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Lio making it known that he doesn’t find filming ducks as interesting as I do.

we as a roleplay community need to stop believing everything about a roleplay. i feel like more and more people are getting anons about a group accusing them of stuff with no proof, and people run with it like “oh man thats fucked up, watch out for this rp” then they get informed with receipts that completely discredits what they were told, and theyre just like lolz, my bad–STOP RUNNING WITH UNCONFIRMED INFORMATION, stop letting trolls get what they want in tarnishing a group by YOU believing them before asking for proof of what they're claiming. I’m sorry, but if it was really like they said it was, any sane person would get screen shots. Use your brain. 

SOME MORE SJ YOI AU BECAUSE IVE HAD LITK THREE BOTTLES OF PROSECCO (also imma tag @emerald-imperial because she’s a cool yoi horse person and I’ve been too nervous to talk to you sober lol whios0) I’ve gotta groom for some peeps tomorrow n I’m supposed to be jumping but I’m fucked so good luck to hungover me w that

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Jenna, you've become sort of a hero of mine. You're the reason I am taking my writing as seriously as I am. I stopped believing that I was never going to be able to so it. I really look up to you. Thank you, for that.

This is so sweet. I’m so happy I’ve been able to help :) 


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Bet you thought you were all gonna grow old together, sitting around the table at Sunday dinner, happily ever after. No. It doesn’t work like that, Rick… 

                                                                            Not anymore.

do it for the look on their faces when you prove them wrong.
do it for the feeling of finally reaching your goal.
do it for those who love you and will always be proud of you.
do it for your future.
do it for those you’ll be able to help.
do it for your eternal thirst for knowledge.
do it for your past self, who never stopped believing in you.
do it for the new opportunities and possibilities.
do it for yourself.