stop being so cute omg :c

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Middle school Kags overhearing a fight between Oikawa and Iwaizumi and is scared they'll never speak to each other again and Iwaizumi notices it and later explains that yes, they fight, but no, they won't stop speaking to each other, although it would be nice to have some peace and quiet but that's never gonna happen with Oikawa yappin' all the time about this or that and basically Iwa-chan being all fatherly and Oikawa is crying around the corner at how cute that all is.


Me and my mom were getting groceries and we saw this little boy with her mom and the little boy kept saying funny things and making us laugh and my mom stroke up a conversation with his mom and we talked for a little bit and after a while the little boy’s mom said ‘Honey, why don’t you introduce yourself to the nice lady over there? *points at me*’ and I was just beaming and he came over to me and I put out my hand for him to shake and said “Hello, I’m Angela c:” and instead of shaking my hand, he TOOK MY HAND AND LIKE A FRICKIN’ DISNEY PRINCE KISSED THE TOP OF IT AND SAID “Hello, my name is *insert full name*, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.” AND MY HEART MELTED INTO GOO AND I ALMOST CRIED IT WAS SO CUTE I was just smiling and smiling and like so happy like omg (/)///(\) IF ALL GUYS INTRODUCED THEMSELvES LIKE THAT CAN YOU IMaGINe OhMY GOSH

His mother said “I’m trying to teach him all the proper manners of being a gentleman.” and I was just like BLESS YOU MOTHER BEST MOTHER EVER AWARD GOES TO YOU PLS NEVER STOP TEACHING YOUR CHILD TO BE CUTE LITTLE PRINCE HE’S PRECIOUS