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the imitation game (PSA)

this is alan turing. he saved over 14 million lives and stopped WWII 2 years before it would have stopped without him. he designed one of the earliest computers and had a brilliant mind.

alan was an insane human being and a gift to this world because without him, people like you and me might not be here, and we definitely wouldn’t be reading this because we have tumblr, or even computers. this man not only had an incredible mind, but he had a beautiful heart too. he had a friend named christopher, and another one several years later named joan. he didn’t have a lot of people in his life, but the ones that he did have, he loved and helped and supported.

the reason that I’m on an alan turing rant because this movie hurts me so much to watch. (but i honestly love this movie) alan turing was a victim of bullying, harassment, blackmail, and homophobia. he was bullied in school and throughout his whole life. a soviet spy blackmailed him into staying quiet by threatening to expose his sexuality. after the war, he was exposed as a homosexual and was sentenced to 2 years in prison, or hormone therapy. he chose the hormone therapy.

a short while later, the man who saved millions of lives and billions of future lives, took his own. alan turing committed suicide on june 7th, 1954. that is why i’m writing this. alan was alone. he was bullied, he was tired of fighting, but worst of all, he had no one. he had been treated like nothing his whole life even though he did beyond amazing things. people didn’t like him because he was different. this led him to suicide, so in other words, he killed himself because he was hated for being different.

this is alan when he was surrounded by people who knew him for his differences and accepted that those differences made him amazing.

this is alan when they were investigating him for indecency.

this is alan on the hormones. he is weak, broken, afraid, and in this picture looking at his last friend and the first person to accept him for being gay. he was dead a short time ofter she left him. she was his last smile and last flash of life behind his eyes.

so, please don’t bully people. no one deserves that. no one deserves to feel like they are wrong because they’re different.

don’t judge people without knowing their whole story. they will surprise you.

don’t be ashamed of yourself for any reason, be proud to be how you are, because you are beautiful however you are.

stand up for people, help people, and never make anyone feel alone. help people who sit by themselves or don’t get talked to.

stay alive, because its worth it. you are important and you can do a lot. you are not alone, because if you’re reading this, then you have me. message me if you need to, ill try to help you. if you can’t stay alive for yourself, stay alive for me.

and as cliche as this is, please just love yourself. i know it can be hard sometimes, but you deserve a second chance, and there is hope.

ok my slightly random love yourself PSA is over, and I’m sobbing, but yeah sorry i felt the need to do that.

Who’s your fave animated role model?

Mine’s Judy Hopps (No big surprise seeing as I’m a Zootopia fan) but let’s get really into it. First of all within the first five minutes of Zootopia I related more with Judy than any other fictional character.

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First off, Judy was bullied as a kid (I mean we’ve all experienced that, right?) so was I, but not because of what I looked like or how I acted but because of who I was; I went to school through the 90s and 00s when Irish folk were portrayed as murderers and terrorists, some kid in my class bust my head so hard against a lorry door it damaged my left eye and now have to wear glasses, just because my parents are Irish. Judy was bullied for being a bunny, I know it seems stupid but I related to her.

Add the fact I’m from a big family. That I was told that only girls in our family went to University and boys were supposed to learn a trade and I was the first to defy this rule I seem to relate with Judy with more, even though my nickname is Fox I relate more with the bunny.

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Spread this video like wildfire! Austin is a very sweet, very sensitive young man who was told to SUPPRESS who he is, and STAY IN THE CLOSET rather than lead an active, healthy life as a gay man. He was told this by his principal. This heartbreaking video needs to be seen, shared, and most importantly, it needs to inspire change! Help us do this, please!

Watch and share the video here!


Rebecca Sugar on Self Expression: Part 5


My brother has been pantsed several times by his classmates and made fun of. He’s bigger than most kids his age, and I promise, he can easily take down anyone.. but he chooses not to. Because he’s a sweet and caring human being, despite how he may look to others. Today we got a call from the office saying my brother went there because he got punched several times and was COMPLETELY pantsed by and in front of his classmates and is embarrassed to go back to class; so he’s coming home early today. Bullying is not right AT ALL. Picking on people because it makes you feel bigger isn’t cool whatsoever. You just look stupid, unfriendly, and immature. It’s a low, cowardly thing to do and downright shameful. It’s horrifying how people can still bully despite what it could lead to: depression and even suicide. If any of you guys see someone getting bullied, STEP IN. Please step in. Put the bully in their place.

Update: I AM DONE WITH THE SCHOOL MY BROTHER IS ATTENDING. They just told us that it’s “THE NEW GAME” the 7th graders are playing! I’m baffled!

I want to cry… I feel like we lose another beautiful soul every single day.
Protect trans kids. Protect them before they become a hashtag. Protect them while they’re still around. Protect them because a 41% suicide attempt rate is too god damn high. Protect them because we shouldn’t be losing another kid every other day just because of their gender identity.
Protect transgender kids, please, I beg of you.


Aurelio Voltaire, the artist and musician, shared this to his Facebook today.  It’s a song he wrote for the victims of bullies, along with the story of how he was bullied as a child.  I cried watching it, but I felt better, too.  I know I’m not the only one who has suffered due to bullying, I know someone else out there needs to see/hear this today.