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Title: Secret’s Out

Characters: Veronica Sawyer, Heather Chandler, Heather McNamara, Heather Duke

Pairings: Heather Chandler/Veronica Sawyer (also a mention of Veronica/JD but literally just that)

Summary: prompt for krystarodrigeuz, they wanted basically how everyone and the other Heathers reacted to finding out that Veronica and Heather were dating, modern AU

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Chase (Simon D) [Criminal AU]

Requested by anon

Prompt: “Are you sure you know what you’re doing?”

Originally posted by purrposeful

   “Hurry it up in there, will you?” you said impatiently.

    “Almost got it,” Kiseok replied. You watched as he carefully clipped a wire.

    “Are you sure you know what you’re doing?” 

    “Yes!” he exclaimed, continuing to work, his fingers quick and nimble.

    “If we get arrested because you thought all this time was worth it to get the Corvette instead of the Ford, I’m gonna tell the police you made me do this,” you threatened.

    “Yeah right,” Kiseok said. “The faster our car is, the better. There.” The engine sputtered to life and Kiseok shifted quickly into the passenger’s seat. You threw your bag to him and slipped into the driver’s seat, slamming the door shut behind you.

    “All right, let’s go,” you said, grabbing the remote to open the garage door and pressing down the accelerator. The car jumped away with a squeal, flattening you and Kiseok against the backs of your seats as you flew out of the garage. Kiseok was chuckling quietly next to you and you said sharply,

    “Shut up, Kiseok.”

    “Haven’t you ever driven a car this fast before?” he teased. “You said when we met you didn’t have a car because your Benz got stolen.”

    “Umm… That may not have been true,” you said guiltily, taking a sharp turn at the end of the tree-lined road, and then you were hurtling down the narrow, crowded streets.

    “All right, we got a tail,” Kiseok said, craning to look out the back windshield.

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When i am mad everything bothers me. Women , birds chirping , people talking , cars stopping at red lights, getting text messages from people . Pretty much everything does

Preference #2 “He’s Sick”      Luke /4

You and Luke were in the car on the way home from his concert. The other guys had already been dropped off at their houses and you and Luke were the last ones in the car except for the driver, of course. Luke had been pretty quiet the whole ride and now he leaned his head back into his head rest with his eyes squeezed shut. “Luke are you alright?” You ask worriedly because he looks a bit pale. “I just don’t feel very well.” He says not opening his eyes. “What’s wrong?” You ask whilst feeling his head. “I’m fine my stomach is just bothering me.” Then the driver stopped the car and you realized that you were home. Luke opens his eyes and makes his way out of the car, you following after him and thanking the driver. You unlock the door to your house and Luke beats you to opening it as he rushes through the doorway and down the corridor towards your bathroom. You quickly go after him to make sure he’s ok but you find the bathroom door closed and locked but you can hear him vomiting on the other side. “Luke.” You say knocking on the door. “Let me in.” “No.” You hear him croak. “Why not?” You ask leaning against the doorframe. “I don’t want you to see me like th-“ You hear him get cut off by another wave of vomiting. You knock again but louder “Luke just let me in.” You say. You wait a few seconds and you hear the door unlock. You open the door to reveal a very sick looking Luke in the corner of the bathroom on the floor. You quickly kneel down “Hey are you ok?” You ask brushing some hair out of his face. He shakes his head and looks down as a few tears fall down his face. You pull him into your lap and start rubbing his back, trying to soothe him as much as you could. He buried his head into your neck and was holding on tightly to you even though he felt so weak. “You think you can go to bed?” You ask gently. He nods and you help him stand up. He shakily makes his way to your bedroom and you help him get into bed. You go under the covers with him and let him rest his head on your chest. You have your arms wrapped around him as you stroke up and down his arms gently. You feel him fidgeting and continuously moving and you feel horrible that you can’t do anything. “You should try and get some sleep yeah? It’ll help you get better.” You say and he nods, cuddling into you again and forcing his eyes shut, trying to make his own pain go away.