stop being cute right now

things I’ve said while playing ffxv
  • this would be a great make out spot (in 30 different spots)
  • [sees 2 NPCs standing next to each other] I ship it
  • i wonder why they always rent 1 room with 2 beds when there’s 4 of them…. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) lmao no i don’t
  • i bet that’s the item that triggers the rest of the story so i’m gonna touch literally everything else except for IT
  • do the chocobos go into the tent with them when it rains????
  • i have absolute no idea what the caravan looks like on the inside
  • AU where i play cards with the quest givers once i finished everything they’ve got
  • [hears dog barking] STOP STALKING ME DAVE
  • where do they even find power outlets to charge their phones????
  • [turns on Radio] KAW KIDS! [turns off radio]
  • I have 99 of this ingredient but i don’t know a single recipe for it
  • this is the first time i’ve seen this person (has seen him in the movie three times)
  • i’m gonna buy this ridiculously expensive meal and immediately get angry at Ignis for not stealing it
  • SHE’S THE FIFTH BRO!!!!!!!
  • ugh who allowed you to be this cute? stop it, stop being cute! UGH ♥
  • my dude you are LITERALLY standing in the fire right now
  • YoU’Re BEiNg hELpfUL foR A cHAngE! wHatT DO yoU MEaN For A cHanGE???
  • that one looks Japanese in a crowd of white people, better save and stock up on curatives before talking to them
  • SHUT THE FUCK UP ARDYN not really i love your voice sorry please continue


In the Cool Breeze Underneath the Stars - A prom dress, loud music, and fast food.

Phases of the Heart - Shawn falls in love with the different phases of Y/N

Parking Lots and Velvet Skies - Falling out of love is just as easy as falling in love.

Screaming at the Moon - Girls only say “I hate you” to the guys that they love.

Stages of Light ( Imagination ) - Fantasies, and a cup of hot coco.

“Just Lay with Me, Please.“ - A sick Shawn that just wants to cuddle with his girlfriend.

Real To You - In which a fictional story feels painfully real to Y/N, but Shawn is there to help her through it.

Sleepy - A sleepy Shawn that wants to cuddle with Y/N.

Old Imagines

i love you more - y/n overhears shawn talking about her.

special - shawn doesn’t think he’s special until y/n talks some sense into him.

hike - shawn realizes he’s in love whiling hiking.

yellow - the color yellow is suddenly important to shawn thanks to y/n.

drowning - based on the “mercy” music video

red carpet - shawn and y/n walk the red carpet as newly weds.

cooking - written after shawn livestreamed himself cooking rice.

safe - written after shawn posted a video of himself buckling up his guitar.

waking up - y/n wakes up to shawn


“You’re bleeding all over my carpet!”

“I had a bad dream again.”

“Stay awake.”

Tell me you need me.”

“Just smile. I really need you to smile right now.”

“Stop being so cute.”

If you can’t sleep…We could have sex?”

“How is my wife more badass than me?”

Things you should know ( not all Shawn related, misc )

Dear followers…

How to love yourself

How to live a happy life

Shawn Mendes as a boyfriend

Shawn’s hands


Contains works that are finished and those that are in progress

Note: I will get to each request and they will be added to the list when a draft has been created.

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Being in High School
Being Vampires


➢ Drabbles
    ↳ “I’m not buying IKEA furniture again.”

➢ Study Buddies | highschool!au
    ↳ You don’t question why one of the most popular girls in school asks you to tutor her; that is until she starts doing better than you in math 

➢ Head in the Clouds | yoga instructor!jennie | M
    ↳ Aerial yoga is not what you want to be doing at any point let alone at 7AM on a Saturday morning but that’s until you see the instructor and her yoga pants

➢ Too Much Too Late
    ↳ You were through with being ignored, with giving and giving and never receiving anything in return. One year later, you’ve cut all ties with Jennie, who only ever served to drag you down. But you’ll never be able to stop thinking about her

➢ Jupiter Love | college professor!jennie | M
    ↳ Your crush on your professor is harmless until you ask for help during one of her office hours

➢ One Rule | stripper!jennie | M
    ↳ “You have one rule, no touching allowed.”

➢ If You part I / part II
   ↳ “If you’re struggling like I am, can’t we make things a little easier?”


➢ Drabbles
    ↳ “Hey, hey, calm down. They can’t hurt you anymore.” | “If you can’t sleep…we could have sex?”

➢ Slytherin to My Heart | hogwarts!au
    ↳ Jisoo isn’t sure if she’s dead and woke up in heaven instead of the hospital ward

Talking to the Moon
    ↳ She looks at you like you strung the universe but Jisoo looks at you like she knows you strung the universe.


➢ Found You | soulmate!au part I / part II / part III (End)
    ↳ Based off the soulmate!au where individuals have a timer for when they first meet their soulmate

Steady Breathing | M
    ↳ There’s not much point in Lisa trying to keep things from you, especially when it’s her crush on you that she’s trying to hide


➢ Noisy Neighbor part I / part II / part III (End)
    ↳ Your first impression of your upstairs neighbor involves getting woken up at two in the morning to the sound of her and her friends singing along to trashy pop music. You thought it would get better, but it all just goes downhill from there

➢ Long Distance
    ↳ You have a hard time dealing with the distance and you end up making the biggest mistake because of it

➢ Body Party | M
    ↳ You figure that during her birthday was a good time to fulfill one of her wishes 

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Long Distance Relationship


➢ Tattoo My Heart | soulmate!au
    ↳ Based off the soulmate!au in which any permanent marking you get on your body–like a tattoo–also appears on your soulmate and Amber gets a lot of tattoos


➢ Sleeping Habits
    ↳ Krystal has developed a strange set of sleeping habits over time, all of which you have grown accustomed to being a part of




Please Wake Up
    ↳ Victoria doesn’t know how to feel about the constant ache in her chest, doesn’t know how to breathe without you beside her. And sometimes, when she lies awake at night unable to sleep, she calls out to you, pleading you to please wake up

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    ↳ You needed motivation to study but you end up procrastinating even more







➢ Drabbles
    ↳ “You’re Satan.”



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➢ Vibrations | M
    ↳ People who thought Hwasa was the sexual deviant in your relationship really had no idea how much of a menace you really are


➢ Cold Morning
    ↳ “You’re beautiful, you know that?”



➢ Paper Hearts | college!au
    ↳ Wheein has found her muse and hearts on paper may just be what you need or the one where Wheein was secretly inlove with you while Hwasa was a barista, Moonbyul was an art professor and Solar was her model/girlfriend

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Fickle Touches | highschool!au
    ↳ Maybe Irene just always adored you, in secret and silence, deep down in the bottom of her whole being


➢ Love You A Latte | coffeeshop!au
    ↳ Joy’s new coworker is an arrogant, grumpy perfectionist who criticizes her coffee-making skills and she makes the best latte art Joy has ever seen


➢ Glossy | M
    ↳ “Just sit on my face, and let me take care of the rest.“


➢ Practice | highschool!au
    ↳ You offer to help Yeri practice kissing. It doesn’t go as planned.


➢ Drabbles
    ↳ “Stop being so cute.” | “Just smile, I really need to see you smile right now.”

➢ The Usual | coffeeshop!au
    ↳ You’re a long-suffering college student who develops a crush on a barista whose name tag proclaims her name to be Wendy, and oh god, you are so, so, so fucked

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➢ Pretend Girlfriend part I / part II (End)
    ↳ “Please be my fake girlfriend”








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➢ Giving You Up | mafia!au
    ↳ You grew up with the city of Seoul in your veins, learning its secret and the way blood runs on its pavement. Taking the place of your father, you realize that power comes at a price and your shadow can’t protect you forever


➢ Left Behind | highschool!au
    ↳ Jessica starts talking about a boy and you have trouble coping





➢ Follow My Lead | highschool!au
    ↳ You’re offered to learn the art of kissing from a true professional, Kim Taeyeon. It’s not as bad as you thought it would be




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Black Hat relationship headcanons?

Ah yes, everyone wants to date the eldritch horror, a tried and true feature of each fandom. (Not that I’m innocent either)

- Relationship? No. He doesn’t do relationships

- Ew feelings get them away

- As long as you date him he will never admit your actually dating. Or friends. Business partners and nothing more. (He’s trying (sort of))

- Your first kiss was more awkward than most. You were his first kiss. (At least that he remembers)

- If anyone messes with you he will kill them. Simple as that.

- He still freezes whenever you hug him

-What do couples even do?

- That being said he’s all for big romantic gestures. But only in the house. When no one’s looking.

- He has a reputation to keep up and yOU NEED TO STOP BEING CUTE RIGHT NOW

- Yes yes compliment him everyone compliment him he knows he’s great! (But thank you in particular for noticing)

- How does one emotion?

- If you ever cry he freaks. And will shower you in gifts and affections just please stop leaking from your eyes oh gods what did he do wroNG?!?!

- Terrified of breaking you somehow

- He’s touch-starved. But being touched scares him, unless it’s on his terms.

- But seriously, he’s trying to so hard it hurts. He could barely remember any emotions before he got these weird gut-twisty feelings for you. Help him please

Nightmares - Klaus Baudelaire

Klaus Baudelaire x Reader

Word Count: 563

Warnings: none.

8: “You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!”

11: “Stop being so cute.”

19: “Here, take my blanket.”

You creep quietly up the stairs where the three Baudelaires were currently sleeping. You pushed open the door softly to reveal Violet sleeping soundly with Sunny tucked into her chest. You looked quizzically around the room for the second Baudelaire.

“Looking for someone?” A voice came from behind you.

You jumped a mile high. You turned to see the second eldest with a boyish grin on his face. You sent a menacing glare his way as you playfully shoved his shoulder.

“You scared me.” You said. He laughed a soft and quiet laugh.

“Well if it helps, you scared me too. I went to your room and when you weren’t there I started to panic.”

“Well, … I-I had a nightmare.” You admitted shyly, avoiding eye contact with the boy. He smiled to himself when you wouldn’t look him in the eye. He engulfed you in a hug, rubbing your back gently and whispering quietly in your ear.

“It’s alright. You’re going to be okay. I’m here.” he said.

You buried your head into the crook of his neck and sighed in content. You could have stayed like this forever. Suddenly, Klaus began to laugh and you stared at him in surprise.

“What’s so funny?” you asked.

“You’re so cute right now. Stop being so cute.

“You’re laughing because I’m cute?” you said.

“Yes I am.” He said smiling widely.

“That’s it. You’re sleeping in my room tonight. I’m banishing you from your bed.” You said, feigning superiority.

You can’t banish me! This is my bed too!” he protested.

You laughed. “Oh, I can’t?”

“No you can’t. Besides, you should take my comment as a compliment. I did say you were cute.” He said.

You pulled his hand and led him into the room, carefully so as not to wake Violet and Sunny. You collapsed on the bed, pulling him down with you. He happily settled down on the small bed and carefully wrapped his arms around you. You cuddled into his chest. He whispered quietly, “If Count Olaf finds us in the morning he’ll kill us.”

“I don’t care.” You said, too happy at the moment to think about facing the consequences in the morning. You shivered at the cold temperature in the room. He noticed this and wrapped his thin blanket around you.

Here, take my blanket.” He offered.

You graciously accepted and kissed his cheek as a thank you. It was too dark in the room for you to notice that he’d gone red. The scarlet blush that graced his cheeks, although unnoticed by you, were caught quickly by him. Klaus thought to himself for a moment. Why was he reacting this way? Then it hit him like a ton of bricks. He liked you, far more than he’d like to admit but he did like you. You lay there motionless and presumably asleep and Klaus couldn’t imagine how a smart, beautiful, funny, and perfect girl like you would ever want to be with a person like him. There you were sleeping peacefully next to him and he’s been a fool all this time to ignore his feelings. He glanced at you for a moment and then closed his eyes with finality. He hoped you would reciprocate his feelings and hoped things would sort themselves out in the morning. With that, he went to sleep with you by his side.

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may i have a fluffy cat boy! hoshi scenario where s/o attends a cat boy! highschool and has to take care of him ? ( pls pls make hoshi behave like a child despite being his age !! <3 )

- you look up at the iron gates in front of you and take a deep breath
- today was going to be your first day attending your new school after your move
- you live pretty far away so instead of travelling two hours back and forth every day you decided to rent a dorm room
- you were excited to become friends with your roommate but apparently they transferred schools so now you have the dorm room all to yourself what LUCK
- (the rent was a little more expensive though)
- anyways you walk into the school and after receiving your keys and room number, you walk up the stairs and down the hall to look for your room
- you find it and enter your room and the first thing you do is jump on your new bed and since there are two you jump on the other one also lmao
- you’re just so excited to start fresh and meet new people and learn new things IT’S SO EXCITING
- the next day, you pack up all your textbooks and get ready to attend your first class which is math
- on your way there, you notice the cutest boy EVER and he’s wearing a baseball cap and just looking out the window with a far-away look in his eyes and you’re like am i in a movie because???
- because you were staring at him, you didn’t see where you were going and you accidentally bumped into someone, causing all the books in your hand to fall
- the person was in a big rush so they apologized to you for making your books fall before sprinting to the other end of the hall
- while picking up your books, someone also kneels down to help you pick your things up and when you look you, it’s the cute boy!!
- for a second you just look at him then at the books lying on the floor and you’re like….. ok yeah i’m in a movie
- after picking up your things you thank him and he just grins at you and you’re like omg those 10:10 eyes i’m going to die
- you tell him you have to get to class and he says “oh alright!! i’ll see you around then”
- you walk all the way to class and the entire time you’re just thinking about that cute boy you met
- after class you quickly get to your next one and quietly take a seat in the back while everyone’s talking amongst themselves
- you feel kind of lonely tbh because everyone knows each other already and you’re just “the new kid”
- you know you shouldn’t be feeling this way because it’s FIRST day of many but still…..
- all of a sudden, someone sits in the desk next to you and when you look to see who it is you realize it’s the cute boy from earlier!!
- he says “hey it’s you again!! what a coincidence” with a grin and you can’t help but smile back because he’s so kind and friendly
- you say “oh hi!! it’s nice seeing you again”
- the teacher then enters class and everyone scrambles to their seats
- the teacher calls out the names for attendance and at your name they obviously say that you’re a new student and they welcome you to the school
- then they get to the boy next to you and you find out his name is kwon soonyoung
- class passes by in a blur and you’re packing up your things to leave for lunch
- soonyoung then goes up to you and asks “hey do you maybe want to eat lunch together??”
- you’re surprised at first but then you shyly nod and he says “follow me i know a great spot!!”
- and that’s when you end up on the roof of the school
- you’re both eating lunch there together and soonyoung talks so much and he’s so sweet and you’re so happy because you actually made a new friend!!
- after lunch, you tell him “soonyoung….. thanks for being so nice to me”
- and he just smiles and says “hoshi. you can call me hoshi.”
- the days go on and you become really good friends with hoshi. it’s crazy really because it happened so fast but you’re not complaining at all
- when you have class together, you both always sit next to each other and make jokes and laugh
- hoshi’s just so fun to have around
- one day while hanging out on the roof with soonyoung after school you’re just staring at him while he admires the view and you realize…. that he never takes off his baseball cap
- he wears it all the time
- you ask “hey hoshi…. i just wanted to know…. why do you always wear that hat??”
- and hoshi just freezes
- he looks up at you and with a serious face says “….can i trust you?”
- you’re a bit confused but you nod your head and say “yes you can”
- hoshi grabs his hat’s visor and slowly lifts it up……
- and two cat ears pop up from underneath
- your eyes widen and nothing comes out of your mouth as you stare at the little black ears on top of his head
- “you’re a….. cat boy??”
- and hoshi nods his head “crazy right?”
- you move closer to him and lift your arms up asking “can i….?” and he nods and lowers his head so that you can see for yourself that they’re real
- you tug on his cat ears and smile because they’re so soft
- “please don’t tell anyone, they’ll all think i’m a freak” he tells you with a desperate look on his face
- you smile “don’t worry. your secret’s safe with me”
- before you two know it, it’s already time to head back to the dorms
- he walks you to your dorm but you notice that he has on a sad look on his face and you’re like “hoshi is there something wrong??”
- he says “i don’t know how much longer i can hide my ears from my roommate…. i mean they’re already suspicious as to why i wear a baseball cap to sleep….”
- and you just look into your room and you’re like ok hoshi i know that’s your way of indirectly telling me to let you stay with me lmao
- you tell him “my roommate transferred schools so….. i guess you could spend the night here….”
- and hoshi’s face literally lights up and he sprints into your room
- you lock your door and when you get to the bedroom you see hoshi jumping on the beds like he’s jumping on both of them back and forth
- you’re like “HOSHI WHAT ARE YOU DOING” but that doesn’t stop him and he just keeps on going
- hoshi ends up staying in your room every night and he only goes to his to pick up his textbooks and change into new clothes
- his roommate doesn’t really care, they’re kind of relieved tbh because hoshi’s always so loud and hyper
- now with him staying with you they can actually get some studying done and they personally even thanked you for being so kind
- you were like umm for what??
- so basically you spend your days with hoshi and you help him keep his secret
- he’s completely normal in front of your classmates and teachers but when it’s just you two…..
- he loves to snuggle
- sometimes you’re just lying in bed watching some videos and he crawls over to you and starts nuzzling against you and you’re like HOSHI STOP
- his cat instincts kick in whenever like sometimes you enter your room after leaving to get some food from a nearby convenience store and he’s just lying around the place or playing with the sleeve of your sweater that’s hanging off the desk
- he makes cat puns. don’t tell me you didn’t see this one coming
- “you’ve got to be kitten me” “stop” “or should i say… pawsome” “GET OUT”
- he’s always asking you to pet him on the head and he purrs under your touch
- he jumps around all the time he’s too hard to control, now you understand what his roommate meant when he said thank you
- he likes being fed by you and you’re honestly like really. how old are you hoshi
- he likes pulling pranks on you because apparently your reactions are really funny
- sometimes you get back after asking the teacher a quick question and then there’s a broken lamp on the floor next to an innocent-looking hoshi
- when you scold him for it and he just pouts and apologizes and you’re like “wow. stop being cute i’m supposed to be angry at you right now”
- you buy him a bunch of new hats because his current one’s getting pretty old so now he has baseball caps, beanies and bonnets
- when his hat gets knocked off by the wind, you’re always ready to take your jacket and throw it over his head so that no one sees his ears
- while you’re both under the jacket, everyone just passes by like oookay we see what’s happening
- it stays like this until you both manage to get his hat back from the ground
- one time while you two were under the jacket, someone accidentally pushed hoshi causing him to BUMP NOSES WITH YOU
- which is basically KISSING YOU (in the cat world)
- he got so flustered and he couldn’t look you in the eye the rest of the day
- basically you’re happy you met hoshi because he brought so much excitement in your life after moving there
- and hoshi is just glad to have found someone he could share his secret with and he’s thankful that you love him despite him being a catboy

sorry this took a while!! it’s my first time writing a cat!boy au ^^; thank you for your request!!

OTP Quotes Challenge II!

In honor of hitting 6000+ followers, here’s another quotes challenge for your OTP! Feel free to use these in any way you like! Draw prompts based on asks! Write stories! Do whatever! Have fun!

  1. “Wait, whose is that?”
  3. “I’m not so sure about that”
  4. “You left some of your things at my house. Again”
  5. “ooh, what’s in the bag?”
  6. “how dID THIS HAPPEN OH NO”
  7. “No, I’ll pay. I insist.”
  8. “No, no, don’t worry about it. I’ve got this.”
  10. “duuude do you see that elderly couple staring at us”
  11. “oh, there’s that creep. Quick, hold my hand and he might not come here”
  12. “one more pun and you’re sleeping on the couch tonight”
  13. “… I’ll sleep on the couch with you.”
  14. “… is that… is that my shirt”
  15. “you smell nice. did you know that”
  16. “no stop being cute right now I’M TRYING TO BE PRODUCTIVE”
  17. “okay, well, I know for a fact that that mess over there was entirely your fault”
  19. “leave that spider alone it did nothing to you”
  20. “stop stealing my clothes!”
  21. “stop leaving your clothes at my house all the time!”
  22. “let’s try that again. maybe without sneezing this time.”
  24. “I’m fine! Don’t worry about me”
  25. “your hands are warm.”

anonymous asked:

In You're getting old, do you notice the way Kyle literally turned to Cartman for comfort when he lost touch with Stan? Without a doubt the most depressing episode yet and a sad reminder that life changes. But the way Cartman kept glancing at Kyle and then smiling at him. My friend once told me that it was like Cartman saw Kyle in a new light that day. What do you think?

I went through that sad ass montage just to go look again. Oh my gosh so sad. ;__;

But when I looked at it, I found something quite different…

It wasn’t Cartman that first smiled, or even Cartman that first looked. Kyle literally turns to him, holds his gaze and smiles. Cartman seems to see Kyle looking at him in the corner of his eye or something, glances at him, does a little bit of a double take and then smiles back. 

…. Guys stop it

Stop being this cute right now STOP oh my god the cuteness

it’s such a small thing but it’s so cute AGHHH I can’t handle it 

So it’s perfectly understandable that a recovering Bucky Barnes would be quiet, understandably grumpy at times but generally low-key and mellow.

(Sam, by the way, still hasn’t forgiven him for his wings or for ripping out his steering wheel.)

Steve gets it okay?  He knows and understands perfectly well that neither of them are the same kids from Brooklyn anymore.  There’s a bunch of busted, sand-leaking punching bags that are a silent testament to Steve’s rage over what HYDRA did to Bucky

(to say nothing of his own anger at himself for letting Bucky fall)

and there’s been more than a few sleepless nights when Steve just gives up and turns on his laptop or the TV so he can watch something stupid and mindless.  

But there was one day where Bucky puts a sketchbook and a pencil in his hand and simply says, “Draw me.”

(Steve hasn’t drawn a thing since the first few months he was out of the ice.)

“Now why would I wanna draw that ugly mug of yours?” Steve asks, because it’s second nature and he knows perfectly well the last time he’d drawn Bucky’s face, capturing that patented pout and trading a box of cigarettes for the right shade of blue pencil for his eyes. 

Bucky flops down on the couch next to Steve.  “Draw me,” Bucky says, this time putting on a little bit of royal haughtiness in his tone, lifting his chin up and regarding him with an impish sparkle in those gray-blue eyes.

Steve has the exact color for those eyes now, in a box of colored pencils he hasn’t opened since the day he bought them.

He obeys. 

It’s a start.

It’s Sam who calls Steve’s attention when Bucky makes the barista at their favorite Starbucks giggle and blush. 

“God damn, since when did Vanilla Ice have moves?”

“Oh NO.“  Steve decides this is the only sane, sensible reaction.

"This does not sound good.”

“No no no no no.”

“You are making me nervous now, bro.”

And Bucky returns to their table with a plate of chocolate chunk cookies.  Apparently given free by said barista.   “What?”

Steve grabs a cookie and wags a finger at him.  “You watch that charm of yours, Sergeant Barnes." 

Bucky snorts.  "It’s called being friendly and polite, Steven Grant Rogers.  You should try it sometime.”

“It is called FLIRTING and you would FLIRT with a fuckin’ lamppost as long as it’s wearing a skirt, James Buchanan.” It’s a credible impression of his Mama too, not quite including the salty language. 

Sam finally gets it and starts wondering about his life choices with two geriatric dinosaurs out loud. 

So yes, Bucky Barnes has moves.  He has moves that come straight out of classic movies - a blend of old-fashioned manners combined with sincerity and charm, twinkling blue eyes and a winning smile.   Occasionally, Bucky adds in a phrase or two from a language that is definitely not English.  

“Romanian,” Steve says despairingly. 

“There, there,” Sam consoles him.  “I’m sure he’ll turn that Charm Offensive on you eventually.”

“Fuck off, Wilson.”

Even Maria Hill is not immune. 

Tony, of course, has a List of Complaints that have everything to do with “STOP BARNES FROM RUNNING AWAY WITH MY DARLING PEPPERPOT, ROGERS!”

Steve, of course, will retort with:  “Maybe if you remembered her birthday properly you wouldn’t have this problem."  Also, he hands over a carefully wrapped package that is Pepper’s watercolor portrait that Tony commissioned from him. 

Steve is perfectly aware now that the resurgence of Bucky Barnes, America’s Oldest Heartthrob™ is merely an opening salvo in a certain campaign that Bucky has been fighting since the 1930’s.  There had been a slight cessation of activity for the better part of seventy years due to Unfortunate Circumstances but Steve could now tell that Bucky was perfectly willing to pick up where they left off.

So Steve was prepared when Bucky launched the Charm Offensive on HIM.  He knows Bucky’s moves.  He knows every head tilt, every expression, every smile right down to the way his eyes could crinkle when he laughed. 

So he says,  "You’re being very cute right now, James Buchanan.  Don’t stop.”

And Bucky turns this delightful shade of pink. 

Oh no.

Of course, Steve was helpless to stop the impulse to kiss the man senseless, especially since Bucky turned an even deeper shade of pink after the kissing.

There were no losers in the Great Rogers-Barnes Charm Offensive of 2016.  It did end, however, with a pair of rings, an exchange of dogtags, a wedding ceremony blessed by a Prince of Asgard and Tony Stark buying stock in Kleenex.

—  The Charm Offensive, a Blanket Fort Headcanon in Which There are No Civil Wars and Everything Is Happiness, Fluff and Rainbows

*****I’m extremely sorry to say that this reaction is permanently down, due to gif problems! I apologize for the loss of feels and stupid boy reactions to sweet cuddles! Once again, I’m really sorry I can’t fix it (;≧n≦) ****** 

“Seventeen reactions to when you ask them for cuddles?” 


He would be so giggly about it and happy that you asked him to cuddle this time instead of him asking. He would be kind of an ass by teasing you cause he’s seungcheol. Hm, what thats? Can you say that again?~ You want to cuddle with me right?~ 



He’d be a little bit surprised by you asking because you guys usually just cuddle without asking so he would cherish this moment and have those words replay in his mind while you guys actually cuddle. “ ‘Can we cuddle?~’ You asked, so cute~” 



He would be really happy about it but give you a hard time about it because he loves you! Tough love from the gentleman Joshua~ Why didn’t you ask sooner? Were you nervous to ask me?~ This results in a flustered/angry you and no cuddles for Joshua, to him it would be worth it to see you so red



This amazing actor would act surprised and definitely agree to some cuddles with you! Because who doesn’t love cuddles?  Gasps! You want to cuddle with me? Your amazingly cute boyfriend? Hmm..okay~” 



Okay now Hoshi wouldn’t be faking his surprised reaction like Jun would.  He would be semi flustered at the fact that you wanna cuddle because he doesn’t cuddle with you often, mainly hand holding and kissing  but no cuddling yet till today! Wah, really? You want to cuddle? Okay, where should we cuddle?~” 



This kid would be 10/10 up for it. He would be doing a small dance to celebrate the fact that you asked him to cuddle because this is only like the 3rd time you askedWooah, you have perfect timing! I was just going to ask you to cuddle.” 



He would laugh as you ask because he would find it so adorable how your asking him for cuddles. Yah, you never ask, this is so cute. Why don’t you do this more often? Then he would hug you and definitely give you sweet sweet Woozi cuddles. You should ask me for more things now” 



He wouldn’t be laughing because your asking him he would just be laughing because he’s just so happy to get to cuddle with you. “Yah stop, you’re being way too cute, and I need to hug you right now! He would bring you into his arms and squeeze you. I love you~” 



He would be a dweeb the entire time you ask him. He would be making kissy faces at you and just being dumb overall. Basically he would tease you like Seungcheol. Hm what’s that? You want cuddles? Who do you want cuddles from?” 



Oh gosh he would be so flustered and happy about this. He would laugh out of pure nervousness because he has yet to cuddle with you. So this would be your first official cuddle with Minghao. A-ah, yes of course we can cuddle! You didn’t have to ask you know..” 



He would totally be up for it, he would stop you right in the middle of asking and just kiss your face as his answer. So does this answer your question? Or do I need to kiss two times for a ‘Yes’?



He would be too excited for this, he would literally yell yes because he’s that excited to cuddle with you. YES! YES, I wanna cuddle with you! A thousand times yes! You would be Seungcheol on the side lol



He would stop you in the middle of asking and just smile so brightly at you knowing how embarrassed or hard it might’ve been for you to muster up the courage to ask him to cuddle. “Aish, shoosh, you didn’t have to ask for cuddles! You could’ve just throw me on the couch and I would know!” 


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If I’m.

Pregnancy pulled a lot of emotions out of me I didn’t even know existed. Some days I was just happy for no reason and then there were other times where I didn’t want to be bothered at all. Mood swings they called it.

I called it annoying.

I was tired of feeling like a bloated mess, watching as every day passed by my belly grew bigger and one by one my clothing had to be dumped into the depths of my closet where I could no longer stare at the designer dresses that fit the skinny me. I was now stuck with oversized shift dresses and sandals.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my pregnancy. Knowing there is a little girl inside of me just waiting to greet the world is one of the greatest blessings I’ve ever had the honor of receiving but everything that came with a pregnancy was draining.

That included my husband.

Bastian was currently paying me no attention, instead curled up on a chair and staring at the television like he had never seen one before. I waddled towards the area he was sitting, rubbing my protruding belly. “Are you hungry?”

“Already ate,” he said brusquely, not even looking to me when he responded.

“When were you going to tell me that?”

“Tell you what?” He had this tone in his voice like I had just asked the most ridiculous question ever. “That I already ate? Now when you asked me.”

“Well you didn’t ask if I wanted anything.”

“I ate when I left the gym. I thought you had already eaten.”

Normally he would just call my phone and ask rather than assume but I guess today he was in a different mood. A different mood that didn’t include being bothered by anything I had to say. I stood there, arms crossed over my chest waiting for him to even look at me but instead he just continued to stare at the television. The only thing that grabbed his attention was the ringing of his phone which he now fished out of his pocket and quickly answered.

Basti got up from his seat and rushed past me, holding up a finger as if to say he would only be one moment before he walked into one of the other rooms.

“Not like we were having a conversation anyway,” I mumbled to myself before turning on my heels and heading back to our bedroom. I didn’t know why he was in this sort of mood. Stress? Aggravation? I had been somewhat of a bitch last night but that was acceptable for me, right? I was carrying his kid! His very large kid I should add. It should have been expected that some nights I was either going to be an emotional wreck, a complete bitch or somewhere in between.

I didn’t want to deal with it, whatever it was so I grabbed for a few things and stuffed them into one of the many duffle bags I owned. It wasn’t much. Just a change of clothes, my laptop, my phone charger. Pretty much the necessities I would need to survive for a night away from home. I had a plethora of options when it came to places to go thankfully due to a large network of friends. I knew some people were immediately out of the question due to their own friendship with Bastian like his teammates’ wives. As soon as their husbands saw me they’d alert Bastian where I was and at the moment I didn’t want to be bothered with him. Not like it seemed he wanted to be bothered with me either. I knew immediately that I should just head to my father’s place.

He didn’t live too far away thankfully and the ride over was relaxing as I put on a soft indie album and let the rhythmic music calm me in ways that nothing else could.  When I arrived, I grabbed my things and headed for my door. I thought to search throughout my purse for one of my keys but instead I just knocked. He shouldn’t have been sleep yet.

I could hear the shuffling of feet behind the door and I smiled once the door was pulled open, revealing my father on the other side. “Dad.” I quickly pulled him into a hug, my belly greeting him before my arms could even wrap around him.

“Oh, sweetheart. What are you doing here?” I could feel his hand soothingly rubbing circles along my back, my same back that had been aching for days thanks to an absence of nightly massages from my husband, before he pulled away and allowed me to step inside. I went straight for my favorite loveseat in the house, my body comfortably sinking into the cushions while I dropped my bag next to my feet. He found a seat right next to me.

“What’s with the random visit?” He probed.

“Can’t your favorite daughter come visit you without having a reason?”

“My favorite daughter is in Siena,” he joked as he referenced my sister living in Italy. “But really what are you doing here? Is something wrong?”

I knew if there was anyone I could whine and cry to, it was him. I pouted and placed my head onto his shoulder. “Bastian is aggravating me, Dad.”

He chuckled, giving my shoulder a squeeze as if he knew all too well what that feeling was like. He had been married for over 30 years after all. “What did he do this time?”

“He’s just being…him. I don’t know. He was being a jerk earlier and didn’t even realize it. He doesn’t even know I’m here.”

He gave me this look as if saying ‘You know better’. Okay, I was pregnant and maybe my husband should know where I’m going before just decide to up and leave but I knew if I even uttered that I was heading to my father’s place, Bastian would protest.

“Did you try talking to him?”

“He was barely talking to me before I was upset with him.”

“Well running here isn’t going to solve your problems. I think you should talk to him.”

I removed my head from his shoulder and looked up at him. “Why do you have to love him so much? Can’t you hate him like I do?”

He chuckled. “You don’t hate him. You’re just a little upset that’s all. In a few hours you’ll be begging me to send you home. Your mother would have loved him. Just her type of guy.”

I laughed. “She probably would have wanted to marry him for herself.”

“You’re right about that.”

We sat there for a little while longer, the conversation evolving from my annoyance with my husband to some of the hobbies my father was looking to pick up in his free time before his granddaughter got here. Lucky for me I wasn’t birthing his first grandchild but I knew she would be spoiled just as much as the rest.

There was a loud, rapid knock on the door and I looked to it immediately already knowing who was on the other side. My father got up from his seat and headed for it. Thankfully from this vantage point I couldn’t be seen but it didn’t matter. I was sure he knew I was here.

As soon as he opened up the door I yelled, “I’m not here!”

Too bad my dad and I weren’t on the same page. “She’s here. Come in,” he said as he opened up the door. I rolled my eyes and Basti came rushing in, quickly finding me in my seat.

“I’ve been looking all over for you. You can’t just run off like that!”

“Munich is only but so big and there’s only so many places I could have gone. You’re here now aren’t you?” I calmly responded.

“That’s not the point. Why did you leave?”

My father slipped out of the room to leave us alone. I rolled my eyes once again, feeling my annoyance revive. “Does it matter? You weren’t paying me attention anyway.”

A confused expression formed his features. “What are you talking about? I told you to give me one second. I had to answer a call.”

“You weren’t paying attention to anything I was saying before that call, Bastian. Let’s not act like you were oh so interested in any conversation I had to offer.” I tried to stand up quickly from my seat but it didn’t work out that way, my large belly reminding me that I had to get up in certain steps. Bastian noticed my struggle and held out his hand for me to take. Reluctantly, I did.

If I wasn’t mad at him it would have been the type of gesture to make me break out into smiles. I kept my feels on the inside instead.

“So your solution to me so called ignoring you was running out the door? What sort of sense does that make?”

“It makes sense to me,” I reasoned.

He abruptly broke into a laugh. Not even one of those quiet, soft laughs but a loud, boisterous one. I narrowed my eyes at him. “Why the hell are you laughing?”

He spoke between laughter. “That baby has you going mad. You’ve gotten ten times more dramatic. It’s kind of cute.” He took one of his fingers to my cheek and gently rubbed it until I slapped it away.

I really wished he would stop being cute right now when I was trying to be mad.

He only took both of his hands to my cheeks now, squeezing them playfully. “You’re so damn cute,” he cooed. It was then that I couldn’t stop the small smile that was forcing its way onto my face. Basti lowered his lips to mine and kissed me once then pecked my lips three more times. “Are you doing being mad?”

I gave a small nod. “I guess.”

“Good.” He let go of my cheeks and kissed my forehead once before beginning to walk away.

“Wait, where are you going?”

“I’m about to get your father to play me in FIFA!” He yelled over his shoulder as he went to find his partner in crime.

I shook my head. I was so glad I was adding a girl to this family.

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BTS reaction to you becoming affectionate when you are sick

anonymous asked :  A BTS reaction to you became affectionate when you get sick. Please and thank you ^^

Jin- “You’re so cute jagiya~ I want to give you a lot of kisses for being this cute, but we can’t risk getting me sick now can we? Here I’ll just give you one for right now”

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Rap Monster- “Babe, stop being so cute.. No you can’t have  ice cream you’re sick….fine maybe one spoon….here just take the tub and my heart with you”

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Suga- “Come cuddle with me after taking your medications.. If you don’t suga won’t cuddle with you, no matter how cute you are”

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V- *being cute with you. Both of you are saying random things* gif*

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Jhope- *You’re doing aegyo to get out of taking the medicine and jhope stand there for 5 minutes until he realized you’re not in front of him* “Y/N!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COME TAKE YOUR MEDICINE!!!”

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Jimin- “Babe, come on… please take the medicine….don’t give me that face…you know I can’t say no if you give me that face”

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Jungkook-*Is sick with you since he gave you too many kisses even though you didn’t ask for any*

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