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How You Hold Hands (Supernatural Preferences)

Dean Winchester:

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It could be holding hands, or just touching. He needs some form of contact with you to remind him that you’re safe. It starts out with little grabs at your fingers before your hands are completely intertwined.

Sam Winchester:

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You love being close to him, so it never really stops at just holding hands. Your fingers intertwine with his as you bury yourself into his shoulder, his constant warmth and security pulling you in.


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He likes to keep things simple; your fingers intertwined with his. It’s enough to remind him that you’re with him through it all.

Have some baby dinosaurs.

liatai answered your question “Yup, we have officially hit springtime here in Finland. There’s still…”

Who are the youngest members of the Herd, both two-legged and four-?

A baby portrait of the herd’s two youngest members couple years back. Small Dot still a fuzzy little hatchling and Spring Brook, who’s slightly older, but still adorably fluffy. By the time of the actual project, Small Dot has lost (at least most of) her baby fluff, but I just wanted to draw a fluffy baby ceratopsian.

“Frisk finally smiled at Chara like once. Chara cried.”

Fanart for @soleilos​ / @askhopesanddreams. I know you’re not active on the blog anymore, but I needed to express how much I love your interpretation of Frisk and Chara (both before and after the new headcanons), how much I enjoy your blog, your storytelling, and goodness, your art. It’s just so clean and cute and just–

So, fanart! Dunno how exactly that particular scene went down, but here’s my interpretation of it. I just found it adorable, okay?

Ok so episode 7 is really great like victor sleeping on yuuri, guang-hong pouting face (which is so friggin adorable), fairy-alike young victor, cute little chris, down precious leo cheered up and consoled by his coach, still emo georgi, crying messed up yuuri, victuuri being gay kissing in front of audience, phICHIT IS WINNING!!! THIS IS!!! SO!!!! IMPORTANT!!!!!, AND IN THE NEXT EPISODE PREVIEW WE GET TO SEE MY SMOL ANGRY RUSSIAN SON BEING SO EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL AND PRECIOUS AND ALL MY BABY YOU GROW UP SO FAST
(ps: how to stop watching and being emo towards ep 7 pls tell me)

Annoying fact about the one and only David Bowie:


Its really annoying b/c I can’t hug him or tell him to just stop! > . <                                                                                                                        0

Even when pissed off, he’s still cute!
And he’s probs like:


Dating Draco Malfoy Would Include...

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Ok but that gif is so fucking adorable, i love Tom so much.

  • He surprisingly would be very nervous asking you out.
  • He would see you walking to Potions and run up to you, clear his throat and look extremely scared.
  • “Draco? Are you okay?”
  • “Yes i-i’m fine, i was wondering ifyouwouldliketogotohogsmeadewithmetomorrow?”
  • “I didn’t get any of that, Malfoy.”
  • Once he stopped being so bloody nervous, he’d ask you confidently and you’d say yes.
  • The date would be really cute, he’d buy you a bunch of stuff to impress you.
  • “You didn’t have to buy me that, Draco.”
  • “I know, i wanted to.”
  • Once you two start dating, everyone would know within days.
  • PDA
  • Random ass kisses out of the blue.
  • “You’re an ass, you know that right?” “Of course i do, but that’s why you love me.”
  • Getting lost in his eyes.
  • Him always wanting to hold your hand.
  • “Are you sure you don’t have an obsession over Harry?”
  • “I’m pretty sure, love.”
  • You’d always sit with each other during class and meals, even if you aren’t in the same house.
  • Playing with his hair all the time.
  • “It’s just so bloody soft.”
  • Neck kisses.
  • “What happened to your neck?” “Jealous Draco happened.”
  • Not liking Pansy as she always tried to break the two of you up, failing constantly.
  • If anyone teased or flirted with you, Draco would know, and that person will be hexed immediately.
  • “I’ll kill him next time!” “Draco!”
  • He stops bullying people.
  • “Baby”
  • “Babe”
  • “Love”
  • “Sweetheart”
  • SEX
  • Rough sex
  • Passionate sex
  • Kinky sex
  • Just all kinds of sex, anywhere and everywhere.
  • He’d snog you whenever he wanted to, didn’t matter where or who was around, you’d just full on make out with him out of the blue.
  • His arm would be around your waist all the time.
  • Being his lucky charm at Quidditch matches, even if you were on the opposite house.
  • Helping him through everything with his parents and becoming a death eater.
  • Being super nervous meeting the Malfoys’.
  • Lucius not liking you, but Narcissa completely adores you as you make Draco happy.
  • Cuddles 24/7.
  • “I love you, i hope you know that,” “i love you too, Draco.”

Why do you have to be so dang cute all of the time? Like you barely talk to me but just seeing you makes me melt. And then that smile. It catches me off guard everytime. And then when you do try to talk to me, you just walk away, or just stand behind me silent for 5 seconds, or just try to play it off. Like what’s up with that? You’re always doing something cute or adorable around me. Like stop it. Stop being so dang cute all of the time.

Montparnasse tries his best to act tough but when he’s around Jehan he just…melts?? How is he supposed to be all cold and calculating when Jehan is sitting there smiling and braiding flowers into their hair and just being cute?? People aren’t supposed to know that Parnasse has feelings. Like, Stop being so adorable, you’re gonna blow my cover!