would help calm your racing heart, but on the other hand you know he’s been super busy with this case and any sleep he can get is needed.

For a second your need to hear his voice out weighs the knowledge that you should let him sleep and you hit the call button. It rings twice before you quickly press end call. You should let him sleep. Hoping his phone didn’t wake him, you slip out from under the covers and grab your robe from the foot of the bed. Maybe a cup of tea will help.

Before you can take a step towards your kitchenette, your phone rings, blaring “Whenever, Wherever.”

“Hello?” you answer with a smile on your lips, sitting back on your bed.

“Corazon, is everything ok?” Rafael asks, voice heavy with sleep and concern.

“I- I had a nightmare,” you said simply, hoping you wouldn’t have to explain much past that.

“Do you want me to come over?” he asks, sounding a little more awake, you can hear rustling on the other end of the phone.

“It’s ok, I think I just needed to hear your voice,” you reply, moving on your bed so that you’re laying on the pillows again, covering yourself up to your chin with the blankets.

“I’m here for you, for whenever you need me. You know that right?” more rustling, a click, maybe the light on his night stand turning on, and a soft metallic jingle.

Smiling you nod, though you know he can’t see you.

“I know, thanks for calling me back,” you say as you try to stifle a yawn. Hearing his voice really did help stop your racing heart, and all the fear you felt minutes before has dissipated, leaving your body feeling weightless and sleepy.

“Of course, anytime. Anything for you, Corazon,” you could hear the smile in his voice, and know he means it.

You’re not sure anymore why you hesitated to call him in the first place, he makes you feel safe, warm. You know you should let him go and get to sleep, but you want to be selfish for just a few moments longer, keep him on the phone just to know you’re not alone as you fall asleep.

“I should let you get back to sleep Rafael, it’s late and you probably have to be up really early,” you finally say, eyes half shut, body relaxing into sleep.

“Good night,” you finish with another yawn.

“Que tengas dulces sueños, Corazon,” the last thing you hear before the soft click of your phone ending the call.

You’re woken slightly minutes or hours later, you’re not sure which, as you feel your mattress dip behind you, someone climbing onto the bed. Surprisingly this doesn’t scare you as much as it probably should, because you’re pretty sure you know exactly who it is. Smiling sleepily, you turn towards the warm body and snuggle into his embrace.

“Rafi, you didn’t have to come over,” you say against his shoulder, wrapping your legs around his. You didn’t know how much you needed him here until he was here. And now you couldn’t imagine trying to sleep without him.

“I know,” he replies simply, pressing a kiss to your forehead. His fingers softly moving across your arm, drawing small shapes, before pulling you closer.

“I needed to make sure you were ok.”

What They Do When You Defend Yourself from a Sleazy Guy Before They Can Defend You

Sam Winchester:

He had known you for years. Seen you on a hunt. You were strong and capable of taking care of yourself, but it didn’t stop Sam from worrying. And once he developed feelings for you, his worry turned to anger anytime he believed someone crossed the line with you. And the man tonight, he took the cake. 

Sam was ready to knock this asshole out. You just arrived at Harville’s roadhouse to grab some drinks and get some info from Ash when one of the heavily inebriated hunters took an interest in you. At first, Sam was just annoyed, but after half an hour of this man slurring his words and resting his head on your shoulder while calling you “pretty lady” was too much. His blood was boiling. Sam was about to reach over and pull the guy off you by the shoulder when you stood up suddenly. The man followed you, trying to rest his arm around you. Instead, you grabbed the mans wrist, twisted it around, kick his knees out from under him, and pinned him to the ground, his arm pinned to his back. 

“You listen to me you son of a bitch. Touch me again and your arm won’t be the only thing I break. In fact, you touch a single lady in here and I catch wind of it, I will turn you from a rooster to a hen so fast you won’t pee right ever again.” 

The man whimpered for a moment and you released him. Sam watched as he scampered out the door and you made your way towards him. You took his beer from in front of him and chugged the last of the bottle. 

“Y/N, I could have gotten him off you sooner if you would have just given me the signal.”

You ran your mouth across your arm. “Aww, were you worried about me Sam?”

He cleared his throat and shook his head. “No way.”

You winked at him. “Aww, look at you. Turning red as a beet. Don’t worry Sammy. I can handle assholes like that. Come on, let’s go get what we came for and get out of here.” 

Dean Winchester:

Dean knew you could handle yourself. He’d seen you take on your fair share of monsters. But monsters were one thing. Humans were what he was afraid of. After a few beers you tended to let loose and he didn’t want you to end up in some back alley because you were a trusting drunk. And something about the way this man eyed you from his dark corner of bar. Like a predator watching his prey. You didn’t seem to notice it, but Dean did. He decided once you got up to go to the ladies room, he was going to go have a chat with this man and introduce him to his fists if he needed to. 

“I will be right back Dean. Don’t touch my gin or I will kill you.”

“Whatever you say sweetheart.” 

Dean waited till you disappeared behind the ladies room door before strutting over. The man locked eyes with him for a brief moment and Dean made sure to give him the strongest death glare he could. As he reached the table, Dean took the mans drink in one hand. 

“So I saw you eyeing my friend.”

“So? Free country. I can look at whomever I want.” 

Dean growled. “Not her.”

The man starting standing up when a tiny hand grasped onto the back of his kneck and slammed his face into the table, breaking it straight through the middle. 

Dean looked to see you, a cold and ruthless expression on your face. “Hey asshole. You gonna watch me all night and then talk back to my boyfriend like that?” 

The man cried. “I didn’t know he was your boyfriend.”

You grabbed the man by the collar and slapped him across the face. “And who else would I be at a bar with dumbass?” 

“Hey! You can’t go breaking stuff. All three of you get out of here.” The bartender shouted. 

You looked over at Dean and winked. “Come on sweetie. Let’s get out of here.” 

Dean stood there for a second, impressed further with the woman who was weaseling her way into his heart. ‘Damn that was so hot.’  


Before he was a human, Castiel never worried much about you. Mostly because he knew he could easily protect you from anyone or anything. Now, however, he was mortal and after being on the streets for a short stint he learned just how quickly the sweetness of humanity could devolve into sludge. You never did. You remained as tenderhearted as ever, with just enough edge to make you a skilled hunter. 

The two of you found yourselves in a convenience store picking up some supplies for the road when a man a rather large, lumbering man approached you while you were searched the beer case. Castiel felt a pit growing in his stomach as he watched the man approaching you. 

“What’cha drinking lady?”

You looked up at the man and scoffed. “Nothing you are offering.” 

Castiel moved towards you and grabbed the mans wrist. “Hey assbutt. Leave her alone.”

“And what are you gonna do about it?” 

Castiel puffed his chest up, his blue eyes seething with rage and prepared himself to hit the man, when out of the corner of his eye he saw shake your head at him and point towards the front, clearly indicating you did not wish his for his help. Castiel obeyed, unsure of your request, but moving anyways. As he reached the front counter he heard a blood curdling scream. He turned to see you slap the man across the face. 

“Don’t you touch me asshole!” Castiel turned just in time to watch the man collapse to the ground. Your fist remained in the air with some blood on it. 

The cashier and Castiel stood with jaws dropped down as you casually picked up your beer. 

“Your girlfriend has a nice right hook. I wouldn’t mess with her if I were you.” The clerk said as you made you casually strolled towards them.

“She certainly is something else.”  

You set the case down, wrapped your arm around Castiel’s arm, and smiled sweetly at the clerk. “Sorry for the mess.” 

Castiel was more certain in that moment than ever before that you were definitely his favorite human and one he hoped would choose him to be your favorite as well. 

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Creepypasta #657: Guard Dog

Story length: Super long

I know what’s about to happen, which is why I’m writing this. I need to get my timing right, so I have to wait. And while I wait, I will write.

I have always been the protective sort. Being the youngest of four, it is usually the eldest that takes on the role of protector, but not in my family. Looking up to my older siblings, I was the one with the desire to protect them. I’ve always had it in me.

When my sister, Liz, was attacked by a dog when I was six, I protected her. I remember kicking the dog off of her, chasing it while yelling as it barked at me, baring teeth and snapping. I learned to bare mine in turn, whacking it with the small metal bat Dad had given me for T-ball practice. Dad ultimately chased off the stray, but he told me that I stayed at my sister’s side, spitting and hissing like some wild animal till the dog was finally gone.

I’ve been spitting and hissing ever since.

When Chad, the oldest of us, started getting picked on while on the bus to school, I was quick to defend him. I doubt anyone on that bus had heard of half the curses that came out of my mouth before that moment, but no one made fun of him after that, even if it had been a third grader to bitch them out.

When Joshua came out of the closet in eigth grade, no one dared do anything to him as he had a seventh grade guard dog walking him through the hallways, joining him during lunch, and threatening to dislocate the elbows of anyone who dared bring up his preference in anything other than tolerance. 

The teachers ignored claims that I threatened students; I was an outstanding student in class, got good grades, helped out staff and volunteered regularly for school events and committees, even helped found a small roller derby league for the nearby schools. It also helped that I was a smaller statured girl, shorter than most of my classmates with a sweet demeanor. An overall sweetheart.

But that’s how all guard dogs are. We know how to be sweet and who to be sweet around, but we know when to show our canines and give that first warning growl before biting.

Liz ended up getting pregnant my freshman year of college. She called me in a panic, and I helped her- through a series of phone calls, face times, and facebook chats- to sort out her emotions and gather the courage to call Mom and Dad and get their advice. Liz decided to keep the baby, and gave birth to a beautiful little girl she named Maddie. My name.

I have never fallen in love with another person so quickly before. Holding Maddie for the first time, I knew- I knew- that I would be willing to give my life to protect her.

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Testing the Waters: Chapter Three [Simon D Scenario]


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Chapter Three:

You awoke the next morning in your bed with a slight headache. There was yelling outside and you had little memory of how you got home. You remember someone placing you on your bed, and now looking over yourself, you could see you were no longer wearing shoes and you hair was in an incredibly messy top knot. Going into the bathroom you could see someone had hastily removed your makeup as well.

Trying to figure out what happened only made your head hurt more, and now the yelling was louder. Sticking your head out the door, you quickly yelled profanities toward the direction of the noise.

Everything seemed to stop when you finally took inventory of who you had yelled at.  

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The scene after Karma's fight against Grip, part of his torture involved spices and peppers- perhaps some of those spices were part of his treasured collection? Also do you think we'll see a flashback for Karma and Nagisa's older days during the war?

Oh yeah, the gentian tea and the ghost peppers. Neither of them are that rare though, I don’t think. I’m pretty sure that they can be bought at large supermarkets. Besides, if his spices are ‘treasured items’ I doubt that he’d use them for pranks; cooking, maybe to give a feeling of uniting his family at mealtime, but not pranks. 

As for Karma and Nagisa’s past, I’ve got a weird-ass headcanon about them. When I say ‘weird-ass’, it’s because it’s plausible, but at the same time not really. I’d love to see how Matsui makes them meet though.

In my headcanon, they probably first meet - they’re in the same class as first years, but they really meet - when Karma comes across a bunch of bullies picking on Nagisa for looking so much alike a girl (he still has his ponytail at this time) and doing the usual dumb sexual harassment stuff such as saying “Take off your pants so that we can check!” and such. 

So Karma being the bully-hunter he is kicks all of their asses and then they have this kind of conversation:

Karma: “Hey, are you alright… aren’t you from my class? Umm, Shiota Nagisa, right?”

Nagisa: “Oh, Akabane-kun… thanks for the help.”

Karma: “Why didn’t you fight back? You were just standing there like a statue?”

Nagisa: “……”

Karma: *decides not to press the matter* “But I can totally see why they were picking on you.”

Nagisa: “…?”

Karma: “You have a really cute face. If you weren’t wearing pants, I’d think that you were really a girl.”

Nagisa: “… Thanks for helping me. I’ll see you later.” *weak smile and leaves.*

Karma: *scratches head* “I guess I hit a landmine…”

Then maybe the next day or a few days later, the bullies come back to harass Nagisa when Karma suddenly shows up out of nowhere. The bullies freak out and run away. 

Karma: “Looks like they aren’t going to stop picking on you. Persistent, aren’t they?”

Nagisa: “It’s fine… I’m already used to it…”

Karma: “Really? … I don’t think they’ll stop anytime soon though.”

Nagisa: “…”

Karma: “In that case, want to be my friend?”

Nagisa: “… Huh?”

Karma: “If we hang out together then they won’t come near you anymore. And if they do, then just give me a call or something. I’d always protect my friends.”

Nagisa: “… Akabane-kun…”

Karma: “Karma is fine. I’ll call you Nagisa-kun too. *holds out hand to shake* Please take care of me?”

Nagisa: *smiling despite himself and take his hand* “Shouldn’t I be saying that to you?”

Karma: “What, so you can smile for real after all.”

Secretly I think that Nagisa is actually Karma’s very first friend, because the fanbook says that Nagisa is the only person he addresses with ‘-kun’ in a non-mocking manner. Maybe with Karma, honorfics are a sign of affection (then again, he address most of the girls with ‘-san’ or ‘-chan’ in Kayano’s case).

Sorry for such a lengthy answer, but I’d think that seeing flashbacks of when the first two met is very possible. Most infighting between main characters has that kind of thing in other manga (Beelzebub jumps to mind).