stop being so qt

What Pisces Thinks of the Signs (Based on People I Know)
  • Aries: you're cool, but you seriously need to chill out sometimes
  • Taurus: you're a sweetheart
  • Gemini: like the smartest people I know, holy crap
  • Cancer: you're insanely perfect, come here and give me a hug pls
  • Leo: come kiss me rn pls
  • Virgo: you need to stop being so uptight
  • Libra: you're pretty cool most of the time
  • Scorpio: too hot, hot damn
  • Sagittarius: you're always there when people need you the most
  • Capricorn: you need to live a little, my friend
  • Aquarius: BEST FRIEND
  • Pisces: ur a qt but stop being so clingy