stop being cute you two

Dating Joe Sugg Would Include

*not my gif*

-Breakfast in bed all the time

-Funny snapchats while he’s off at meetings or other various things

-You and Zoe being really close

-Zoe shipping you two the most closely met by Caspar

-Zoe telling you all the embarrassing stories about Joe from their childhood and him getting embarrassed and telling Zoe to stop talking about them

-Him getting low-key jealous when the boys would be snapchatting you

-Coming home and him surprising you with a really good meal

-Constantly getting pranked (or getting stuck in their prank war even when the pranks weren’t on or by you)

-Being extremely close with Caspar and it sometimes makes Joe jealous how close you two actually are

-Just sitting there laughing about seemingly nothing for hours 

-Him calling you ‘love’ more then anything else

-Him vlogging you in bed all the time

-Him getting all shy every time you say something nice about him especially if there are other people around

-Going for cute little adventures even just around London anytime you get the chance and always really cute photos of each other for Instagram

-Him teasing you all the time (you can take that however you want honestly)

-You always wearing his sweaters (especially the Sugg Life ones)

-You telling him he needs to quit working himself so hard and take a night for himself

-Having lots of baths with him (we all know how much the boy loves his baths with his bath bombs)

-Trying to show you off to anyone and everyone 

-Him being really excited to take you back to Wiltshire and show you all the places he hung out at when he was growing up

-So much cuddling

-All the boys being surprised by how much of a romantic Joe actually was

-All the boys being jealous and telling you two to stop being so cute all the bloody time

-Being there for him after he plays his scary video games trying to make him calm down

-Encouraging him to do a cover video

-Being really supportive and excited about everything that he’s getting to do with his career

My ask box is always open for requests like these and others. 

The other ones I’ve done like this for the other boys: Conor  Jack  Caspar   Mikey  

The Proposal

Prompt: Tea//mipli//er filming in a park and Ethan proposing to Tyler. Everyone is like woah bc they though Ty would be the one to pop the question but still super happy for the couple
Thank you @paigeisfanatic for the prompt!

“Alright, seems like we’re done.” Mark said as people started to leave the park.

“These are always so fun.” Ethan said with a tired laugh as he leaned against Tyler.

“Well it was your idea to do it today.” Tyler smiled fondly at Ethan.

“Today just seemed like a good day to do it!”

Tyler laughed before pecking Ethan’s lips.

“Alright you two, stop being so cute.” Amy smiled playfully.

“How dare you!” Ethan gasped.
“Tyler could never stop being cute.”

Tyler blushed and ducked his head.

“See? Look at that cute face!” Ethan giggled and reached up to pinch Tyler’s cheek.

“That’s it.” Tylet said with a smirk.

“Tyler… what are yo-”

Ethan was cut off by Tyler swinging him over his shoulder.

“Tyyyylerrrrr.” Ethan whined.

“Come on now, we all know you’re the most adorable person ever.” Tyler chuckled.

Ethan just squirmed, trying to get down.

“I’m not letting you go until you admit it!” Tyler started bouncing him.

“Tyler no!!” Ethan gripped Tyler’s shirt.

“Sayyy ittt.”

“I’m the adorable one.” Ethan pouted.

Tyler smiled triumphantly and set him back down.

“Hmfh.” Ethan crossed his arms.

“I lovee youuu.” Tyler wrapped his arms around Ethan.

Ethan tilted his head back to look at Tyler. Ethan smiled.

“I know you do.” Ethan went up on his tip toes and kissed Tyler.

“Ok lovebirds, cut it out. We gotta pack up.“ Mark chuckled.

“Sorryyy.” Ethan fiddled with his promise ring.

Tyler grabbed Ethan’s hand.
“Come on Eth. Let’s go gather up the arrows.”

“If I havee tooo.” Ethan groaned before giggling.

“We better hurry. Its gonna get dark soon.” Kathryn said, checking her watch.

~time skip~

“Look up!!” Ethan said excitedly.

“What?” Tyler raised his brow.

“The sky! The colorsss!!”

Tyler smiled and glanced up at the sunset.

“Come on Tyler! Let’s go watch it!” Ethan started pulling on Tyler.

“We’re watching it right now!” Tyler laughed.

“Nooo let’s go on that hill for a better view!”

“Finee. Anything for you.” Tyler kissed Ethan’s forehead.

“Even give me a piggy back ride up the hill?”

“Did you just suddenly break your legs?”

“Yes. In the matter of fact. I did! I did just break my legs.” Ethan said with a nod.

Tyler chuckled and shook his head before squatting down for Ethan to scramble onto his back.
Ethan giggled as Tyler carried him. Soon they were at the top of the hill, engulfed by the colors of the sunset.

“You know, that’s like the perfect setting for a proposal.” Amy said offhandedly.

“Who do you think would pop the question?” Kathryn asked.

“Tyler.” Both Mark and Amy said in sync.

“What makes you say that?”

“Well you know… it’s Tyler.” Mark shrugged.

“And didn’t Tyler give Ethan a promise ring? So it just makes sense that Ethan will get the engagement ring too.” Amy added.

“Oh! Wait look! Someone’s getting on their knee!!”


They all turned to look at the hilltop.

“Which one is it?”

“Is that-“

“I think it is!”

“Is that Ethan?!”

“It is!” Kathryn beamed.

“Oh my god that’s so sweet! Now they both have rings!” Amy cooed.

“And the engagement ring matchs Ethan’s promise ring.“ Kathryn added.

“Now that’s good planning.” Amy smiled.

“Wait, you know about this, Kathryn?!” Mark stared with wide eyes.

“Yeah. Ethan asked me for advice on the ring styling.” Kathryn smiled.

“And you didn’t tell me??” Amy asked.

“Ethan wanted to surprise everyone.” Kathryn said with a soft smile.

They looked back up at the hill to see only the couple’s silhouettes.
Ethan and Tyler were sitting together with their hands intertwined, their heads resting against each other.


Cloud no stop. What are you doing? Don’t just walk away from the bae like that! Look at how confused you left him. He is staring at you!

Also I would like to point out how fast Leon’s face softens when he looks over at Cloud.

{Also Cloud in kh2 is fucking handsome. I think this is his manliest. Even in Advent Children he isn’t as manly, still a feminine face. I think it’s the fact they gave him a nice jaw in kh2. Aslo holy shit dem pecks Cloud!}

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Stop being so cute

“What are you doing?” Robert frowned from his position on the floor of the cricket pavilion.

Aaron smirked, Robert’s shirt in hand. “I know sex with me is mind-blowing but I would have thought that much was obvious.”

Robert rolled his eyes, “yeah, I hate to tell you this but I wouldn’t call it mind-blowing. You’re a bit rusty, maybe we should get a bit more practice,” he growled suggestively.

“You’re such a charmer.” Aaron ignored his husband’s protests, before pulling the shirt over his head. “Besides, it’s cricket season.”

Robert couldn’t help the small moan that escaped as he pushed himself onto his knees, making no move to get dressed. “Oh okay, that makes total sense, now I know why you’re getting dressed in my shirt.”

“It does if you shut up and listen for a minute.” Aaron had to contain the laughter that threatened to spill as realisation dawned on Robert’s face.

It was cricket season, and that meant cricket practice.

“Oh god, there’s people outside.” Robert grabbed for his boxers, before having to steady himself against the wall to stop himself from toppling over in his haste to get them on. “Why didn’t you say anything?”

Aaron shrugged, doing up the buttons on his trousers. “I was enjoying the view.”

“I hate you,” he pouted, reaching for Aaron’s discarded t-shirt and hoodie. “Come on, you’ve had your fun, give me my shirt back.”

Aaron folded his arms defensively, leaning back against the wall. “Nope.”

“What do you mean nope? I can’t go out there like this.” He gestured to his bare torso.

Aaron pulled the shirt from Robert’s outstretched hands, before holding it up in front of him. “This is a t-shirt. I know it’s not something you’re very familiar with but you wear it.” There’s something about Robert in a t-shirt that Aaron finds irresistible, not that he’d ever tell him that, he’s got a big enough ego as it is.

Robert sighed, reaching forward to snatch the t-shirt from Aaron. “Fine, but don’t think I’m going to forget this.”

“Yeah, what you gonna do about it?” Aaron smirked, not bothering to wait for Robert’s response before he was making his way to the door.

“I’m sure I’ll think of something.”


Robert couldn’t help but admire Aaron as he walked confidently into the pub. Aaron looked good in anything, but there was something particularly appealing about him in a shirt, and Robert hadn’t been able to take his eyes off him the entire way home.

Unfortunately for Robert, his lack of attention to where he was going resulted in him walking straight into Marlon, who had just rounded the bar carrying two plates of fish and chips, with added mushy peas, of course.

“Oh for…” Marlon threw his hands in the air, the two plates now empty, their contents lying on the floor and over Robert’s shirt. He’s about to say something else, about watching where he’s going next time when Aaron appears at his side. “Are you…?” Marlon’s eyes dart from Aaron to Robert and back again, confusion written across his face. ‘Are you two wearing each other’s clothes?”

Robert can’t help but blush, the thought of getting into a conversation about why him and Aaron have swapped clothes, with Marlon, in the middle of the Woolpack less than appealing to him. He’s thankfully saved by Aaron’s confident, no-nonsense response of “yeah.”

Marlon cocks his head to the side in thought. “But you’ve just been on a picnic so why….” He stops mid-sentence as he suddenly seems to grasp the situation, eyes going wide with shock. “You know what. Never mind, forget I said anything. I really don’t want to know.”

Aaron grabs hold of Robert’s hand, leading him past Marlon. “Come on, let’s get upstairs and get that t-shirt off.” He raises his eyebrows suggestively, giving Robert a smirk.

“Nope.” Robert replies easily, no hint of emotion on his face.

“What do you mean nope?” Aaron asks, clearly hurt at Robert’s refusal.

“Just what I said, nope. No more sex for you today, stitching me up out there at the Cricket Pavilion.”

“But…” Aaron pouts, “please?”

“As if I could ever resist you,” Robert chuckles, pulling him closer, before whispering, “especially in that shirt.”

He doesn’t care that they’re only halfway through to the backroom, that everyone can see, or that Charity is giving them the look. “Urgh, can you two stop being so cute, I’m gonna be sick.” He ignores her protests in favour of pulling Aaron closer, kissing him hard and fast, and for a few seconds the rest of the pub, the rest of the world doesn’t exist because Aaron’s home, and they can be as affectionate as they like, wherever they like, whenever they like and he’s going to take full advantage of that.

Life lessons Pt 4

A/N - last part everyone hope you like it

“Ah, no I don’t.” he told her, which was technically true. Just then Izzy came into the room and strode over to stand with her brother. She was looking down at the girls who seemed to of lost some of their boldness now she was there.“People, I want to introduce you to Isabelle. Isabelle Lightwood, my sister. She will be taking you out in the field occasionally. She specialises in fighting with the electrum whip. And something you ladies might be interested in, fighting in five inch high heels.” Alec told them. Izzy allowed the whip to uncurl from her arm and facing away from group flicked it out making it snap loudly. All the recruits jumped but then gave her a round of enthusiastic applause.  She allowed the whip to snake back up her arm once more and turned back to give them a bow.“Oh and just for the record, Isabelle is taken. And if any of you guys think you might have a chance to win her over just know that her boyfriend is actually the second in command of the head Vampire clan of New York.” A surprised murmur went round the room once more.“Does that mean……….” Someone started to ask.“Yes, he’s a vampire. A very special one who can withstand daylight. Simon? Do you want to come in?” Izzy called towards the door and Simon came up to her in a blur, using his super speed. He had borrowed one of Raphael’s suits again, the dark material making his pale skin whiter. He put an arm around Izzy’s waist and kissed her lightly.  The recruits gasped a little. Alec gave them a smile. He almost felt sorry for them. It was a lot to take in. The New York Institute was the first one to allow stronger relations with Down Worlders mostly because of the attack on the Institute but partly because of Alec’s relationship with Magnus and Izzy’s with Simon and Clary’s with Luke.“Just before we finish, there’s one more person you need to meet. Luke, can you come in please?” Alec called. Luke came in through the door and came up to join them.“This is Luke Garraway, Alpha of the head werewolf pack here.“Once again, a murmur went around the crowd. All of them had shocked expressions on their faces. None of them had ever seen a vampire, a werewolf, a warlock and Nephilim all in the same room together before let alone being friendly with each other. Clary and Jace came over and joined them in front.“The session is officially over but if you would like to ask Magnus, Simon or Luke anything, within reason of course, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind answering  few questions.” Some of the recruits got brave enough and came towards them. Alec couldn’t  help but smile as he saw Simon baring  his fangs at the boy who had gotten up the courage to ask about them, making him and his friends jump back. It was the same every year. He just hopped no one asked Luke if he could get fleas like someone had the previous year. As Alec watched, the four girls slowly worked their way around to Magnus, giggling. He had spotted them coming and had given Alec a knowing smile. It seemed that his boyfriend was the centre of their attention for now.“We just wanted to say thank you for the roses.” the bolder one said, eyelashes fluttering.“You’re very welcome my dear.” Magnus replied.“Can I ask you something? I heard that Warlocks can be hundreds of years old, is that true?”“Why yes it is. I will have my 443rd birthday very soon.” The girls gasped.“Do you have a girlfriend?” the brave one asked, smiling sweetly back at him. Magnus smiled back at her and gave a small glance over to Alec to let him know the question they had been waiting for had been asked.“Well no I don’t actually. Is there a reason you wanted to know that?’ he asked, faking interest.“I was just wondering if , maybe you know um, you would like to get a cup of coffee some time”. Then she added quickly, ”Warlocks drink coffee don’t they?” Magnus laughed and turned towards Alec who had just come to stand next to him.“Well, Magnus don’t be shy. Answer the young lady.” he encouraged.“Yes, my dear warlocks drink coffee and I thank you for the kind invitation but I don’t think my boyfriend would approve.” Magnus told her. She gasped a little and looked to her friends who were all staring up at Magnus.“You… have a boyfriend?’ she stammered.“Yes, he does. A very jealous one.” Alec grabbed one of Magnus’ hands and pulled him into him, before wrapping his arms around his waist. Magnus did the same thing to him before leaning in to lightly kiss him. The girls looked back in utter shock. Mouths open eyes huge as did the rest of the recruits.“Everyone. I just wanted to add something. We know the rumours that surround the Institute about us and yes most of them are true. We think it only fair to put them to rest. Yes, Jace and Clary are together. No they were never brother and sister. It was a lie told to them by Valentine. Yes, Jace did die by Valentine’s hand but Clary asked the Angel Razeil to bring him back to her. To us. Jace is and always will be my parabatai. Hopefully you will discover this special bond for yourselves with someone one day. Yes Isabelle and myself are with Down Worlders and our relationships with them are no  different than jace has with Clary. And if you think that being gay makes me weaker in any way,  I suggest you come and try your luck with me in combat training any time. We feel that the old ways of thinking need to change and that it shouldn’t matter who you want to be with as long as it’s a safe, happy relationship. Over the coming months we encourage you to ask questions and learn from us and perhaps you might come away a little wiser and more tolerant. To know that people aren’t always who or what they seem no matter what world they are from. It just might come in handy to you one day out in the field. That’s all for today, thank you for attending.” A round of applause went around the room and Alec gave a nod of thanks as the recruits started to file out of the room. The four girls looked thoroughly embarrassed by their behaviour and left with the others. Not turning back once.They watched them leave and Magnus grabbed Alec in for a proper kiss, his hands either side of his face.“You looked so hot up there today, my love.’ he said. “I almost felt sorry for those poor girls. Are you jealous that I got asked out and you didn’t?” he joked.“I was a little, yes. I had it in the bag until my super sexy warlock showed up. How was I going to compete with all this?” he said, gesturing to Magnus’ elaborate clothes before kissing him again. “Ok, ok, they’ve gone now you two can stop being all cute.” Jace said, his arm around Clary.“Stop calling us cute.” Alec frowned at him.“Do you think we got to ‘em?” Izzy asked, hugging Simon.“Are you kidding me? Didn’t you see their faces? Now let’s just hope it has the positive effect we need it to have.” Alec said.“yeah, cause I don’t want to have to pretend to smooch with my  brother again. But I kinda liked kissing Clary, that was fun.” Izzy said,  giving  her a grin. Clary gave her a playful thump on the arm while Simon just gave her a confused look.“You did what to Clary?” he asked. Izzy laughed and kissed him.“Come on, let’s go, we have recruits to torture.” Jace said, and they all headed for the door.  


Dating Shimizu Kiyoko

  • u can bet that your dates will variate from coffee shops to hiking, cake buffet’s to surfing
  • she’s athletic and loves to do whatever life is offering her
  • and u love her too and wanna see all sides of her 
  • will wear everything that you buy her 
  • likes to handmake gifts for you bc it gives a whole different feeling than to just buy something
  • she likes to surprise u with breakfast in bed 
  • loves making you laugh
  • u love making her laugh 
  • you two are precious beings alright, stop it’s too cute 
  • kisses u on the cheek! 
  • chilling on the couch with pyjamas and face-masks while watching movies 
  • cuddles and snuggles! 
  • cute nicknames are out of control 
  • she loves hearing you talk about your day and whatever pops into your head
  • stargazing together on the balcony, real cozy and close with fluffy blankets 
Stand Up Fucking Tall

Pairing: Gerard Way x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Request fic for @mcr-scenester-plur.  “transboy!reader and bullets!gerard? (pre-t reader)”

“Shit, I need a drink,” Gerard said nervously, pacing the backstage area of the small Jersey club his band was performing at tonight.

“Gee, you’re a great singer, you’re going to be fine,” you assured him. “I’m the one who should be worried about his ‘performance’." 

"You’re not putting on any kind of show, babe,” Gerard reminded. “You’re just outwardly presenting as the man you’ve always been inside.”

“Still,” you sighed. “This one of the first times I’ve worn masculine clothes in public. I haven’t started T or anything. I bet I don’t pass at all. People might say I look weird -”

“And they can go fuck themselves,” Gerard shrugged, downing a shot Mikey had handed him. “Anyone who says My Chemical  Romance sucks can go fuck themselves, too." 

"The difference is, nobody is going to say your band sucks, because your music is amazing,” you protested. 

“You’re amazing, too,” Gerard said softly, pulling you close. “My amazing, brave, handsome, boyfriend." 

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Yugyeom Imagine - Practice (Smut)

A/N - Wrote this one for a friend haha, hope you enjoyed and send in more requests!

“Stop being so cute you two, we need to focus and we can’t if you two are being all adorable,” Jackson complained looking towards you and Yugyeom sitting with his arm draped over your shoulders, your head snuggled into him.
“You’re just jealous,” you teased while fidgeting closer to Yugyeom, wrapping your arms around him. The two of you had earned the reputation of being the cute couple as you were the two youngest and were constantly glued to each other. What they didn’t know was that you were quite the opposite. Neither you nor Yugyeom had cute things running through your mind; he was thinking about all the things he was going to do to you once you were both alone. And all you could think about was how much longer you could control yourself before you jumped on Yugyeom.

Time passed by slowly until neither of you could take it anymore.
“(Y/N) and I are leaving, we’ve got a date night planned tonight,” Yugyeom said, knowing you were just as riled up as he was.
“Fine, but make sure you practice tonight, Yugyeom,” JB told him as he wiped the sweat from his forehead.
“Don’t worry, hyung. I will,” Yugyeom winked at you as he grabbed your hand and led you outside of the practice room. Little did they know the ‘practising’ Yugyeom would be doing wouldn’t be dancing.

As you left the practice room and exited the studio to your car, Yugyeom’s hand never left your waist. His tight grip showed how much he needed you. Driving back home seemed to take forever as the tension kept on rising between you. Yugyeom’s hand was on your inner thigh and his thumb was tracing circles. Unable to resist his touch anymore, you pulled over into an empty car park behind a small shop. When you had parked up and undone your seatbelt, you clambered on top of Yugyeom, your hands tangling in his hair. His hands held your waist as you straddled him. You could feel the bulge in his jeans getting harder. Before you went any further, you climbed onto the back seat and Yugyeom followed, getting on top of you.
“You’re so fucking hot, (Y/N),” Yugyeom said, breathing heavily as he looked you up and down, eyes full of lust. His tongue danced across yours and his hands slid beneath your shirt, sliding up your stomach. You reached to pull off his shirt and discarded it on the car floor. His chest was slightly damp with sweat from the dance practice, which only made you want him more. Yugyeom pulled your shirt over your head and began to kiss down your neck, leaving marks across the skin. He reached behind your back, undoing the clasp on your bra and throwing it on the ever-growing pile of clothes. His mouth moved down to your breasts, gently sucking on the tissue and eliciting a loud moan from you.
“Sit up,” you murmured to him. Following your command, he let you move from underneath him and he sat on the backseat. You kneeled on the floor of the car, undoing Yugyeom’s belt and pulling down both his jeans and boxers. You wrapped your hand around him and began moving it along his length. He leaned his head back in pleasure and moaned even louder as you took him in your mouth. Your tongue glided across him and the sounds coming from Yugyeom led to a wetness growing in your underwear.

As you felt him tense up slightly below your mouth, you sat back up giving him a teasing look. He glared at you for not letting him finish and reached down to pick you up and place you back on the seat. He unbuttoned your jeans and pulled them down roughly. His fingers rubbed slowly against you; it was heaven. You moved your legs further apart, giving him easier access to you but he denied it by removing his fingers and leaning down to his jeans, taking out a small foil packet. He ripped it open and put it on before pushing himself into you. He rocked his hips forwards and backwards, giving you the feeling of pure ecstasy. His lips connected to yours as he continued to move inside you. All you could hear were his deep groans and your pleasure-filled responses.

Yugyeom then broke the kiss and moved your legs to sit on his shoulders and the angle made you moan even louder.
“Shit, Yugyeom,” you said as he pounded into you.
“(Y/N),” he groaned as you said his name in pleasure. Soon, you felt yourself coming closer to your climax.
“Yugyeom, I’m close.”
“Me too, baby.” As he said this, you tensed slightly, feeling a wave of pleasure as you released. The sight of you reaching euphoria set Yugyeom off and he moaned your name as he came inside you. His thrusts became sloppier as he rode out his high. Once he pulled out of you, he leaned his head on your chest. Your heavy breaths filling the car until you had both regained your strength.

Sitting up again, you and Yugyeom put your clothes back on and climbed into the front seats. This time Yugyeom drove as you could feel your legs were still slightly weak from Yugyeom being inside of you. When you arrived to the dorm and shut the door behind you, Yugyeom had you pinned against the wall.
“So, how about round 2 in the shower?” Before you could respond, you heard voices coming from the living room. Shit, the boys were home.
“How are you guys only just getting here? You left way before we did,” Jinyoung said, giving you a confused look. You and Yugyeom shared a side glance as you said, “Oh, we just took a little detour.”
“Right, well I know you said you were planning a date night but do you mind if we join you? We’re all tired from practising and have nothing else to do,” Mark said from beside him.
“Sure,” Yugyeom responded, “we’ll be down in about half an hour with some movies to watch.”
“Okay, make sure they’re none of your cheesy romances. We watched too many of them last week, Yugyeom!” He teased as he went back to sit on the sofa. Yugyeom turned to you and whispered, “Shower?”



From KiKi 😍❤️: what’re you doing baby?

From You : going to Ricky’s. Fixing to leave. Love you! xx

From KiKi 😍❤️: Be safe! Love you!

You smiled and plugged in your AUX. Kian was currently on tour and you just simply weren’t allowed to join according to their managers. You were heading to Ricky Dillon’s house. He asked if you wanted to hang with him, Trevor, and Shane Dawson (you was personally super excited to hang with Shane). You turned up your volume and jammed to ‘Toothbrush by DNCE’ an started heading to Ricky’s house.

You knocked on the front door, turning back and locking your car for the second time but only just for safety issues.

“Hey, (y/n)!” You turned around and seen Ricky smiling at you.

“Hey Ricky! How’re you?”

“I’m doing good! How’re you?”

“I’m doing great!” He stepped aside and opened the door wider so you could come in.

“(Y/n)!” Shane and Trevor called, waving at you.

“Hey Boys! How’re you two doing?”

“Awesome! Finally did another podcast yesterday.” Shane flipped his imaginary hair, causing you to laugh.

“I love your podcast!”

“Thank you!”

You turned and smiled at Trevor. “How’s my Trevor?”

“Good, hunni!”

You laughed and sat your car keys and pocket book. You walked into Ricky’s living room and seen that he had a Wii.

“Oh my gosh! Do you have Just Dance 2016?!”


“Let’s play!”

“We should do this.” You an Shane were partners which was the best decision you ever made.

“Oh my god, (y/n). That’s like the hardest one. But we can do it.”

You laughed and clicked the next song, “William Tell Overture…” You mumbled. “This is that really cool song isn’t it?”

Shane smacked his hands against his thighs and laughed. “I just told you it was hard and you just asked if it was cool. Can’t you with right now.” You laughed and put your smartphone in your pocket.

You both started dancing. You messed up because you just noticed you had to jump over his back.

“My old fat self couldn’t do this.” Shane yelled.

You laughed and jumped up on his back. “I’m so out of breath!” You yelled, jumping off.

You both continued dancing until you had to fall down at the end. “Oh my gosh. Thank god it’s over.” Shane fell over an laid down the ground.

“(Y/n), how do you feel about that?”

You fanned yourself. “I feel like me and Shane make a good team even though we’re both out of shape and kept heavy breathing but we did good.”

“Preach honey!”

You laughed and fell down on the couch. You pulled out your phone and went on snapchat to see if Kian posted anything. Even though it was a selfie you still screenshot it.

“Ricky! you took a video of us dancing?! And Trevor?!”

“Bitches!” Shane yelled, throwing a pillow at Ricky.

You rolled your eyes, laughing at Shane. You went onto Twitter an seen that Kian tweeted.

’@kianlawley : my girlfriend is such a good dancer and a hot one ;)’

You blushed, favoriting the tweet.

’@y/t/n : @kianlawley I know sweetie. I’ll show you some dance moves when you get back ;)’

’@kian lawley : @y/t/n I wouldn’t miss it for the world ;)’

’@y/t/n : @kianlawley see you when you get back. AND TEXT ME YOU DICK’

’@kianlawley : @y/t/n iight bish. Luh u 😘’

’@y/t/n : @kianlawley luh u 😘’

You smiled when you seen his name pop up. You gladly answered the text and sat your phone down.

“Can you and Kian stop being cute for two seconds please?” Ricky asked.

You sighed, “I wish.”