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McCree doesn’t quite have Dorito proportions… More like pentagon proportions, but Hanzo is more than okay with that.

I’ve been sitting on this idea for the past two months and I finally stopped being lazy. Here, have some trash, I’m sorry for the shit quality oh and I love Dad Bod McCree™



Ayano: I-is there anything wrong, Shuuya?

Kano: AH~~ It’s just that I REALLY wanted to sit by Shintaro-kun’s side RIGHT NOW , you know? (─´‿`─)

It’s really irritating to see a little mixed baby with a nonblack mom and the baby’s hair looks fucked up. MAAM!!!YOU KNEW YOUR BABY WAS GONNA BE BLACK BEFORE YPU HAD HER/HIM! Wtf!? Learn how to properly care for the texture of your kid’s fucking hair and stop being lazy 🙄. Y'all annoying as shit


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god, like, middle school was rough for me, man, why are adults so fucking mean and careless with younger teenagers?

at that point in my life, my mom was in a phase of “you’re a lazy piece of shit, so maybe if i keep brutally punishing you, you’ll stop being such a lazy piece of shit”. one of her rules was that if i ever got a 0 on an assignment, she’d ground me.

and my 8th grade core teacher had this thing where she required us to write down our homework in our planners every day, then at the end of the week, she’d come by our desks and give us a point for each day we filled out, with 5 points total.

one week, i filled out 4 out of the 5 days in the planner. as the teacher came around to my desk to write in my score, she noticed that i had missed a day, then IMMEDIATELY SCOFFED, GAVE ME A 0/5, AND MOVED ONTO THE NEXT PERSON.


i vaguely remember me trying to get the teacher to give me literally any points on the assignment, but i don’t remember what either of us said, i just remember she was extremely dismissive and callous.

“no matter,” i desperately tried to convince myself. “my mom will understand when i explain to her why one of my assignments has a score of 0.”


despite me showing her that i actually completed 80% of the assignment and deserved 4/5 but was unfairly given 0/5, my mom still grounded me. because that fucking makes sense. about as much as giving a student a 0 for an assignment they mostly completed.

this was also the same 8th grade core teacher that handed out two packets to each student in our class, each containing different topics of reading material but being formatted in such a way that the packets were identical in all ways but the actual reading material, and when she called on me to start reading the first paragraph, i accidentally picked up the wrong packet (because, again, it literally looked exactly the same as the other) and started reading from that one. about halfway through the first sentence, i noticed that this wasn’t the right topic, and just as i was saying, “oh, wait –” the teacher shook her head and wrote my name on the board (which meant i would have to stay 10 extra minutes after class). i tried telling her, “wait, no, i was listening, i just got the packets mixed up,” but she coldly said, “no, you weren’t listening and you clearly have no idea what we’re doing right now.”

ALSO ALSO this was the same 8th grade core teacher who kept telling me to stop doodling in class, and one time she got so pissed off at me for drawing that she came and snatched the paper off my desk and spat, “you disgust me.”

at the time i thought that was fucking priceless, and it became a huge inside joke between me and my best friend who hated that teacher as much as i did. for years after the fact, we would tell each other, “you disgust me,” as a joke. we just thought her reaction was absurd and hilarious.

today, i’m a little less amused by it, and a little more disturbed by the notion of a grown-ass woman telling her 14-year-old student, “you disgust me,” in 100% seriousness….. in reaction to that student doodling in class.

ANYWAY, fuck her, she was a mean old hag.