stop bsl!!

Some of you may or may not know that this is my dog Karma.
When I got really ill and had to go back to Chicago to see doctors, my uncle her for me. Fortunately I got better, unfortunately I couldn’t bring her back here to Texas with me.
We’ve sorta had this long distance relationship for the past few months, and now she’s here visiting me here along with my uncle and mom.
Texas as a whole is a pretty conservative place. The place I specifically live in rn is really closed minded for the most part.

I don’t leave Karma at home, I’ve taken her with me everywhere basically.
Yesterday I went to the park. Most people were really hesitant and distant while murmuring their rude remarks, but few acknowledged her and actually were very kind.
There were these two little twin boys about 5 at most, following me for a little bit. One kept screaming saying my dog was scary so the other one came running up to my dog and started petting and hugging her then he told his brother “No she’s not scary.” His brother instantly came and joined him.
This morning when I took her out to do her necessities I came across an old man he was just sitting outside his garage.
He told me that my dog looked mean. I told him she was a sweetheart and I went to him and showed him how well behaved she was. Shortly after getting to know her he apologized to both of us, he said he really liked my dog, and that he won’t ever judge pitbulls as a whole ever again.

Although I only changed the hearts and opened the eyes of a few people, it felt like a big accomplishment.

I’m so touched by everyone brought together by Scout, and also the fact that all people who don’t know what breed of dog he is are able to see what a “pitbull” has potential to be when in a proper home or given a second chance <3 I hope everyone gives their pups and other furbabies smooches and extra cuddles during this holiday.