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okay but i want a fic where the enterprise is like on the outskirts of federation space and they pick up survivors of a half-wrecked cardassian freighter and one of the refugees is sybok who totally knew the attack was coming and low key orchestrated it but thats another story because when he gets beamed aboard he and spock have a reunion and it’s very logical and all but kirk is like holy shit spock you have a brother??? why did i not know?? and spock is like you never asked and sybok takes one look at the two of them interacting and realizes how bad his baby brother has it for his captain and says wow spock way to introduce me to your t’hy’la and spock BUGS OUT and gets all flustered and kirk has never seen him act like that before and is like wait what does that mean and spock won’t tell him and practically runs away and sybok is too busy laughing and getting debriefed, and then for the rest of the mission spock won’t look at kirk and he starts to wonder what that word actually means so he keeps trying to work it out of sybok or uhura but they won’t tell him and spock avoids him like the plague, and kirk starts to get dejected because maybe he’s done something wrong, somehow offended spock or something, and sybok realizes that the human is stupid in love too, and bribes scotty to lock them in the turbolift or a supply closet or something because they’re both just idiots and they need to make out and of course scotty does it because its been painfully obvious to everyone on the ship for months that the captain and first officer are SO IN LOVE, LIKE GO FUCK ALREADY JESUS 

and then they do. in the turbolift. 


I friggen love this scene lakdshf.

social justice
  • people with shitty fake pronouns: gOSH we're JUST TRYING to have FUN IS fUN NOT ALLOWED???? OMG uwu
  • real trans people: being transgender is not fun and it actually really sucks if you suffer dysph-
  • people with shitty fake pronouns: OMFG STOP U r bEING SO oppRESSIVE u tRUSCUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111
  • real trans people: can i finish-
  • people with shitty fake pronouns: NO ur tRIGGERINg me gGGOO WaAWAY BLLOckeD/RepORTED!!!!! yOuu ARE trASH!

robot bfs are good at untangling hair knots or something i guess

Ok, but did you guys realise the opportunity that this episode laid out? So we have Kara having to make a decision and destroy this space ship where “people she loves” are currently stuck on, and she’s freaking out, heartbroken, and she thinks it’s mostly because manhell is there and he’s her boyfriend, so of course that must be the reason.  She says that Lena’s her bff and that’s that but…when later on Kara finds out about her actual feelings for Lena, she will look back at this and be like: THAT’s why i was so afraid and heartbroken. The idea of losing Lena was the reason.


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I've always seen Hoperai as a subtle one-sided thing throughout the trilogy, but going on after the games, i still don't see Light as being interested in him romantically. What do you think Hope would do to bring their relationship onto mutual romantic ground?

…..hehehehehehe *rubs hands together* :D

I think a lot of us shippers agree that it was one-sided for a very long time, but most of us (at least the people I talk to on a regular basis, anyway) believe that Lightning started thinking of him romantically at the end of LR, especially when he came to save her. I mean, just look at the expression on her face when he comes for her:

This gif doesn’t exactly show the very moment I’m talking about it, but oh well - during the scene she’s alll awed and amazed and it looks to me like she’s seeing him in a new light - I mean, okay, maybe she’s just stunned that he’d come back for her, but of course I like to think her mind’s leaning in a romantic direction ;D

But of course since the world ended, there really wasn’t anything they could do about it…at least not then….

Since it was all but confirmed that Lightning was going to meet Hope during the epilogue, I really like to think that when they met up again, he finally got to initiate his own hug. Lightning just stands there all surprised at first, because he’s tall and adult and like almost a head taller than her wtf but eventually hugs him back :3

I feel like she’d be confused for a long time about how she feels about him, because for so long, she viewed him as a sort of brother/partner/more familial. Plus, she went without any sort of intense emotions during LR, so to really be feeling things again is probably a lot to sort out…

Hope would probably take the ~romantic~ side of things really slowly at first. After all, Lightning’s never really seen him as his real self like this, all tall and handsome and adult. They’ve both got to get used to being around each other as they really are, you know?

It’s obvious Hope’s a lot more confident when he’s older, even though he’s still all quiet/private and whatnot. This probably extends into how he tries to be romantic with Lightning - just really subtle, but like he knows exactly what he’s doing. Like putting his arm around her for a moment, brushing their hands together, letting their knees touch under the table - things like that

Of course, Lightning doesn’t really notice this. Not only is she kind of oblivious to feelings of loooove, but this is Hope - someone she would literally trust with her life, and quite possibly the most important person in her life next to Serah

So while Lightning doesn’t notice all these little touches…everyone else does, and finally, after weeks and weeks, someone - probably Serah or Fang - points it out to Lightning as an “offhand” comment: “Hope is awfully touchy-feely with you.”

Lightning immediately denies it, because they’re just friends, duh, but after that, she can’t help but notice how Hope’s hand always seems to linger on her shoulder. Or that he always manages to sit himself beside her. Or the way he really focuses on her when she talks, looking at her like she’s the only person in the room

So she freaks. Inwardly, of course. The possibility of Hope liking - loving her in a way that was other than familial is just completely beyond her. It’s so crazy, so she should just totally forget about it

But…she can’t.

And naturally, since Lightning’s not one to beat around the bush, she flat-out asks him one night when they happen to be alone: “Do you like me?”

He’s all blushy and stammers a bit, but manages to get it out. Yes, he does. He has for a long, long time, but it’s okay if she doesn’t feel the same way because he values her friendship above it all. After he gets that all out, he can’t help but use all that adult confidence, “…Is there any chance you would ever feel the same way?”

All she can do is hesitate for a long while and finally go, “…I’m not sure.”

It’s enough for Hope, because the possibility seems to open a dam. Suddenly, they’re alone together a lot more often. His lingering touches grow a little bolder. Sometimes he buys her little presents, like a book or one of those fancy chocolate bars she secretly loves. This continues for a long, long time - he basically just eases her into the idea of the two of them being something more than friends and partners

And honestly…she likes it.

Lightning’s always liked being around Hope, of course, but this is…different. It’s nice to see him in a different light and be so close to him. They know each other’s drink and pizza orders, they constantly finish each other’s sentences, they record their favorite TV shows in case one of them has to work late and wasn’t able to do it…

It’s nice, being so close to him. He understands her better than anyone except maybe Serah - but hell, maybe even more than Serah. Lightning hasn’t felt so happy and content and…and at peace in a very, very long time

Somehow, she just knows that she belongs with him.

It’s still a little nerve-wracking to actually say anything, so the only hints Lightning really gives is touching him back. She’ll lean into him, brush their hands together, maybe - gasp - be a little flirty. It just seems to help cement in her mind that she does want this.

Hope totally gets it, because a few weeks after she starts getting all touchy-feely with him, he shows up at her place with a single, long-stemmed pink rose and an invitation to dinner. She thinks it’s going to be a little awkward, but it’s not at all. Being around him feels as natural as breathing….and so does kissing him. She doesn’t get home from that first date until almost dawn, because the idea of leaving seemed so ridiculous

They don’t make any declarations or anything. It’s nothing dramatic. They just take it as they go and let their feels grow deeper.

It’s just a natural progression, really. Their love and trust in each other defeated a god, so of course it’s too deep to ignore. Simply put….they’re just meant to be <3


[Part2][170913] «COACH» Spring/Summer 2017 show at New York fashion week

✩ What kind of boyfriend do u think u are?
WZ: Cat ah ~ (lol I’m done)
✩ In your free time, will you play games with friends or go shopping with girlfriend?
WZ: Play games. (lmao)
✩ Meat or vegetables? And why?
WZ: Meat. I luv every kind of meat.

→ Can someone pls stop him from being so fuxking adorable? Cuteness overload omfg!!

I was inspired to try and find the oldest piece of writing I hadn’t deleted and it’s from right after I turned 14. It… is the most pretentious thing… omfg. I was so proud of this shit. It was my featured deviation, back when the dA lit community was active and cool. I thought I was a fucking prodigy. At least I can confirm that my obsession with girls who have boy names and kiss girls has been ongoing for at least twelve years.

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my friend's gf told me i look like kat succ today... i felt my brain shrivel up and fall from my mouth.. shes said "ooh you have the glasses and everything, the way you part your hair, oh and ur japanese too ^_^" and then she proceeded to be shocked when i told her i wasnt japanese, but in fact chinese. can i die i honestly feel like this is why we've never been introduced before

can the fans pls stop being so cringey and borderline racist omfg

Funny Stereotypes

Aries: So damn confrontational 

Taurus: weird ass little foodie

Gemini: always fucking up to something 

Cancer: oh my gooooood highkey shady and easily offended

Leo: sit down u little arrogant shit, u aint beyonce

Virgo: …this one speaks for its own

Libra: this mofo is gossipy af and is like ‘’idk why people stop liking me :(((’’ like are u good

Scorpio: why u gotta hate  everyone like are u that unique and different? no ur not u a little antisocial bitch, not even that deep like on a scale of 1 to oprah’s vagina u a 2


Capricorn: like u daddy af and it’s a turn on but let’s act like we hate it cuz we all like that dom shit, u do u booboo

Aquarius: i hate u i can’t tell when ur being serious like stop

Pisces: …..STOP BEING SO ADORKABLE like omfg my scorpioness wears off when im around u fucker