stop being so cuddly

Bing: Alright, alright, can you all stop being so touchy and cuddly for a second and focus on more important things? Matt, I must speak with you…

Bing: Matt, this is a device that allows you to control Tom’s actions.

Matt: Uhh… Tom is a person, not a puppet? What is this?

Bing: Pfft, don’t get the wrong idea! This only controls his headpiece! While in that operation room, I decided to make some readjustments and I made this remote to come along with it. Tom is still his own individual! I’ve just added some functions that will make him even more powerful!

Matt: Uh, okay?

Bing: Let me show you all the functions! We’ve got power, the battery, sleep mode (which will recharge the headpiece), that red button there will wake him up, the settings and ??? buttons with allow you to change the color of the headpiece, including the brightness and such… And we have the self destruct button but that’s not important, ahahah!!

Matt: Wait, what?

Bing: Oh, psssh!! That function will only be useful if Tom is giving you a hard time!

Tom: Uhh, what about “Project M”?

Bing: Only press that button when its absolutely needed! Now, chop chop! Go find that tall criminal! I want you two to bring him back to me alive, got it?

Matt: Bing, I really don’t think we need this controller…

Bing: Take it, I insist!

Bing: Go now, and find Edd Gold…

Exo reaction to their gf being very drunk and lovey (touchy)

Chanyeol:*dies of cuteness overload when you came up to him to try to whisper something sexy and kiss him but ended up screaming something about your belly and kissing his nose sloppily*

Baekhyun: *a guy sees your state and tries to make a move on you*”It’s okay to be an idiot from time to time, but if you want to be able to walk tomorrow I highly suggest that you leave, like right now”

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Lay:*gets worried for you and doesn’t really know if he should help you home or something*

Kai (feat Chanyeol):*you accidentally give Lay a bear hug and a peck on the cheek (you thought that he was Kai) and leave him in a very confused state*

Chen:*you came up to him and started kissing his whole face* “Hey Jagi, maybe you want to go somewhere more private and do that?” *is actually just trying to get you home safe*

Xiumin:*you had been teasing him non stop the whole night so when it finally came to an end he gave you a suggestive look, he could already imagine the way you’d walk the next day*

Sehun:*he was drunk as well and you guys spent the whole night cuddling and laughing, you were both acting like five year olds*

Luhan:”Y/N what the hell are you doing?” *laughing his ass of cause you tried to kiss Xiumin on his nose*

Kyungsoo:*you were so cute when you asked him to bring him food, he just couldn’t resist*

Tao:*he was drinking some water to try and sober up a little when you came out of nowhere and squeezed his butt*

Suho:*thinks about the hangover you’ll have tomorrow*

Kris:*he told you to stop being so cuddly and clingy so you started cuddeling with another member*

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Headcanon with the RFA+Saeran where basically MC is possessive? Not as possessive as y'know *ahem* lovely Jumin,, but she's just very cuddly and hyper when she see's her s/o, and gets jealous and possessive easily?


  • It showed through the little things
  • Like when he took you out on a date, you would always cling onto his arm, oh, so tightly
  • Or when that girl across the room stared a little too long, you would glare until she noticed, and looked away.
  • Then there was that girl that blatantly flirted with him in front of you, You forcefully tugged him towards you and kissed him, roughly
  • Of course he was oblivious to it
  • He thought it was normal for the most part. Especially because when it was just you and him you acted normal
  • Hyper, You were constantly moving, jumping, dancing
  • And extremely cuddly whether he’s playing games or studying you seemed to be on top of him somehow
  • so it seemed normal
  • Until it started to show when he was even talking to the RFA members
  • They were your friends too? He didn’t get what the big deal was
  • That’s when he started to notice how possessive you were
  • You were even reluctant to let him leave the house
  • After a good conversation you loosened your reigns though


  • Jaehee is pretty reserved from people
  • But the thing that you constantly get jealous of her dedication to her job
  • Especially when Jumin takes her for multiple days at a time
  • You act rather hostile towards him in the chats
  • Like, Zen can’t even compare to when you’re around Jumin
  • Fight club, nah. Welcome To Hell
  • Jaehee is sincerely worried
  • But whenever she’s finally with you alone you’re fine
  • Other than you being a very touchy, and cuddly person
  • She does ask you to stop being so harsh towards Jumin, it really doesn’t help her situation
  • You comply… For now


  • Zen loves you so much
  • And he loves that you NEVER let go of him, you’re always just kind of there by his side
  • But when you see him with those other girls….
  • Something in you sturs
  • You hate sitting there and watching him, up there, staring at the actors with such admiration
  • And they aren’t you
  • You get quite possessive over him
  • Quite often making sure others know he’s yours, whether it be through flaunting your status as his S/O, or leaving marks on him from hickies to scratch marks that he has no shame in leaving uncovered
  • He only gets worried when you start ignoring him because his part included him in having to kiss the main female lead
  • He made sure you understand his loyalty to you, and only you


  • With Jumin You both are fairly possessive over the other
  • Now, you don’t have to worry about getting jealous over Elizabeth
  • She actually prefers you over Jumin
  • Instead it’s over how he leads his business
  • Like seducing woman, to get them to sign contracts
  • Now whenever they attend the same dinner party you do you have to remind them who Jumin belongs to
  • You will actually fight them if that’s what it comes down to
  • You also don’t like him constantly taking business trips
  • So you usually leave and hangout with the other RFA members, sending cute photo’s in the group chat for Jumin to see.
  • He’s quite eager to get home


  • Whenever Seven isn’t working, you guys have the most fun
  • Literally, you guys will do everything and anything
  • But when he starts working you hate it
  • His entire focus is on his computer, and only his computer, so you sit in his lap, curled up. trying to remind him that you do, infact, exist
  • It hurts worse when he does it for days on end.
  • A jealousy builds up inside of you. You hate that stupid Mary Vanderwood, and his stupid secret agency and his stupid computer and that idiot, for not paying attention to you
  • You sound clingy and annoying, but you can’t help it…
  • He does notice when you leave his lap, it makes it incredibly hard to focus when you aren’t with him
  • He brings you back to him 
  • “I can’t focus without you…”
  • In the end you aren’t nearly as jealous as you originally were, but it still gets to you sometimes


  • You’ve been trying your best to help him open up since you met him
  • And you thought that the two of you were close, but he still was quite reserved around you
  • Then you see the way how he acts around the other RFA members
  • He seemed more open, and happier.
  • Jealousy sets in quickly, you are understanding that it is probably easier for him to open up to certain people compared to others, but it makes all your effort seem worthless
  • You reserve yourself from him, starting to ignore him because of your jealousy, just as a reflex, not even consciously doing it
  • He gets worried, wondering if he did something wrong, even if he wasn’t the most open around you. He enjoyed your constant energetic company. it was similar to his brother but still different.
  • He tries to bring you back to him, this time putting more effort into the relationship
  • You know how hard it is for him, so you come back free of qualms. Happy and energetic once more especially after seeing that he still wanted to be around you
  • Often, if you’re ever feeling left out, the two of you will just spend a day together
  • It helps a lot, for both of you

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EXO as girls on their periods

This would be… horrific. They’d all be synced onto the same cycle!

Xiumin: “I swear, if I ever meet the idiot that thought girls should go through their uterus lining ripping itself apart every month, I will keep their balls on my mantle!” She’s constantly irritated at everyone around her who does so much as breathe.

Luhan: The only one who would actually try to exercise away the pain, she’d hold it over all the others’ heads, but still whimper with a heating pad on her back and another on her abdomen. “All it takes is a little workout and the cramps nearly disappear!”

Kris: Curled up on the floor of the bathroom, she presses her forehead into the tile. “Oh my god, I’m dying! I’ve got ovarian cancer or something and it’s stabbing my vagina!” She’d spend the entire week huddled next to the toilet and vomit when the pain gets too bad.

Suho: “I just don’t understand how Christine could love that fop Raoul instead of the phantom when he loves her so much? It’s just so sad!” She’d be weepy watching all her favorite chick flicks and over-emotional in general, falling for any puppy-pout.

Lay: She’d spend so much time sleeping, just getting up to change her tampon or grab food before going back to bed, ending up in weird positions just because she doesn’t want to move. “I don’t wanna shower. It’s too cold in there and my bed is comfy.”

Baekhyun: Continuously eating, she’d always want fatty and salty and sweet foods and get frustrated over her skin which is starting to break out. “Life isn’t fair.” She’d pout, putting zit cream on. “I bet if boys had to do this, there would already be a pill to make it stop.”

Chen: Being extra cuddly, she’d just latch onto someone so they’ll pets her back and hair to comfort her. “Shut up. I don’t want to hear about your day, just keep it up with the pets.” She’d eventually just fall asleep right there drooling a little on her prisoner’s lap.

Chanyeol: Boobs hurt, back hurts, can’t sleep, and the cramps are actually trying to kill her. She rolls around in bed, complaining to anyone who is within hearing vicinity. “What kind of jackass thinks this isn’t as bad as getting kicked in the balls?!”

D.O: She has absolutely no time for anyone who annoys her even slightly, slamming the door in Chanyeol’s face multiple times and just trying to get through the week while acting relatively normal. “You’re such a dumbass! Get out!”

Tao: Out of all the others, she gets the most bloated, wrapping herself up in giant sweatshirts, generally paranoid that she’s getting blood on her panties and feeling really vulnerable. “Why can’t this week be over yet? You guys are always so mean!”

Kai: She spends most of her time on the couch, watching Pororo and just sleeping through the pain with the help of midol and wanting to be left completely alone. “Go watch Phantom of the Opera somewhere else, noona. I want Pororo, not your sobbing.”

Sehun: Halfway through the second bucket of ice cream, wrapped up in blankets and watching movies on her computer. “Why can’t I just get a text message every month saying ‘Congrats! You’re not pregnant!’ But no, it’s five days of revenge for not wanting a baby.”

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Never gonna leave this bed

OTP Idea #248: Imagine your OTP doing the morning crosswords together every morning. 

So…I guess I tried to write something…Klainish? Something that might resemble a drabble (maybe if you squint and tilt your head just the right way)? So yes, here it is. Blame the prompt that I found completely by accident and that couldn’t leave me alone. But it was indeed fun to write, sooo :D

Future!Klaine, so very much fluffy (naughty Blaine thinking of birds doesn’t count, right? Right?)

It’s not like Kurt likes to sleep in, or that he dislikes mornings. Well, he does wish early mornings came later in the day, but he has mostly resigned himself to wake up as soon as his alarm blares. After sighing and burying his head under the covers for a while, but still.

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