stop being in nyc and not running into me :((((



No post yesterday, busy being thankful with loved ones.  Did the 122nd Buffalo Turkey Trot.  So this is what it feels like to simply enjoy it, went into it w/o expectations, still recovering from the NYC Marathon, just to have fun and run hard, it’s been more intense in the past going for wins and such…We got a bit of a late start to the race, got stuck in what probably was the heaviest traffic of the year, a rarely seen stop and go traffic in Buffalo.  

The 8k race went surprisingly well for me, finished in 28:23, a 5:43/mile pace, 46th overall, 2nd masters finisher, I’ll take it!!  Started off conservatively on a cold morning, then picked up the pace as much as I felt comfortable, passed runners along the way, smiled across the finish line.

What a year, what a day, definitely a season to be thankful!

Today really is the start of the off-season for me, I’m having left-overs, beer, and taking a day or two off.  Yahooooo!!


I was fortunate enough to see Bandstand at the Jacob’s theatre last night. When I’m home from NYC, I’ll talk more about my thoughts, but I will say this now. Bandstand is an incredible, powerful and moving show. If you can see it, please go. This story is so important.

After the show, I got to meet Corey Cott (for the second time this week and he remembered me) and I got to meet Laura again. Both of them give completely captivating and passionate performances. I had a card and a gift for Laura and when I gave them to her she was so sweet. Everyone was swarming her and she’s getting over being sick, but she still stopped and signed and took pictures with everyone. She is a true class act.


niightmareyes-deactivated201704  asked:

the schuyler sisters,satisfied, non-stop, take a break, burn, blow us all away

  • the schuyler sisters: do you have any siblings? if so, what are they like?

nope; i am simply a smol only child who likes the red skittles and the fresh memes

  • non-stop: talk about something you’re talented at, or even just something you can do very quickly and efficiently

lessee here im super good at drawing/painting/design as well as making super spicy memes and being absolute aesthetic hipster trash. and also my spaghetti recipe is outta this world fam

  • take a break: if you could run anywhere for a getaway, where would you go and who would you take with you?

me and my meme mommy @nochillian would most likely bring our booties to NYC and then make a valiant effort to snag hamilton tickets; wed probably give up and try to train feral pigeons to do tricks instead

  • burn: talk about a time you’ve felt betrayed

one time i wanted to pet my beloved cat so i called him over and he’s like nah fam and he turned around and went to my mom for love; h e r e s t h e t r a i t o r y o u r m a j e s t y

  • blow us all away: can you hold yourself back when you hear people speaking badly about someone/something you like/love?

it depends how much i love the thing being bashed tbh; like if i hear you talkin trash about uh lets say kylie jenner im not really gonna fly off the handle- but the second you diss fruity pebbles cereal u better get ready to catch these hands