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Klaus Mikaelson Imagine: Not So Harmless


Prompts: 13-”If I die, I’m going to haunt your ass.”,
106-”Stop being so cute.”

Summary: Reader accidentally finds out that she’s a witch and has a conversation about it with her boyfriend Klaus.

Word count:929

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The times were hard for Mikaelsons. Every supernatural being in the city was turning against them and the enemies seeking revenge were emerging from every corner of the world.

So once weird things had started to happen to me I had decided to keep it to myself rather than bothering Klaus with it. I still hoped that maybe I was just being paranoid, but the hope was slowly leaving me as more unexplainable stuff was happening.

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How We’ll defeat Bendy In The Last Chapter According To My Mom

Me: *explaining Chapter 2 in full detail like before* …And that’s where it ends!  So what do you think?

My mom: Man, and you thought Henry was stupid BEFORE!  Are you so sure Bendy is such an innocent Little devil darlin now?

Me: *laughter* 

My mom: So, how does Henry defeat him? 

Me: We don’t know yet, but seeing as how he’s both a really for real demon and a creature made of ink I would guess holy water/white out?

My mom: THAN DISGUISE AS AN OFFERING OF ANGEL FOOD CAKE SO IT’S BOTH AN ALLERGY TO HOLY THINGS AND IT’S POISON!  I mean, hey an offering of something other than bacon soup would get his attention right?  

Me: Geez ma, you have no mercy!  


Me: Good point.  


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forgive me for using ms paint, based on this text post