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At first would be a little startled, since you were just passed our mere minutes ago when he left for the bathroom. Either he was half asleep, and still a little bit out of it, or you were some sort of ninja. Slowly turning his head, he couldn’t help but giggle as your hands crept inside his shirt, rubbing small circles at the little happy trail that was slowly forming under his belly button. 

“Good morning to you, too. Sleep okay?”  


Would take him a minute to register what was going on. He barely even got the toothpaste on the brush before another set of arms appeared from behind him, helping him out a little. When he looked down at the brush, he slowly blinked at it before humming at the feeling of warm hands rubbing his belly. Leaning backward, practically melting into your arms, he flashes you a tired smile through the mirror. 

Words wouldn’t even need to be exchanged, you just enjoyed how squishy he could get in the mornings. At the end of the day, he was your little teddy bear.


Could see him appreciating the soft gesture more than anyone else. He wakes up every morning to work hard, and please everyone in the world as much as he possibly could. Never had it accord to him that he needed reassurance that he was appreciated. Sure, people would tell him that he was, and he would tell himself that, but no one had ever shown that he was.

So when you walked into the bathroom, all sleepy and cuddly, you immediately latched onto his waist, hands traveling inside his tank top to draw small shapes on his lean stomach. Even though it was small, he still enjoyed this ounce of affection before he had to leave you all alone. 

“I got cold,” you whined to him, snuggling deeper into his back. Chuckling softly, he continued to brush his teeth. 

“Get warm, you cute little thing.” 


Probably should have announced your appearance before coming up behind him. If you hadn’t been fully awake, you definitely would be right after he screamed bloody murder. But, after calming down, he would beg for you to hug him from behind once again.

“Y/n! I told you to never sneak up on me like that!”

“Sorry, Hobi…” As you start to walk away, he was quick to grasp your arm and pull you right back.

“T-That doesn’t mean you have to stop holding me…”


Can see him being used to it by now, since you’ve done this multiple times in the mornings. He actually would start sleeping without shirts so you could have better access. Plus, he enjoys the belly rubs from you when he wakes up and you like it when he’s shirtless - so it’s a win for both of you.

“You know, you make it difficult for me to leave you when you’re like this.”


Taehyung would adore your cuddly moments, anticipating it every single morning. If you were to take longer than normal to come and cuddle up to him, he would rush back into the room and collapse onto your still sleeping form- begging for the belly rubs, like the puppy he his. 

“Wake up, jagi~! I want my morning snuggles!”


Would brighten up his morning, to be honest; your cold hands against his warm skin would sooth him in a way that he couldn’t explain. Just like Taehyung, he needed this to happened at least every morning for reassurance that you would always be there.

“I love you, jagi~ Stay like this forever, please.”

'Oh no.'

‘Oh no.’

Tucker hadn’t meant for this to happen. Honestly his tight ass would have paid any amount of money in the world to PREVENT this from happening.

But it had happened. He had looked over at his life long best friend sleeping against his shoulder and had been struck by the very INTIMATE urge to kiss him on his adorable little freckled nose.

This wasn’t a good thing, because said best friend’s GIRLFRIEND was sleeping against his OTHER shoulder, and every time her hair fell across her face he had to nearly bite his own fingers to stop himself from brushing her fringe aside out of her long lashed eyes.

The three of them had sat down for a movie at Sam’s place, it was one of those few calm nights where the ghosts were chilling in the Zone and NOT causing any trouble for once. Danny was absolutely delighted to spend the night with his friends doing something that DIDN’T involve ghosts.

The two lovebirds had sat beside one another on the lounge, holding hands and being, quite frankly, UNBEARABLY adorable. Tucker warned them that he’d sit on them if they didn’t stop being so mushy and things predictably escalated until they were all but a tangle of goofy limbs hanging precariously off the two seater lounge.

By the time Tucker awoke it was late morning and he was seated firmly between Sam and Danny, both having cuddled right up to him in the night, his left arm was warm under Sam’s weight, but his entire right side was borderline numb beneath Danny’s clinging arms. Boy was a leach, he had always been clingy when they shared beds as kids but back then he didn’t have a big ol’ chunk of freezing cold ectoplasm sitting pretty in his chest.

But cold be damned Tucker was squished up with BOTH his crushes practically sleeping on top of him, no force on Earth or in the Zone could possibly make him move right now. He was staying right here where he could stew in his delight and guilt for the rest of eternity.

Until Danny stirred and an arm pressed against his bladder. Heck. He needed to pee, like, really REALLY needed to pee.

Tucker stayed nestled up in the cuddle pile for as long as he could stand it before heaving a sigh so heavy even Thor couldn’t lift it. Somehow he managed to wrangle himself out without waking either of his friends and he waddled to the bathroom to relieve himself.

He could hear his heartbeat in his ears as he stood in the cold tiled room. Why. No seriously, WHY. How in the fresh hell did he manage to fall head over heels not only for ONE of his best friends, but BOTH of them, and to top it off they were both DATING each other. He literally could not have picked a worse scenario.

He could wake up one morning with 'Bad Luck Tuck’ tattooed to his forehead and he still couldn’t possibly feel more unlucky than he did in this instant.

It took all of his willpower not to always end his and Sam’s constant meat vs vegan fights by smooching her on those enticingly smooth cheekbones, and Danny was even WORSE. Every time that asshole so much as SMILED Tucker’s heart would start thumping like it was trying to put him into cardiac arrest, it was just all those freckles and that little chip in his tooth and-

Oh God stooooop. He needed to stop, he needed to stop right the heck now before he became the first human being to pass out from overexposure to adorkableness. Honestly? Fuck his friends for being so cute. This was all their fault, they could at least have considered his feelings before growing up to be so adorably kissable.

He’d tried so hard to deny it to himself, he tried SO hard to fall back out of love with them but after waking up that morning nestled between those two precious asshats he realised that he had lost this battle, and he had lost it HARD.

But, at the very least, living with a superhero as your best friend taught you some pretty useful life skills. One of those skills being how to Lie Like a Motherfucker to Everyone You Care About. So without further ado Tucker washed his hands, took a moment to stare his lovestruck gaze away in the mirror, and went back out to throw a shoe at his best friend’s head for making his arm numb through the night.

He loved his friends, he loved them with everything he had and that was why he could never tell them how he felt.


'Oh no.’

Sam was honestly pissed, no scratch that, she was more than pissed. She was FURIOUS. Her rage burned with the intensity of her mother’s artificially whitened teeth, and she couldn’t even take it out on anyone, because the focus of her ire was her own stupid stupid brain.

She had always been equally close to both of her friends, in fact she had only very rarely hung out with one or the other alone, and every time she did it felt just… so uncomfortable. It took a long time to really sort out what that feeling was, but even when she did it made no sense.

It was GUILT, she felt GUILTY. Why did she feel guilty? Danny and Tucker sometimes hung out together without her, and that was fine, she was fine with it, they’d been friends since before she came along, but why couldn’t she do the same?

Every time one of them was over her house without the other it almost felt like she was cheating on someone, and that only got MORE disturbing after she and Danny started dating. Because suddenly? It very well COULD have been cheating.

But it wasn’t. And she kept telling herself it wasn’t. She had never kissed Tucker while she and Danny were dating. They had never even held hands.

But God damn, the realisation that had just struck her was enough to make her want to slap herself for ever becoming such a cliché piece of romance movie tripe.

She had just been sitting there, sipping on her smoothie when Tucker did that Thing. She hated that Thing. That Thing where he’d say something that he knew full well was the vocal equivalent of a tumblr shitpost but he ALSO knew she’d found it fucking hilarious and while she tried her damnedest not to let a smile loose he’d send her a big shit eating grin that made her stomach roll and her tongue feel dry. Yeah, THAT Thing.

She was crushing on Tucker, she was crushing on Tucker so hard. She was head over heels for her best friend, her BOYFRIEND’S best friend. Literally EVERYTHING about this situation was the reason she hated 90% of the movies she ever saw. Love triangles were the worst plague fiction had ever suffered and suddenly she realised it had spread it’s nasty little friendship killing tendrils into her life.

She was determined, however, not to fall into the awful trap that so many would think was inevitable, and she did so by keeping her mouth firmly shut about it. She had the willpower to go face to face against ghosts twice her size, and had been through more than one bout of emotional and mental manipulation by others of the ghostly kind. She was not about to lose this battle with herself and destroy not only her relationship, but also the much more valuable friendship she held with both boys.

Sam got up and gathered everyone’s Nasty Burger food scraps to throw into the bin, taking the brief moment to let her face twist in grief over what she’d have to do. With the rubbish gone and her resolve hardened, she slathered her face in smiles and ease, walking back to the table and acting with the skill and grace of someone who had been lying to protect her best-friend-turned-boyfriend for years. Her true feelings shoved somewhere deep between a pit of self-loathing and the core of her love for the boys she cared more about than anyone on this earth, including herself.


'Oh no.’

Danny was in trouble. Danny was in so so so so SO much trouble.

Honestly? At first he hadn’t even realised he was doing it, Tucker had been his friend for such a long time, it had only seemed natural to invite him out everywhere when he and Sam made plans. But Danny was starting to realise the tension it was causing.

Neither of them said anything but sometimes Danny could pick up on… something. Of course he knew what it was, since he’d started officially dating Sam, Tucker had become somewhat of a third wheel.

Danny had never considered his friend to be out of place or unwanted, but he wasn’t sure Sam felt the same way. Maybe she wanted it just to be the two of them, maybe she just wanted some alone time with her boyfriend. She wouldn’t say anything, Danny figured she didn’t want to seem clingy or harsh but, why else would things suddenly start feeling so… weird?

He tried to make the effort to go on at least a couple dates with Sam without inviting Tucker, but honestly he just couldn’t help but think something was missing, and it really didn’t seem to be helping with Sam’s tension. She tried to hide it, she really did, and it wasn’t as though she was bad at it, Danny just knew her too well. Her and Tucker, he was hiding something too.

And Danny was starting to think he knew what it was. They had NOTICED.

He thought he was doing such a good job keeping his feelings from being too obvious, he was used to acting differently around certain people by now (having an alter ego did that to a guy), but obviously his friends knew him too well.

It might have been the touching, yep, yep it definitely could have been the touching. Danny was an extremely touchy person and his gentle caresses and nuzzles weren’t particularly picky about which friend received them. He definitely remembered a time when he straight up snuggled his face right into Tucker’s neck during what was probably an EXTREMELY un-platonic hug.

Other events on the 'Danny is a two timing doofus’ calendar included:

'Holding hands with both Sam AND Tucker while walking down the street.’

'Very delicately running his fingers over Tucker’s leg one time when he’d thrown them on Danny’s lap and honestly there was absolutely nothing heterosexual about that moment.’

'Every time Tucker laughed so hard he snorted Danny thought his heart would straight up melt into a puddle of goo, and then SAM would start doing that super adorable giggle that she was really self conscious of and her trying not to laugh made her pull this fACE and Tucker would lose his mind and start snorting all over again and-’

Danny had to stop himself right there before his heart completely dissolved because for the love of the Ancients his friends were both way too hecking precious for their own good and he loved them, he loved them sooo much. He loved them both.

And they probably knew it.

And boy that meant he was in deep trouble.

Would Sam break up with him? Would this ruin their friendship? Nobody was SAYING anything but Danny knew that stewing over something like this was just going to lead to an explosion of awkward raging teen angst worthy of a place on an MCR album.

If they weren’t gonna bring it up then Danny would just have to… get it out of the way.

Oh boy, he did not want to do this, nuh uh, no sir, he did not want to be standing in his bedroom shifting uncomfortably before his two beautiful, patient, wonderful friends. He would have loved to be sitting BETWEEN them however he deemed such a position to be quite, how the professionals would say, INA-FUCKING-PROPRIATE considering the subject at hand.

No, standing in front of them was slightly better, only slightly because Danny felt like an absolute nervous piece of half human trash. Maybe he could just jump out the window and throw himself into a dumpster, that would speed things along. He would probably end up there by the end of this conversation anyway.

He decided to just do it, stop beating around the blood blossom bush and just get it DONE. Unfortunately Danny hadn’t practiced what he was going to say beforehand, so when he finally resolved to just blurt it all out he literally did… just that.


By the time his brain caught up to his words his dumpster diving plan was sounding significantly more appealing. There was probably some kind of banana skin pun he could have used there but he was far too stressed to figure it out.

Tucker didn’t respond, he appeared to be trying to bury his face into his hat. A kind of wheezing noise was coming out of him, Danny couldn’t tell if it was a good sound or a bad sound. Sam let out a long breath that whistled between her lip piercings.

“Holy shit me too.”

The Tucker sound continued, raising to a nearly imperceptible level. Danny was just beginning to think it might have been a Bad sound when Tucker pulled his face back into the world, his glasses were all fogged up but he stopped making the noise.

Sam and Danny both waited for him to say actual words but Tucker.exe seemed to have stopped working. Once he’d gained his breath he was back to wheezing into his hat. Sam hesitantly put a hand on his back.

“Are you actually okay or are you like, dying?”

Muffled words were said into the hat, none of which could be repeated around children. Danny was juuuust about to start attempting to will himself into spontaneous combustion when he recognised a very distinct sound emanating from the hat.

Snorting, Tucker was snorting like a god damn pig. Danny’s shaky legs gave out below him and he sat on the floor, shoving his face into the carpet as he laughed along with his best friend. He didn’t know what was happening right now, but he was Having Emotions and the floor just seemed like the right place for that.

Also he needed to look somewhere that wasn’t Sam. She was trying not to laugh and she was pulling That Face and Danny just couldn’t handle it right now and really the floor was great why didn’t he spend more time here.

Tucker felt as though he was finally ready to leave the comforting world of Hat Land and face the unbeLIEVABLE realisation that all of his dreams had just come true in a ten second span of time, he felt like he had just been blessed by the gods, his skin was clear, his crops were flourishing and world peace had been established. Today was a good day to start ugly sobbing in front of the two most important people in his life.

“I love both you guys too!!” Tucker half laughed, half cried, and then just straight up cried, “I’ve wa-wanted to smooch you both sooo bad for like, MONTHS!”

The moment his snorting turned to sobbing he was immediately accosted by a pair of equally snotty emotional wrecks. Danny, still on the floor, had plopped his head on Tucker’s lap and just started balling his eyes out, like he was really going for gold in 'Most Tears Shed on One Lap’. Sam, on the other hand, had commandeered Tucker’s upper half for a simple bone breaking, teary hug.

The next few hours were just chock full of used tissues, an inappropriate amount of snacks and some deep, heartfelt discussions about what the fuck their relationship was gonna be.

Honestly they were just happy to be so open and at ease with one another again, the sun poured into Danny’s bedroom window as the three of them dozed in the warm pool of light. Laying across one another, their imagined boundaries finally broken, they could finally talk shit about each other for making them feel so mushy.


“Oh NO.”

Paulina said out loud at the scene before her. Those three dorks were sitting together at their usual lunch table, all bunched up ridiculously close together and if she wasn’t mistaken she had just seen Danny turn around and KISS TUCKER ON THE MOUTH while Sam, his GIRLFRIEND, just watched?!

“Oh yes.” Star deadpanned, not seeming too fazed by the weirdness happening before her.

“I didn’t think those three could get any more confusing, but I have no idea what’s happening over there right now.” Paulina sat back in her chair, arms crossed.

“Really?” Star raised an eyebrow. “You seriously didn’t see this coming? Those three,” she pointed with a delicately painted pink nail, “have been perfect polygamy material for like, three years.”

“Perfect what material?” Paulina’s face was all scrunched up in confusion, her little nose wrinkled up and her lips pursed in just the cutest little pout-

Star’s stomach fluttered alarmingly.

'Oh no.’

The Labyrinth Chapter 38

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Genre: Gang AU/ High School AU

Pairing: Reader/Jimin ft. all the members

Length: 4.7k

Summary: Looking back on your past, your life has never been anything out of the ordinary. Although your parents had left you on one mysterious night, leaving you little to no explanations, you live out the rest of your years residing in a new town under the custody of your aunt. That is, until you return to your hometown to investigate the whereabouts of your parents during your senior year in high school. It was that fateful decision that led you to find a boy collapsed on your front porch one night, wounds gaping and life fading when your entire life is spun out of control. Somehow being dragged into a life of crimes in the underground business of his, you discover the twisted secrets hidden behind the world you thought you had known all along. 

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How would BTS react to you calling them papi 👀


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Here,” you pull Jungkook by the hand through the crowded and poorly lit hallway upstairs. He’s much taller and stronger than you but lets you pull him by the hand through the whole house. Finally after checking two bedrooms, you open the bathroom door and lean against the opposite wall, hands behind your back all tipsy and flirty batting your eyes at him. Jungkook stands at the door frame like a dummy until you walk over to him and lock the bathroom door he’s leaning against. You wrap your hands around his neck and pull him down to lick at his mouth. He kisses you back, opening his mouth to let your lips suck on his tongue while his hands find their way to your ass. He twirls you around so you’re pressed against the wall and he slides his thick thigh between yours. His lips massaging yours, you grind against his thigh and whine at the feeling while letting your hands roam all over Jungkooks firm chest. Your hands find their way under his shirt and you drag your nails over his abdomen. Just as your fingers are about to find the hem of his underwear you’re interrupted by the whole door shaking.


Someone slams their fists against the door, interrupting your hot and heavy make out session against the very same door. Jungkook licks his lips and just chuckles, looking down at you. He almost shrugs as if saying you should give up the room and let the guy in - you were not up for that. You finally had Jungkook for yourself this night.

“OCCUPIED!” you yelled to the guy on the other side of the door and smirk at the black haired pretty boy in front of you. He looks a bit insecure but you pull him in to kiss his swollen lips again.

“COME ON!” the guy moans on the other side, slamming his last fist against the door.

“Are you sure, smooch, sure that this, smooch, is a good, smooch, idea?” he stammers in between kisses. You do this thing with your tongue that just reminds him to shut the fuck up because why is he trying to talk you out of fucking in the bathroom at Namjoons house party?

“I am so fucking sure,” You lick at his ear as you whisper “papi,”. Jungkook pants a fuck under his breath and his hands find their way to your hair.

“You know what happened last time you called me that,” Jungkook warns you.

“Is that a threat?” you say innocently and look up at him with big eyes. “cause I remembering it going like, you fucked the shit out of me because you love it when I call you papi.”

Jungkooks grip on you waist tightens and he both chuckles and grows hard at the memory.

“You know I just want you to fuck me, papi.” you whispers in his ear and he puts his hand around your throat softly, making you look into his eyes. They’re filled with hunger.

”Turn around,” he orders.


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Namjoons slender fingers are gripping your hips, harshly snapping his in perfect rhythm and creating a sound of you skin slamming against each other as well as sparks of pleasure through your legs with every thrust. Your ass up in the air and face resting on the mattress, creating a perfect arch and giving Namjoon a view he’ll save in his mind for later lonely nights. Watching your ass bounce as he pounds you makes him wanna grab it, slap it, kiss it and adore it.

“Do you know how fucking hot you are?” he pants, gritting his teeth and slows down his thrusts. You try to roll your hips back at him which just results in him gripping your hips to stop you and he slides out. “Don’t be too eager now baby girl,” he chuckles when you whine at the empty feeling right when you were getting close to coming. You roll your hips on his wet hard dick and he hisses, considering giving you what you want so badly.

He loved being a tease way too fucking much.

“Please,” you gasp and turn your head to meet his gaze. “Papi…” you purr and looking in his eyes you can tell that word gets to him.

“Call me that again.” Namjoon bites his lip.

“Fuck me again.” you bite back.

You smirk fades, your face getting morphed into pleasure as he slams into you without warning.

“Papi, just like that,” you encourage him and actually feel his dick twitching inside you. He starts slamming into you mercilessly, making you a moaning mess until your legs shake and you both climax.


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You and Yoongi would be up in his car doing some slow tongue kissing. It all started like fifteen minutes ago when you both were outside taking a walk to find a place to eat dinner. It was so cold but you didn’t want to say anything, - Yoongi noticed himself in the way you were shaking.

“Hey, do you want to go sit in the car instead?” he asked with a cute smile on his face.

“Is it that obvious?” you chuckle and he nods, throwing his arm around you to start walking to the fairly empty parking lot.

Now you’re here after you wanted to sit in his lap to warm up. Winter in Seoul did get really cold and the best way to stay warm is human contact. Anyhow you ended up with Yoongis tongue down your throat and your hips rolling down on his crotch. He moaned into your mouth when your warm crotch pressed down on his and you smile against his mouth.

“You know,” you say between kisses, “I think this would count as public sex aka very illegal,” you smirk and grind on him.

“Shut up you’re just making it hotter,” Yoongi mutters against your skin as he moves down your neck to kiss your skin. Without even noticing you lean your head back to give him easier access to bite your neck. “Seems you think that sounds hot too since you’re grinding on me even harder now,” he pants and trails his fingers around the hem of your shirt as he plants light pecks on your skin. When you shy away he laughs. He’s breathing heavy and you actually feel him hard against your thigh. You grab the hair at the back of his neck and roll your hips down on his hardening dick and the look you give him tells it all.

“Only if you ask me nicely,” he mumbles and caresses your cheek, his fingers ending up softly gripping your chin.

“Please,” your hand grabs his hand that’s resting on your cheek, guiding his fingers into your mouth for you to suck on them. “Please papi,” you moan around his fingers and Yoongi growls. You smile because you know now you crossed his line.


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“One more,” you whine with your hands on Hoseoks cheeks. He chuckles before he leans in for one last peck before he has to go. You really don’t want him to go, actually you were feeling especially horny today. Hoseok probably noticed from the way you were all over him since he came home to pick up a few things before he had to go to dance practice with Jungkook and Jimin twenty minutes ago. Right before he’s about to leave you insist in giving him a last hug. You grab his butt softly and he smirks against the crook of your neck while he hugs you.

“It’s such a shame you have to go,” you sigh and let your nails scratch down his back, making him break out in shivers.

“I know,” he mumbles, not yet noticing what you’re trying to do.

You break the hug to look at his handsome face, his lips pretty and pink and his hair freshly showered with no product in it. He looked so sexy today you felt your pussy throbbing from just seeing him in that white t-shirt, hugging his chest and shoulders so perfectly. Your eyes roam hungrily all over him and you bite your lip. Hoseok gulps under your gaze, not daring to ask what’s going through your head right now.

“I was just thinking about something you and I could do,” you answer his thoughts. “,but since you have to leave I guess I’ll just have to do it myself.” you say slowly, looking into his eyes and he stutters - knowing exactly what you’re talking about. He knew you meant you were gonna be home, all alone with yourself and your own lust ending up touching yourself and that imagine makes Hoseok break out in cold sweat.

“Unless you want to stay?” you whisper and lick the shell of his ear.

“You know I can’t-” he says, his voice breaking mid-sentence.

“Please stay,” you kiss his neck. Hoseok moans.

“Don’t do this to me-” his stomach fluttered as you kissed his neck.

“I’ll treat you good papi,” you curl your fingers around the collar of his shirt and his eyes roll back in pleasure when you softly call for him like that.

“Fuck it,” he throws his bag on the ground. “Jimin and Jungkook can fucking wait,” he attacks your mouth with his lips and immediately pulls the hem of your shirt for you to take it off. You do and now your chest is exposed to Hoseok who’s now desperate to touch you everywhere.

“You know what happens when you call me-” he chokes on his own words as your hand goes down to press on his dick. Your hand massages the outlines of his dick through his sweat pants.

“Papi?” you finish his sentence and he moans. Fuck.


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Taehyung planted wet kisses all over you exposed chest, sucking a licking on your flushed skin. It was hot in the room and his shirt was off, exposing his tan and smooth chest. Some slow jam r&b was playing softly in the background and you lips meet again and Taehyung thinks you taste of vanilla ice cream. the ice cream package was melting away on the table in front of you and so where you under his touch. He hovered over you, his tongue exploring your mouth like he’d never been there and his big hands grabbing your thighs. You have your legs gently hooked around his waist as your hands hold firmly around his neck, occasionally slipping down his chest to feel his naked skin under your touch. He breaks out in shivers as you moan into his mouth. 

You had been making out like this for about 20 minutes and things were going down. He had taken off his shirt and you your pants. Taehyungs hands slip down the curve off your ass and grabs your thighs. 

“Do you have a condom?” you pant into his mouth and he freezes. 

“No,” he hesitates as he pulls away from the deep kiss. 

You pout in a wondering frown and think whats about to happen next. Did you just suck on your boyfriends tongue for 30 minutes until you were throbbing for this? 

You bring down his lips to yours again and bite at his bottom lip. He groans into your mouth, letting himself fall into the lust again. He let’s you feel him up again and rub his skin and kiss his lips until you use your legs to push him down on you, against your pussy. He feels the pleasure tingle down the pit of his belly. 

“What are you-” he tries to protest but you shut him up with kisses, whispering shh and grinding up on his crotch again. “We can’t-” he pants.

“But I need it,” you whisper and your hand trails down his stomach, slipping inside the hem of his boxers. “Papi,” you moan into his ear as your hands wrap around his leaking dick. It twitches at your words.

Taehyung growls softly into your ear. 

“You know exactly what buttons to press to push me over the edge,” he grits through his teeth, so turned on he thinks he might explode. He had been in this situation before and you always won. Instead of putting up a fight he gave in as soon as you started with your Spanish nickname for him. He really loved it so, oh so much. It made his cock twitch to hear you moan, whisper or yell it. 


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His breath is the only thing you can focus on right now, it’s the only thing that shows you where Seokjin is right now. You writhe as much as you can in the bed, trying to come in contact with anything, frustrated by now. Being tied up and blindfolded was arguably the worst thing you’ve agreed to in bed with this man. Your legs and hips were the only part free of your body. You arms were tied to each part of the headboard with your eyes covered. You feel the mattress dip from his weight at your feet. His breath tickles your legs and travels upwards. Up above the stomach to your exposed breasts. Suddenly you feel his wet mouth around your nipple and whine. You had no physical contact or warmth anywhere on your body except for his tongue swirling around your nipple. It was torture and exquisite at the same time.

His wet kisses moved down your stomach and his breath finally hovered over your aching pussy. By now you were throbbing for him to touch you after teasing and massaging and finally denying physical contact. His warm, big hands grab the insides of your thigh and you lean into the contact.

“Spread you legs,” he orders and you follow his motion.

The following minute is just about building anticipation, you even catch yourself holding your breath. Finally his wet, warm tongue slides over your clit and your body breaks out in shivers and you release a soft moan. He licks up and down again, making you gasp and moan again. His mouth closes on your clit to suck on it and your eyes roll back in pleasure. You knew your sounds was what got him going the most. He licks and sucks until your toes curl and you moan his name softly. His wet mouth felt so good on you but you wanted more, you wanted him to fill you up and fuck the shit out of you. You needed it. You knew he needed it too, he must be throbbing in his pants right now, you thought.

“Don’t you want to fuck me?” you say, completely out of breath from being teased to the most. Seokjin was quiet, you knew he loved dominating you like this but you wasn’t easily fooled - you still knew his soft spots.

Cogeme duro,” You moan and bite your lip. You knew what Spanish did to Seokjin. “Por favor, papi” you whine and you immediately feel his hands gripping your hips. He goes to rip off your blindfold and looks at you, so turned on but still soft in his expression.

“You think you’re so smart huh?” he pants.

“Make me come papi,” you whine, noticing how calling him that word made him choke. You had found a new soft spot.


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It was 23:35 and everyone was asleep. Jimins family was visiting yours out on the summer camping house since your families were good friends. There were like 20 people in the house, everyone deep asleep, you hoped, as you tiptoed your way to Jimins room. He jumps slightly as he gets a knock on the door. When it’s you sneaking in, only wearing a tank top and panties he just smiles big.

“Here to tease me like that huh?” he grins because he also notices you’re not wearing a bra underneath the tank top. You walk over to his bed where he’s sitting on the edge and get comfortable next time him.

“Shut up,” you bite back and grab his neck to kiss him. He’s overwhelmed at first because you were so straight forward with why you were here but quickly he catches on and kisses you back. Your hands roam his shoulders all over as you deepen the kiss with Jimin. His lips so sweet and red and just kissable. Slowly you get on to your knees in front of him but he closes his legs and tries to grab your arms to pull you up.

“What are you doing! Anyone can come in, there’s no lock on this door!” he hisses.

“Aw,” you sigh, completely ignoring his protests and grabbing his thick thighs to pull them apart. Before he can convince you not to, his dick is outside of his pants with your fingers around it. Jimin looks down at you, leaning on his hands on the mattress and looking delicious and speechless as ever. You stick your tongue out, squeezing his dick to bring it to your warm mouth. Right when your tongue barely touches his twitching cock, you change your mind and he whines.

“You’re right, too risky.” you sigh and he knows what you’re doing. Ultimately, you’re right and he knew for your best you shouldn’t start sucking his dick right here with both of your uncles and mothers and what-not in this very house.

You climb up to sit on the bed, a little butt-hurt that Jimin didn’t actually put up a fight. Damn he was a good guy. Too good.

“You know, if I wanted you to fuck me I could make you. Simple.” you sighed arrogantly inspecting your nails and trying to seem unbothered. Jimin pinches your side.

“Oh yeah?” He says and meets your cocky look. “And how exactly would you do that.” he scoffs.

You turn to him and grab his wrists, pinning them behind him and lay him on the bed.

“I just have to pin you like this, climb on top of you ,” you say as your actions follow. “-then you’d feel my hot core through the thin fabric of our underwear and I’d just have to roll my hips lightly,” The friction is so delicious.

Jimin chokes out a moan.

“-I’ll just follow by taking your hand in mine and guiding it to my bare breast.” you bite your lip as you do that exactly. Jimins hand rests on your left breast and you pinch your own nipple and whine, all while looking right into his eyes. You know Jimin is so fucking turned on right now, you can tell from the look in his eye, his hard dick pressing against your thigh and the way his grip tightens to massage your boob. He grunts at the sight of you needy like this, almost forgetting that right on the other side of this paper thin wall is Mr and Mrs Park, sleeping.

Finally you lean down, your boobs pressed against his chest to whisper in his ear.

“Papi, you know you want to.”

“Fuck,” Jimin gasps, already feeling like he’s gonna come in his pants if you’re gonna grind on him and dirty talk to him like this.

“Por favor papi,” you moan into his ear. Jimin feels his body giving in, he tried convincing you this wasn’t a good idea but right at this moment with this delicious friction of you grinding on him, he can’t seem to remember any good reason not to fuck you right now. He finally looks into your eyes with a grin.

“Alright, ass in the air sweet heart.” 

AIGHT YALL i make my reactions so long im gonna cut them to yall gotta pick three members! next time you submit! remember!

{Reaction} Monsta X finding out you’re crushing on Shownu

Can you do a MX reaction when they find out you like Shownu please?

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used

Lee Minhyuk

Originally posted by kuromel

Minhyuk: “I knew it! I knew you liked him since you kept staring at him in dance practice that time you came to watch us! I have to set you two up on a date right this instant!”

{y/n}: *stopminhyuk2k17*

Yoo Kihyun

Originally posted by jooheonbebe

Kihyun: “Aish, why would you like him? I mean… I know why you would like him but… oh whatever.” *Jealous but will never admit it.* 

Shin Hoseok/ Wonho

Originally posted by lostinmonstax

Wonho: “I kind of guessed, you spend way too much time looking at his ass for that information to be a secret.”

Son Hyunwoo/ Shownu

Originally posted by hyungnu

Shownu: “You mean me? You’re kidding- you’re not? Well… I like you too” *shy but adorable bean*

Lim Changkyun/ I.M

Originally posted by kihn

Changkyun: *bites Shownu’s arm*

{y/n}: “Will you stop doing that to him?” 

Changkyun: “Jealous?” *smirking*

Chae Hyungwon

Originally posted by daehyunssexface

Hyungwon: “SO this is what happens when you take the Daddy in Shownu too seriously?”

{y/n}: “I will punch you”

Lee Jooheon

Originally posted by wonhontology

Jooheon: *acting all cutely with Changkyun until-* “Look everyone, this is what {y/n} is like with Shownu when he comes out of the gym”

{y/n}: “I wish I wasn’t a living human being right now”

anonymous asked:

Could you possibly do some prompts beginning with "You're so cute..."

1) “You’re so cute…”
“I can kill a man in thirty different ways in thirty seconds.”
“So precious.” They kissed the other’s forehead. “So pure.” 
“Now you’re just fucking with me.”
They grinned. “You do wear jumpers you knit yourself, I’m just saying. You’re a small, adorable little ball of murder and rage.” 
“You’re going to be a small, adorable little ball of blood and guts if you don’t stop talking.”

2) “You’re so cute…”
“…you are aware you said that aloud, right?”
“What?” B repeated, too flustered to repeat it. Had they misheard?
They stared at each other, before both looking away quickly. The silence stretched for a moment. “Cute, huh?” B muttered. 
“I just meant your - you’re um -” A fished for an excuse, but ended up gesturing all of B instead. Hopelessly. 
A smile tugged B’s lips. “My?” B left it hanging, mercilessly. 
“Okay, now you’re not being cute anymore.”
B laughed. 

3) “You’re so cute…”
“I know. It takes a lot of effort. Do you want me to show you how?”

Dating Kim Yugyeom

Not requested ^.^


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Ah, the Maknae

  • “Oh I’m sor-”
  • “No no It was my fault, I wasn’t paying attention so I’m sorry..?” Asking his name
  • “Yugyeom”
  • Friends at first
  • Inside jokes all the time
  • BamBam getting jealous but then joining in on the jokes
  • Three musketeers
  • Falling asleep at their place a lot
  • Becoming a sister to GOT7 except Yugyeom
  • He never saw you like that
  • Him towering over you and making jokes about it so now you would have to hit his chest
  • Yugyeom telling BamBam how he thinks he’s falling in love with you
  • BamBam smirking and laughing because he didn’t need to hear the confession to know
  • “Hyungs! The maknae has a crush on ____!!” 
  • Now every time you’re over, You can see the smirks everyone is giving Yugyeom
  • Pretending it’s not happening although that doesn’t last long, so you ask him to help you with something in the kitchen
  • “What’s going on?”
  • “Nothing, why?”
  • Aygeo 
  • “Stop that ____”
  • “Make me.”
  • Yugyeom becoming flustered because he thinks you’re so cute and he really  just wants to just grab you by the waist and kiss you
  • The guys unintentionally interrupting 
  • You not getting your answer
  • Youngjae is the first to go to bed not surprised followed by a few others and lastly BamBam which leaves you two alone
  • You winning the last game but barely
  • “I should probably get going.”
  • “What? It’s late, usually you just stay here.”
  • Him insisting you stay
  • Finally convincing you
  • Grabbing you blankets and what-not
  • Him sitting close to you until you get tired but you guys end up talking for hours
  • Getting sleepy so you rest your head on his chest
  • Hearing his heartbeat begin to race
  • “____?”
  • “What’s up?”
  • “What would you you say if I asked you out, like on a date?”
  • **%#@& hEArT FaILUrE #%@&**
  • First date is somewhere simple and sweet
  • Shy!Yugyeom™
  • Laughing 
  • Staying side-by-side the entire time
  • “I had a lot of fun.”
  • “So did I Yugy. We should do this again.”
  • Excited!Yugyeom™
  • First kiss happens after a few weeks of dating
  • “Can I kiss you?”
  • Slow and passionate because you both want to enjoy this
  • Holding you hella close; eliminating all space between you two
  • Giggling afterwards because you both are just so happy
  • Tickle wars; Piggyback rides; Play fighting
  • Him watching your every movement because he just thinks everything you do is so cute
  • “Shut up Yugyeom, I’m not cute! I’m supposed to be mad right now!”
  • Private skinship
  • Holding you when you’re upset
  • Fights are rare but when they happen it gets silent for a while
  • Dancing anywhere together randomly
  • Him nuzzling his head into your neck when he’s tired
  • Laying his head on your lap when watching movies
  • Finally being alone for the night
  • Heated af
  • “I’ll stop if you want me too.”
  • If you want him to stop then you have issues or you’re t0o pure
  • Lip biting; Scratching; light hair pulling; very vocal; hickeys
  • Showering together probs having sex again
  • cough
  • Him loving you more everyday
  • His parents adore you as much as he does
  • Your family being cautious due to his on stage ‘performances’ SExUaL aF
  • But soon they love him as much as you do {Only in a different way}
  • Serious fights lead to you both crying a lot because neither one of you want to lose each other
  • “I don’t care anymore, I love you way too much too lose you.”
  • “I love you too, Yugy.”

All creds to rightful gif owner(s)


Contains works that are finished and those that are in progress

Note: I will get to each request and they will be added to the list when a draft has been created.

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Being in High School
Being Vampires


➢ Drabbles
    ↳ “I’m not buying IKEA furniture again.”

➢ Study Buddies | highschool!au
    ↳ You don’t question why one of the most popular girls in school asks you to tutor her; that is until she starts doing better than you in math 

➢ Head in the Clouds | yoga instructor!jennie | M
    ↳ Aerial yoga is not what you want to be doing at any point let alone at 7AM on a Saturday morning but that’s until you see the instructor and her yoga pants

➢ Too Much Too Late
    ↳ You were through with being ignored, with giving and giving and never receiving anything in return. One year later, you’ve cut all ties with Jennie, who only ever served to drag you down. But you’ll never be able to stop thinking about her

➢ Jupiter Love | college professor!jennie | M
    ↳ Your crush on your professor is harmless until you ask for help during one of her office hours

➢ One Rule | stripper!jennie | M
    ↳ “You have one rule, no touching allowed.”

➢ If You part I / part II
   ↳ “If you’re struggling like I am, can’t we make things a little easier?”


➢ Drabbles
    ↳ “Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore.” | “If you can’t sleep…we could have sex?”

➢ Slytherin to My Heart | hogwarts!au
    ↳ Jisoo isn’t sure if she’s dead and woke up in heaven instead of the hospital ward

Talking to the Moon
    ↳ She looks at you like you strung the universe but Jisoo looks at you like she knows you strung the universe.


➢ Found You | soulmate!au part I / part II / part III (End)
    ↳ Based off the soulmate!au where individuals have a timer for when they first meet their soulmate

Steady Breathing | M
    ↳ There’s not much point in Lisa trying to keep things from you, especially when it’s her crush on you that she’s trying to hide


➢ Noisy Neighbor part I / part II / part III (End)
    ↳ Your first impression of your upstairs neighbor involves getting woken up at two in the morning to the sound of her and her friends singing along to trashy pop music. You thought it would get better, but it all just goes downhill from there

➢ Long Distance
    ↳ You have a hard time dealing with the distance and you end up making the biggest mistake because of it

➢ Body Party | M
    ↳ You figure that during her birthday was a good time to fulfill one of her wishes 

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Long Distance Relationship


➢ Tattoo My Heart | soulmate!au
    ↳ Based off the soulmate!au in which any permanent marking you get on your body–like a tattoo–also appears on your soulmate and Amber gets a lot of tattoos


➢ Sleeping Habits
    ↳ Krystal has developed a strange set of sleeping habits over time, all of which you have grown accustomed to being a part of




Please Wake Up
    ↳ Victoria doesn’t know how to feel about the constant ache in her chest, doesn’t know how to breathe without you beside her. And sometimes, when she lies awake at night unable to sleep, she calls out to you, pleading you to please wake up

Originally posted by cherry-jimin




    ↳ You needed motivation to study but you end up procrastinating even more







➢ Drabbles
    ↳ “You’re Satan.”



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➢ Vibrations | M
    ↳ People who thought Hwasa was the sexual deviant in your relationship really had no idea how much of a menace you really are


➢ Cold Morning
    ↳ “You’re beautiful, you know that?”



➢ Paper Hearts | college!au
    ↳ Wheein has found her muse and hearts on paper may just be what you need or the one where Wheein was secretly inlove with you while Hwasa was a barista, Moonbyul was an art professor and Solar was her model/girlfriend

Originally posted by redvlvets


Fickle Touches | highschool!au
    ↳ Maybe Irene just always adored you, in secret and silence, deep down in the bottom of her whole being


➢ Love You A Latte | coffeeshop!au
    ↳ Joy’s new coworker is an arrogant, grumpy perfectionist who criticizes her coffee-making skills and she makes the best latte art Joy has ever seen


➢ Glossy | M
    ↳ “Just sit on my face, and let me take care of the rest.“


➢ Practice | highschool!au
    ↳ You offer to help Yeri practice kissing. It doesn’t go as planned.


➢ Drabbles
    ↳ “Stop being so cute.” | “Just smile, I really need to see you smile right now.”

➢ The Usual | coffeeshop!au
    ↳ You’re a long-suffering college student who develops a crush on a barista whose name tag proclaims her name to be Wendy, and oh god, you are so, so, so fucked

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➢ Pretend Girlfriend part I / part II (End)
    ↳ “Please be my fake girlfriend”








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➢ Giving You Up | mafia!au
    ↳ You grew up with the city of Seoul in your veins, learning its secret and the way blood runs on its pavement. Taking the place of your father, you realize that power comes at a price and your shadow can’t protect you forever


➢ Left Behind | highschool!au
    ↳ Jessica starts talking about a boy and you have trouble coping





➢ Follow My Lead | highschool!au
    ↳ You’re offered to learn the art of kissing from a true professional, Kim Taeyeon. It’s not as bad as you thought it would be




All Through the Night | Jason Todd x Reader

Description: Your parents don’t like Jason Todd very much.

Words: 1042

Notes: I don’t remember what this one was called on my last blog, but I thought this title would work because I was listening to Cindi Lauper when I first wrote it.

Masterlist | Inbox

Taglist: @followeroonieclassic@instantangelstudent@puggleprincess@robincoalition

The front door slams behind you so harshly the windows on the house shudder, and you do to as the nighttime air suddenly engulfs you. Jason tries to smile,”Thanks for tonight, Y/N. The food was really good.” The teen shuffles his feet on your driveway, glancing sideways and down your street. Your home’s light casts a golden glow over the boy’s skin, adding to the greaser air you had always imagined around him. He fists his hands in the pockets of his leather jacket. If you saw him right now, trying to smile even if can’t reach his eyes, you would never guess he was Bruce Wayne’s newly adopted son. Maybe that’s why you liked him so much. Jason wasn’t a rich kid, even if he had the money.

“I’m so sorry, Jason.” You said, putting your hand on his arm and sighing. Jason shakes his head and steps forward so you’re closer,”Look, I get it—parents are rough. I figured they wouldn’t like me. I knew they wouldn’t like me.” Jason waves his hand dismissively.

You roll your eyes at him, squeezing his bicep,”Really, it’s not your fault. They’re just so controlling and… y’know, they’re never around, so they must’ve thought that if they “gave me advice” on my life that would make up for them being gone all the time.”

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Blind Date - Kagehina Ficlet (Rated T)

Second 1k FOLLOWER FICLET FEST ficlet (FFFf) for @ofcrowsandkings​! This was so lovely to write, I really enjoyed kind of leaping into this little AU for just a moment. I am REALLY amping up the fluff factor in these ficlets, tbh. We’re catching Tobio right after he lets his guard down, so he’s a little less… prickly than he could be. I HOPE IT DOES THE TROPE JUSTICE! >w<

“He seems grumpy but he’s actually a good guy, okay?” 

Hinata jiggled his leg nervously as he watched the tall, scowly guy across from him poke at his food and try to smile at a joke Hinata had just told about working in marketing. 

It was this sort of wobbly thing. A wavy line across a face so used to frowning, framed by a strong jawline and topped with a nice long nose and high cheekbones and dark eyes in a pleasing shape and even more pleasing blue. It pulled at the corner of his mouth like a tremulous string. Like he’d never seen another human being smile at him and was trying to work it all out on his own. It made Hinata’s heart hurt a little bit. 

Hinata rubbed at his sternum and took a sip of his beer. 

“You’re funny. I’m no good at jokes,” Kageyama muttered self-deprecatingly. “Or talking. Unfortunately.” He looked up at Hinata again and, unfortunately also, Hinata was charmed anyway. “Fair warning.” 

A laugh bubbled up exactly from that spot behind Hinata’s sternum. “Well, I’m pretty okay at jokes and I’m really good at talking so…” Hinata winked. “Fair warning. I’ll chat your ear off if you let me.” 

“Give it a chance.” 

Kageyama’s smile was a little more confident, this time. He brushed finger over the shell of his ear, quick, like he thought Hinata would try it now. It got Hinata thinking about some things he should not be thinking about in the middle of a first date—a blind date, for that matter. Like biting the soft shape of his earlobe, maybe, or licki—SLOW DOWN, SHOUYOU. 

“I can talk about volleyball,” Kageyama offered. He licked his lips and grabbed his beer a little aggressively. Hinata wondered if he was always this clumsy or if he calmed when he got to know people a little better. Maybe awkward and scowly were his default modes until you pulled that vulnerable bit of him out and got a thready smile for your efforts. 


Hinata happily watched him transform as he talked and talked about volleyball, how and when he’d started, what position he played, how he was adjusting to his new team after college. All with the underlying implication that this sport was super important to him.

It was kinda goofy. And kinda cool. 

“So, you play in a league…?” Hinata tried, remembering Yamaguchi’s strained attempts to convince him to go on this date, even though Hinata did not do blind dates. He wasn’t dating right now. He was focusing on his job and himself and stuff, please don’t ask again. 

Kageyama snorted. “I play for Japan,” he replied. 

Hinata’s jaw dropped. 

“BWAHHHH! What?! That’s incredible!” he nearly shouted, and waved apologetically at the table next to them when the couple glared at him. “I mean, I figured you were like, good—in shape and stuff—what with all the muscles…” Hinata gestured at Kageyama’s shoulders and gulped when Kageyama blushed. “So, you gotta be like, so awesome at volleyball!” 

Kageyama nodded, and his smile turned into a smirk. 

“I’d love to see you play, that’d be so cool!” 

Kageyama blinked, and then his smirk fluttered back to that tentative little wobble again. “I’ll get you tickets.” 

Hinata smiled and leaned over the table, food completely forgotten. “Yeah. And we could get drinks after you win.” 

Kageyama’s eyes bore into Hinata’s, like if he looked away the spell would be broken and Hinata would stop being agreeable, stop liking him so much. 

“I promise you’ll like him!” 

Hinata owed Yamaguchi a big old bottle of liquor, because Kageyama Tobio was something out of a clumsy, lovely, athletic dream. 

“That sounds good,” Kageyama said quietly. 

“Good,” Hinata replied, leaning into the palm of his hand and trying to let Kageyama know with all his might that the spell was definitely not broken. He was really reconsidering the not-dating-right-now thing. And the not-thinking-about-kissing (or touching or biting) thing. “That can be our second date.” 

Kageyama ducked his head, cheeks adorably red.

Concussion (PT Diaries, Episode 16)

Requested by anon: Would you please do a PT diaries where you make an unpopular decision and pull Crosby out of a crucial game because of an injury he gets in the game. He and some of the team are pissed, but Geno stands up for her and tries to comfort her when she gets upset at the team’s over reaction when she was only trying to protect Sidney’s health.

A/N: I don’t know how I feel about it. I hope you like it though.

Word count: 998

Warnings: Angst (just a lil)

Episode 1  Episode 2  Episode 3  Episode 4  Episode 5  Episode 6  Episode 7  Episode 8  Episode 9  Episode 10  Episode 11  Episode 12  Episode 13  Episode 14  Episode 15

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“No Sidney, you can’t go back.” I say, turning the small flashlight off.

First game of the Stanley Cup Playoffs and of course Sidney Crosby has to be checked head-first against a wall. Dr. Wright has done a concussion exam as soon as the Captain left the ice, but he wanted my opinion on the matter too, and my answer was no. Sidney has had many concussions in the past, way too many for me to just let him get on the ice again before getting a CT scan to check that everything is in order.

“But (y/n) –” Sidney starts to complain, but I stop him quickly.

“Sidney, this is serious.” I tell him, sitting next to him on the stretcher. “You cannot afford to play with a concussion. A bad hit would end your career… and that would be the best scenario.”

“But it’s the Playo –” He starts again, but I cut him out just as fast.

“I’m sorry, Sid. I’m not going to clear you out.” They are my final words, nothing is going to make me change my mind. “I’ll call the hospital. They are going to be waiting for you.”

Sidney sighs and lowers his head, defeated. I know that some people are not going to be happy about my decision, but I can’t risk it, I care more about the players’ health than I do about the Stanley Cup.

“Have Coach tell the team.” Sid says suddenly, holding himself on my shoulder to get up. “They are gonna want your head and you are just doing your job.”

“I’ll tell them.” I say, shaking my head. “It’s my choice and I stand by it.”


“Where is Sidney?” Matt Cullen asks as I walk in the room. The first period is over and we are down by two goals.

“On his way to the hospital.” I say, leaning against the wall, looking around at the guys.

“But Coach said that the doctor cleared him out.” Phil yells from across the room and I chew my bottom lip for a second.

“Dr. Wright did the concussion examination and determined that Sid didn’t show any symptoms of having a concussion –” I explain. “But I sent him to the hospital to get checked out.”

I’ve known the guys for a while now, I know the way they move, what are their weak spots and also when they are mad, and most of them are really mad right now.

“You did what?” Phil is the first one to speak, but I know that he won’t be the only one to do it. “This isn’t a regular game, (y/n). This is a Playoffs game.”

“We need our top scorer.” Justin Schultz says and I run my fingers through my hair. “You don’t get it, we need him.”

“If we lose tonight it will be your fault.” I don’t even know who says it, but his words go right where it hurts the most.

I don’t want to make Playoffs more difficult for the team, I really want them to win the Cup. I know how much they have worked to get here, I was there to see it, but Sidney’s health matters to me more than a spot on the Cup, so I stand my ground and swallow my tears before they even begin to form. I’m about to defend my choice when someone starts talking.

“Hey, hey.” Geno says, standing up and walking to the middle of the room. “It’s not her fault. We have win for Sid.”

“Geno, stop defending her.” I hear another voice, but my brain forces itself to not recognize it. It just hurts less that way. “If we lose it’s because she sent our best player to the hospital when he was fine.”

“If you don’t shut up, you’ll be with Sid in the hospital.” Geno’s voice is low and raspy, and no one says anything else.


I sit on the stretcher swinging my legs back and forth, deep in thought. I never went back to the ice to watch the game, but by the screams of the crowd I can tell that Geno and the others turned the game around, winning on overtime. I’ve always taken pride on standing by actions, owning my mistakes, but I really think that what I did was the right thing to do; which doesn’t stop me from being upset about how the guys reacted. I’m so deep inside my head that I don’t realize that someone has come in the room until he shakes me by the shoulder.

“You good?” Geno asks, sitting next to me on the stretcher.

“I guess.” I say, not taking my eyes off my shoes. “Tell the guys that I say congrats on the win.”

“You tell they.” He says, his grammar making me chuckle slightly. I’ve always found those small mistakes adorable.

“I think that they are not too happy with me right now.” I shrug it off and he sighs.

“They love you, (y/n).” The way my name plays on his lips make me shiver. “They feel bad.”

It’s probably true, we all say things that we don’t think when we are angry or frustrated and we just need to pour that anger onto someone, so I nod quietly, accepting the ‘apology’.

“Is Sid good?” His next question surprises me, making me look up at his face. He seems genuinely concerned about his Captain.

“I think so, yeah.” I say. “He has had so many concussions… I just needed to know everything was fine. A bad hit and he could be done with hockey for good.”

Geno nods, but doesn’t say anything. He seems to be thinking about what I’ve just said, so we sit on the stretcher in a comfortable silence. He has just been cleared out to play after what it felt like an eternity.

“(y/n).” He says and I look at him again. “Thanks for take care of us.”

Bmblbweek day 8: I love you.



Yang/Blake: I LOVE YOU!



Blake: Hey Yang.

Yang: Yes Blakey?

Blake I love you. <3

Yang: Aww babe.~<3 I love you too.~<3

Ruby: Uuuuuuuuugh can you both stop being all lovey dovey during dinner. You’re making dad sad.

Tai: *Sniffle* I miss Summer so much!


Yang: Psst… Blake…

Blake: Hmm?

Yang: Love you. <3

Blake: Love you too. <3

Ghira: You know we can hear you despite whispering, right?

Kali: Hush dear! Our baby girl and her girlfriend are being adorable.


Blake: I do.

Yang: I do.

Glynda: I now pronouns you wife and wife. You may kiss your wife. *Blake and Yang kiss as all there friends and family cheer.*

Yang: I love you, Blake Belladonna Xiao-long.

Blake: I love you too, Yang Xiao-long Belladonna.

More Than A Feeling

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Characters: Kenny Omega x Reader

Warnings: Fluff/Smut. Babies.

Summary: You had a baby not that long ago. Kenny decides to take things i. to his own hands.

AN: I don’t normally write stuff like this but all the Baby Omega talk we’ve been having on this blog has given me A LOT of feels and i thought I’d write this as a few people were into this idea.

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Cotton Candy

Summary: Jensen tries to get the reader’s number but she wants nothing to do with him.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,864

Ah, Comic Con in San Diego.

What a shit show…a cool, awesome shit show.

Thankfully your best friend Mike is a promoter so your adorable ass gets in for free. You also have a VIP pass that lets you go wherever the hell you want. It would be fucking fabulous if you ran into Chris Pratt or Stephen Amell or really any cool celebrities at this point.

So here you are walking around the crazy cool green room pretending you’re not a huge ass dork.You’re immediately distracted by all the yummy looking snacks at the craft services table. You’re about to stuff your face when you hear a deep familiar voice.

“Y/N?” Aw, shit. You take a much needed deep breath and slowly turn around. 

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cute sneezes, here we come!!

Anon requested the boys’ reactions to adorable s/o sneezes

Shuichi Saihara

  • Was… Was that you? Oh my god, it was. 
  • He tugs the brim of his hat over his face to try and hide a quiet scream. Who knew sneezes could be so cute?
  • You ask if something’s wrong. Nothing’s wrong! Nothing! He just… thought of a case he had to work on later…?
  • He tries to cover up his bashfulness by offering you tissues.
  • You laugh at how weird he’s being right now, but you don’t think much of it
  • When you sneeze from now on, he always stops what he’s doing to just look at you and think of all the little things that made you so dear to him.

Rantaro Amami

  • He immediately gushes over it
  • He hugs you and goes on about how it sounded like a baby mouse.
  • You’re a bit embarrassed… It didn’t sound like a mouse!
  • Amami laughs and corrects himself. A baby bunny, then?
  • No!! It doesn’t!! It was just a normal sneeze, it wasn’t cute, stop making it cute!
  • You two go back and forth playfully about it for a while, and it becomes an inside joke between the both of you.
  • Whenever you sneeze, he just gives you a knowing smile and you end up pouting a bit, but happy nonetheless.

Kokichi Ouma

  • He laughs at you. Immediate side splitting laughter
  • That was a sneeze?! That had to be fake, no one sneezes like that.
  • If you just wanted to get his attention, you could’ve just said something, no need to be so dramatic. (Look who’s talking.)
  • You defend yourself. That’s… just how you sneeze. You don’t really know what else to say about it.
  • It’s soon forgotten in conversation, but once you’re out of the room, he’s yelling to himself about how cute it was. He’s yelling into the pillow, he’s covering his face while rolling on the bed
  • How is his s/o’s so cute that their sneezes are cute too?!
  • He starts trying to subtly get you to sneeze again. Feathers, dust, pepper, whatever he can do, and you’re starting to think you have allergies.


  • That’s… not how humans are supposed to sneeze, is it?
  • You don’t really know what to say about that. No…? You guess not? It’s not like people have identical sneezing patterns.
  • He’s immediately intrigued, and tries looking up if there’s a reason why certain human’s sneezes differ from others.
  • He keeps trying to turn this sneeze into an educational experience and you have to settle him down before he starts bombarding you with biology facts.
  • It’s how this human sneezes. It just kinda happens. 
  • “Oh! I suppose it must be because it’s you! After all, many things you do are cute.”
  • He says it so matter-of-factly that you blush. 
  • Kiibo realizes what he just said and he’s starting to blush too. He didn’t mean to be so forward!
  • Both of you are adorable messes.

Gonta Gokuhara

  • After a sneeze, you hear him make a happy noise, and when you turn to look at him, there’s tears in his eyes and he’s smiling so wide
  • That was… the sweetest noise Gonta has ever heard anything make.
  • He picks you up and hugs you because he’s so overcome with affection.
  • The person he loves made that noise!
  • Once he puts you down he talks about insects that make cute noises too, like caterpillars if you squeeze em just a little bit
  • He’s trying very hard to find things to compare that sneeze to so you can understand how!! cute it was!!
  • You think his reaction is cuter than the sneeze, and the both of you just spend time gushing about each other and giggling 

Korekiyo Shiguuji

  • He’s doesn’t make any noticable reaction to it, but behind that mask, he’s definitely smiling.
  • When he notices that’s how you sneeze all the time, he’s the most subtle about letting you know
  • It’s so subtle only he can understand it at first glance, but the gesture to him is what counts
  • When he picks you flowers, sometimes he adds white lilies, white roses, and pink azalea blossoms to the mix. Since you’re not as well versed in flower language, you look up what every bouquet’s meaning is
  • Once you figure it out, you find him and give him a little peck on the cheek
  • And sneeze again
  • He’s grinning like mad, even you can tell behind that mask

Ryoma Hoshi

  • You’re always the one calling him cute, even if it’s teasing most of the time.
  • So when he hears you sneeze, his first reaction is to go “aww” and pinch your cheek.
  • Of course, it’s still in his deep, deadpan voice, so it’s not as embarrassing as it should be.
  • You two have some light banter about it, and he won’t think about it for the rest of the day.
  • But when it’s nighttime and he’s in his room, doing nothing in particular, he’ll remember that sneeze for no apparent reason
  • And pull his hat over his face, even if no one’s watching.
  • How did someone like him end up with someone pure and cute like you?

Kaito Momota

  • He stares at you with these big ol’ eyes and just yells about how cute that was.
  • He’s so loud that you’re getting embarrassed, but man, he’s gotta gush about how adorable you just sounded
  • He wishes he recorded that so he could hear it over again
  • You keep telling him to pipe down, because everyone is looking at you, if they weren’t already looking at you because of the sneeze
  • He grabs you in a tight hug and points out to everyone, “Hey! You see this person? This person who made that stupid cute sneeze! That’s my s/o!!”
  • You’re covering your face and he’s smiling and hugging you so tightly
  • He’s so happy that his s/o is someone who can be cute even on accident.
SEVENTEEN's reaction to you being affectionate when they're  mad

Request: Hi! I was wondering if you would please write a reaction piece… seventeens reaction to their Significant other trying to be affectionate when the member is mad at them 😊

A/N: I had to do this on my iPad because my laptop is getting fixed!!! ಠ_ಥ

-Admin KenKen

S.Coups: He would try so hard not to smile because he wanted to stay mad at you, but he couldn’t help it. The way you kept hugging him and kissing him on the cheek left him grinning ear to ear.

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Jeonghan: I don’t think he would even try to keep a straight face because once you started leaving pecks on his cheeks, he had to smile because of how cute you were while doing it.

Originally posted by wonshi-17

Joshua: Again, I don’t even think he’d try to restrain himself from cracking a smile. He would forget everything that he was mad at and completely fall into your arms.

Originally posted by sassyminghao

Jun: He would be the complete opposite of Joshua. He would budge at all! In his mind he would be thinking how cute you are, but on the outside his features were cold.

Originally posted by amemericans

Hoshi: This boy could never stay mad at you even if his life depended on it. He just could get over at how adorable you were hugging him and leaving little pecks on his cheeks.

Originally posted by amillionwon

Wonwoo: Like Jun, he’d be cold, but the only difference with him is that he would occasionally chuckle because of cute you looked with your puppy dog eyes as you wrapped you arms around his waist and kissed him.

Originally posted by mc-gyu

Woozi: He wouldn’t want to give in straight away, so he’d move away from you a lot and give you the cold shoulder. Eventually, he would give in and a big smile would spread across his face.

Originally posted by kpopscenariosandtrash

DK: I feel like he couldn’t stay mad especially when your showing him so much affection. He’d would say, “okay, fine! Only because you look so cute right now.” (Pretend you’re Hoshi)

Originally posted by pabospoiler

Mingyu: He’d only smile at how adorable you were trying to stop him from being mad at you when you would turn around, but quickly turn on the harsh gaze when you guys would make eye contact.

Originally posted by mountean

The8: He’d be salty as hell. Like if you were to wrap your arms around him, he’d be like, “oh, now you love me?” And if you tried to kiss him, he’d move his head away from you every time or if you actually got a chance to plant one, he’d wipe it off.

Originally posted by meowminghao

Seungkwan: He would be so over dramatic. Like if you were trying to hug him, he’d literally yell, “OH, LOOK YOU FINALLY LOVE ME!” He’d walk away from you constantly and roll his eyes at you.

Originally posted by fabulous-girl-here

Vernon: I think, even with your affection, he wouldn’t change his mind until you truly apologized. He’d let you kiss him and everything, but he’d sit there with the straightest face on.

Originally posted by carol12lopes-blog

Dino: He couldn’t dare to stay mad. Once he noticed you were being extra affectionate, he couldn’t help but forget about everything that mad everyone him angry. He liked that you were trying to stop him from being mad.

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An Issue

People complaining about characters like Yoosung justifying Rika’s actions while they do the same as him or completely ignore Saeran’s crimes.

I read someone else’s post that mentions that if Rika was male, she’d probably be getting the same treatment as Ray. I agree. It feels like Mystic Messenger is a warning/ cautionary tale/ message/moral about toxic relationships and we’re completely missing the point.

I admit I also find Ray adorable, and I want to help him as most of the fandom does. That doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten all the terrible stuff he’s committed.

I like both Saeran and Rika, not because they’re “Oh so cute and misunderstood!” but because they’re human. Like all the other characters, they have flaws and depth behind their actions. That doesn’t mean that their tragic circumstances justify the things they’ve done. I’m fine with people hating Rika for being an awful person, but not if Ray isn’t just because he acts “adorable and sad”. Much of the fandom right now is no different than Yoosung in this regard.

Sorry if I’m harsh and I know this is just a game, but please stop being hypocrites. I feel like this kind of thinking is really unhealthy if applied to real world. It happens all the time when it comes to celebrities. If they’re hot or cute, suddenly their actions aren’t that bad even if we damn a stranger for doing whatever crime or mistake the celebrity did.

It’s worse when it comes to someone personal to us. Whether a family, friend, or lover, our bias may lead to brushing over this serious issue. That’s when we end up like V.

Markhyuck fluff:

Title: shy

Kind: shy af donghyuck× shy af mark, donghyuck is the only person who calls mark “minhyung” and mark finds it adorable, jaemin is a lil evil friend, renjun the child of god, chensung’s cuteness

Side ships: jaeno/chensung/renjun×his book

Original aff link of the fic:


Shy. That was what mark and donghyuck both were. But not shy to everyone. They were shy to each other. And only each other. They would get all blushy abd shy whenever they were together in the same place. They didn’t even had to sit next to each other, even just sitting in the same table would make them get all blushy. They had been crushing on each other for almost a year now and their friends’ teasings weren’t helping their feelings.

“So when will you confess him ?”

“You know i can’t” mark said and put his head on his hands.

“Dude you had been crushing on him for like what ? 1 year now ? I’m not even sure if i should call it just a crush anymore. You look at him like he is the most beautiful piece of art you had ever seen.”

“But he really is the most beautiful piece of art i had ever seen” mark said,looking at jaemin hopelessly.

Jaemin sighed “just go talk with him. You don’t have to confess yet. Just please go talk with him. You sitting here like a complete idiot makes me so mad. Just do something already.”

“Why are you getting so mad ? I don’t understand.”





“WHAT ??!!”


“U-uhmm m-minhyung”

Mark turned around so fast when he heard the soft familiar voice behind him that he almost broke his neck.

“Y-yeah d-donghyuck ?”

“J-jeno said he wanted to t-talk with jaemin” donghyuck said, keeping his eyes on the floor.

“O-oh…” mark said, streching the back of his neck while jaemin said a “bye idiots”

“S-so how are you d-donghyuck ?”

“I-i’m fine m-minhyung. Y-you ?”

“I-i’m fine too”


And the silence filled the air. Donghyuck’s eyes were still on the ground, looking at his shoelaces that were untied,lying on the ground carelessly while mark  was studying donghyuck’s face.

Oh dear god donghyuck was so, so beautiful. How was he even real ? Those deer like eyes, this adorable cute little nose, those now pink and probably warm cheeks, these pink plumb lips…if only mark could stop being shy and make a move finally.

“I-i guess imma go now. C-chenle and jisung are waiting for me”

“Oh…oh okay. S-see you later then ?”

“Y-yeah. Bye minhyung”

“Bye donghyuck”

Mark could swear his heart melted softly when donghyuck gave him a small smile before walking away fastly.


“You still haven’t told him you like him right ?”

Donghyuck shook his head.

“Good” said chenle and kept licking his ice cream, afraid that it will melt and stick to his fingers. Cause ewww that sucks.

“Wait what ?”

“Yeah. Cause you don’t like him. You are so damn in love with him”

Donghyuck sighed and took chenle’s ice cream from his hand and bit on it

“Hey that’s my ice cream!”

“Oh shut up chenle i paid for it anyway” donghyuck said and kept eating the ice cream

“Yeah you bought an ice cream for you dear friend and now you are eating that ice cream! Logic ?”

“I agree chenle. And this is also an inderect kiss.”

“First of all jisung you always agree chenle. He can say he poops pink and you would be like “oh i believe you chenle” and second of all i don’t count this as an indirect kiss. For god’s sake why people make up things like “oh its a direct kiss” just to be kissed ? Thats stupid. It’s not a kiss as long as i don’t press my lips right on chenle’s lips”

“Don’t do that tho!!!!”

Donghyuck laughed and ruffled chenle’s hair “i would never do that chenle don’t worry. You are my son.”

“I’m just one year younger than you!”

“Still. You are my son. So does jisung.”

“Fuck my luck i’m everyone’s son. Everyone calls me their son.”

Donghyuck laughed harder.

“If you are our mom. We need a dad, hyung. Go get mark hyung fast. We want a dad.”

Donghyuck almost choked on his ice cream.

“W-what ?”

“Yeah we want a dad mooom”

“Why the hell i am the mom ???”

“Cause you are beautiful hyung.” Said chenle and jisung nodded and added “and mark hyung is more manly”



Mark watched how donghyuck was talking so excitedly with his friends. His hands were moving to all the ways in the air while probably scolding poor boys. Mark loved when donghyuck was angry, when he scold his friends. He admired how donghyuck’s voice would get even higher when he yells or how his face gets red with anger. He knew no matter how angry he gets donghyuck couldn’t even hurt a fly. He was too soft. Donghyuck had always showed his shy side to him so mark just loved seeing his other sides too even though he couldn’t see them directly. But why donghyuck was always shy towards him ? Maybe he liked him back ? Mark shook his head. Nah he was probably shy cause mark was a popular kid and his “fangirls” would threaten the poor boy if he get too close to mark. And at times like this mark hated being the popular kid one more time. He didn’t want to be the popular kid. He wanted to be the kid that donghyuck would talk comfortably.

“Just watching him from a far will not make you two date you know”

“Hi to you too eye smile”

“Mark hyung you gotta go talk with him.”

“Why ? He dosen’t like me back anyway.”

“I thought the same for jaemin right ? But it turned out that he was liking me back for a long time too. And we will celebrate our 5 months together tomorrow”

“Look jeno i’m happy for you. I really am. But not everyone is as lucky as you in love”

Jeno just sighed “your choice hyung. Oh by the way wanna come with us tomorrow ?”

“For your 5th months anniversary ? Why ?”

Jeno shrugged his shoulders “i don’t know. Jaemin said seeing you alone hurts his heart. He said it would be fun to go together. And tomorrow is also valentine’s day you know. We don’t want you to be alone.”

“So you pity me ? Did i get it right ?”

“Ah hyung come on. We don’t pity you. We love you, you know. We wanna spend our day with you”

“In valentine’s day ?”


Mark squinted his eyes and gave jeno a suspicious look “sound suspicious. But okay.”

“You will come with us ????”

“Yeah. I have nothing else to do anyway. So imma ruin your date” mark said and laughed

“Well you can ask donghyuck out”

“You know i won’t”

Jeno sighed again “whatever you want hyung. Imma go to jaemin now. See you later.”

“Yeah see you later eye smile”

Mark sighed. Yeah of course he was gonna spend this valentine’s day alone too. Cause he was too shy to confess to donghyuck…


“Na-fluffin-jaemin! Where are you guys ? I had been waiting for like seventeen minutes now.”

“Oh it had been that long ? Shoot sorry”

Mark wanted to choke jaemin when he heard his teasing tone.

“Just come here quick you asshole. I’m freezing.”

“We’ll come don’t worry. But we have a surprise for you before that hyung.”

“Surprise ? What surprise ?”

“Oh you’ll see” jaemin said and ended the call.

Mark could see that evil grin in his face even just by the tone of his voice.

“M-minhyung ?”

Mark felt like someone just shot him in the heart with butteflies. How donghyuck’s voice got even softer ? He turned around and saw donghyuck, standing there cutely, looking like a total cutie inside his fluffy clothes. His scarf was covering his chin but mark would still see his red cheeks shining on his beautiful tan skin. Oh god mark was gonna die. Mark was gonna die in the middle of that valentine’s day festival shit thanks to his adorable crush.

“D-d-donghyuck ??”

“U-uhmm jeno and jaemin said they will come as quick as they can. They said w-we can wait together.”

“O-oh…t-then let’s w-wait together.”


The silence was filling the air again like a thousand times before whenever they were together.

 "y-y-you" mark cleared his throat and talked again “you look g-good today donghyuck”

Donghyuck blushed and looked at the ground again. Wow the snow on the ground was so interesting. Wow. “t-thanks minhyung. y-you look good t-too.”

Mark blushed too but kept looking at donghyuck. “t-thanks”

“U-uhmm do you wanna eat something ? I think they will make us wait more” mark asked after 30 quiet af minutes.

“Y-yeah that would be nice to be honest. I haven’t eat dinner yet. J-jaemin said we will eat together so i gotta come hungry.”

“Oh…w-what do you wanna eat ?”

“D-dosen’t matter” donghyuck blushed more when they had an eye contact.

‘Dear god lemme live till the end of this night please’ mark prayed in his mind. Donghyuck was too much for his poor heart.


They ate in a cafe close to the festival place. The cafe was all decored special for the valentine’s day and all couples were annoyingly loud and kissy. Mark could count more than 7 couples that were making out and it was making both him and donghyuck blush cause the sounds that were coming from other couples…the sounds…

They both let out a deep breathe of relief after they got out of the cafe.

“W-what will we do now m-minhyung ?” Donghyuck asked, playing with the pompoms of his soft maroon beanie.

“A-ahhhh y-you wait here. I-i will come back quick.”


Donghyuck waited till mark came back. He was hiding something behind him and even the thought of mark bought something for him made donghyuck blush.

 "u-uhmm i-i got this…for you" said mark and gave donghyuck a red rose.

Donghyuck blushed even harder if it was possible “o-oh f-for me ?”

Mark nodded and looked at his hands. “y-yeah”

Donghyuck held the rose gently and played with it slowly “i-it’s really beautiful”

“n-not as beautiful as y-you”

Their cheeks could probably warm up the whole city cause of how much they were blushing.

“Marry-go-round!” Donghyuck said suddenly, looking at something behind mark

“E-eh ?” Mark turned around and saw what donghyuck was looking at with shiny eyes

“You wanna ride it ?”

Donghyuck nodded, the blush on his cheeks rising up again with excitement.

“Let’s go then” mark said and held donghyuck’s hand, pulling him towards the shiny machine.

They spent hours in the funfair riding marry go round a few times, riding ferris wheel while donghyuck is holding onto mark like a scared little kitten and mark wrapping his hands around him and saying soft little “it’s okay. I’m here"s to his ear, sharing a cotton candy, getting it all over their faces and laughing at their sillyness, donghyuck surprisingly winning against mark in the target game and lastly riding the scary home ride at the end of the funfair.

“IS THAT A SKULL ? OH MY GOD MINHYUNG ITS A SKULL!!!” donghyuck was holding onto mark’s arm like his life depends on it.

“It’s okay hyuckkie it’s just decoration.”

“BUT ITS SO SCARY!!” Donghyuck screamed, didnt even noticed mark just called him “hyuckkie”

“You gotta calm down a bit hyuck. I can literally feel your heart beat against my arm. It is beating so fast”

“IT ALWAYS BEATS THAT FAST WHENEVER IM WITH YOU THO!” Donghyuck yelled and didnt realize he just slightly confessed mark

“W-what ?” Mark’s eyes got wider and another skull flied in front, stopped right in front of donghyuck’s face, making the poor boy scream higher. He was so sure that he was gonna have a heart attack before this ride ends. So he thought why not confessing before dying ??


Donghyuck couldn’t continue his words when mark pulled him by his neck and slammed his lips into his open lips. Donghyuck held onto mark tighter and pulled him closer, literally eating mark’s lips. Mark could feel his head was spinning and he didn’t know if it was cause of the loud scary sounds of the ride or cause of donghyuck’s intoxicating kiss that was leaving him breatheless.

Mark pulled back when he felt like he was gonna die cause of lack of oxygen. And whispered an “i love you too” against donghyuck lips that was following his own for more kisses.

Donghyuck smiled and kissed mark more, making them both smile in the kiss.

“I will never forgive you for kissing me in this god damn ride. I can’t believe i lost my first kiss inside a scary ride.”

“Are you complaining ?” Mark asked and donghyuck got closer to his face again,staring at him intensely.

“No. No i am not at all.”

And mark smiled into kiss again. Cause he was so damn happy. His crush for so long was in his arms, kissing the life out of him, and dosen’t even care that the ride ended a long time ago and people were looking at them with shocked face. Donghyuck couldn’t give less shit about them people and mark smiled even harder at the kiss. Yeah. He couldn’t fall for someone better. Donghyuck was the best for him.


“Moooom when will dad come and buy us ice cream ??”


“But we want ice cream moooom. Call dad pleaseee”


“Yo hyuck where is your husband ??”


mark laughed, watching his boyfriend from a far. Yeah he was recording donghyuck scolding others cause he was just so adorable in mark’s eyes when he is angry. But donghyuck didn’t have to know that right ?


oh shit….

“U-uhmm no my one and only love”


“Hey! why it’s me who dies all the time whenever you wanna kill someone ?”

“Shut up!” was the last thing donghyuck said before mark pulled him into a kiss.

Jisung closed chenle’s eyes with his hands.


“Im protecting your innocent eyes”

“Im older than you!!”

“Believe me my eyes seen worse than that thanks to jeno and jaemin hyung”

“You all need holy water and jesus” renjun said and kept reading his book after shaking his head disapprovingly.

“Cause we are gay ??” Jaemin asked,judging renjun’s words

“No. Cause im tired of hearing the gross sounds you make when you kiss. I kept reading same part for like 5th times now. Please stop being so disgustingly in love. Be as gay as you want. But don’t smack your lips that hard when you kiss please. You are ruining my innocence and book.”

Jaemin just rolled his eyes “yeah whatever you say the pure child of god”

“Daaaaad will you buy us ice creaaam ??” Jisung asked to mark and donghyuck broke the kiss “PARK JISUNG I SWEAR TO GOD!”

but he couldn’t yell more when mark pulled him into another kiss.

“Awww look dad saved you”

“I love dad more than mom”

“Me too”

chiwalker  asked:

How 'bout you livestreamed with your forever best friend and I know it's irrational but I miss you and I'm jealous?

I know you sent this prompt to Sophie, but she saved it for me because she knows that I am absolutely in love with Darius, and this shit gives me life.

“So … saw your livestream.”

Misha smiles as he presses the phone against his ear with his shoulder, leaving both his hands free to grab at his daughter before she runs away, so that he can wipe the smeared chocolate off her face. “Oh yeah?” he says, slightly distracted by the straw-headed wiggle worm that is his progeny.

“Yeah. It was funny.”

Misha manages to clean Maison off to the point that she’s at least decent-ish—enough to where he won’t be worried about her getting chocolate all over the couch. “Glad you liked it.” He finally lets his daughter go and smacks her bum as she runs off giggling.

“Yeah” Jensen says again, but now that Misha is really listening, he can tell just how awkward the man sounds.


“What do you mean, what?”

Misha laughs. “I mean, what’s up with you?”

The call is quiet a moment before he hears Jensen rustling around the speaker. “Nothin’. I’m fine.”

Okay …” Misha rattles, but he shrugs it off—knowing his friend well enough to get that, sometimes he’s moody, but he’ll talk about it if he really needs to. “So …” Misha begins again, getting ready to ask the guy how he’s been doing.

“Did Darius make his flight?” Jensen jumps in, slightly more urgent than Misha is expecting.

Um … no, but there was another one leaving about an hour later, so he switched it.”

“Oh … good. I mean, not good that he missed his original flight, but good that he got another one. That’s … yeah.”

Now Misha is squinting, staring blankly out the window to the backyard. “Are you sure you’re alright?”

“Yeah” Jensen squeaks, sounding strange with his voice so high. “Just … ya know, makin’ sure that your friend made it home safe.”

“That’s very … considerate of you” Misha says skeptically.

“What did you two do? While he was there, I mean. How long was he there? I mean, when Jared and I were there you didn’t mention him … so, like was he there when we were there?”

Um, yeah … he was here. Stayed for about a week.”

“Stayed – with you?” Jensen whispers.

And Misha can’t help but chuckle now because he thinks he’s finally seeing what’s going on—and after being tortured by Darius the last seven days, he can’t find it within himself to be mature about it. “Yeah. It was a tight fit, but Vicki and I managed to squeeze him in between us.”

“Oh …”

The sadness in Jensen’s voice sucks all the fun right out of it. “Oh Jesus, Jensen! I’m kidding. He stayed in the guest room.”

“Oh! Okay … cool. I mean, not that—he couldn’t stay … if you wanted … you’re an adult” Jensen clears his throat and Misha has to tug the phone back some with how loud it is.

In spite of it though, he’s smiling. “Are you jealous?”

“No! I … no!”

“That is so fucking cute! You are!”

“I’m not!”

Mhmm” Misha hums, smiling wider as West runs by wearing one of his baseball hats. “Tell me, is the outside of your binder covered in hearts with our initials inside them?”

“What?” Jensen snaps back and Misha can only sigh.

“I’m insinuating that you’re a teenage girl with a crush— sorry, I’m tired so that wasn’t very clear.”

“You’re a dick” Jensen grumbles.

“Yeah— that is clear. Darius said the same thing several times over the course of his stay.”

“At least he and I can agree on that.”

“Does that mean there are things that you don’t agree with him on?” Misha asks curiously.

“No … I just meant—”


Jensen quiets again.

Misha tries his best to keep it together— but he’s just loving this so much.

“Just … what did he mean about your usual power dynamic? I dont — I don’t get that. And he kept teasing you about Gishwhes … and has he really not seen the show? I just  … he was just messin’ with you a lot, dude. You should have said something to him about that.”

“You and Jared mess with me all the time” Misha offers coolly, hoping that he’s pulling off nonchalant, effectively.

“Yeah—but that’s different!”

“How so?”

“Well … I mean, you know that we’re kidding!”

“I know that Darius was kidding” Misha purrs.

“Yeah but I didn’t—” Jensen yelps and then stops abruptly—his heavy breath heaving in and out of the speaker like he’s been running through this entire phone call.

“Ah … I see” Misha chuckles, now looking fondly at nothing at all. It’s sweet—really, Jensen thinks that he’s his to tease … well, his and Jared’s; but Jensen will jump in and defend him on the days that Jared goes too far, so he supposes it’s understandable that he would feel uneasy about not being able to do the same in regards to Darius. Not that he would be able to stop Darius from carrying on— Jensen would honestly just make everything worse if he tried, but Misha won’t tell him that. All he will do is just sit here a smile a little longer, because right now, one of his best friends is super jealous over the fact that Misha has a strong connection with someone else, and that’s just too adorable for words. “I mean … I have known the guy since I was twelve, Jensen … so …” Misha finally says, once it’s obvious that the other man is drowning in the silence.

“I … I just never seen you like that” Jensen mutters back, dejectedly.

“Like what?”

“Like … speechless.”

Misha laughs louder now. “Yeah, well Darius can say some crazy shit every now and then.”

“Tell me about it” and the guy sounds even more miserable than he did before.

“Oh, he was behaving  himself on that video—you should have heard him the other day!”

Jensen all but groans. “Not helping!”

Misha chuckles. “Sorry … I’m just trying to explain that he’s a real character.”

“Yeah, I got that much from the livestreams” Jensen grumbles, huffing and puffing like he’s got pigs to piss off.

“This is really bothering you isn’t it?” Misha says eventually, because he’s actually kind of surprised. Jensen has always been protective of his friends, but there’s more to this than that, and he really wants to know what it is.

“I …” Jensen starts, sounding pained for even saying that much.  “I mean … I know he’s your best friend and all, and I know you’ve known him for pretty much your entire life, and I know you guys have a million things in common … but I just … I dunno. He’s like— he’s so like you, and I’m not, ya know? And like, he could say these smart things and you seemed like you weren’t sure how to respond … and you always have something to say! And I just—it’s crazy, I know, and I’m being stupid but … yeah, okay! I’m jealous! I just … he just seems to get you and … fuck, he even sings, dude! Like what the hell? How am I supposed to compete with that?”

Misha’s mouth is hanging open and he’s frankly, shocked that he’s even able to speak at all—because he’s never heard Jensen say this much during a phone call, and for him to say this much, and to say this in particular well, it’s just all manners of crazy. “Wow …” Misha starts, “umwow.”

“Shut up.”

“Sorry, but … wow!” Misha laughs and then leans back in his chair, smiling up towards the ceiling. “I don’t even know what to say.”

“Guess I can leave you speechless too then” Jensen grits out—and the defensive edge to his voice makes him even cuter.

“Guess so.” Misha chuckles some more before he finally sighs and looks back down at the ground, eyes traveling across all his kids’ toys and the usual trail of debris that they leave behind. “You know it’s not a competition, right?” he says after another breath, hoping that he can at last, get to the part where he makes Jensen feel better about everything.

“Yeah—I know.”

“And you know that, just because I’m close with Darius, doesn’t mean I can’t be close with you too.”


“And … between the two of you, you’re a much better kisser. I mean, he gets all rough and he bites a lot—you should see my lower lip! It’s all puffy and swollen. It’s not pretty.”

“You’re such a fucker.”

“And you’re an adorable, jealous doofus.”

Jensen finally laughs a little, and it makes Misha do the same.

“You’re lucky that I like jealous doofuses.”

His friend’s smile is obvious, and Misha pushes it against his skin as he hugs the phone even closer to his ear. “Yeah” Jensen whispers, contentedly. “I know I am.”