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Oh god, I'm in love with the way you draw Hazel. She looks great! Could you maybe draw Rachel? (Only if you want to of course) She is my alltime favourite from the pjo-books and I sometimes have the feeling that she doesn't get enough attention. (I mean she's awesome! :D)

Thank you!! <3

Oh man yes! I have such strong feelings for Rachel and I really don’t get why people sometimes forget her?  

She truly is awesome

Caramel Kissed- A Submitted Imagine

​A/N: This is an absolute gem that someone had submitted to me earlier today. I hope you all loved it as much as I did!! Thank you so much, anon. It was awesome! 

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Remus was once again at his favorite candy store and as soon as him and his parents walked in, the boy went straight to the chocolate aisle. it was the week before Hogwarts and he wanted to stock on his favorite muggle chocolates as well as get some new ones to try. His eyes scanned the bars and he got some of his well known ones, quickly glancing through some he hadn’t seen yet. Some names caught his attention and he selected a few more, being careful not to go overboard otherwise his mother would never allow him to continue with this habit. 

Honestly Lupin was lucky his mom even let him keep such a vast collection of sweets, but who can say no to a boy who studied so hard and asked for nothing else in return? Thank Merlin she never got to know about the trouble he got in with the marauders otherwise he was sure he would never be allowed even a little candy ever again in his life. 

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Hi, do you ship Gtop? I'm new o the fandom so can you please give me some evidence that they might be dating for real? Thanks 🙏🏻❤️

this is my favourite kinda ask omg 🕵🏼‍♀️i don’t know how delusional you want me to go so i will just say disclaimer: a lot of this is just speculation

  • pre-debut cyworld messages 
  • they used to wear matching bracelets but stopped (i think) once mnet did a weird exposé on them as a joke 
  • this one is PURE speculation i think, but jiyong got his smiley face tattoo on his hand in the same place seunghyun got a scar on his? i think it was at a time when seunghyun was having it really rough so…idk
  • the amount of art work and furniture that seunghyun has bought, only for it to appear in jiyong’s flat a few months later is actually ridiculous 
  • seunghyun spent his last birthday in a gallery with jiyong and (i think?) only jiyong
  • jiyong went to go watch him get his hair cut on his last day before enl*sting (even though there was no need for him to go get his hair cut?????)
  • they ended up spending new years eve together just the two of them “by accident”
  • apparently an unaired story from strong heart where jiyong says seunghyun looked like the statue of david but it just sounds like they got drunk and seunghyun took his shirt off in their hotel room
  • the baby.… goodnight ….mv …where they get all angsty with girls and end up with each other *wheezes*
  • they had a weird period a few months ago where they would. not. stop. liking gtop fan art on instagram
  • they went on a hella expensive sushi date, this guy who only serves like 1 group of people a day and they went…alone ,…. more wheezing
  • seunghyun got into YG after jiyong called him and begged him to audition and helped him with his mixtape and if that doesn’t scream teenage love then idk anymore
Father Way

 "Nice to see you again Mr. and Mrs. (Y/N),“ Gerard says as he shakes your parents hands as they walk out the door of the church.

"You delivered a great sermon again Gerard,” your mother says smiling.

“Why thank you, and hey (Y/N),” he says turning towards you.

“Hi Gerard,” you say trying to ignore his smile and how attractive he looks in his little uniform.

He just started interning here a couple of years ago even though he’s about 25 now. He’s the youngest and certainly hottest priest that you’ve ever seen. You barely pay attention to what he’s saying because all you’re thinking about is how great it would be for him to fuck you… which isn’t what you’re supposed to be thinking about a man that’s ten years older than you and who’s a priest. There’s no way he would go for you however you can’t help but to dream.

“Coming dear,” your mother asks snapping you out of your thoughts.

You realize that you’ve been staring at Gerard’s crotch this entire time. You can feel the heat rush to you cheeks.

“Ugh y-yeah s-sure,” you stutter glancing at Gerard’s face.

He looks amused to say the least. You can tell he’s trying to hide a smirk… and a boner? Really? No you can’t be seeing that right. Your mind must be playing tricks on you.

You look down at the ground and start fooling with your band bracelets as you walk over to your parents only to be stopped by Gerard asking, “Do you mind if (Y/N) stayed back a couple of hours to help me plan the youth groups’ lessons? After all she is the most well behaved teenager here.”

“We don’t care, and that’s very kind of you to say that about her. What time do we need to pick her up,” your father asks.

“I’ll call you when we’re done planning everything,” he says as you look back at him. 

“Well we’ll see you later sweetheart,” your mother says as they walk out of the church leaving you standing there in shock and embarrassment with Gerard.

You’re embarrassed because you were caught looking at his crotch, and your mother called you sweetheart in front of him. The rest of the congregation is making their way out of the church. You’re always so nervous and shy around Gerard, so how are you supposed to survive hours of awkwardness? You don’t even know where your group is at in the lesson, and frankly you couldn’t care less, so how are you supposed to help him?

“Come on,” Gerard lowly says in your ear which makes you jump.

He chuckles, and you start messing your bracelets again. He motions you to follow him as he turns around and walks upstairs.

“I’ll see you later Gerard. I have to go take care of some family business, but I’ll try to be back as soon as I can,” The actual priest, Gerard’s boss, says.

“Don’t worry about it… just take as long as you want-I mean family does come first, and (Y/N) here’s going to help me plan the youth groups’ lessons since she’s such an excellent well behaved teenager,” Gerard says glancing at you with a slight smirk on his face.

You quickly look down at the ground and try your hardest not to blush.

“That’s a good idea… getting a youth member’s insight to it all. Well I’ll see you later,” he says before quickly rushing down the stairs.

“Are you coming or not,” Gerard asks smirking from ear to freaking ear.

“Y-Yeah I’m coming,” you quickly stutter following him up the stairs.

God, he has such a nice butt, but you try to sweep that thought out of your head. You walk into his office which is more like a teacher’s lounge and awkwardly sit down in a chair. Gerard who has a big smirk on his face walks in and shuts the door.

“S-So where’s the lessons,” you nervously ask him as he sits on the edge of his desks with his hands clasped in his lap.

“Darling the only lessons I’ll be giving you are something you’ve probably never seen or felt before,” he says.

“W-what do you mean,” you stutter as you quickly look back down again and begin messing with your bracelets.

“Would you stop fooling with your bracelets? It’s very annoying,” he says sighing.

“W-What,” you ask in complete shock.

“Just give them to me, and you can have them when we’re through,” he says sticking his hand out.

You take the bracelets off and place them in his hands. Part of you is afraid, but the other half is slightly turned on by the way he’s acting. Since your bracelets are gone, you start fiddling with your thumbs.

“If you don’t stop that we’ll have to put your hands to better use,” he says getting off of the desk.

“Define better use,” you say looking up at him.

“I would have to show you,” he says squatting down to eye level.

“S-Show me,” you boldly say.

He smirks and lays his hand high up on your thigh. Your dress came up slightly from him doing that. You gulp and look from his hand to his face. Gerard begins moving his thumb around in circles as his other hands slide underneath your dress causing your breath to hitch. He suddenly stops when he’s almost touching your area. You let out a quiet whimper in protest. That surprises both you and Gerard.

“I’m not going to touch you. You’re going to do it to yourself,” he says biting his lip.

“T-Touch myself,” you ask him in disbelief.

“Exactly. You’re going to put your hand under your dress and touch yourself until I say stop,” he says with a certain commanding tone.

“But I-,” you start to say, but get cut off by Gerard.

“You’ve never touched yourself have you,” he asks smirking.

“N-No,” you mumble looking at him.

“Well this should be fun,” he says sitting back on top of the desk.

You shakily slip your underwear down slightly down for you to have better access. Your gaze never leaves his face as you sigh before slipping a finger in. You gasp at the entrance of your finger.

“Now move it around, and it’ll feel amazing,” he whispers biting his lip.

God, that lip bite. You move your finger around expecting it to feel horrible, but it actually doesn’t. A moan escapes your mouth, and Gerard chuckles.

“How many fingers do you have inside of you,” he lowly asks.

“O-One,” you moan.

“Add another then another til you can’t take it anymore,” he says smirking.

You do as he says and add another finger. A whimper escapes your mouth, but is soon replaced with moans.

“You like that don’t you my little fucking slut,” he whispers getting up.

You nod your head, and he walks behind you.

“Another and speed up the pace… trust me you’ll love it,” he whispers in your ear, and you add another and go faster.

You imagine Gerard doing this to you, and  you moan, “Gerard,” before you can catch yourself.

“Oh so your imagining me doing that to you,” he asks as he kisses you on your neck.

“No,” you moan as you feel him smirk against your neck.

“Sure you weren’t… from now on I won’t you to call me Father Way,” he whispers as he gently bites your neck.

“Gera-,” you moan leaning towards him.

“Do you need to be punished? I told you to call me Father Way,” he whispers as he trails his tongue down your neck.

“No, you just need to do this to me. Please Ger- I-I can’t take it muh longer. I need you inside me,” you beg.

“Alright stop,” he says moving away.

You pull your fingers out and whimper slightly. He’s searching through his bag for something.

“I guess you’ll need to be punished then for not calling me Father Way or better yet… call me master,” he says turning around with a long type thing in his hands with buttons on it.

Your stomach does a back flip.

“What’s that,” you quietly ask as you try to regain your composure.

“You’ll find out once I put it to use,” he says walking closer to you.

“Gerard wha-,” you start to ask but get cut off.

“How many times are does it take to make you understand that you call me Father Way or master,” he says bending down at eye level.

“I-I’m sorry m-master,” you whisper, and he smirks.

“Good girl, but you’re still going to get punished,” he whispers as he moves your hair out of your face.

His touch is gentle yet you know what he’s planning on doing isn’t gentle at all. Gerard puts his head under your dress, and your breathing gets faster especially when he uses his teeth to slide your underwear down. You look down at him, and he’s dragging them down your legs with his bare teeth. It takes all your strength not to beg him to fuck you right then and there however you do let out a gaspy moan.

As he tosses them across the room, he mumbles, “You’re so wet already, and all you did was touch yourself.”

You can feel your cheeks turning red as he slides his hands and that device under your dress. You hear a slight buzzing sound, and you meet his gaze. His smirking and there’s a playful look in his eyes. Before you know it, he slowly slides the device which is now vibrating into you. You moan and dig your fingernails into the couch. It’s even better than when you were doing it yourself. Gerard slowly starts moving it in and out, and you lift your hips slightly trying to get it in deeper.

“You’re trying to get it in deeper are we my little slut,” he lowly asks.

“Please make it go faster,” you moan.

“Only if you say my name and convince me,” he whispers.

“Make it go faster… master please. I’m your dirty little slut whose only purpose is to-fu-to let you fuck senseless and do whatever you want to do. Please I’ll do whatever you want just make it go faster. I’ll even get on my knees and beg,” you moan.

Before you have time to comprehend what’s happening, the vibrating gets faster, and Gerard slams it into an area that makes every inch of your body go weak. 

“That’s it Master right there fuck,” you moan lifting your hips up more.

“Language you little slut or you’re going to be punished worse,” he says.

“Do it then,” you moan the challenge.

“I don’t think you would want me to,” he says.

“Do. It,” you moan.

He suddenly pushes the device in deep then lets go of it causing you to moan.

“Cross your legs bur don’t touch down there,” he says in a commanding tone.

You hesitantly do as he says, and it just makes the feeling get worse in a good way. You moan and move your hands down there.

“There’s no fucking way I’m letting you do that, so keep your hands away from down there,” he says.

You reluctantly put your hands behind your back, so you want be tempted to put them down there. Gerard starts to undo his belt, and shivers run down your spine. He walks over to his desk and pushes all the paper work off of his desk.

“Lean over my desk,” he says as he stretches the belt.

You go to take the device out, but he says, “Leave it in. It won’t fall out.”

You slowly get up, and you moan. You slowly work your way to the desk and bend over it. You grab onto each side of the desk knowing what’s going to come next. You’re afraid yet excited and anxious of what he’s about to do. You know it will hurt, but probably feel good. Your biting your bottom lip so hard to contain the moans that you can taste blood.

Gerard rubs his hands over your butt and whispers, “Pain kink. Safe word is animal." 

"But first take off your dress,” he whispers in your ear.

You turn around to face him as you slide off your dress. You unzip the sides and let it fall to the floor. You step out of it, and he does a circle motion with his finger. His eyes are dark and slightly bigger. There’s a wanting behind his eyes. You turn around and lean over the desk. God, would he just get it over with. Before you know it, Gerard… or Father Way or master roughly  hits your butt with his belt causing you to whimper and grip the desk tighter.

“That’s one… only 19 more to go,” he whispers sliding his hands along the curves of your body.

“Please no more,” you whimper after he spanks you a second time.

“I know my little slut can take more of that. After all you’re the one who said to punish you,” he whispers.

“I lied,” you say.

“Oh well… 18 more,” he whispers.

You hear the belt whish through the air, and it strikes your butt causing a tear to slip down your face and you whimper. After a couple more, your whimpers turn into moans, and Gerard starts kissing your back along your spine.

“Oh so you like that now,” he asks.

“Mmmhhh,” you moan.

“Good because it 10 more to go, ” he whispers against you back.

He spanks you again, and you want him to hurry up and fuck you.

“Harder,” you quietly moan.

“What was that,” he asks stopping for a second.

“Did you say something,” Gerard quietly asks taking too much pleasure in this.

“I-I said harder Father,” you moan.

He spanks you again, and he growls, “I said call me master.”

He reaches between your legs and turns the vibrator up higher, and you’re reduced to a moaning mess. He lets go of your arms and digs his fingers into your hips and bites down on your collarbone. He bites and sucks every inch of your body as you moan and pull his hair which cause him to groan. His erection is throbbing hard against your thigh. You shakily go to unbutton his shirt, but he pins your hands down by your side.

“Tsk tsk you don’t do that unless I say so,” he coos in your ear before pushing you back on the desk and moving kissing your stomach as he works his way down to your private area.

The sight of his head between your legs makes you want to beg him to fuck you. You get goose bumps and a warm feeling spreads through your lower stomach. He has a smirk on his face as he starts to lick you. He starts out barely flicking his tongue here and there then he progressively gets faster.

“You’re such a slut. You’re so fucking wet,” he growls.

You moan and lift your hips towards his mouth. He pushes your hips down, and you throw your head back in frustration.

“Please, master, please just fuck me already,” he stops and looks you in your eyes and smirks.

He slowly starts kissing your stomach and works his way back up to you. For the first time, he kisses you. It’s a forceful and lustful kiss. His tongue pushes its way into your mouth. You willingly let him, and you can taste yourself. You moan into the kiss, and he swallows the moan. He gets off of you, and he pulls you off of the desk. Your knees are so weak that you can barely stand. Father Way pushes you down, so that your on your knees.

“Do you know how much you’re turning me on right now? You look so innocent on your knees with those big doe eyes, but I know that you’re a dirty mother fucker,” he growls.

 You give him a pleading look, and he nods. You shakily unzip and unbutton his pants. You slide them down and let them fall to the floor. His erection is very noticeable now even though it was noticeable before. You bite the inside of your cheeks as you slip your hand through the hole in his black boxers. You grab his hard erection and pull it out of his boxers. Instinct kicks in, and you starts to move your hand up and down it. He begins to fidget, and you look up to see him biting his bottom lip.

You begin to move your hand faster, and he moans, “Fuck (Y/N).”

“Language Father.. I mean master,” you say out of breath.

“I can use any kind of language I want. You on the other hand can-fuck,” he moans as you place your mouth around it.

He grips your hair tightly and pulls back on it causing you to moan. You can feel it vibrate around his member, and he moans in return.

“You’re such a good fucking slut,” he moans.

Father Way bucks his hips, and your gag reflexes kick in. He pulls back slightly before theusting slightly into your mouth again and again. He grips your head and pulls you towards him which causes you to take more of him in. His member hits the back of your throat, and you can feel your throat tightening around it trying to push the  foreign object out. Father Way must like it because he moans and pulls your hair harder than he has causing you to moan. He suddenly pulls back, and you pull his boxers down so he can step out of them. He does, and he quickly pushes you back into the confines of the confessional that is connected to his office. He pushes you against the wall and pins your arms to the wall and your hips to the wall with his hips.

“Please just fuck me. I can’t take the teasing anymore,” you moan as he sucks on your neck.

“You’re going to have my marks all over you. Everyone’s going to see that your my slut,” he coos as he nibbles on your ear.

“I’m you’re dirty dirty slut,” you moan as he pulls on your ear with his teeth.

“Yes you are,” he whispers as he starts grinding against your hips.

You whimper, and an almost animalistic growl comes from deep within his throat.

“I’m so fucking hard right now baby. You didn’t take care of it when you sucked it,” he growls in your ear.

“Then fuck me,” you shakily whisper.

“Such a dirty mouth. You don’t know how bad I want you right now. How deep I want to be inside you,” he growls.

You’re wetter than ever at him growling dirty things in your ear.

“I want to fuck you until you can’t even remember your name… all you be thinking about is how great me being inside of you feels,” he growls.

“Then do it,” you moan.

“But I’m a priest,” he purrs.

“After all this you decide to remember that,” you whisper.

“Confess your sins to me, and I might just fuck you senseless,” he growls pressing himself against you harder.

“Forgive me Father for I have sinned,” you whisper.

“You’re way past sinning,” he growls.

Before you can do anything, Father Way thrusts himself into you.

You moan, “Fuck.”

“Language,” he scolds as groans.

“Fuck me Father Way,” you moan.

“I am,” he moans biting your shoulder causing you to moan.

He thrusts himself deeper into you with more force. You begin moving your hips in sync with his. He lets go of your arms and moves his hands down to your butt. You take that opportunity to wrap your legs around his waist. Father Way puts his arms on either side of your head and presses you against the wall, so you won’t fall in the floor. You wrap your arms around his neck as he thrusts himself into you again. Father Way sloppily kisses your mouth at the same time he thrusts deep into your hitting a spot that makes your whole body scream out more.

“Fu-,” you moan as he shoves his tonuge into your mouth cutting off the moan.

You moan comes out muffled around his tongue. You can feel the vibrations, and he lets out a moan in return. You run your fingers through his hair and tug on it. He moans and starts kissing the sweet spot beneath your ear. He thursts into you again hitting that same spot again.

You pull back on his hair tightly and moan, “Fuck master do that again.”

He does it again and again causing you to be reduced to nothing more than a moaning mess who’s being screwed senseless as Father Way fucks  you against the wall. You can literally feel the wall shaking, and you can hear it creaking.  A warm feeling spreads throughout your lower stomach.

“Master,” you moan as your body begins to jerk wildly.

You can feel yourself tightening around him. Gerard bites your collarbone as he lets out a low moan. You feel yourself being filled up with some unknown warm liquid before it stops, and Father Way pulls out. You and Father Way both are panting with your foreheads pressed against each others. His jet black hair is stuck to his face bacause of the sweat, and you hair’s stuck to the your neck from the sweat. You unwrap your legs from around him and almost collaspe to the ground. Father Way catches you, and he chuckles in between pants.

“My little slut did good,” he pants as he rubs the side of your face.

“All yours,” you pant pressing your face against his hand.

“Think you can be a good slut and make it to the couch,” he whispers.

“Mmmh,” you hum.

He moves away, and you walk to the couch. You’re tired, so you lay down. You look down at your body, and it’s covered in mouth shaped bruises. You pull the blanket that’s on the back of the couch down and around you. Seconds later Gerard comes out of the confessional with his Priest uniform on. His hair looks like sex itself.

“Why do you have your clothes on master,” you ask sitting up.

“(Y/N), you don’t have to call me master anymore, but I do need to see how badly I hurt you,” he softly says.

“What about if I want to call you master, Father Way? And you didn’t hurt me… I loved it,” you mumble smirking.

“Well then call me master anytime you want just not in front of people, and I choked you and left bruises on you… so I did hurt you. Plus your parents are on their way,” he says.

“But you liked it, and I liked it, so I’m fine, and ugh,” you say.

He sits beside you, and you lay your head in his lap. He moves your hair out of your face, and you look up at him.

“Sooo what happens now,” you quietly ask him.

“What do you mean,” he asks.

“I mean what are we now that all of that happened,” you say.

“Oh well to be honest ever since I came here, I’ve always thought you were beautiful, and I’ve felt attracted to you. That just made me feel more attracted to you… I think I l-love you,” he says looking down at you with those child like innocent eyes.

It’s strange to think that less than five minites ago he was treatig you so roughly and dirty.

“I think I love you too,” you stutter.

His face turns red, and he smirks. You sit up, and Father Way’s gently kissing you.

“You better get dressed,” he whispers against your lips.

You nod and put on your clothes trying your best to hide the bruises. Your neck has a hand print around it from where he choked you.

“Gerard how do I cover this up,” you ask pointing to your neck.

“I have some white makeup in my bag,” he says searching through his bag.

“Umm.. why do you have makeup,” you ask him trying not to laugh.

“To make me paler than I am,” he says smirking.

Once you cover it up, you hear footsteps. You quickly put your hair in a pony tail and lay books out along the couch. Gerard’s busy fixing his messed up hair as you plop down on the couch and act like you’re reading a book. There’s a knock on the door, and Gerard quickly opens it.

“Hello Gerard,” your mother says.

“Hello Mrs. And Mr. (Y/N). Come in ,” he says putting on that charming smile as he steps back.

“Oh hi mom and dad,” you say closing the book.

“How did the planning go,” your father asks Gerard.

“Great. (Y/N) helped me out a lot. She’s actually a great lesson planner. I learned a lot of things from her,” Gerard says giving you a sneaky wink.

You look down to hide your face turning red. God, he such a good liar. It’s strange to think he’s a Priest.

“That’s great to hear. How did you like it,” your mother asks you.

“I loved helping do the lesson plans… it gave me an insight in how Father Way helps run the church,” you say.

“When did you start calling Gerard ‘Father Way’,” you father asks.

Gerard looks at you with a slight smirk on his face.

“I um just thought that he needs to be called that out of respect since he is a Priest,” you stumble.

“Oh that’s very thoughtful. We must be going Gerard. We’ll see you next time at mass,” you mother says as they start walking out.

“Okay. See you later Mr. And Mrs. (Y/N),” Gerard says.

You walk by him, and he whispers, “I’ll see you before Mass. Preferably tomorrow.”


@oh-mother-of-darkness AAAAAAAAA AMY

Once a year muggle parents and siblings are allowed to visit Hogwarts to see where their daughters/sons/brothers/sisters go for most the year. Each visitor is given a specially charmed bracelet that stops the muggle-repellent wards affecting them. The bracelets also let them access other wizarding spaces such as Diagon Alley and Platform 9 ¾.

Promises and Prom Kisses

A Joshaya Fanfic

Story by: hoffkk

Requested by: idontcareabouttheyoungfolks

Summary: It’s Maya and Riley’s senior prom, the night of glam, fun, and (for many) sex.  After seeing Maya all dressed up with her date, Josh can’t help but wonder how far she is planning to go with him and why he is bothered by it so much.  Suddenly, Josh finds himself at the prom and finds that the old feelings he had locked away years ago never really left.  The question is: what will he do about it now?

Notes: I own nothing GMW related or any of the mentioned songs.  I apologize for taking so long with this story, I just had to make sure I got it just right.  Hope you enjoy it!  As always, feel free to share your thoughts! :)


Tonight was the night: senior prom.  Riley and Maya had been waiting their whole high school careers for this night and were super excited that it was finally happening.  The two of them, along with Isadora Smackle, spent the whole day at Riley’s, pampering themselves and getting ready, and now they were applying the finishing touches.

“So, how do I look?”  Smackle asked, slipping some sparkly bangles over her gloved hand and giving a small twirl. She wore dark purple gloves that went up past her elbows to match her purple ombre mermaid dress.  It had a sweetheart neckline with silver sequins along the bust and was tightly fit down to her mid-thigh where it flared out into a skirt of organza ruffles, which matched the single ruffled strap that went over her right shoulder.  She wore her dark hair half up with a sparkly headband.  For Smackle, more was definitely more.

“You look amazing, Izzy.”  Riley answered, completely sincere.

“Thanks, Riley, but look at you!  You look like a modern Cinderella!” She beamed.

“Why, thank you my lovely step-sister!”  Riley replied, giving a little curtsy.  Her dress was a taffeta, A-line, high-low number, strapless with a belt made of crystals that lay in an elegant design right under the bust area.  Paired with silver jewelry and shoes and a fancy up-do, which also had silver jewels throughout it, Riley really did look like Cinderella.  "Now where is my not-so-lovely step-sister?“  She wondered aloud.

Smackle was about to remind her that Maya was in the bathroom, applying her make-up when they were interrupted.

"I heard that!” Maya called, feigning annoyance as she entered the room.

“Whoa,” Riley responded, getting a look at the complete product that was a prom-ready Maya. “Va-va-voom!”  Smackle added as she wiggled her eyebrows.  Maya definitely had the sexiest look out of all of them with her floor-length, satin halter dress that was completely covered in gold sequins.  The gown was open back, which she showed off by wearing her long, curly hair swept to the side, and it had a long slit on the side opposite where her hair hung that ran all the way up to her mid-thigh.  The only pops of color were her red lips and the fake red rose she had clipped in the side of her hair, and the only jewelry she wore were gold studs and her gold locket that her mom gave her for her 14th birthday, which she wrapped around her wrist as a makeshift bracelet.

Stop it.”  Maya responded dramatically with a flip of the hand.  The brunettes just giggled in response.

When the giggles faded away, Riley just sat on her window seat and stared at her friends a moment with a smile on her face.

“What’s that look for?”  Maya asked curiously, as she sat down next to Riley to adjust a strap on her strappy gold heel.

“I was just thinking about moments…how there are some you just know you are gonna remember for the rest of your life.  Tonight is gonna be full of those moments… I can feel it.”  Riley explained.

“Me too.” Smackle nodded in agreement, as she took a seat on the other side of Riley.

“Me three.” Maya threw in, feeling oddly optimistic about prom.

“Then let’s make a prom promise right now to embrace those moments and make the most of tonight.”  Riley commanded, clasping her friends’ hands with each of her own.

“And make the most of what’s left of our senior year together.”  Smackle added, moving her free hand over top of Riley’s and giving it a tight squeeze.

“And make the most of our last real summer together.”  Maya tossed in, mimicking Smackle’s hand motion.

“I promise.” Riley affirmed with a curt nod.

“I promise.” Maya and Smackle repeated in unison, nodding towards their friend.

Riley beamed and threw her arms around her best friends.

“I love you, guys!”  She half-shouted, pulling them into a hug.  They just smiled as they hugged back, forming a cute little group hug.

A moment later, there was a knock at the door and Auggie poked his head into the bedroom, eyes closed.

“Everyone decent?” He called across the room.

“Yes, Auggie.” Riley chuckled with a shake of her head.

He slowly peeked his eyes open, saw everyone was dressed and ready, then let out a small breath. “I am supposed to tell you girls to come to the living room.  Your dates should be here any minute.”

“Okay, we’re coming.” Riley said, then all three of them stood up to smooth out their dresses and fix their hair one last time.

“whatdaya think, Augs?”  Maya questioned.  "How do we look?“

"Perfect.” He said with a roll of his eyes.  "Now come on already!“

The three just laughed at Auggie’s annoyance as they picked up their clutches and followed him out the bedroom door.

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mysoftbabies  asked:

Hello, babe!! I hope you're having a lovely day! I have a question about Jackson, do you know if he's still wearing the chrome heart's bracelet? I'm asking bc I didn't see him wearing it in a while, maybe it's because he was still dropping it all the time (? lmao. Anywaysssss, I love your blog a lot and you're amazing, byeeeee!!💗✨

hey babeee!!! thank uu it was a good day hope u have an amazing day too ^^ i don’t think hes been wearing it…  its been replaced by a thin bracelet. i think he stopped wearing it in February actually. it could possibly bc it keeps dropping!!! since its a precious gift that was engraved may he kept it safe??? hahahahaha who knows.. but tbh i feel kinda empty now he stopped wearing THE markson bracelet… hes still wearing the cartier one tho hehe. aaaahhhhhh thank u for loving my blog!!!!! I LOB U!!!!!!!

"Bands like 5sos are a bad influence on children"

lol no

•For one night only, 5sos put heartbreak girl on the set list because a little kid from ‘Make a wish’ said it was their favourite song

•Ashton’s childhood was being a father to his siblings

•Calum and his sister Mali act like best friends

•They wrote a song about accepting who you are, and being okay with it

•Michael gave one of his wristbands to a girl after he noticed she’d self harmed

•5sos still continue to say that have idols even if they are globally famous

•Calum says he’s glad he can make his dad proud

•Michael spends his home visits playing just dance with his parents

•Ashton defended his sister on twitter when she was being bullied

•5sos sent loads of food out to the line of people waiting to meet them

•They cancelled their home visit to play 5 FREE concerts for people that couldn’t get tickets or couldn’t afford tickets

•They remind us that it’s okay to still have fun, even at 21

•Michael tweeted about being respectful to women

•When Michael had a mean song written about him he was mature about it

•5sos, unlike many others, don’t call out people on twitter and cause arguments

•Michael had his hair burnt off on stage and Calum burnt his arm as they still played a show the next day

•When Ashton was in hospital the only thing he was worried about was letting the fans down

•Luke always seems great with kids judging by the photos we see when they visit home

•Ashton brought his little brother to an interview and sat on the floor talking to him

•5sos still act surprised that people like them even though they currently stand at 7 million twitter followers

•Calum reminded us that we should never look down on people

•Luke took Liz on tour with the band and they refer to her as “The band mum”

•It’s often that people feel embarrassed going to a concert with their parents so the band always talk to their family and make them feel okay about it

•They show us that we can achieve our dreams

•Ashton treats his mum like a princess and bought her flowers and a pandora bracelet

•Stop saying they’re bad for us

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bit of a strange question and a what if scenario. How would Clay have reacted if he and Apollo had learned Apollo was actually an omega while clay was still alive?

Ohhhh awesome question. I kinda regret setting SD after the events of AA5, because Clay Terran is “12/10 would best boy again”, the fact is, Clay’s death and the Bombing tragedy are factors in kicking Apollo’s latent omega status into high gear. Maya mentioned that Apollo’s ward (his bracelet) stopped working apparently 3-5 years ago. While parents can make assumptions based on behavior and medical benchmarks what their children may be, Alphas and Omegas officially present between the ages of 11-15, with some late-bloomers appearing as far as 18. So Apollo should have presented when he went through puberty and what little omeganess that seeped out was repressed by the ward and through Clay subconsciously scenting him (I guess Apollo figured Clay was really affectionate lol).

But since we’re talking hypotheticals…I guess Clay would either ask Phoenix and Miles for the right to court Apollo, while Apollo sits their all embarrassed and like “oh my god what are you even doing? Why??!!” And they would date, maybe mess around a bit but then Clay would accidentally knot in Apollo and then would have to go back to Phoenix and Miles and ask them for Apollo’s hand because he doesn’t want to dishonor Apollo. Again Apollo’s sitting there, “oh my god Clay, we’re adults, why are you asking my boss-dads…I mean my dads…I mean my afghhgxjjxjdjdj *headdesk*”.

Clay and Apollo would mate, and Apollo would have the sweetest relationship with Clay’s omega dad.

Clay and Klavier would have the biggest pissing match over Apollo, before Apollo steps in and is like, “oh my god you two, you can both have me…I’m a premium for fuck’s sake, imma gonna need two Alphas to sate me anyway”. And that’s the story of how the Judge presided over his first O/A/A marriage and how Apollo graced his Alphas with triplets.

Clay is the bestest bro and A+++ wingman who kept his best friend safe from other Alphas. He’d scent Apollo to keep him safe, come over and comfort Apollo through the worst of his heats, make sure that no one messes with Apollo in general. When a certain Alpha named Klavier Gavin came into Apollo’s life, Clay chaperoned (and also texted Trucy updates) a few of their dates before Apollo was like, “get out of here-I got this!!” . He was bestman at the wedding and has made Klavier and Apollo promise to name a kid after him.
Klavier and Clay formed a close brother-like bond to the point that if he ever left Apollo for extended periods of time, Clay was charged and trusted in keeping Apollo safe.

Like I said there was a lot Clay could have been in SD…but just because Clay’s not among the living doesn’t mean we wont see him. Y'all remember where /and with whom Apollo is hiding out with, right?

Love these! Keep them coming!!

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I imagine if Mace in the Unfuckening verse could be convinced to keep Dooku on the Light side, it would be bc Dooku is the only one who can commiserate w Mace over Qui-Gon. Depa thinks it's hilarious; Yoda calls it cosmic justice for being such a secretive bastard, but Dooku overhears Mace complaining "when will the bracelets stop" and just takes him to a storage locker full of overflowing boxes of friendship bracelets. "It was his teenage rebellious phase" while Mace screams


note, though, how Dooku apparently SAVED all these friendship bracelets, so maybe he’s not as staunch an ally as Mace was hoping for. >> 

Killer Croc: Long time no see

Words count: 1259

Warning: None

REQUESTED: Not my best work , but I hope you like it.

Killer Croc: Long time no see

“HEY, LET ME GO!” You shouted as military men held you down as a doctor injected you with something. They tied you to a wheelchair. You heard yelling and from Floyd Lawton better knowing as Deadshot, then Harley Quinn and they started wheeling you away, before you could see anything else.

“What are you doing with us?” You asked one of the men but they all ignored you. “Just you wait until I get my hands on my swords.”

You were wheeled out of the prison to un-known place. It had a lot of tints and soldiers and agents. You were tied to a chair, when they brought Deadshot beside you then Harley on his left. You were surprised when they brought Killer Croc out they placed him on your right. Then El Diablo, Captain Boomerang and Slipknot.

“Hey, Croc long time no see.” You gave him a smile and he looked down at you and gave you a nod.

“Wait you know him?” A man, who looked like he’s in charge asked.

“Wait you don’t?” You asked him sarcastically.

“Anyway, my name is Rick Flag…” He continued on talking, explaining what they injected in you how when you try to escape they will make your neck explode. What you were all doing and stuff like that. “…Now we’re going to untie you, so remember if you try anything you’re dead.”

They untied you all and you smiled. They even gave you your things, clothes and all. You finally got your swords, but you frowned when you still have the bracelets on your arms. They stopped you from making ice with your right hand and fire with you left. So when you held your swords one was frozen and the other was on fire.

“Hey Croc, can you help me?” You asked your old friend. Raising your arms to show him your hands.

“Yeah, sure.” He said but no one heard him but you. He crushed the bracelets very easily. You smiled and gave Croc a hug.

“Thank you.” You let go of him and turned around to go back to your box, but you soon realized everyone was looking at you. “What?”

They all turned back to what they were doing.

“You could have asked.” Flag said walking to you.

“Yes, but I’m not putting the on any more so there was no need.” You gave him a smirk and went back to what you were doing. You removed the ugly prison jumpsuit and changed into your clothes, right in front of the whole yard. Harley was doing the same as you, so when you were both done, you looked at each other, and then the silent men.





It turned out the word needed you sooner than anyone thought. You were in the city and trying to save a mystery man. You were walking at night time, when suddenly weird creatures came out and started attacking you all. Croc was right beside you, he killed everyone who came too close to you. You were kicking ass with your swords, and soon everyone was dead and you didn’t have a scratch thanks to Croc.

“My hero.” You joked with Croc as you followed everyone else.

“Where did you go after that night?” Croc asked you and you sighed sadly, you knew he’d bring it up at one point. “I waited for you to come.”

You and Croc known each other for four years, you met by accident. You were using some tunnels when you came a cross him, while trying to escape from the cops. He let you hide, and surprisingly didn’t eat you. So every day for a month or so.  You’d bring him food and what not. Then he helped you in a job and you helped him in one, and soon you were doing jobs together.

It was one night when you were doing a big one, you were robbing a big bank, when Batman came. You were had no way out so Croc, held Batman down and shouted for you to go.

“GO!” He shouted and you shook your head.

“No, not without you!” You called back.

“(y/n), just leave.” He was desperate. “We’ll meet at our place(he’s talking about a hiding spot, not a house or something).”

So you did as he said, but you were ambushed. There was cops waiting for you. You fought hard to get out of their hold, but they were too much for you and they captured you.

“I got caught.” You told him sadly. “Thy cops surrounded me and put on me the bracelets to stop my powers, so I was defenseless.”

Croc didn’t know what to say so he just nodded. You continued our walk to the building, and surprise surprise the one you need to save was Amanda Waller. To say you were pissed would be an understatement. You got even pissed when she ordered Deadshot to kill Harley when Joker came to bust her out.

Waller helicopter got shot down, Haley is alive and you all went to a bar to see what you’ll do.

El Diablo was telling his story, when he finished.

“Normal is a setting on the dryer, people like us… we don’t get normal.” Harley told him and you looked at Croc sadly. You were sitting beside him.

“Why is it always a knife fight every time you open your mouth?” Deadshot asked her. “You know outside you’re amazing, but inside you’re ugly.”

“We all are.” She said and shrugged.

“We all are!” Deadshot agreed, and so did Boomerang.

“Except for him.” She said and pointed to Croc. “He’s ugly on the outside, too.”

“He’s not, he’s beautiful.” You stood up for Croc.

“Yeah, not me Shorty.” He said playfully. “I’m beautiful.”

You all laughed and you hugged Croc. Everyone kind of got into their own conversation.

“I missed you so much Croc.” You told him and put you hand on the table supporting your head.

“So did I (y/n)” He said sincerely, it was different hearing Croc show any emotion to anyone but to you it was normal.

“After all this is over, if we can I’ll stick with you.” You told him and put your hand on his mutated hand.

“And I won’t let you go.” He said and Flag walked in.

Rick said somethings and we all agreed to help him. So you all went out and guess what you won this fight. You killed the Enchantress and her big ass brother.

After saving the world they wanted to get you back to prison. When one of the men tried to cuff you. Croc got angry and he kicked the man away from you. You saw all the guns move to him.

“Wait!” You shouted to the men, and stood in front of Croc. “Croc, it’s okay. I’ll be okay.”

He grunted but let them cuff you and put on new bracelets, and put you in a big car, with the other. You sat next Croc. You leaned onto him, you were so tired. You fell asleep very fast.

When you wake up, you were almost at your destination. Croc had his arm around you. You were glad that you requested to see Croc every day when you get back to the prison.

“Croc.” You said quietly so you wouldn’t be heard, over ever ones chatter.


“I really am glad that I got to see you again, and that I’ll get to see you every day.” You told him honestly.

“So am I.”

Soulmate AU idea:

everyone gets two bracelets at birth; the one you wear on your left wrist changes temperature depending on how far away or near you are to your soulmate (the closer you are, the warmer it gets) and the one you wear on your right side changes color depending on how much danger your soulmate is in (green=they’re completely 100% safe, orange=hurt/sick but will be fine, yellow=potential danger, red=definitely in danger, black=they’re doomed, or something like that). You can only remove the bracelets after you’ve discovered your soulmate, and each time you try to remove them beforehand, your lifespan shortens by a month. If you or your soulmate die before meeting, the others’ bracelets stop working but can never be removed (become physically impossible to take off). Also, soulmates can be platonic or romantic

Pikachu has a Z-Move. Red owns a Pikachu. Red using the Z-Move while keeping the same face from the battle animation that’s been shown.