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This Is War [13] ~End~

Summary: After being rejected by your best friend Bucky, Sam sets you up with one of his friends, on the condition that if the date doesn’t go well, you have to sign up for a dating app. The date doesn’t go well. As you begin to look for love in other places, Bucky starts to feel something he never felt before. Jealous.

Bucky Barnes X Reader

Word Count: 1253

Warnings: Feelings. Mentions of alcohol.

A/N: This is it!! This is the last part!! Thank you all so much for reading and for putting up with my huge gaps in posting!! I appreciate every single like, reblog and comment that I’ve gotten and it means the world to me that you’ve stuck through to the ending. Thank you all xoxo

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work © azelforest , do not repost, re-distribute, edit, or claim as your own, etc.
— (Hey, since you guys like this drawing so much, why don’t you drop me some ask or request? I’m totally open for that.)

OK SO, I’ve gotten sooooososoSO inspired by the awesome artist in the fandom that have made so many AU’s and such that I just HAD to draw up a lil something to toss into the ink machine of madness.

The AU’s meant to be in this story atm are:
Toon!Henry (Henry is a Toon)
PhotoCopy (That means there’s doubles)
Sketchy (That means the studio isn’t ‘realistic’ and instead is toonified)
Heartless (That means one or more of the toon’s are without a soul, and are pretty much just mindless monsters, they’re not searchers because they’re legit just like melted bendy)

(I may add more though, there’s a plot to this I’ve created as well but for now I’m keeping it under wraps because I love surprises <333)

Ok, onward to the next thing of business.

 Long story short

I want to make a comic in regards to SEVERAL au’s that many other fans (including myself) have come up with.

However I suck majorly when it comes to making comic’s. I can’t really draw comic panels well or pace them out to where they make sense, I can make scripts just fine, I guess I’m looking for a panel artist?? Or maybe just any artist in general that know’s how to work with comic’s. Either way, perspective is a pain and I need assistance with it to help get this thing going. You’re welcome to pop a message to me if you’re interested, but otherwise I hope you enjoy the art as well as the references I’m gonna drop down below because I couldn’t have thought up any of this stuff without you guys.


@squigglydigglydoo​ has been a HUGE inspiration to this. Alongside their Toon!Henry AU, I went to one of their streams and watched how AWESOMELY they drew out everyone’s favorite demon on Clip Studio Paint. I’d previously bought it but I had no clue how to use it, which is why I started learning and drew this ENTIRE image using it. Needless to say, this gal is a godsend and you should totally support her and her work because GOSH DANG SHE’S SO COOL.

@yunisverse​​ They’re the first person who’s art I bumped into in regards to the Rubberhose AU and their comic (Remade in his image) which was what sold me to the fandom. I hope you don’t mind that I used your based references for the toon’s because I really liked how you drew them so simply but with personality! Definitely worth checking them out and supporting them!

@the-vampire-inside-me​​ Honestly if there was any way to express how fucking awesome this person’s art style is you’d bet your ass I’d straight up say it to em in person. This dude is the one that inspired me to even grow interest within attempting the comic altogether. Their style, their finesse, it’s just too GOOD. I swear they made a bargain with the ink demon himself because ffs henry looks like such a beefcake daddy you’d never wanna stop huggin’.

@askthedevilswing​​ THOSE LINES, THE LINES. AHHHHHHH THEY’RE SO SMOOTHE AND SOFT. Another inspiring artist I’ve fallen pen over pad for with how fantastic their style is and how perfect they grab the studio’s characters. (and also that goddam buff bendy, holy hooligans I’ll never lookat my boi the same way again after that. Brings me to tears EVERY TIME.)

There’s plenty more pal’s out there that I wish I could brag about being amazing, but it’s gettin’ late and this post is pretty long enough as is so I hope everyone in the fandom know’s just how much I adore all their work and keeps at it!!! <333

Marauders Era, 6th year

“Reg, your arm,” hissed the darker skinned boy as he firmly held the arm of the Slytherin seeker. It was almost half past midnight and the Hogwarts corridors were as silent as can be. “Can you please show me your arm, love?”

His voice was calmer and softer. Regulus winced as James grabbed his arm slowly and rolled the sleeve of his robes, he had tried to mend it with the healing charms Sirius had taught him before he ran away but he couldn’t do it properly. The blood had dried and started forming a shell over the cut. James took out his wand as he looked at the scar on his inner left arm and Regulus flinched unintentionally. He had grown wary of people drawing their wands around him.

“I would never hurt you,” he said, his eyes fixated on Regulus’ deep grey ones, one of the small details that made him different from Sirius. His eyes weren’t as pale as his, they were somehow deeper or at least that was how James felt. “Let me help you.”

He muttered some inaudible spell and Regulus saw his skin stitch itself, the pain made itself heard but it wasn’t as bad as it used to me.

“Thank you,” he said without lifting his gaze from the freshly healed wound.

“Was it Walburga?”

“Who else would it be,” Regulus snapped, his eyes were burning with all the anger he had been holding in. “This is what I get for even insinuating I don’t want to get the mark.”

“You can run a–”

“They would kill me,” he interrupted, his eyes shining from the tears and the moonlight. “They would make sure I’m dead so they don’t have to deal with the humiliation. You don’t understand.”

“Help me understand,” begged James as he raised Regulus’ chin softly so that they were looking into each other’s eyes. They were almost the same height but Regulus’ always seemed smaller when it came to this matter. “I want to be there for you, I want to save you.”

“You lost the chance to save me the day Sirius ran away.”

“If you had gone with him,” mumbled James.

“What do you think would have happened if I ran away with Sirius that day?” he shouted. “That we would live happily ever after? That they would leave me be? This is not a game Jamie, I am not some damsel in distress you can save by talking and dreaming. One foot out of the line and I– I–”

He never got the finish the sentence. He felt the cold stone wall on his back as James pinned him against it, making sure he would never ever say what he was going to say. It was a desperate kiss, it was very him to do something like this. He didn’t wanted to hear the words so he had shut Regulus up the best way he knew how. Regulus felt all the air leave his lungs and him filling in the emptiness, he missed the feeling of safety that came whenever he was around James, like no matter what he would drop anything to make sure he was alright.

“Let me, let us, protect you,” he pleaded, trying to catch his breath. “I will keep them from giving you the mark if it kills me, Reg.”

Regulus stared into the void, his fists clenched on the sides of James’ robes, wanting to say yes, wanting for all this to end but he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

“I have mended Sirius’ wounds countless times, let me do the same for you,” he continued. “They are vain and cruel, they don’t deserve someone like you on their side, they don’t get to make your blood spill or your skin tear. They don’t get to destroy what we have.”

“I wish you weren’t so stubborn,” scolded Regulus. “There is no way this is going to end good for either of us. Stop thinking with your heart and try being logical.”

“My logic tells me that I can’t leave the little brother of my best friend with his disgusting parents,” began James a small grin hidden behind all his seriousness. “My heart tells me that I can’t bear fighting you when the time comes. Do you want to fight me, hidden behind a mask, Reg? Because they will make you fight against us, against me.

Regulus’ fingers trailed James’ jawline as he took in every little detail about him, the way his eyes shined, the way his hair was so messy, the way he didn’t deserve James, the way James thought he did, all the times their hands brushed secretly, all the secret meetings behind statues, all the kisses in haste and all the kisses slow and sweet. He imagined what he would do if he was forced to fight him, to harm him but it proved impossible to even imagine hurting him.

“Just say the word and I will do whatever it takes.”

Save me.

No Matter How Much It Destroys You

Corbyn Besson

You sat in your dressing room, getting ready for your big day. Your wedding day. Technically, your characters wedding day. You were the main actress for an upcoming movie, she fell in love with someone but she wanted a marriage and he didn’t. They broke up and she moved on, but not entirely. She still loved him. And she was getting cold feet at her own wedding. Because she’s marrying the wrong man.

You were getting your make up done when Janice, your makeup artist, brought up Corbyn. Your boyfriend.

“So, you guys still fighting?” Janice asked as she did her thing.

“This is the biggest fight we’ve ever had.” You sighed, looking down, afraid you’ll start crying.

“You guys love each other too much. You wouldn’t break up because of your career. So what you kiss dudes in movies, it’s not real. He has legit fans holding him and grabbing him and flaunting themselves at him and you’re okay with it, but he can’t handle you doing what you love?” She asked, getting a tube of mascara from the vanity.

“I don’t think he can get over this. It took him months to even look at me when he saw the first movie of me and Logan kissing. And we weren’t even together at the time. We were just talking. But I get it. His ex-cheated on him for months. And he never knew.” You were on the brink of crying but you held back tears, knowing that if you did, you wouldn’t stop. You felt like everything was falling apart and you can’t do anything to stop it.

Finally, after a long day of shooting, you were back in your apartment. Dirty and exhausted. You quickly showered and got ready for bed. However, when you laid in bed all you did was think and worry about Corbyn. He had left for the tour a few days ago and you hadn’t spoken since he left after he found out about the role you just landed, having to be Andrew Garfield’s love interest. You lost count how many texts you’ve written but never sent. You lost count of a number of times you watched him and his bandmates Instagram and snapchat stories.  Just looking out for him. He looked happy. That’s all you wanted for him. For him to be happy. And if that meant you weren’t his girlfriend or even his friend, then that’s okay. It destroys you inside but you love him. If you could, you would move mountains for him. By the time morning came, you hadn’t slept a single second. You stayed up all night, fighting the tears and thinking of Corbyn.

You went onto the set, with a fake smile and a fake pep in your step. You got to hair and makeup and then went to wardrobe and started filming. When the day ended you found yourself not sleeping again. You found yourself thinking of how happy he must be, touring around the country. Meeting his fans. Playing music. His dream was coming true. But little did you know is that he was miserable without you. He hated the fact that he left when you two were in the middle of a fight. He barely slept. Barely ate. The only reason he was smiling and looking happy was that he has an obligation to his fans and his bandmates. He stayed up late stalking your Instagram posts. As the weeks go by he noticed you didn’t post as often. You didn’t do your weekly rant on your snapchat story. Or your daily dance videos on your Instagram. Or you didn’t tweet your daily ‘Good Morning Everyone!’. You were distancing yourself from your social media. And you never do that. You didn’t do that when your grandmother died and you were mourning. You didn’t do that when you were forced to only 20 minutes on your phone a week because of a shoot. You didn’t do that when you were sick with the flu. You didn’t do that when you promised your mom you would focus on work rather than social media. You never missed those videos, because your fans loved them.

The fans eventually started to noticed your withdrawal and tweeted at you asking whats wrong. You never tweeted back. You went Social Media AWOL. It wasn’t like you at all.

Corbyn had asked his best friends to text you or tweet you asking how you were hanging in, or how the movie is coming along. But all they received was radio silence. Which was crazy because the boys were like your brothers. They all began to worry about you, but they couldn’t do anything for the next couple of weeks because of the tour. Because they have priorities. To you, you weren’t on that list. But to them, you were number one.

“Corbyn, whats wrong? Worrying about Y/n?” Zach brought Corbyns attention away from his phone to the 16-year-old.

“Uh- yeah. She didn’t post her rant story again. I’m getting scared. Something is wrong.” Corbyn’s voice raspy and breaking. All he wanted to do was cry and hold you in his arms. But you were miles and miles away. He’s never regretted anything more than what he said the last time he talked to you.

“One more show and you’ll see her,” Jonah reassured the heartbroken kid with a pat on the back. But Corbyn just nodded and went back to staring at your recent Instagram post. It was a picture of you on the set of the new movie with the whole cast. 'Excited for the next couple of months working with this great cast’ was captioned under the photo. That was 2 and a half months ago. You hadn’t posted anything since.

After performing the show, he had the meet and greet. He had met so many fans. Some of them asked about you, others didn’t bring you up. Then this one girl asked him how he was doing being separated from you for so long.

“How are you doing with the distance from Y/n?” She asked, pushing up her thick glasses on her nose.

“Uh, not good. It’s killing me, being away from her for this long.” He admitted, almost wanting to cry. He began to breathe heavily, trying to stop the tears from cascading down his face. “God, just saying this is making me want to cry. I miss her so much.”

“I would have imagined her here. Since she lost her role in the movie and all.” She brought up, not realizing he didn’t know you quit the movie. You hadn’t slept or ate. You looked terrible. You felt terrible. When everyone began to notice the fake smiles and laughs, they questioned you about it, but you brushed it off. You began to be late to work and forgetting your lines and having random panic attacks because you felt unresolved. Eventually, you realized you were only holding back the movie, and you quit. But you quit on good terms with the director. When your agent came to visit you after quitting she realized how skinny you were. And how bad you doing since your fight with Corbyn. She had requested for you to go to a clinic to help you. But you refused. You pushed everyone away and locked yourself in your apartment to wallow in self-pity.

“Wait, what?”

“Yeah, I read online that she was fired or she quit? I don’t really know what happened but she’s no longer in that new movie with Andrew Garfield.” She stated, not realizing how he began to choke on air.

“Corbyn, are you okay?” She asked, noticing he was struggling to breathe properly.

“Yeah. I just… Why can’t I breathe?” He asked, going into complete panic mode. He was panting like crazy, tears clouding his vision, his legs giving up on him. He leaned onto the fan for support but eventually fell to the ground. The boys immediately running over to their best friend.

“Corbyn?!” They all shouted, getting to him as well as the guards and other important people.

“What’s happening?!” Corbyn asked frantically. He couldn’t breathe and he felt like he was going to pass out any second now. Which did happen. A few second after speaking up he had passed out. Making everyone freak a little. But a stage manager had called an ambulance. They drove him to the local hospital in Denver.

“I’m calling Y/n.” Jonah shrieked from the passenger’s seat in an uber to the hospital.

You were sitting on your couch watching the news when your phone blew up. You normally ignored it until it died but something in your gut was telling you, something is wrong. You turned your phone over, a picture of Jonah making a monkey face popped up. You answered the call, hesitantly.

“Y/n! You picked up!” Jonah sounded astonished that you picked up.

“Yeah?” You asked, your voice breaking. You rarely spoke now and days. All you did was watch videos of Corbyn and the band and stayed in. Not ever really going out or talking to people.

“Corbyn is on his way to the hospital! We’re in Denver, Colorado. I know we’re a little far, but if you get on the next plane out here, you won’t regret it. We don’t know what happened.” Jonah shouted into his phone. His adrenaline kicking in again.

“I’m on my way!” Your eyes doubled in size and quickly ran to your room. You pull on a pair of leggings, converse, and one of Corbyn’s sweatshirts on and grabbed your bag running out of your apartment. You quickly made it to the airport and bought yourself a ticket for the next plane to Denver.

By the time you arrived at Denver, Corbyn was still in the hospital. They kept running tests to see if it was just a panic attack or something more serious. The boys had never left the hospital, not caring that it was almost 2 in the morning. You took an uber to the hospital, surprising all of the boys of your presence and how you look. No makeup on, hair in a messy bun, and looking skinny as ever. You didn’t look too good. But all you felt was a worry, a worry you’ve never felt before. You still had no idea what happened. The second Jonah called you, you hadn’t gone online. Wanting to hear about the events from the boys rather than fans.

“Where is he?” You asked, causing the boys to look over to you, clearly, they were shocked.

“Y/n-” Jack started but the doctor interrupted him.

“Are you all the family of Mr. Besson?” The man asked, scanning over the crowd of people.

“Yes, he’s our brother,” Jonah spoke up, pulling you in to listen what he has to say.

“All of you?” He asked, looking over to you.


“His girlfriend.” Zach interrupted you, you wanted to cry hearing him say that, but you knew not to.

“Okay.” He nodded at you before continuing. “Mr. Besson is going to be just fine. It was merely a panic attack from the stress, most likely. We’ll be releasing him within the next half hour.”

Everyone had let go a breath they didn’t know they were holding him. Tears began to crawl down your face, feeling relieved he was going to be okay.

“Miss, you can go and see him if you want.” He guided you to his room. When you walked in you realized how bad he looked too. He was skinnier, his hair was flat, his eyes didn’t sparkle the way they used to. The nurse was sitting on the side of his bed, telling him how not sleeping and eating is bad for anyone and that no matter what is going on in life, you need to take care of yourself. But when he heard the curtain move, he looked at you and his heart rate went up. Alarming the nurses and doctors.

“Y/n?” Tears welled up in his eyes, as did yours. All you wanted to do was hug him and tell him everything was going to be alright.

“Hi.” You whispered, afraid that if you spoke any louder you’d wake up from some dream.

“Please tell me you see her there too?” Corbyn asked the nurse. She turned and saw how bad you looked as well. She nodded her head as Corbyn.

“You both need to eat and sleep.” She said before giving you time alone. His heartbeat still going crazy. You smiled for the first time in what felt like years!

“Get over here Buttercup, I’m all connected to machines.” He spoke with tears going down his face, his voice breaking a little.

You quickly walked over to the bed and held onto his hand.

“You always had to be so dramatic.” You made a small joke, looking down at your connect hands.

“It’s the only way to get your attention.” He whispered, looking at you, waiting for you to look up at him. When you didn’t he brought his fingers to under your chin and made you look at him. Tears started to stream down your face.

“I’m so sorry for everything I said when you left.” You sobbed, climbing into the bed with him, his arms wrapping around you. He ran his fingers through your hair, trying to calm you down before you pass out too.

“I’m sorry too. Damn, have I missed you.” He said, trying and failing to hold back his own tears. He kissed your forehead.

“I quit the movie.” You whispered after having calmed down.

“I know.” He whispered back. His fingers never stopped from playing with your hair. “What happened?”

“If you couldn’t tell, I stopped sleeping, eating, I was always late to work, I was forgetting my lines. I had a couple of mini panic attacks. I was a mess. So I quit. I couldn’t put the cast through having a terrible actress.” You explained, cuddling closer to his chest. Inhaling his scent.

“What happened to you? How’d you end up in the hospital?” It was your turn to ask him.

“I- uh. I was talking to a fan. She brought you up and your split from the movie. I couldn’t breathe. I was worried sick because I noticed you went completely AWOL on social media. You never texted or called the guys back. My mind had only one thing going through it, and it was you. I was worried about how you were. Because I was terrible. I was a complete mess.” He explained. You smiled, closing your eyes, feeling sleep taking over.

“We can be a mess together.” You sighed, officially falling asleep in the arms of the love of your life. Corbyn had already been drifting off to sleep, but he stayed awake until he knew you had fallen asleep too.

“I love you Y/n.” He whispered to you before falling asleep, hold you closer than ever before.

Can I just say, this is one long ass imagine.

I was watching How I Met Your Mother when Ted Mosby gave this huge speech on what love is. I legit cried… and not because I’m about to go off to college and I just worked my last shift at my job.


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Excuse me? You uneducated swine. This is a blog dedicated to Shrekmon. This is an interspecies blog. This is a blog about a couple who are shunned in their industry, shunned in society, and we wanted to bring attention to it. YOU need to stop being so ignorant. We tag EXO because EXO are very good friends of Shrek and Namjoon, and they would all be disgusted at your oppressive and disgusting behavior. Have you no shame? You’re on anonymous and you come here, talk to me like I am shit, then have the audacity to call me rude in caps lock. Why are you here? Why don’t you just go fuck off and stick your first so far up your ignorant ass that it reaches your mouth? And then perhaps you can tear out your tongue so you can never speak again. Then you can drag that back through your body and out of your ass so all of your shit smears on it. Then you can imagine how horrible the taste is. After that, put your dirty little mitts inside of the fireplace and BURN THEM OFF so you can’t TYPE any more. Maybe after that you can stop being such a fucking ASSHOLE. Think about your actions, piss fuck. We don’t tolerate racism, transphobia, homophobia, interspeciesphobia or any other disgusting, despicable hate speech on our blog. Fuck you, you grey circle cunt.


Emotionless Stefan vs Damon

Jo & Alaric talking about baby names

Elena thinking bringing mama Salvatore in present world is a good idea

Kai saying he’ll only help if Bonnie goes with them

Caroline singing

Stefan tearing off the director’s head with his teeth while Caroline’s auditioning

Stefan saying he will do everything so Caroline can let it go

Damon: “Who said you’re coming?”
Elena: “To meet the woman who gave birth to the 2 epic loves of my life? Me”

Caroline vs Stefan

Enzo & Alaric teaming up to try to stop Steroline

Damon meeting Lily after so many years

Photos of Defan as kids

Damon being pissed at Lily for making them believe she was dead

Kai trying to convince Bonnie he changed but then brutally grabs her

Lily was stuck in 1903 with her dessicated vampire friends and wanna bring them with her

Damon to Lily: “These freaks may be your family but Stefan Salvatore is mine & if you don’t wanna help him, I will leave you here to rot. Do you understand me?”

Steroline feeding on that girl’s blood then kissing and undressing each other

Bonnie stabbing Kai & telling him she changed too

Bonnie, Damon, Lily & Elena leaving without Kai

Kai being attacked by one of Lily’s vampire friends

Enzo telling Sarah she deserves better and calling her “Sarah Salvatore” when they all made sure she was finally safe

Steroline kissing & smiling after having sex on the floor of the girls’ dorm

Bonnie cockblocking Delena & Damon almost “moaning” Bonnie’s name while kissing Elena

Bonnie’s gift for Damon: the cure