stop blaming the dogs

In the 70’s they blamed the Dobermans. In the 80’s the German Shepherds. In the 90’s they blamed the Rottweilers. Now they blame Pit bulls. The animal is not to blame it’s the owner. There’s no such thing as a bad dog just a bad owner. Dogs don’t organize dog fights. Dogs don’t profit off dog fights. Dogs are the victims here. Seems like these days the victim is always blamed. Stop being ignorant. And stop the people who are organizing dog fights. Don’t blame the dog. Blame the person behind the dog.


What happened to Braeden and Derek? Are they still together? Did they break up?

The guilt trip: It’s all in how they’re raised.

For almost two years, I felt like I had failed as a dog owner because my Bully mix (Pitterstaff/AmBully, at best guess) turned out to be dog aggressive.

“It’s all in how they’re raised!” is a sentence that makes me cringe.  Anyone that owns a DA APBT or Bully breed probably knows what I’m talking about.  While it is a great sentiment on the ability of dogs to overcome horrible situations, it ignores essential facts about canine behavior while simultaneously putting the blame on dog owners.  

One of the first pictures I have of Zuni and I, on a camping trip in early 2012.

Zuni, my craigslist rescue, wasn’t even a year old when I got her.  Her history before being picked up off the streets by a friendly married couple is unknown.  But she was a fantastic dog and I took her absolutely everywhere with me - she even came to my high school once and assisted me with a theater presentation.  We went to the dog park weekly, ran agility, practiced obedience, and played disc anywhere there was enough space for her to run.  When I started working at the kennel, she would go to daycare during my shifts.  Zuni was so good with other dogs that she was used as a neutral dog to test newcomers for the daycare program.

I did everything right with her.  Knowing her breed, I felt an additional sense of responsibility.  I couldn’t raise a dog that would contribute to the “dangerous pitbull” idea.  But I can’t control genetics and breed tendencies.  My breed isn’t dangerous, but ignoring what my breed was meant for is absolutely dangerous.

Around two years of age, the dog aggression began.  We consulted with several trainers and tried so many methods that it makes my head spin thinking about it.  The best answer we could get from anyone was that she was fear aggressive.  I worked with that for nearly a year, but couldn’t ever agree with it.  I know fear aggressive dogs, I work with them frequently.  Zuni’s behavior and body language certainly wasn’t fearful - she would strain at the end of her leash, every muscle standing out, eyes locked onto another dog with an intensity that terrified most people.  It was the same way she looked at squirrels.  I’ve broken up two fights, and both times I knew she’d never quit until she couldn’t get to the other dog.

I didn’t make any progress with Zuni until I accepted the fact that dog aggression was a part of her temperament.  I stopped blaming myself for her behavior and I stopped seeing her dog aggression as the sign of a  “bad dog.”  I stopped trying to make her like every dog she met and instead taught her to ignore other dogs in public and focus on me.  I don’t allow people to bring their dogs near her and we certainly don’t go to the dog park anymore.  I took months introducing her to Maya and making sure that they had the space that they both needed.  She’s able to run agility without losing focus and has done narcotics detection drills off leash in a room with 30 other dogs.

Zuni’s happier now, I’m happier now. Life goes on.

I’m getting a lot of “how do you keep him so well behaved if he’s not neutered” questions at work again and then @spanishmal brought something to my attention so I feel the need to talk about this.

There are so many people, in so many different dog arenas, that act like an intact dog is impossible to control or maintain. Meanwhile my intact dog is kept the exact same as my spayed bitches, and has less restrictions on him than my neutered dog. With very minimal targeted training, Creed has:

  • Worked literally right next to an intact bitch starting heat, who was also working. He adores said bitch and she was occasionally on top of him because they both shove each other out of the way to perform tasks and alerts, she adores him and loves him 5ever, and both were still able to focus on task and not think about how much they wanted to screw each other’s brains out.
  • Worked only a few inches away from an intact bitch that he’d only met once before, who was subtly flirting with him for the 5 hours we were together, and once he got over the OMG HELLO HI! from the first couple minutes they saw each other he was more than content to ignore her and focus on pulling me along the trail.
  • Worked as a demo dog with my mentor’s dog serving as a distraction, an intact bitch who’d just finished a heat only a week prior. She typically just tools around the arena with her toy but with Creed she was actively trying to get him to mount her by flirting and presenting. Again, this is a bitch he likes very much.
  • Worked for a solid week hundreds of miles away from home with no fewer than 3 bitches in heat milling around the area, with several more intact bitches also milling around the area, and several intact dogs also milling around the area… and only had one day where it became too hard for him.
  • Worked as a teenager during a huge conformation event known as the DPCA Nationals in 2015 where there were literally hundreds of intact animals and many bitches were in heat because they were brought to Nationals specifically for breeding, all packed in a building roughly the size of a gymnasium where it is impossible not to be in someone’s face.

And yet… still has not sired any accidental litters, still remains under control around ladies who smell enticing, still has his balls. He also does not mark in the house, doesn’t hump people or objects (and doesn’t hump dogs obsessively), and isn’t constantly in a brawl mindset when he sees a male (he would just prefer they fuck off and ignore him).

Intact dogs are no different to train than altered dogs. Stop blaming your training problems on your dog’s organs and using surgery as an easy way out. Stop listening to the scare tactics of PETA and HSUS and start training your god damned dogs.

I honestly wish I could say I blame @kenmasipad for this one, but tbh she wasn’t even here to see me draw this one (mad about that, but doesn’t stop me from dedicating the artwork to her either way <3 )

Well, I am falling into Haikyuu, which means; Volleyball dogs. you guessed it. No ship of mine is safe you know the rules guys.

More of the Haikyuu!! Dog AU
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is this blog a fucking joke.

“I’m afraid to tell my friends how I feel about dogs and children. People are so judging about these things” Yeah maybe that’s because wanting to fuck children and animals is unnatural and disgusting??? If you really care about the safety of children, GET HELP. As an adult, the safety of minors should be more important to you than your own comfort.

A DOG CAN’T HIT ON YOU. IT’S A FUCKING DOG. STOP TRYING TO BLAME THE DOG FOR ANY SEXUAL ACTS THAT YOU DECIDE TO PERFORM ON IT. (Side note: I don’t even want to fucking know what “I’ve sneggled with several dogs” means.)

“It depends on the development of the girl” Um no?? It fucking doesn’t? What you are telling me is that if, say, a nine year old developes breasts early, you would not be bothered by someone engaging in sexual acts with her. What the fuck is wrong with you???

The only right zoophiles have in my book is the right to be smacked upside the head.

Touching a cat sexually is animal abuse you sick fuck.

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