stop being gullible

White people act like people of color made themselves into stereotypes, as if they didn’t fabricate, spread these lies, and sabotage groups of people to make these lies “true” lmao. Disprove stereotypes my ass. They’ve never been proven. They’re based on lies. Maybe y'all should stop being gullible pieces of crap just to make yourselves feel superior.

We shouldn’t have to tip toe around, pretend to be something we’re not, or teach our children to act a certain way just because y'all are liars, and on top of that, won’t let go of your willfully ignorant views.

@ the billion people asking me if Ouma is a Nazi: ffs stop being so gullible

they didnt remove any part of the original art like people are claiming. theres so fucking source for that whatsoever and its ridiculous

tumblr and 4chan just make a connection “shsl dictator??? he MUST have some connection to nazis!!!!” and it spiraled out of control. please for the love of god stop

his hat in his official art is similar to ones associated with nazis, but in reality its not associated with nazis or even germany at all. what its resembling is the hat worn by the Imperial Japanese Navy

and NOT the nazis or even germany;

so for the love of god, it was just a senseless, ridiculous, offensive joke that started all this. Ouma is NOT “coded” as a nazi, he NEVER mentions anything about nazi germany whatsoever, and people who seriously believe that kodaka would throw a fucking nazi into danganronpa are way too fucking gullible. stop believing everything you hear on tumblr.

EDIT: “only nazi hats have 2 symbols!!!!”
lol fucking wrongggg even some soviet visors had 2 emblems:

“HES HOLDING A FANTA!!! They couldnt import it d-”
isnt that a bit of a stretch ??? come on like. honestly. fanta originated in nazi germany, but tbh you might as well say Komaeda must be from texas because dr pepper was made in texas , and dr hopper is a play on dr pepper. its called coincidence. hes a kid who likes fruity drinks. thats it.

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People have to stop being so gullible , seriously do people really think that the 5 th in line , would be getting out of a mini van at some random Suburbian house , no RPO present . Terrorists/ nut cases on the loose these days , don't think that would get the go ahead from BP . Another photoshop fail I think.

I KNOW RIGHT, I think you are right and keeps making her look like a booty call, going into the back door of a brothel. smh  Epic Fail

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I will never understand how Camila stans can completely disregard the girls’ letter along with facts from Billboard, but totally believe any random “exposing” account that says Camren is real and lies about knowing inside info. Before they broke up, we all made jokes about how Camila stands away from the girls and how they always look so distant and how she looks sad in interviews, but now that she’s gone y'all wanna pretend like they were painting each others’ nails and having sleepovers every night. Here’s a conspiracy theory for you: Maybe, just maybe, the girls’ letter is telling the truth. Maybe, just maybe, the actions of their band, choreographer, parents, and friends are insight on how the girls really feel about this situation. But nah, that’s too concrete. We need a person with a blacked out avi with the name exposed to tell you what the truth really is 🙄

NOTHING!! is debuting right after the Grammys. Not the Style music video. Not album 6. Not Beethoven’s 10. symphony NOTHING!! 

Just because a random facebook page which is not affiliated with Taylor in any way says that something is about to debute tonight, it doesn’t mean it’s true. Remember when some random twitter account stated that the RED Tour DVD would get released soon and nothing happened? Yeah that’s kinda how this is smh

how to tell an mcr fan to not get their hopes up right now: I understand why you’re excited about everything going on but nothing has been confirmed by anyone and the members are all happy by themselves right now. my chemical romance was toxic to the members and its better they stay broken up for everyone. please try not to get to happy about all of this.


ANSWER: Do you think Perrie is pretty? Don't get me wrong, she isn't dog ugly. However I think people make her out to be a lot more 'beautiful' than what she actually is. Because really Perrie is not a naturally attractive person. And even though I strongly believe zerrie is fake (but in the case that it is real), zayn could do much better. What are your thoughts?

In all honesty I do not think Perrie is pretty at all anymore. Money has made her look considerably better but not by much. They try to dress her up by “what is in style” and it does not suit her at all. Surgery only made her look worse. She looked half decent back in 2011 and she could somewhat be considered “cute”. I still could not see Zayn being attracted to her back then but she was decent. I am not trying to be rude or degrading towards her in any way. In fact, I hate commenting on someones physical appearance on something as open to the public as Tumblr because you never know if Perrie or her family may come across it. I am still going to answer your question though because by being part of Little Mix Perrie put herself out to be judged and to be complimented. This is my opinion though and I am sure many disagree with me, but that being said here is my answer explained:

I do not think Perrie is pretty at all. Money made her look considerably better but not by much.

Many celebrities have been completely transformed appearance wise to look better after becoming famous. For example:

Megan Fox

Taylor Swift

Nicki Minaj

And then we have Perrie…





Perrie actually looks worse after all the surgery. She is not a naturally attractive person and she needs plenty of makeup to make herself presentable. She is overrated by the public and it is all due to Zayn. If they were really together he could do so much better. However, Zayn is not stupid and he would not make that mistake. People need to open their eyes and stop being so gullible. x

Hope this answers your question :) x

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Is Caitriona Balfe ok?????

Why wouldn’t she be?  Because some rag looking to capitalize on our near pathological need to click anything Outlander related mentioned her “condition”?   C’mon, people.

It also said Season 3 filming was delayed because of it.  But they are filming. 

We need (collectively) to stop being so gullible to what these rags (and people looking for attention) say.  

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Taylor has raised the profile for most of her friends.. Stop being so gullible if you think the GP heard of Karlie Kloss pre-Taylor. Karlie never had paps taking pics of her on the streets of NYC before Taylor.

Nobody is denying that her association with Taylor put Karlie more on the radar of the GP, but it’s when nasty lil Taylor stans come into this inbox saying shit like “Karlie was a nobody before Taylor became her friend..” then my Klossy garbage ass gets PRESSED! Aaah yes because poor, unforunate Karlie, who started an incredibly successful career in her early teenage years was but a mere street orphan before Taylor Swift (I’m sorry, Christ) saved her from a life of CERTAIN mediocrity!

Like, no, people that spew that shit hate the idea of Kaylor in any way, shape or form and are transparent (not to mention uneducated and UGLY) as hell.

Of course being associated with Taylor is going to make people in the general public more aware of who someone is, but let me see y'all drag Martha (or as you know her, Marsha) Hunt, Lily Aldridge, Kels Angelina Ballerina whatever the fuck, Jaime King and the rest of Taylor’s lesser known pals like you drag Karlie and then we’ll talk. Until then, you can take a seat sis.

when someone says that Calum and Nia are dating.

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when someone says that they are a cute couple.

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when someone says that there's enough proof of them dating, but actually there isn't and there will never be because they won’t date.

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when someone says that we need to just go with it or just support them when before Calum and Nia got spotted as friends eating lunch they said that they don’t support them and they didn’t go with it. (I’m not going to support them anyways cuz the Nia is crusty)

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when actually Calum and Nia are never going to date, and people need to stop being gullible over what they see on the internet and also stop being hypocrites.

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