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▹ pairing: Jeongguk x reader
▹ words: 18,102 I’m so sorry 
▹ genre: smut, fluff, light angst, friends to lovers

You and Jeongguk propose at restaurants to get free food, but somewhere along the way you start to fall for him.

You never thought Jeongguk would actually take you up on the whole fake proposals thing. When you had suggested the idea to him, he’d just laughed and said “yeah”, then continued playing Fallout 4. You hadn’t actually meant it; the idea was one of those you vaguely imagine it happening, but not really, which is why when he brought it up weeks later suggesting you try it out, you thought he was kidding. 

He wasn’t, and this is how you end up in one of the city’s nicer restaurants on a fake date with your best friend. 

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Hi y'all, so I’ve been doing make up for years for proms and weddings and engagement photos and such and thought I would offer some tips because I love make up and maybe not everyone knows these! Obvi keep in mind everyone is different and these may not work for you…

- Try Nivea’s Sensitive Post Shave Balm for Men as a primer. A little goes a long way and rub it in until it gets tacky

- There is literally no reason to buy mascara from high end brands and I’m a high end whore. My favorite is the Clump Crusher water resistant

- If you can’t decide between two foundation colors, choose the one that’s lighter. Bronzer can fix that shit quick

- The “buy concealer that is 56 shades too light” trend needs to die. One or two shades is plentyyyyy you don’t wanna look like a reverse raccoon and flash photography only makes it worse

- BAKE your under eyes and if you’re hoeing tbh bake your entire face. Message me if you don’t know what baking is

- Two best foundations I’ve ever used are the Too Faced Born This Way and Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra 24hr

- Stop applying your make up with your hands ladies pls buy a beauty blender and get it damp

- Take the foundation off your lips once you’ve set it bc if you just put lip product over it it’ll bunch up in the corners of your mouth

- Sigma has great brushes and shed less than any of my high end brushes. I’d definitely recommend splurging and getting a full set of them

- Do not base your purchases off of sellout YouTubers that are getting paid to say everything they’re saying

- Buy a setting spray and spray your eyeshadow brush w it before applying shimmery eye shadows and spray your whole face with it when you’re done

- I see girls on here all the time saying not to wear falsies which I think is absolutely insane but my falsies advice is start with individuals and work up to strips. That’s what I did

- Exfoliate your face and use the Biore black head strips on your nose for smoother make up application

- Don’t leave your lower lash line bare. I see this so much and it’s super weird looking. Do a little eyeshadow and mascara at the least to complete the whole look

- Avoid matte lipstick/liquid lips unless you’re sure your lips are smooth hydrated and snatched otherwise they will look like a butthole in 15 minutes

- W/ eyebrows and make up: less is more girl. ESPECIALLY from a man’s perspective

- If you’re going to put a base shadow down before doing your eyeshadow look (which I’d recommend), avoid putting it anywhere you’ll put shimmer and instead fill that space with a cream eyeshadow or more primer to make that shimmer popppp
- Wash your beauty blender every time you use it or it will grow mold I promise

- Buxom’s lip glosses are the absolute best. They are so high quality, smell good, last FOREVER, and tingle on your lips like mint

- Clean your make up brushes as often as you can (I wish I did more than I do) not only because it’s hygienic but because they will apply SO MUCH BETTER

- If your eyebrows are always rubbing off, invest in a waterproofing liquid to put over them. NYX has a cheap one that really works

- Make sure to go over the line of your falsies with black eyeliner to hide the glue. I don’t care if the glue is “clear” or “black” it’s visible

- If you can’t find a contour color that’s cool toned enough try an eyeshadow!

- Put tons of highlight on your cupid’s bow it’s so cute in my opinion and always gets lots of compliments

- TAKE YOUR MAKE UP OFF EVERY NIGHT. DO NOT SAVE YOUR MAKE UP FOR THE NEXT DAY. Some girls will fight me on this but imo no make up is cuter than gross make up and it’s so bad for your skin

- If your eyes are always watering your shit off get some anti-allergy or anti-dryness (whichever you think you have) eye drops

- You can exfoliate your lips before lipstick application easily with honey and sugar. Do this before putting on foundation and such. If you’re a bougie bitch you can buy scrubs from places like Lush

- I’m convinced that Burts Bees is the only chapstick I’ve ever used that didn’t make me end up needing chapstick more than I did in the first place

- If you don’t have time to wash off your make up then just use a make up wipe! The Kirkland brand ones are my all time faves because they don’t sting my eyes or leave a residue on my face

- Stop over washing your face. It makes it produce more oil to compensate and it could be why you have acne

- You don’t need to pay to get your brows waxed/threaded if you just pluck the spare 2 or 3 brows that grow out of place each day. You’ll keep your shape, save money, and your brows will always look good

- If you don’t use eyeshadow primer please buy some and watch your entire eyeshadow collection transform. If you can’t afford it but have concealer that’s second best and still works well

I could go on forever and might make a part two but I’m tired now. Probably going to make a make up favorites list by product category soon!

Message me with any make up questions ever because I love blabbing about it! Spread the luv and happy face beating!! 💄

A few things about Andrew Minyard,,

- he makes other people tie his shoelaces for him
- hes a blanket monster, doesn’t even leave Neil the sheet ok, poor kid has to sleep in sweatpants and a hoodie in the winter
- secretly does a lot of research about it and only buys the best quality food for the cats
- he’s the only person in his apartment building that ever buys girls scout cookies but he always buys enough to make it worth their time stopping by, he has like 20 boxes of thin mints stashed in the freezer at all times
- he uses an electric toothbrush but it’s like a cheap ninja turtles one from target
- cooks and cleans but DOES NOT do dishes, he will literally let them pile up to the ceiling and then when there’s none left that are clean, if no one else does them, he’ll just throw them all away and go buy new ones
- (eventually they discover paper plates and plastic silverware)
- hates horror movies (not because they’re scary, it’s because they’re predictable)
- Neil is the first person (besides Andrew) to realize Andrew needs reading glasses, and he makes him get some and Andrew carries them with him all the time but only uses them when he absolutely has to
- “I dont need glasses, i dont want to see your ugly face”
- “shut up and try them on or I’m selling the car and buying a minivan.”
- he only does autographs for his kid fans
- once he gets on his pro team people (kevin and nicky) keep pushing him to dress in more colors instead of just black all the time so he gets a bunch of neon armbands and wears a different set every day,, hot pink,, lime green,, fucking yellow, obscenely bright orange,,, other than that his wardrobe doesn’t change
- learned how to sew when he was younger because none of his clothes ever fit right and he always has to make adjustments
- has a savings account that he puts money into every chance he gets and whenever neil asks about it he pulls these random excuses out of his ass (“it’s for candy”, “I’m gonna hire someone to hide your body after I kill you”, “I almost have enough to buy out Exites so that I can shut it down permanently") but it’s actually for the foxes’ kids

7½ Disasters

@jilychallenge 07/2017 | @bantasticbeasts vs @petalstofish

Summer Tropes | “we have to crush the team of our unbeaten rivals in this waterfight (even if the other side has a rlly cute red head) oh god fOCUS”

Word count: 3000


would you believe me if i told you it’s still july on mars?

The first summer, it’s just him and Sirius, riding their bikes down to the corner store and using James’ pocket money to buy water balloons. When they get back to James’, they fill them up, and they have a go throwing them at each other. Sirius shrieks the first time he’s hit, and James’ aim accuracy plummets because he’s got water all over his glasses and he can’t bloody see anything, and Sirius will you stop darting around already.

It’s not nearly as fun as it looks in those American movies.

They trek inside, drenched and shivering, and James’ mum shoves them both in the downstairs shower to get the grass off. James doesn’t mind nearly as much as he lets on; a water fight in the English summer is a rather cold affair. Sirius gives his arm a soggy punch and says, “I’m gonna destroy you next time.”

But two days later, Sirius gets whisked away by his parents to France, and by the time he gets back, 17 whining postcards later, school has started and James has a runny nose anyway.

(It’s a disaster).

The second summer, Sirius has the forethought to invite Remus and Peter, and James has the forethought to wait for a day that’s actually hot. Sirius and Remus stay behind to fill up balloons while James and Peter speed down the hill to go get water guns.

Between them they can afford three little ones, or they can get one big one. “It makes more sense,” Peter reckons, “to get the three, ‘cause then we can have one between pairs and then a spare in case one breaks.”

“Yeah,” James says, “that does make sense.”

(They get the one big one).

James and Sirius argue for almost two hours over who should get to wield it before Remus snatches it from the table and climbs up the big tree in James’ backyard and sprays them when they try to follow.

(It’s a disaster).

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Seventeen Reaction: Your Guy Best Friend Buys You Whatever You Want

“SVT Reaction to Your Guy Best friend Buying U whatever you want” -Anon

A/N: This is one of my first times doing reactions so I apologize if it is not the best! -Admin Sara


  • “Let me buy you something.”
  • “Who is this guy?”
  • Pouts the whole time cause this bean just wants to buy cute stuff for you but when he starts buying you everything what is left for him to get you.
  • Is a bit afraid you’ll stop telling him what you want and around Christmas and birthdays he’ll have to guess what you want.
  • Just wants to provide. 

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  • He’s happy he isn’t spending money
  • Is a bit sad still cause he wants to buy you cute things
  • Pressed?
  • “Oh, we need milk, get your best friend to buy it for you”
  • Is okay with it yet not so it confuses you SO much.

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  • How sweet of him
  • “Oh my gosh he bought you that outfit, its really cute”
  • “Sorry I couldn’t be there to buy it”
  • Pouts
  • “I’ll buy you a whole new closet next time we go shopping!”

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  • I didn’t come here to date you and your best friend
  • “Why is he buying you all this stuff. I wanted to pay for that!”
  • I… wanted? to pay for that
  • “Why am I even mad, like I don’t understand.”
  • “Thank you for buying that?”

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  • “Lets go shopping now, I have to buy stuff before him”
  • Makes you give him a list of things you want so if your friend buys them he still has back ups to get you
  • This babe likes buying you random gifts so it sort of rains on his parade.
  • “Oh… he bought you one… okay.” Hides the exact thing he just bought you as your surprise gift behind his back
  • “I have to go to the store again”
  • :( ½

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  • Tries not to let you go shopping with the guy but somehow even if you don’t you still have new stuff.
  • “Why are there boxes of shoes at the door? I thought you didn’t go out today”
  • “Oh. I see.”
  • “Can’t you just tell him I want to buy you presents too? It isn’t fair if he is buying everything before I can.”

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  • “Why are gifts just appearing in this houSE?”
  • “Where are you even getting all of this stuff?”
  • How does he even have money anymore, he bought you like 200 things in one day.
  • Drags you to the store, even if he got out of practice at 3AM and the only store open just sells gum. You’re going.
  • “I don’t care if you’re tired. I’m tired of not being able to buy you as much stuff and it makes me feel bad. Now gET UP.”

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  • “He’s buying you stuff? Cute.”
  • “What’d you get today?” :|
  • “N-no I am happy he is buying you stuff and you’re able to hang out and stuff with him. But… Isn’t he spending a lot of money on you… are you sure that is okay? Like he has enough money to do that?”
  • ?
  • Is more worried about your friends spending habits than trying to buy you anything
  • Doesn’t want your friend to feel left out of the gift circle
  • Buys your friend random gifts in return so he at least gets something other than pure friendship back.

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  • “I mean you can still hang out with him, I don’t really care… I just don’t like him.”
  • Tries to buy you more stuff 
  • “Oh that’s what he got you… well I got you THIS.”
  • “Yeah well, you’re the one dating me.”
  • You’re dating me.
  • Tries to ask your friend to stop buying you so much stuff but then gets caught and you think hes jealous.
  • “You’re dating me. How could I be jealous?”

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  • Sees you getting everything you want made him just a bit upset because he enjoys buying you things
  • Starts trying to find unique things that you didn’t even know you wanted
  • “Yeah, he may have bought you like 3 pairs of shoes today but the bracelet I got you… Yeah. I picked out everything.”
  • Acts really cool and proud about all the stuff he finds.

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  • Made your best friend mad accidentally? when he first asked him to stop because he called it clutter. 
  • Sees how much he buys you now and gets mad but just keeps joking about it.
  • “Can he buy me stuff?”
  • “My best friend who?”
  • “No seriously though Y/N, it could work I have a plan.”

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  • Not really upset, but also not fine with it either
  • Tries to buy you a bunch of stuff while out with you
  • Makes a list of stuff you want so he doesn’t forget and makes you promise not to tell your friend about the stuff so he can at least try and buy it first
  • “Ya know, just tell him I really want this album.”
  • The album shows up the next day and hes like… what??
  • Is he really buying me stuff too? He has that kind of money? I should probably get to know him so that way I can repay him one day…
  • All of us are friends now.
  • “Three musketeers”

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  • Didn’t really mind at first and was like, okay, yeah I’m cool with it as long as we can coordinate so we don’t get the same things again.
  • Started caring more once your friend said something he didn’t like and then they stopped coordinating
  • Got really sad because three weeks before Christmas he went to this place to get you this necklace you said you wanted and waiting 2 hours in a long line only to find out he was in the wrong one. Then go to another line for another hour just to buy it and find out that your friend got you the same one AND gave it you early.
  • You have to tell your friend to stop buying you so much and to start only buying maybe once every few months because this babe isn’t going to tell you that it bothers him because he knows that when you get gifts it makes you happy and that is all he wants.
  • :( ½

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anonymous asked:

Hey, so I saw that nice ask about saeran with a wounded cry baby mc, so how about mc getting a real (real) bad injury and being all "meh, its nothing" but baeran is freaking out? (Also, your writting is top quality, babe!)

A/N: Writing this because I’m so stressed out and frustrated today and I need to let all this steam out somehow. And thank you, anon! You’re so sweet! :)

Nothing registers fully in your head. Only that you’re swaying slowly from side to side like a slowing pendulum, and that your vision is starting to blur as the world around you tilts sideways.

Someone is shouting your name, but it’s like you’re underwater, and a voice is trying to reach you through the thick layer of water that you’re buried under.

There’s a sharp, terror-filled scream that cuts through the air, one that you don’t recognise, the moment your body hits the ground on your side. It only dawns on you that it belongs to you when you feel flames licking the walls of your throat a few seconds later.

And then – and only then – does the pain set in.

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With as many kids as Bruce has adopted it’s highly possible that the media has made at least one reference to it, probably something along the lines of: “Bruce Wayne buys houses like he adopts children.”

Contrary to how his family feels (they think it’s hilarious) Bruce actually likes it. The first time he uses the phrase in reference to himself his family is Horrified (and in Damian’s case Offended). “I’ve been buying shares of Apple like I adopt kids.”

They all assumed it was a fluke, a slip of the tongue, until it happened again. Tim and Damian had been fighting and ended up ruining a set of Batarangs. Bruce sighed making a note to replace the set mumbling “I collect these like I collect kids.”

The line stopped Tim mid swing at Damian, both turning to stare slack jawed at Bruce.

“Father, I’m not sure you’re aware of what you’ve said.”

“What’s the matter with what I said?”

It gets to be a habit, and no one can figure out why he likes it. Has he become aware of his habit? Is he some how purposefully making fun of himself? Jason swears it’s to remind himself not to adopt any more children. At last they all corner him in his office, Bruce looking confused from his desk as his children march in one by one.

“Why?” is how Tim starts it.

“Why?” Bruce frowns.

“Adoption. Why do you keep making the joke?” Cassandra clarifies.

Dick adds, “You’re not embarrassed of us are you?”

If their question surprised him it doesn’t show as Bruce sits silent at his desk, watching his children for a moment. “It reminds me of how proud I am of each of you.” He let his gaze rest on each of his children, pausing a beat longer on Damian to remind his son that yes he meant him too.

After that it wasn’t rare to hear the Wayne kids making a joke about their father’s adoption skills.

Korean!Keith HCs

Disclaimer: I’m projecting a lot from my personal east coast Korean-American experience. oh, and NO K-POP/IDOL HCS. BECAUSE KOREANS ARE REAL PEOPLE WITH VARYING DIASPORIC AND ETHNIC BACKGROUNDS. WE ARE SO MUCH MORE THAN UWU PALE ASIAN AESTHETICS kthnx :) :) :)

These aren’t in any particular order btw. If you don’t necessarily hc Keith as Korean, that’s cool too! I shared some of these with @hakpng (who also has AWESOME Korean Keith hcs!!) so they might be familiar to folks.

  • surnames! 안키스 (Keith Ahn) or 설키스 (Keith Seol). I also love @hakpng ‘s hc of Keith’s Korean name being 박김수/ Park Kim Soo. so imagine: 안김수 / Ahn Kim Soo or  설김수 / Seol Kim Soo. beautiful. (also lol projection bc those are my parents’ surnames).
  • Keith isn’t as strongly connected to his roots (2nd gen immigrant kid ftw!) but he still wants to learn more about his history and culture.
    • always desperate to learn more about Korean history (wtf with that single paragraph in the thick U.S. History textbook about the Korean War) and even mythology. but there aren’t as many resources in English so he’s frustrated and often stuck scouring the web for hours.
    • he once stumbled upon traditional music and discovered that he LOVES IT SO MUCH! listening to 사물놀이 and 판소리 helps him calm down. the constantly switching rhythms, the raw power and energy of the music, the tales that are woven into performances; it’s all v comforting for him.
    • English is actually his first language. At home, his parents talk to him in Korean/Konglish and he always responds in English. it’s p natural for him to do so. 
    • He understands Korean and can read most of it (minus business/political jargon). He’s not as confident with writing and speaking it tho… he’s actually SUPER self-conscious about speaking. when he was growing up, he’d get made fun of by other Korean kids/extended family for not being “fluent enough” bc he never really spoke the language. all the teasing and shaming added to his insecurities about speaking.
    • BUT Keith loves the Korean language! he loves the warm, familiar feeling that sprouts in his chest when he hears it!
    • his parents once sent him to Korean language school at church but it was so overwhelming and Keith felt so anxious and inferior he ended up teaching himself the language (gradually, over the years, and immersion in the culture at home helped a lot).

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Issue #1

  • “I heard a noise.”
  • “There’s something in the bathroom.”
  • “Some of this blood is mine.”
  • “You can’t even imagine the things I’ve endured! And always at the hands of shit like you!”
  • “What do you think about murder?”
  • “Movies, books, TV, music – they’re all just entertainment, not guidebooks for damning yourself!”
  • “You can wash away every last drop of blood from these walls, but the walls of your mind remain forever stained!”
  • “I’m wondering if, maybe, there’s something wrong with me.”

Issue #2

  • “Why are people so… unpleasant?”
  • “Fuck fear. I have nothing to fear.”
  • “I envy your conviction.”
  • “Please. Don’t do this. Don’t kill me. I don’t wanna die.”
  • “Let me out of here! I’ll be different!”
  • “You can tell they’re not regretting having hurt you. They regret doing it to your face.”
  • “How is it that you’re so beautiful, and so fucking ugly inside?”
  • “Why did you want to go out with me?”
  • “___?___, what are you doing?”
  • “I don’t want to die like I’ve lived.”
  • “Wait up, I’m right behind you.”

Issue #3

  • “You look lost. Are you lost?”
  • “What’s wrong? Don’t you think that’s funny?”
  • “Let’s go to a cafe and look like we don’t wanna be there.”
  • “I thought I was smart enough to handle it.”
  • “I guess I wasn’t as smart as I thought I was.”
  • “You’re just plain sick.”
  • “You think I’m being protected by something?”
  • “Poisoning our boy’s/girl’s mind with your shit! You offend me!”

Issue #4

  • “Friends leave. Everything leaves.”
  • “I’ve relinquished control of my sanity.”
  • “We think we can live away from what we hate, but are defined by those very things.”
  • “We become prisoners in our own cages.”
  • “I’d like to see somebody try to beat me in a hard luck story contest!”
  • “Do you know how much of this is me and how much is what that thing did to me?”
  • “I wish someone would just switch me off and… fix me.”
  • “I’m not happy.”
  • “Did you hurt somebody? I heard something.”
  • “You said you called the police – didn’t they do anything?”
  • “He’s following me. I swear, I can feel him watching me.”
  • “Have you ever hated someone for making you like them – like them so much… and then wish they would die.”
  • “I’m leaving.”
  • “Oops, I’m being unfriendly, aren’t I?”
  • “I’m through with being used.”
  • “What do you have set up here for today’s show?”
  • “Nobody wants you! You’ve chased them all away!”
  • “You want so much for me to die, why haven’t you just killed me yourself!”
  • “No! I control me! I control me!

Issue #5

  • “Is all that shit on that wall blood?”
  • “Charming, isn’t it?”
  • “You probably deserve this.”
  • “I’m escaping a house full of assholes so I can live in a world where they’re not in chains.”
  • “I… I don’t exactly make friends easily.”
  • “Being alone isn’t such a bad thing.”
  • “Shut up! Don’t make me break my foot off in your ass!”
  • “Fuuuuck! I was so close!”
  • “Don’t die yet! I have to kick your ass first!”
  • “You won’t be going anywhere. You’re dying too.”
  • “You’re lucky. Death will be quick for you.”

Issue #6

  • “I’m dead, aren’t I?”
  • “This is taking a little longer than I thought.”
  • “Stop! You’ll ruin everything!”
  • “I wonder if you can kill the devil.”
  • “That sounds… bad.”
  • “My name isn’t ‘girl’, it’s ___.”
  • “You use money to buy new cards, to wear impressive clothes, to get popular haircuts. Get it?”
  • “It won’t hurt at all, though some people say it is the most excruciating thing they’ve ever known.”
  • “Do I get to keep the coat?”
  • “What would a boy scout do?”
  • “I hate these moral dilemmas.”

Issue #7

  • “Who the hell are you?”
  • “You don’t know me, but you’ll want to.”
  • “Why have you been following me?”
  • “I’m a huge fan of your work!”
  • “You might want to leave now, as I find your company to be most repellant.”
  • “Admire me? You shit!”
  • “I’m the villain in this fucking story!”
  • “I don’t like myself much.”
  • “You like this girl, eh?”
  • “I like you immensely, ___”
  • “How did you get here?”
  • “You’re sick, but you’re smart.”
  • “You’re always a slave to something.”
  • “I just wanted to say goodbye before leaving.”
  • “Wouldn’t it be funny if I shoved a knife up through the mattress.”
  • “Who are you talking to? One of your imaginary friends?”
  • “I really despise my life and you’re a major factor in that.”
  • “I’m sorry nobody loves you.”
  • “Don’t worry about him. He’ll be up in a while.”
  • “It’s easy to be affected by your fears, by your hatred. I don’t want to see that happen to you.”
  • “I’m going out the window this time, okay? The underground’s tunnel’s gotten a bit thick with corpses.”
  • “There’s nothing terribly wrong with feeling lost, so long as that feeling precedes some plan on your part to actually do something about it.”
  • “I can’t say I’m very pleased with where my life is just now… but I can’t help but look forward to where it’s going.”

FILLED REQUEST: cloud prince, or the roman holiday reimagining with ha sungwoon

(image credit)

pairing: prince! ha sungwoon x reader
genre: fluff
summary:  You’re a reporter in desperate need of a sensational story. Ha Sungwoon, crown prince, falls into your lap and turns your life around. 
warnings: none
(set in madrid bc i’m cheesy and really enjoyed my stay there! hehe. hope y’all enjoy!!)

PRINCE SERIES: guanlin | sungwoon

  • ha sungwoon is his country’s new crown prince, and if he’s being perfectly honest, he’s not very happy about it
  • sure, it’s his home, and the country’s involvement in software development has made it one of the richest in the world
  • but sungwoon had dreams, wanted to be a performer, before his older sister abdicated the throne to start her own business, which is strictly in conflict with being a royal
  • now sungwoon is under all these different rules of decorum and he feels stifled—he’s always been one to wear his heart on his sleeve, and this role requires an inscrutable mask of politeness and manners
  • when his family feels he’s ready, they send him off to Europe to meet with their tiny island’s trading partners
  • and in the first country, sungwoon makes an innocent comment about the prime minister’s choice of tie
  • his deportment teacher makes a huge fuss about it and sungwoon grows very, very tired
  • so at precisely 4:56 pm, he slips out of the embassy and quickly makes his way to a nearby department store
  • sungwoon uses all the money he has on him to buy a new set of nondescript clothes, glasses, a cap, and a box of hair dye
  • but he discovers right after that there’s no way he’ll be able to dye his hair on his own for the first time in a public bathroom
  • and he ends up sitting at a bus stop, left with less than a euro in his pocket
  • when you see him, you mistake him for a forlorn tourist
  • you’ve been having a shit day; your best friend and editor-in-chief just warned you about an impending paycut and job downgrade if you didn’t submit a good story by the end of the month
  • it had been too good to be true, working with seongwu as the foreign correspondent for his lifestyle magazine
  • fine, you haven’t written a good investigative article since your exposé on that one museum, but writing for PRODUCE is a lot harder than you’d thought
  • the only way to remedy a bad day, you think, is to do a good deed
  • so when you hear the lost-looking stranger’s stomach grumble in the silence at the bus stop, you offer him half of the sandwich you’d taken out for home
  • “I don’t need help!” he says, his voice panicked
  • and he has a wild look in his eyes, and you back away slowly
  • but he looks clean—his nails are manicured, for god’s sake
  • “are you sure you’re okay?” you say because you’re determined to be kind and there’s nothing he can do about it
  • but he doesn’t have a bathroom to do it at bc public bathrooms are too small and it’d be conspicuous
  • he gives you an odd look
  • “you don’t know who i am?” and then he grins, his smile so radiant your breath catches, annoyance forgotten
  • “no??”
  • he bites that plush lower lip and asks for a small favor
  • and that’s how you both end up at your tiny apartment
  • he’s in the bathroom and you’re messaging seongwu and jisung—the former is your boss, the latter your photographer partner
  • and seongwu sends you a lead he suggests you check out
  • i hear crown prince ha sungwoon is in ur area. cant find any recent pictures but here are some pics from when he was a kid
  • he’s chubbier in the pictures, but you those pouty lips are unmistakeable
  • you’re crafting a plan as you go to check on him
  • crown prince ha sungwoon is shirtless in your bathroom intently reading the hair dye manual included in the box
  • “have you never done this before?” you say raising a brow
  • he huffs and admits he hasn’t
  • you end up googling a how-to video because he doesn’t have a phone on him
  • he’s sitting in your tub with his arms crossed and you’re watching the guide, texting jisung at the same time
  • i have a plan
  • his stomach rumbles right as you close the messaging app and his ears go red
  • sungwoon borrows your pink bathrobe and eats your cherries while you toast him some bread
  • “what should i call you?”
  • sungwoon mutters something in reply that you don’t quite catch
  • “did you ask me to call you ‘daddy?’”
  • “I sAiD CLOUDY!!!”
  • later he’s back in your tub, your hands gently massaging his scalp to get the dye in
  • and he moans softly once, his eyes going wide
  • “cloudy, is this turning you on”
  • “I HAVE A SENSITIVE SCALP…unless you want me that way, baby”
  • you feel 98% embarrassment and 2% attraction so you splash him with the water before leaving him to finish up
  • when he comes out his hair is a boring shade of brown, and you look him up and down
  • “well, you blend in aside from—“
  • “i’m taller wearing shoes, okay!!” he says, standing up straighter, before glancing at the door with a worried expression
  • you sigh, shrugging, and say, “do you have any money on you?”
  • and he shakes his head no, so you offer him your place to crash for the night
  • you’re texting jisung, letting him know where you’ll go so he can take the photos for your soon-to-be-written feature article about an unsuspecting ha sungwoon
  • and you startle because sungwoon’s asleep in your bed beside you???
  • but he looks exhausted, his body shaking slightly in the cold because he hadn’t even tried to take your blanket
  • so you tuck him in before sliding in next to him, your limbs touching because your bed is small
  • you wake up to someone singing in the kitchen
  • ha sungwoon is wearing your apron and making you an omelette
  • he beams at you when you eat it, saying, “it’s perfect, isn’t it? but it’s the only thing i know how to make"
  • you thank him for breakfast, washing the dishes as you casually say, “i might need an assistant for my blog post today”
  • which strictly isn’t a lie
  • so you hand him your never-used polaroid camera and brief him about your itinerary around madrid
  • when you get to the royal palace he seems relatively unimpressed, if very interested in the art
  • “there’s no room for such extravagance back home,” he mutters as you’re leaving
  • “what was that, cloudy?”
  • instead of responding, he takes a photo of you by the gate
  • you take a couple of him, too, both because they’re good material and because he’s so interesting to watch
  • you have lunch at a random tapas place and he’s ordering everything until he remembers he’s on your budget
  • but you nod at him and he lights up throwing an arm over your shoulder and squeezing you tightly to his side, and you cover up your blush by taking a few photos of him
  • later you’re eating ice cream while in line for the prado museum’s free hours, and you’re mesmerized watching him eat the ice cream more neatly than anyone you’ve ever seen in your life
  • sungwoon picks up a copy of the memorable painting list and grabs your wrist, promising to show you the best paintings
  • it turns out he knows a lot about art??
  • and you’re sorry you can’t take recordings because the enthusiasm with which he speaks is really captivating
  • you ask him about it later as you walk the way back to your apartment
  • “i wanted to take up fine arts, like theatre or music or something, but my parents wanted me in art curation because it’s more fitting for an heir—an heir to our family business, i mean,” he says, his ears turning a tell-tale pink
  • he bids you goodbye at your door, shaking your hand after you give him one of the polaroid selfies you took together
  • “there are matters i have to attend to,” he says stiffly
  • and you laugh, shaking your head and pulling him into a tight hug
  • “you’ll need a better poker face for those, sungwoon,” you whisper in his ear
  • he’s back at the embassy when he realizes he never told you his name and you never mentioned yours
  • the next day, sungwoon’s at the press conference, and he sees you with a media ID on
  • it takes all the self-control he’s learned the past few months to keep from freaking out in public
  • later, you approach him, biting your lip as if you’re nervous, and sungwoon tries not to remember how you’d looked in the fading light of day the night before, the flutter he’d felt in his heart
  • “before you say anything, hear me out,” you murmur, and sungwoon nods with his brows furrowed
  • you hand him a small envelope with a fond smile on your face
  • “from PRODUCE publication, a present for the new crown prince”
  • sungwoon opens it afterwards and it’s a memory card with a post-it attached
  • ‘the only other place these are recorded is my memory’
  • and he looks up the online publication but the days pass without anything about him being written besides a short note about his coronation
  • he reads every single article you post, and he hears them all in your snarky voice and finds himself missing you terribly
  • but of course he won’t contact you because he’s supposed to be far too busy for that sort of thing
  • still, when he’s back home, he orders a subscription for the print edition of PRODUCE
  • and it gets delivered to his place with a note scrawled all over the first page, in the same handwriting as the post-it he keeps in his wallet
  • ‘guess where i’m going to be stationed?’
Yuri on Ice Starters Part 2:
  • “Why didn’t you tell me?”
  • “Your past self is DEAD!”
  • “Please leave the ice.”
  • “I’m disappointed in you.”
  • “What if you’d gotten hurt, slamming into the wall like that?!”
  • “[NAME], behave while I’m gone.”
  • “Don’t you dare steal any steamed buns.”
  • “Oh, that kind of food doesn’t agree with me.”
  • “This is getting kind of R-rated.”
  • “Hey! Don’t strip!”
  • “I’ve never seen [NAME] like this..”
  • “I am an evil witch!!”
  • “I guess today’s sex appeal award goes to [NAME].”
  • “[NAME], you haven’t slept, have you?”
  • “I’m not the kind of man who’d die in a ditch here!”
  • “What’s the place with the fewest people?”
  • “First, let’s take deep breaths.”
  • “Don’t listen!”
  • “I’m not good with people crying in front of me.. I don’t know what I should do." 
  • "Just stand by me!”
  • “I feel a lot better after crying.”
  • “If you dare to date [NAME], you’ll have to beat me first!”
  • “If you’re turning a lady down, can’t you be more considerate?”
  • “You’ll suffer a miserable defeat.”
  • “Ugh I should have gone to Russia!”
  • “Overflowing.. masculine.. sex appeal..!!”  
  • “Good luck, [NAME]!!”
  • “That was SO embarrassing.”
  • “Out of my way, pig.”
  • “Calm down!! Calm down!!”
  • “This is damn tough!”
  • “Right, I’m the king.”
  • “I’ll beat them all up!”
  • “I’m just an idiot.”
  • “What’s this? A hugging competition?”
  • “Stay away from me!!”
  • “Stop creeping me out!”
  • “It’s almost like a marriage proposal.”
  • “And here I was hoping to go skinny dipping.”
  • “[NAME], don’t use unattractive words.”
  • “Don’t call them ugly, you ugly-ass bitch!!”
  • “Any guy who wears sunglasses on his head is scum!”
  • “What’s with you, asshole?”
  • “[NAME], I’m freezing! Please draw a hot bath!”
  • “This is my first time being in Barcelona, so take me sightseeing.”
  • “I’m buying you a suit for your birthday.”
  • “I can smell [NAME]! It’s coming from over here!”
  • “Are you coming or not?”
  • “Are you going to become friends with me or not?”
  • “Let’s go grab a bite.”
  • “[NAME], you got drunk on champagne and started dancing.”
  • “That was disgusting as hell.”
  • “I was dragged into a dance-off.”
  • “This is an engagement ring.”
  • “The ring you got from that pig is garbage.”
  • “I’m standing guard to make sure the hyenas don’t touch you!!”
  • “Let’s go to the club after this.”
  • “I’ll be the head cheerleader at tonight’s public viewing!”
Backroads (Grayson)

The sun was starting to set on the horizon and it made the Los Angeles heat drop to a more comfortable temperature. You sat shotgun in Grayson’s new Bronco that Ethan surprised him with a few weeks prior. Your feet were up on the dash, his hand on your thigh and both your bellies full of In N Out. You were leaving to go back home tomorrow evening, so Grayson wanted to drive around some backroads with you for some alone time before the next ride with just the two of you would be to the airport tomorrow.

He took a left turn and you stuck your hand out of the window as some slow R&B came on, the wind breezing through your open palm. Grayson glanced over and smiled at you, nothing was more beautiful in this moment than you with no makeup and your hair blowing freely through the wind. You didn’t know how you got so lucky to have Gray in your life, you were beyond thankful for his sweet soul. He made you a better person in every aspect, as cheesy as it sounded.

Turning to look at him you smiled widely. He truly was a work of art. He shed his shirt a few miles back, ruffling his hair in the process. He didn’t want it to get in his eyes as he drove so he pushed it back with a snapback. He caught you staring and he chuckled, pulling up to a crossroad. “Take a picture, it’ll last longer.” He joked, squeezing your thigh and inching his hand up higher. Your shorts didn’t leave much to the imagination so you almost laughed at the look on his face when you stepped out of the bathroom in them. 

“I would if I had brought my phone, smart ass.” He continued driving and you two pulled up to a secluded beach. He pulled into the parking lot and cut the car off, sitting back and smiling. “I just wanted to watch the sun set and then we can head back to the apartment.” Your hand found the top of his that was resting on your thigh, tracing the veins that protruded on his skin. “I’m really going to miss you.” He spoke after a few minutes of silence, causing you to smile halfheartedly. “I know. I’m going to miss you too. I’m trying to save money so I can have a bit to stand on my feet until I find work.”

He nodded and sighed silently, “Ethan and I have told you time and time again you can crash with us. You just have to cook for us.” You couldn’t deny that the thought of that sounded swell. Waking up to Grayson every morning, showering together, sex all day and all night, it definitely gave you motivation to keep things moving. “I know. Just let me save some more money first. I almost broke myself buying a ticket out here.” With an understandable nod he smiled, “Take all the time you need babe. I guess I’ll have to suffer with not having you near me all the time.”

Deciding to end the conversation to stop it from getting any sadder, you sat up and leant over, kissing his cheek. “I love you so fucking much. Thank you for being mine.” His cheeks flushed at your comment and he turned his head so he could catch your lips next time. “I love you more. And the pleasure is all mine.” Leaning in for another kiss he smiled into it, one hand sliding down to your lower back and squeezing. Your hand wandered down to the front of his pants, squeezing his bulge and causing him to moan huskily into your mouth.

He pulled back and crunk the car up again, “Let’s find somewhere more private.” With a nod you sat back in your seat, Grayson almost spinning rocks to back out and onto the road again. You couldn’t help the smirk on your face when you formed a devious plan in your head. When Grayson turned off on the road you two had got off on, you pulled your shirt up and over your head throwing it somewhere in the back. His eyes bulged out of his head as he glanced at you then back to the road.

“W-What the hell are you doing?” “Just having some fun.” You shrugged and next your shorts came off, leaving you in your matching set of bra and panties. The exact pair that always had Grayson panting when he saw you. “Baby.” He whispered, continually stealing glances at you as you spread your legs, letting one leg rest in his lap as you pushed your panties to the side, moaning out. “Wish you could feel how wet I am for you.”

He was almost slack jawed when you let your fingers skim your pussy, the light touch making you jump and whimper. Your head fell back against the seat when you started to rub your clit. Your moans were enough for Grayson to turn off onto a secluded dirt road, throwing the car into park and panting heavily. “Stop and get over here now.” He pushed your leg back over and unzipped his pants, pushing them down to his ankles, his hat flying off and into the back. With a grin you climbed over carefully and straddled his lap, holding up two of your glistening fingers.

Without hesitation Grayson took the digits and popped them into his mouth, sucking your juices off and moaning in the process. You watched with hooded eyes, biting your lip, god he was hot. Once he was finished he pulled you down onto his lips, kissing you rough and passionately. You were both kissing each other with such fury that your teeth had clashed together a couple of times but neither of you cared.

He moved down to your neck, licking and sucking the skin while he struggled to pop the back of your bra to get it off. Once he did successfully, he pulled it away from you, tossing it to the side and freeing your breasts. He held your waist and pulled you up a bit so he could suck a nipple into his mouth, your head falling back from the feel of his lips all over you. “Mmm, feels good.” He licked, flicked and slightly tugged on your nipples with his teeth. In the process he ripped your underwear and you groaned out, slapping his shoulder.

“God dammit Grayson!”

“Shh. I’ll get you new ones, now shut up and kiss me.”

Without further protest you went back to kissing him, reaching down to pull the ripped fabric from beneath you and slipping his boxers down. He lifted up so you could pull his member out, the precum leaking made your mouth water. You pulled back and put your forehead on his, sitting down slowly on his dick, the both of you gasping at the sudden intrusion. Once you were fully seated you started to move up and down, Grayson’s hands finding a place on the sides of your ass, squeezing and helping guide you up and down.

“Oh fuck. My god you’re so tight.” With a grunt he threw his head back, you taking the opportunity to suck his neck. You loved this position, it allowed you to control the pace and to make Grayson feel good. You switched from bouncing on him to circling your hips and flicking them back and forth, the changes making Grayson moan out like you never heard before. Hearing him moan was one of the sexiest sounds in the world and you never got tired of it. He gripped your skin harder, the car rocking beneath the two of you and the slight sound of music playing in the background.

You could feel yourself getting closer to the edge so you rested your head on his shoulder as the pleasure started to build up in the pit of your belly. Your legs grew tired in this position and Grayson took notice, so he reclined the seat back a bit so he could thrust up into you, causing you to scream out. “Ah! Grayson, don’t fucking stop!” Your moans got louder and he clenched his teeth together, thrusting faster and watching your face in satisfaction. “You close baby? I can feel you, fuck, squeezing me. Go ahead and come for me.” His words edged you on and you came hard, slapping your hand on the foggy glass to keep from toppling over.

Grayson thrust a few more times before pulling you off of him, his release shooting up onto your stomach, a few spurts landing on your breasts. With his eyes still on you, you swiped your finger through his release on your body, licking your fingers clean each time. Once you were finished he pulled you in for a long kiss, the both of you giggling when you pulled back. “Well that was, new.” You said, grunting in pain when you found your way back to your seat, searching for your clothes.

“Too bad my car isn’t a virgin anymore.” He sniffled playfully as he got his pants and boxers back up, the both of you breaking out in laughter. Once you both were dressed with the air on full blast, he looked over at you. “In all seriousness, I hate you’re leaving tomorrow.” Grabbing his hand and linking your fingers together you smiled. “I know, I’m going to miss you so much. But I’ll be back as fast as I can. Promise.” He nodded and looked at the clock, it was only 9:15. “Well it’s not even late and we have the rest of the night and afternoon tomorrow, let’s go home and make the best of it.”

“You mean by more sex?”

He bit his lip and shrugged, “Maybe.”

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2 and 31 for Jungkook, pretty please? Thank you :*


Narrator x Jungkook

Words: 3184

Inspired by this prompt list.

A/n: A bit of fluff to pick you guys back up after reading the past few requests. Hope you guys enjoy, sprinkles!

Originally posted by pjkook-moved

It should have taken me at least thirty minutes to get to Yangcheon, but even with the snow on the roads I made it in twenty. I almost wished that I hadn’t run at least two blocks from the closest bus stop, because by the time I was in front of his building I still hadn’t figured out what to say to him. 

It was past midnight, but his bedroom light was on and the living area where he kept the Schimmel was lit up too, bright light sneaking out through the cracks in the thick curtains that covered the windows. I wished I had put gloves on in my rush to leave my apartment earlier. Maybe then my hands wouldn’t have felt like they were frozen as I stood on the steps in front of his door. 

I sniffled and wiped at my nose as I rocked back and forth on my heels. The snow was coming down in even heavier wet flakes, soaking through the wool of my pea coat. I waited for so long that I nearly convinced myself he wasn’t home. A few months ago, I wouldn’t have been standing here. A few days ago, I wouldn’t have made it off of the bus. A few hours ago, I would’ve walked away convinced that I didn’t belong anywhere near here. Now, I took my fist out of my pocket and knocked hard. Hard enough to make my hand sting as if the ice crystals it was made of were shattering into thousands of pieces.

Then I wrapped my arms around my middle and turned to face the street, my head bowed to watch the snow pile up on Jungkook’s front steps. Knees knocking together, I waited for him.

My stomach flipped when the locks started to unclick a few seconds later. By the time he pulled the door inwards, I was shivering hard enough to make my whole body lurch towards the warmth that came bursting out of the open doorway.

I swallowed down a lump in my throat- a lump that I knew to be my rapidly beating heart trying to climb its way out of me. I was so afraid to turn around, so afraid to see him, but it was the good kind of afraid. It was the kind of afraid that makes you feel alive and well, like you can do anything you want. I was afraid because I knew- I knew better than I ever had before-  that once I turned around, I wouldn’t turn back. I wouldn’t run away from him again. But what was a thousand times more terrifying than turning around, was not turning, not letting myself see him, not letting myself grab a hold of the thing I wanted most.

“Y/n?” Jungkook asked quietly, sounding insecure, like he wouldn’t have been surprised if I was a ghost instead of a real solid person. “What are you doing here?”

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Sorry. This is a PSA. Do not use @stubhub !!!! They make it seem like it’s an easy buy/sell ticket site but if you leave tickets up for <1 and delete the sale and someone magically buys the tickets you are charged 40% of your sale OR 40% of the newly bought tickets. It’s BS. I called 3 times to explain my issues and that I’m a first time user of the site and they are adamant about charging me over $50 for a first time issue. It even shows my ad was up for under 5 minutes and my CS rep said “this happens all the time”. Then why don’t y'all fix the damn platform and stop penalizing people trying to use your service??? Please tag a concert going friend! Don’t want anyone else to be so horribly ripped off 😡😤

“It’s stupid!”  Dean yelled out into what Sam was finding comfortable silence.  He didn’t jump at the outburst, far too used to Dean interrupting their quiet moments with his random thoughts and reread the sentence Dean had interjected on, an amused expression taking hold.

“What is?”  He asked, offhandedly, not really asking but knowing Dean was shooting him an expectant look.

“So you know all those ‘fanfics’ about us out there?”  Dean said, and Sam’s interest was almost piqued, but they long ago laughed their asses off about the people unknowingly writing about two very real people, instead of the characters they assumed them.

“Yeah.”  Sam replied, flipping to the next page.

Dean paused there, chewing his lower lip and Sam made the heroic effort not to stare and let Dean finish his sentence.  “Some of those are just, they’re so - well, bad, but, you have to admit -” Dean stopped again, and he seemed angrier, one hand flinging up in the air and grasping at nothing.  Maybe it was searching for the point Dean was trying to make.

“Admit what?”  Sam prodded, after a  few seconds of nothing but frustrated Dean in his lap, and despite how much he wanted to get to the point in his book, he now also wanted to see where Dean was going with this.

“Some of them have some good freaking ideas, Sam.”  Dean finally went with, deflated and sounding almost somber.

This turned Sam’s full attention to Dean, smile full play as he looked down at the top of Dean’s head with a cocked brow, “What?”  He asked, humour apparent.

“Fucking hula hoops filled with god damned salt!  Why the hell didn’t we think of that?”  Dean bit out, and Sam would have laughed except - well.  Despite how childish it was, it did surround them with salt.

Sam still wasn’t able to stifle a laugh, however, at the imagery of them - mostly Dean because Sam’s always had a fixation for his brother’s hips - trying to hula hoop and cut down demons and ghosts alike.

Dean turned in Sam’s lap, shoving at the book and Sam’s chest in irritation.  “It’s not funny, Sam!”  Dean hissed, his face red and Sam began laughing full force now, Dean’s small bats to his head increasing his humour and he let the book fall forgotten to the floor.

“Sam!”  Dean hissed, again, and Sam combated his brother’s annoyance with a peck to the lips, effectively shushing him up.

Dean’s eyes narrowed, and before he could say anything else Sam spoke up, “You saying we should buy some hula hoops because some girl, or guy, out there, wrote about us using them?”

“Well, no, it’s just -”

“Just what?”

“We always kick so much ass in those weird ass stories - and, it’s always because they think of shit that,” Dean stopped, as if it pained him to admit, “we, with all our experience, could not.”  Dean fell into Sam’s chest, face first and groaning out his annoyance and Sam chuckled, papping the top of Dean’s hair and letting his brother mease out his anger.

“We kick plenty ass, Dean.”  Sam said, Dean just mumbling something or the other in reply.

“Mpmh mh mphore.”  Which Sam guessed directly translated to kicking more ass, and he shrugged.

“Then why don’t we prove them wrong?”  Sam said, tone light, and Dean propped his chin on Sam’s chest and glared up at him.

“What do ya’ mean?”

“Oh, I don’t know, Dean,” Sam looked to the book on the floor, shrugged again, “we haven’t been on a good hunt in a few weeks, why don’t we find some poltergeist and show these fans how’s it done?”  Sam asked, looking back at Dean and Dean almost brightened at that.

“They don’t know we’re real, Sam.”

“Chuck’ll know, and maybe he could find some way to include it in the next book.”

“We threatened his life to stop writing those.”

“Eh.”  Sam said, uncaring, and Dean paused to think a moment.

“You know what?  Yeah, yeah we can so fucking do this -” he sat up, swinging a leg over Sam’s to get more properly seated in Sam’s lap, “and I’m thinking we can get our own crazy ideas going.”

“How crazy you talking?”

“Pretty crazy.”

Sam could only grin in reply.


drabble doodle combo as i try to make more ~complicated~  angles

The Worst Gun Control Arguments

I’m pro-gun, but mostly for selfish reasons. Some people (such as celebrities) are probably safer with defensive weapons nearby. But I acknowledge the reality that guns make people less safe in other situations. No two situations are alike. That’s partly why the issue can never be fully resolved. Both sides pretend they are arguing on principle, but neither side is. Both sides are arguing from their personal risk profiles, and those are simply different. Our risk profiles will never be the same across the entire population, so we will never agree on gun control.

That said, I want to call out the worst arguments I have seen on the issue of banning bump stocks. If you are new to the conversation, a bump stock is a $99 add-on to an AR rifle that turns it into an automatic-like weapon for greater kill power. The Vegas gunman used bump stocks. They are legal, whereas a fully automatic rifle is not.

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Do you have any headcanons for which batfam members have the most merch of themselves in stores? Which members might buy these things?

Batman: At first he didn’t like it when companies started making merchandises about him because it would ruin all the Scary Dark Knight Aesthetics he was going for, he even tried to use the Wayne Enterprises to pull some of them out of stores but it became to much for him so he just gave up on it, and over the years he just stopped caring it cuz really if people take him seriously while he’s jumping form buildings wearing a bat costume a few merchandises wouldn’t hurt.

Barbara: Thought that a Batgirl doll was cute so she bought one and brought home to her room but she makes sure to throw it under the bed whenever her dad enter the room so he wouldn’t suspect anything, I also headcannon that during her time as Oracle she would decorate her computer desk with many of the Batfamily plushies to keep her company while the rest are patrolling.

Tim: Had a big collection of all the merchandises before he joined the team, he mainly played with the Robins action figures where he would pretend to be one that goes on missions with Batman and do all sort of cool stuff, he stopped playing with them when he did become a real Robin and found out how uncool Batman & Robin really were, he made sure to sell all of those toys before anyone fond out about them and use them to embarrass him with it. All except for the second Robin figure, he kept that one for himself as a reminder.

Damian: is offended that someone would do such a juvenile thing to his public image, he also goes all Flynn Rider on them by criticizing how none of these merchandises looks like him: “Why is my toy barely half the size of the Batman toy?? I’m NOT that short!” or “Why doesn’t my toy have any weapons with them while Todd’s toy still has it guns with it?!” and the one infuriate him the most “I know that I mostly work at night but come on! WHY for God sake would they make my toy look like a pasty white boy!!”. But in the end since Alfred the cat like to play with them he would allow them inside the house.

Jaosn: Was salty that the only difference between his Robin toy and Dick’s Robin toy is that his was scowling and had pointy teeth and for the fact that they didn’t sell as well as Dick’s merchandises, as Red Hood he is slightly concerned about how popular his merchandises is among young boys not that he thinks that what he is doing is necessary wrong but because he thinks it’s a hard dirty job that someone need to do and he doesn’t want these kids to think it’s something “cool” that they shoul look up to but at the same time he would be lying if he said that he didn’t like the fact that his merchandises are coming close to out-selling Batman merchandises. He also buy some of it for Bizarro to play with and he when his toy head get eaten by Bizarro only then does Jason really get concerned.

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Every Ragnarsson + Their virgin woman.

send me a character + thing if you wanna know my headcanon for them and that thing

Is sneakier than he lets on. He’s all doe-eyed and sweet smiles, but he knows what little touches and just the right words can do. Every interaction is like a story left unfinished and you’re aching to see the end of, to follow him and see the climax. It makes him patient and a tease, always reeling back at just the right moment to take in the desperation on your face, until you can’t take it anymore and take him yourself.

Thinks it’s both hilarious and maddening. He teases you endlessly, not in a bullying way, oh no, his hands go places they shouldn’t, his breath finds all the sweet spots as he talks, talks very filthy things to get you hiding your face and begging him to stop embarrassing you. The other half of course is knowing he can’t use all of his tricks, can’t just take you the speed he wishes he had more control in. The wait drives him crazy, but he waits, consumed with lust.

He gets so wrapped up in the romance of it all. For some reason it triggers the over-nurturing side that starts buying you things and singing you songs, taking you on secret adventures and after it’s been brought up once, he doesn’t bring it up again, letting you make the first move, relaxed in any choice you make. Seeing you get shy about it doesn’t make him disappointed, if anything it makes his heart soar he thinks it’s so cute.

Kind of has a hard time understanding it. His brothers surrounded him with experienced woman that know what they want and how to get it, you are so much more aloof and contradictory, unsure yourself of what to ask for and how far you’re willing to go. It’s not like he understood boundaries and pace to begin with, but you make him understand. You need a little romance first, a gentle touch, a slow speed. After you break him out of getting his ego bruised every time you tell him to wait, he starts to listen, and he learns fast. 

the fake ah crew definitely have to take turns for who gets to decide how a post-heist celebration should be played out

like, gavin, michael, and lindsay always decide to do a bar crawl. and, okay, here’s the thing: you have not been on a true bar crawl until you have bar-crawled with the fake ah crew. cops are called. lots of making out happens. people lose their pants–this has nothing to do with the making out.

jack and geoff usually go for an casual party/feast at the penthouse (geoff’s tends to involve a great deal more booze, and jack always orchestrates a massive pizza delivery). sometimes they’ll go for a little bit of bar-hopping, but listen: they are tired. they just spent all day heisting, and they are tired. they say they’re not going to fall asleep by nine o’clock, but they do. 

jeremy and mica? block party. share the celebration, share the joy, bust open some fire hydrants and buy up all the beer and hot dog buns and fireworks in the tri-county area. (also, jeremy: “you guys have to carry me around on your shoulders in celebration.” 
“uh, for how long?” 
“when does the sun come up?”)

nobody lets ray pick anymore because the very first time he was like, “i want to sit on my couch and play resident evil alone.”
“you– the way you want to celebrate as a group is for us to go away.”
“yup. also, stop at that convenience store before you drop me off. i need snacks.”

and honestly no one can predict what the fuck ryan is going to say. either he’s totally fucking with them or he’s using the opportunity to unveil some unprecedented hobbies.
“we’re going minigolfing.”
“we’re baking tiramisu.”
“we’re adopting all the dogs at the animal shelter. every single one of them.”

Seth Sorenson Headcanon

Seth loves Pokemon, and plays it every moment he gets.

He hates fairy types though, and refuses to use them. “They just can’t throw new typings in like that!” “What do you mean fairy beats dragon type!?” “…They’re nothing but wussy Kendra-types…”

He names every Rapidash he uses Bracken. He also goes out of his way to use a Rapidash just for this reason.

Because of Bracken the Rapidash he’s started to name all of his Pokemon after friends and family.

Charizard, Feraligatr, Sceptile, Infernape, Serperior, Greninja, and Incineroar are the starters he always chooses for each generation. Charizard is his favorites because dragons, duh!

“I don’t care if Charizard’s not a dragon type, it looks like one and so I’ll call it one!”

Complains that Pikachu is overrated but its secretly one of his favorites.

Raxtus will watch Seth play, and always asks to see all the dragon types. Seth soon started to name all of the dragon types on his team Raxtus, especially when Raxtus insists that the Pokemon looks too strong to be named after him.

He owns two different DS just for the purpose of trading with himself. He’ll also make other people battle against him when he’s bored, and they quickly have figured out that using of team of fairy types they will defeat all of Seth’s dragon, fighting, and dark types with ease.

Bracken becomes very good because of this loves using a pure fairy type team just to annoy Seth and defeat him (and because, fairy types!). Seth has quickly learned how to counter Bracken though– since Bracken refuses to knock out ‘Bracken the Rapidash’. “How could you make me fight myself?!”

Kendra catches Seth reading Pokemon fanfiction late into the night. She never lets him live this down.

Seth learns that Warren was an avid collector of Pokemon cards and gets Warren back into the franchise.

Kendra soon gains interest even though she claimed to hate it. Seth claims she’ll never truly understand the games since she’ll just use all the girly Pokemon and not evolve them to keep them cute. She proves him wrong when she comes at him with a fully balanced team and utterly defeats him in a battle. 

Seth once used a Hydreigon named Gavin against her in battle. He never did again after that.

New games come out and both Kendra and Seth buy it. Kendra beats the game first, and Seth storms out of the room. “STOP ONE UPPING ME!” He congratulates Kendra a few hours later however.

Seth made a team of Pokemon all named “Demon King” and purposely looses to Kendra with it.

He has a Dunsparce named Celebrant. Every time Kendra knocks it out in a battle Seth screams “Slink back into your hole, worm!” At the top of his lungs.

Seth, Warren, and Kendra one day force Vanessa to play Pokemon. She wipes the floor with them, winning with ease. It’s also her first time playing.

Seth pretends to hate the anime, but stays up late to watch it with Warren and Tanu. The first movie makes them all cry.

Pokemon and Fablehaven. Because I had to put two of my favorite things together.