stop being so adorable

When you’re like,”Hey Negovanman, stop being so adorable” and they flat out refuse. And you’re like, “That’s cool, I didn’t really want you to stop anyway…”

This Saturday September 2nd at 4pm in Room 701B.

Can’t make it? Don’t worry, we’ll film the panel and release it on KindaTV!

Can make it? Please note that we (sadly) cannot do a meet and greet this year due to timing, but we WILL hold a Q&A session.

obsessed-with-draco-malfoy  asked:

Hello, I'm here to drop a prompt *fidgets nervously* Could you draw a picture featuring young Draco and young Scorpius? Thank you <3

[ Inktober 2016.10.21 - Draco with baby Scorpius ]

There’s this old polaroid photo that Astoria took when Scorpius just started to find some nice squishy places to step on and practice walking :’)

+ bonus: