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GOT7 Reaction to their s/o being insecure about a scar they have

Mark- Mark would be so sweet to you, as soon as he would see that you start being kind of awkward during your guys’ first time, he would instantly ask you whats wrong. When you would explain to him your reason, he would smile at you calling you beautiful, saying that there is nothing you should be insecure about ‘‘There is absolutely nothing that you should be insecure about.’‘ He would find all of the things about you beautiful, whether you liked that thing about yourself or not.

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Jaebum- He would not understand why should you be insecure about something like that. I feel like it wouldn’t matter to him if you have any old scars, since he would think that they make you, you. He would reassure you that you have nothing to worry about and that you should stop being stupid ‘‘Don’t be stupid and worry about things like that, it doesn’t change how I look at you,’‘ because it doesn’t change his feeling for you in any way, you’re still the love of his life.

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Jackson- As soon as Jackson would know that you are insecure about anything, he would instantly reassure you. He would always remind you to not be insecure about yourself or any scar, mark or whatever you have ‘‘Remember, in my eyes you are perfect, so please see yourself this way as well.’‘ Expect him to call you perfect even more than he already did, because this boy will not shut up about it, since he will always see you that way.

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Jinyoung- I feel like Jinyoung, this time, would be similar to Jaebum. The only difference would be that he would be mad that you are insecure about something like that, because you shouldn’t be. I feel like this would make him a little bit softer as well, since he’s quite sassy and sarcastic usually. Nonetheless he would call you an idiot ‘‘Don’t be an idiot, you shouldn’t think like that,’‘ for thinking you should be insecure about something.

(Ignore Mark, if you want to)

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Youngjae- Sunshine wouldn’t really know what to do at first, but when he would snap back to reality he would call you adorable. Reassuring you that you shouldn’t be insecure. Since Sunshine knows what’s it like to be insecure about something, he would know the right ways to make you feel better and how to bring your confidence back. He wouldn’t like the fact that you are insecure about anything about yourself ‘‘Stop it, never think that you are not worth it or beautiful enough, because you are worth everything and you’re extremely beautiful.’‘

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BamBam- BamBam would definitely be annoyed at you, but for one reason only ‘’You’re so gorgeous, please stop this nonsense.’’ The reason being is that you should never be insecure about anything, in his mind every little or big scar you have, every little or big beauty mark you have or every freckle you have is gorgeous and makes you special in his eyes. He would always reassure you that you have nothing to be insecure about, but not as much as Jackson though.

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Yugyeom- I feel like Yugyeom would be a little awkward at first, not really knowing how to reassure you. After a little while he would just stop thinking about what to say, so he would just say what’s on his mind. He would be really sweet about it, giving you every compliment he could imagine ‘‘You’re absolutely, astoundingly gorgeous and that’s the least thing you should worry about.’‘ Since that scar, does not make you undesirable in any way.

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I think you're the most perfect and gorgeous woman on this planet earth. Please never stop being amazing! ❤️❤️❤️

Awwwww! Thank you, sweety <3

Hello guys! So this is my first follow forever. I’ve been planning on doing this for a year, since i reached 500 followers, but im just a lazy ass. So here i am today, reaching an amazing goal of 2000 followers. I cant thank you enough for following me and for making my life better. Im so happy i made this blog. It helped me through hard times. I want you to know that you are all dear to me, even if you are not on this list.

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Sastiel-Do you find me attractive?

“Do you find me attractive?” Sam asks one day, pretty much out of the blue. They’re sitting together on one of the Bunker’s old couches, and they had been chatting for a bit, but Sam’s question cuts across the easy chatter.

Cas tilts his head. “I…Yes? You are very attractive Sam. Pleasing to the eye. Lovely.”

Sam shakes his head. “I mean, like…sexually.”

“Oh,” Cas says. He’s quiet for a minute, then he says, “I hope this won’t be a problem, but…no. I’m sure you’re very sexually appealing, but I don’t…I don’t, Sam,” he says, floundering a bit. “I don’t see people that way.”

Sam lets out a deep breath he didn’t realize he was holding. Well, that explains why Cas hasn’t tried to get into his pants, or even do more than kiss him. It’s just the last answer Sam expected. He expected to hear he’s too tainted to be sexually desirable, maybe, or else, more charitably, that Cas is being careful with him, not wanting to rush him. But he didn’t expect this. Not that it’s a bad answer in any way, shape, or form. Still, Sam didn’t expect it, mostly because he didn’t expect two asexual people to happen to stumble into the same relationship.

“The word for that is asexual,” Sam says gently. 

Cas scrunches up his nose. “Oh,” he says, then nods. “Alright. Yes. So. I’m asexual. Is that an issue?” he asks.

Sam chuckles. “No, Cas,” he says. “I’m…asexual too,” he says. 

Cas blinks. “Oh,” he says again, then he grins. “Well then, I guess this works out.”

Sam grins back. “Guess so,” he says. Then, “can I kiss you?”

Cas nods, so Sam tilts Cas’ chin up and kisses him. Cas kisses him back whole-heartedly, using his hands to pull Sam’s face closer. 

After a few minutes, they break apart. Cas’ hair is mussed and his lips slightly swollen, his cheeks flushed. Sam can’t help but smile. It might not be sexual, but that doesn’t stop Cas from being gorgeous.

“For the record, you’re very pleasing to the eye too,” Sam says.

Cas doesn’t say anything, just pulls Sam in for another kiss.

Was Jupiter Ascending a bit trashy?

Was it extremely silly and ridiculous?

Should it have been called Jupiter Descending?

Do I care?

It was mad and messy and fun and I spent the entire film with the hugest grin on my face. If I were 6 or 9 or 12 it would have destroyed my soul and consumed my life. But as a so-called ‘adult’ it just makes me supremely happy. Yes