stop being so good at bringing me to tears


Emotionless Stefan vs Damon

Jo & Alaric talking about baby names

Elena thinking bringing mama Salvatore in present world is a good idea

Kai saying he’ll only help if Bonnie goes with them

Caroline singing

Stefan tearing off the director’s head with his teeth while Caroline’s auditioning

Stefan saying he will do everything so Caroline can let it go

Damon: “Who said you’re coming?”
Elena: “To meet the woman who gave birth to the 2 epic loves of my life? Me”

Caroline vs Stefan

Enzo & Alaric teaming up to try to stop Steroline

Damon meeting Lily after so many years

Photos of Defan as kids

Damon being pissed at Lily for making them believe she was dead

Kai trying to convince Bonnie he changed but then brutally grabs her

Lily was stuck in 1903 with her dessicated vampire friends and wanna bring them with her

Damon to Lily: “These freaks may be your family but Stefan Salvatore is mine & if you don’t wanna help him, I will leave you here to rot. Do you understand me?”

Steroline feeding on that girl’s blood then kissing and undressing each other

Bonnie stabbing Kai & telling him she changed too

Bonnie, Damon, Lily & Elena leaving without Kai

Kai being attacked by one of Lily’s vampire friends

Enzo telling Sarah she deserves better and calling her “Sarah Salvatore” when they all made sure she was finally safe

Steroline kissing & smiling after having sex on the floor of the girls’ dorm

Bonnie cockblocking Delena & Damon almost “moaning” Bonnie’s name while kissing Elena

Bonnie’s gift for Damon: the cure