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a first date with owen & dean ?

Owen Ovadoz: I feel like music taste is quite important to Owen, so I picture him taking you to music shops / vinyl record stores. He would love the fact he would be able to be so close to you on the first date; Sharing headphones, being in close proximity as you show each other vinyls/albums. He’s pretty tall so just picture him toppling over you and looking down at you.

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Dean: Going on a first date with Dean would be beyond adorable/sweet; he’d take you to a fair/amusement park. He’d try really hard to win you, a big plushy teddy bear. He’d want to make stops at almost every single food stall. He’d buy all sorts of snacks for you (we all know he’s a foodie at heart.)He’d come up with the pretext of the place being crowded and not wanting to lose you; to hold your hand. Just picture sharing cotton candy together and holding hands. 😍  

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Jaune, Sun, Mercury when they accidentally lose their temper and realize they hurt their s/o's feelings and how they try to make it up to them?

  • For Jaune, hurting his s/o’s feelings is about the worst possible thing he could do, accident or not. He’d do pretty much everything he could to try to make it up to them and he would not stop until he knew that he knew that things were okay, which could end up being a fair bit more work than he really needed to put in.
  • Sun hurting his s/o’s feelings would immediately bring out his sweet caring side. He’d drop the jokes and would sincerely apologise for whatever he did. He’d definitely make an effort to not have that happen again.
  • Mercury losing his temper and hurting his s/o’s feelings would hit him pretty hard, on account of his not so great upbringing. He’d immediately apologise, work to make it up to his s/o and try to avoid having that happen again.

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a [slack motherfucker] aquarius mix, a stage one:

built to spill, “center of the universe

I don’t like this air
but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop breathing it
who doesn’t think they’re at
the center of the universe, being it 

nirvana, “on a plain” 

love myself better than you

pavement, “I love perth

you’re gorgeous
I’m pretty handsome too
we make a pair, me and you

van morrison, “sweet thing” !!!!!!

and I shall watch the ferry boats and they’ll get high
on a blue ocean against tomorrow’s sky
and I will never grow so old again
and I will walk and talk in gardens all wet with rain 

nirvana, “tourettes

we don’t know anything, my heart
we all want something fair, my heart

richard hell and the voidoids, “blank generation

I was saying let me out of here before I was
even born

joanna newsom, “bridges and balloons

to be the ones to’ve seen

green day, “jaded

always move forward
going straight will get you nowhere

patti smith, “gloria

twenty thousand girls called their names out to me

green day, “2000 light years away

she holds my malachite so tight so
never let go
because she’s 2000 light years away

david bowie, “oh! you pretty things

a crack in the sky and a hand reaching down to me

the replacements, “valentine

if you were a pill, I’d take a handful at my will
and I’d knock you back with something sweet and strong
plenty of times you wake up in february makeup
like the moon and the morning star you’re gone

television, “little johnny jewel” 

he said, “I want my little wing-head!”

pavement, “gold soundz” (taurus moon, leo rising)

so drunk in the august sun
and you’re the kind of girl I like
because you’re empty and I’m empty
and you can never quarantine the past

slowdive, “all of us

this whole life 
is all of us
this whole dream
is all of me
minnow lies
inside me now

regina spektor, “8th floor

I came in from the rain
which wasn’t really rain it was just january snow in denial

goldfinger, “99 red balloons

it’s all over and I’m standing pretty
in the dust that was a city
if I could find a souvenir 
just to prove the world was here
and here it is, a red balloon
I think of you and let it go


NOFX, “go your own way

not my fault fat mike is an aquarius! 
take it up with god