stop being so adorable

Exo reactions to their baby kicking for the first time

/Ahh, too cute!! <3/

Baekhyun: *shocked and excited*

“Woah, they kicked!”

Chanyeol: *starts talking to your belly*

“Hello little guy, daddy loves you!!!”

Chen: *super excited he’s gonna be a dad*

“I’m gonna be the best father ever!”

D.O: *can’t stop smiling, he’s so happy*

Kai: *starts being all adorable*

“We’re gonna have a little baby together!”

Suho: *proud dad who can’t stop smiling*

Kris: *super happy he’s going to be a dad and acts all cute when your baby kicks*

Lay: *the feels*

“I’m gonna be a dad!!!”

Luhan: *does aegyo to your unborn child*

“Hang in there little guy.”

Xiumin: *acts super adorable*

“We gonna have a baby!”

Tao: *talks to your belly*

“I love you.”

Sehun: *no caption needed*

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