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I'm sorry if your not doing these at the moment but can you please do B1 with Mooching Hobo

this level of cuteness should be illegal

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Aries: take time to fucking breathe, you may feel like everything is hitting you all at once but in reality just take time to look around and be grateful for where you are at the moment

Taurus: eat like a healthy bitch, you will feel ten times happier than craving popcorn or coke. You can eat it like a horse and still feel as if you are treating your body.

Gemini: Instead of learning about other things, learn about yourself, your goals, hobbies, favorite things. You will feel more organized in your life once you know what YOU want than what others want you to do.

Cancer: Let out a good cry, naps + crying will be the best thing for you when times get tough. Watch the beginning of UP or Adoption stories. You will let go of what has been hurting you and start fresh.

Leo: Make a journal to express yourself. On bad days people will nag you due to the way you present yourself so boldly and confident. To heal, give yourself a pep talk in those journals.

Virgo: Change up your routine. Wake up 5 minutes later, wear your favorite flannel, eat what the fuck you want. Changing is not a bad thing for you.

Libra: Donate things you do not use. Look through your makeup or clothes to see what you no longer feel is you at the moment. Go through baby toys and remember all the times of joy and fear. Not only will you help yourself, you will help others.

Scorpio: Go to therapy, open up to others, express your opinions without the fear of pushing back. It will help you learn who are your true soulmates and who you need to let go. Listening to others giving you suggestions on how to handle problems will build trust.

Sagittarius: Take a relaxing bath, light up some candles, go do your favorite workout. It’s you that you need to take care, not the world 24/7. You to start with stage one and build from there.

Capricorn: Start a new hobby, you maybe the type of person who clings on to the things you trust the most but start NEW. Grab a new foundation, go to take ballet classes, get yourself some new food that you haven’t tried before. Let yourself go.

Aquarius: Your creativity needs to be heard. Stop giving a fuck about being weird or judged, it’s 2017. Go on Tumblr and post something funny. Take the best selfie and show Instagram that you are the best model. YouTube needs originality again, go ahead and show something new to the table.

Pisces: You need to take a pause from caring about others and cleaning up everyone’s mess. You need to clean up and go on a walk. You are the sign that can easily bottle up its feelings and have the same bottle crack easily as well. Build new standards for yourself, make a “what I did today” list instead of a “what to do” list.

Happy almost-Simblreen!

Hello friends! I know, I’m lame, I keep disappearing.

I am home from my travels. My dog is doing awesome! But, I think I absorbed all his sick. I got home and collapsed, and only this last week starting to do things like go to the grocery store. According to my doc, I fried my adrenal-pituitary axis. Don’t do that. It feels like death. The supps and scripts are beginning to kick in. Things are fine. I’m sickly, it’s lame.  

Due to tumblr-on-ipad being weird, I stopped logging in while I was away, but I’ve been trying to keep track of the scene and some the amazing simblr stories on here. I’m the jerk that reads and doesn’t leave notes! Yep that’s me. BUT, perhaps I can make up for it as I’m seeing cc needs and my desire to make stuff is strong, and I *promise* (super promise) to have a simblreen treat for each day of simblreen, at the very least. *Spoiler* it will all be Venice themed. That is all I can say for now. Plants are still on my mind but I’ve been away from Photoshop, so, that set me back on what I had planned. I will try to get some done by then, but I can’t promise it. And hopefully I’ll have the energy to just be online and hang. 

That is the scoop my end. With all that is going on in the world I feel pretty emotionally burned out. Catalonia! A couple of weeks ago I met some Catalans who immigrated to New Mexico in the 1690s. There are whole villages founded by Catalans and they are still Catalans. The lines of nations cannot erase identity. 

I hope you are all doing well.