stop bullying campaign


Bullying is such a big thing in the world. And people lose their life over it, everyday.

Being the victim of bullying is nothing more than a life of hell. Having someone constantly abuse you, (physically/mentally or both) telling you that you aren’t good enough, that you are ugly and fat and every little negative thing they can think of, ruins you.
Your life slowly turns upside down. You feel so alone. So empty as if this will never end. As if you have no way out of the torment you are put through. It’s excruciating. Feeling like you have no one to talk too. And if you do talk to someone, you have that fear of making everything worse. You’re in a constant battle with yourself. And soon, you start to believe everything they tell you. Start to believe you are worthless, and ugly.
And soon, you’re going to start thinking about stopping all the pain. From either popping pills, drinking, doing drugs, cutting your wrists, and even suicide.

Being a victim of bullying ruins who you are. Breaks you down until you don’t even know why you are still breathing.

Mental illness is so hard to live with and work through, especially when you are being bullied everyday.

But here’s the thing. You aren’t the only one feeling so broken, so much loneliness and hatred. You are not alone.

Falling into the depths of your thoughts will only make things worse. Talking to someone, anyone. It can be a stranger online. A neighbor, a distant cousin. Anyone. But talking to someone about how you feel, I promise you, it will help.

And let’s not forget about the bullies. They are so much more than just how they portray themselves. Let’s ask ourselves why they are the way they are? Everything stems from somewhere.

We all live different lives that hide behind cemented walls. We all have battles to fight, and some just handle them differently then others.

So if you see someone bullying people, reach out to them. Point out what they are doing can and might take a persons life. But also show them that it’s okay to hurt, and that you are there for them no matter what.

If you see someone being hurt. Looking so lost and know that something is wrong. Smile, tell them that you love them. Compliment their eyes or say anything nice. I promise you, that little gesture can save someone’s life.

We need more awareness over this. Bullying has taken so many lives, and it needs to stop! We need to stand together.

I love you. I am here for you. And your life is worth it.

I think the stop bullying campaign is a wasteful and ineffective use of resources and funding. Bullying is apart of life. Accept it or not. Being bullied as a child (if you aren’t strong enough) CAN lead to suicide. But, what these bullying campaigns overlook is that everyone who has been to grade school has been bullied in some form. Anyone who has LIVED has been bullied in some form. Bullying takes place in every phase of life. So, no matter how much awareness you raise….no matter how angry you get, the only solution to bullying is to teach kids to stand up for themselves or deal with it. The suicides that result from bullying are a small percentage in relation to people who have withstood bullying and are still living today. People are mean. Get over it. 

Saying "Stop Bullying" is Hypocritical

The “Stop Bullying” Campaign is one of the most hypocritical teachings I have ever heard. How can you tell someone else to stop bullying when you haven’t stopped bullying in your own life? Everyone does it - at home, at church, at work, at school, on Facebook/twitter/tumblr, between countries, at Congress and in the White House.

And you think people will follow your example? Pfft.


This has to be the most powerful stop bullying video I have ever seen.