stop being so so perfect


makoto pls

forgive me for using ms paint, based on this text post

You are not perfect

You WILL make mistakes, that is guaranteed.
You won’t always say the right thing, you won’t always do the right thing. 

This does NOT make you an inherently bad person!

EVERYONE fucks up sometimes. There is no perfect play through in life. The people you perceive as perfect, especially online, have their own shit going on and are only publishing their highlight reel.

You will mess up. You will say the wrong thing sometimes, you won’t be as supportive as you’d like, you’ll shout someone who doesn’t deserve it… but that doesn’t tar your entire existence. What matters is what you do afterwards. You can apologise, you can own your mistakes, you can learn

Stop being so hard on yourself for that mean thing you once said or did.
Learn from it; own it; move on.


Every time I think they cannot be better, they prove me wrong.

I love that he decided to give up his career (what a contrast with early ep) and live with her in seclusion (and he will build her a hut for her books and papers - that just might be the most romantic thing I’ve ever heard in a drama) because, as he put it, the King can have many generals but she has only him to love her.