stop bashing on us

The whole entire fandom wants a Saeran route. I’m sure Cheritz will give it to us. We have to be patient. It takes a LONG time to create a route and the answers and code that all. They probably started V’s route a while ago. While I’m disappointed too, the fandom needs to stop bashing Cheritz. Be lucky they actually take our ideas into consideration. They don’t have to do that.

I’ve seen on other posts it’ll be hard to make choices for Saeran’s route because he’s so mentally unstable. The poor baby has been through so much. And I really want a Saeran route, but be happy for the people who wanted to get a V route! So many people have been asking for it. And people please stop bashing Cheritz. They’re trying their best! Who knows~? Cheritz might just surprise us! We won’t know of course~

I don’t like seeing the hate on V or on Cheritz. Nobody needs to worry Cheritz will take care of a lot. Maybe they’re trying to write his route now! We’ll see~

Why Are You Bashing People Who Can’t Speak Their Heritage Language?

I’m sorry. Wait… Forget that. I’m not sorry.

I’m not sorry that I don’t know something I was never taught.

It’s funny, people seem to think that fluency in a language runs in the family as surely as blood. But in the same way that adoption is now a thing, that’s not always true you see. Because even though my mother and father were both born in Haiti and are native Haitian Creole speakers, I’m not.

How’s that possible?

Because my parents were fully fluent in English, the dominant language of the country I was born and raised in, by the time I was born. And ever since I’ve been surrounded by nothing but English. It’s all they ever talked to me in. It’s all I was ever taught and yet people give me grief for it.

My relatives can’t believe it, that I don’t understand anything.

They say, “Well your sisters understand? Why don’t you?”

There’s an 8-12 year age gap between my sisters and I. And when they were raised, my parents still spoke a lot of creole. Because they were still learning English.

My friends who speak their own heritage languages, usually Spanish, also give me grief for it. I’ve literally been told, “You’re a disgrace. How is it possible that you’re more fluent in Spanish than your family’s language?” (Nvm that part of my family speaks Spanish natively but…)

Oh I don’t know.

Maybe because I was forced to learn Spanish in school.

Maybe because… I was taught Spanish?

Maybe because my parents who came to this country and were forced to learn this horribly difficult tongue thought it would be better for me to just learn English because that’s the kind of society we live in. Where English is pushed and heritage languages are pushed to the back burner.

And it’s horrible. And I hate it. But I won’t feel guilty anymore for a situation I’m a victim of, not the criminal.

I am learning Haitian Creole. I am trying.

My sisters are all at varying degrees and none of them are putting in any work to improve. They’re content with whatever level they naturally were raised into. They never had to learn anything, and they’re not learning now, but I am.

I put in time.

And time.

And time.

And all I ever get is backlash from my distant family. Because all they see is that I’m the only one they can’t talk to easily.

I asked it once and I’ll ask it again, why are you bashing people who can’t speak their heritage language?

Stop. Giving. Us. Grief. When. We. Are. Trying.

Stop laughing at us.

Stop judging us.

Stop making us feel bad for something we had no control over.

Of course I’d love to speak to my mother in her native tongue. Of course I’d love to connect with distant cousins and relatives, and I will. When I can. When I learn. But mocking me is not helping.

Don’t pretend like being raised to speak a language is as easy as putting in the work to learn it. And I say that because the main people talking are the same people who only know the foreign languages they were raised to speak! Shut. Your. Mouth. Hmu when your french is past elementary level.

The one thing this experience has made me realize is how proud I am of my parents for having put in the work to learn a foreign language. My mom especially is my greatest inspiration. She did it and she does it every day, so I believe I can. Every time I want to give up, she always tells me I can do it. I just have to be patient. It’ll come with time.


Look, I know you guys are mad because Jonghyun and Samuel didn’t debut, but please don’t bash knetz too hard.

A lot of knetz were super unhappy when Jonghyun was 14th place. Everyone was in shock. They didn’t sleep on Jonghyun or his talents, people just thought he was going to debut anyway so voted for other trainees. It’s unfortunate but please know that we know his talents.

Also Samuel. We also think Samuel is multitalented and should be in wanna one. There were all lot of people who supported Samuel in my school. One time, I heard some girls talking about how Samuel is handsome and talented and saw them encouraging their teacher to vote for him. It’s not about race.Sure there were a few people who bashed Samuel online but a very very VERY few. Also if Samuel was hated for his race, why did he get 2nd place in the fourth ranking and 5th place for last week? It doesn’t make sense. I think lot of people liked Samuel but not enough to be their one pick. Or, like Jonghyun, people just thought he would be in the final lineup no matter what.

I personally wish they have been in the line up but we can’t change the results. I just wrote this post because many international fans are hating on knetz and supposedly ‘untalented’ trainees. It hurt my feelings watching gifs of us knetz being bashed for the wrong reasons. Please stop the hate and let us love because in the end, we all love the produce 101 boys.

Sincerely a Highschool girl knetz

I’m sure some place in this tiny little world, there are innocent little boys who loved voltron and collect the robot merchandises to play with their friends and don’t know a thing about gay ships and ship wars.

Alright, no matter what fandom you are in does not matter if it is the most popular or not…lets make February a month of loving, appreciating, and spreading encouragement & listening to all these groups having comebacks. They all work their butts off and they need a break but instead they are giving us more music.

Stop bashing and hating on groups. It does not make you look cool but in fact ignorant to people that have other taste in music and like other groups. Stop.


idc if you’re a winkdeep shipper or baehwi shipper. but once you post something saying that winkdeep isn’t real, baehwi seems more real than winkdeep ( even if you like winkdeep ), fuck you.

i’m a winkdeep shipper, but i don’t judge the others otp. it’s like… everyone has their own opinions, why do you have to do the comparison between the couples?

i ship winkdeep so hard, but i don’t feel sad seeing baehwi or panwink together. the truth is winkdeep’s the closest ( to me ), their friendship is true. and baehwi look so happy together, why do i have to feel uncomfortable when YMC IS FUCKING PUSHING BAEHWI AND PANWINK BUT NOT WINKDEEP ? ( and for WinkDeep shippers out there who are still wondering why we didn’t win the 1x1 voting: WinkDeep ship is strong, but Panwink PLUS Baehwi ships are much stronger. So instead of pushing WinkDeep, they chose Panwink&Baehwi so the show would have a cooler effect )

and instead of bashing YMC, we were all supposed to feel thankful because we are able to see Wanna One through a reality show, and it’s also good for the boys too (having a reality show). btw the choosing room/roomate part was also arranged, just watch carefully so you can understand what i’m talking about… sungwoon walked straight to the large room and jihoon walked out from baehwiwoon’s room. why the fuck they didn’t show us the part sungwoon entering baehwiwoon’s room when the other 10 boys do have that part ?

everything ymc/mnet do is for business profit, and also entertain us. so please stop bashing and remember that their friendships are real.

people out here acting like mercy mains straight up don’t heal after getting rez and just hiding….. instead of like ducking around a corner to avoid line of fire bc that’s what healers do!!!! so many times ur team just all dies after their healer is killed, and y’all are out here acting like i should be standing out in daylight while a riptire is heading straight towards me 

OK I gotta say something about the L*caya fandom because they’re still over in the Rucas tag talking about how Lucas is gonna eventually leave Riley for Maya. And I just really needed to get this off my chest because it’s been annoying me for a while. (and yes I’m going to be mean because I’m really annoyed rn)

And this is going to be a hella long rant so get freaking ready

May I point out that LM shippers are the same people who actually believed that Riley liked Lucas as a brother in Yearbook-Semi Formal (I don’t say Texas because Riley was blatantly lying in Texas about the brother thing in part 1-2 and if you didn’t catch that then you’re probably a lil slow)

Like if you truly believed that Riley ever liked Lucas as a brother, then why the hell would she KISS him and then be all dreamy about it while talking to Maya? Like, shouldn’t that be the time when she pulls back from Lucas’s lips and realizes that she only likes him platonically when talking to Maya about the kiss? Like even Maya was “disturbed” by her “kiss” with Farkle because she doesn’t like him like that. Like I’m sorry but LM shippers and Maya are so dumb (whoops) for actually believing that Riley likes Lucas as a brother. I can’t believe MJ tried to “pull” that story line in Semi Formal either.

Like Riley would’ve realized immediately after she kissed him that she doesn’t actually want to be kissing him and only likes him as a friend, it just doesn’t make sense to kiss someone and not realize that you’re totally grossed out by the romantic aspect of your relationship. You wouldn’t be smiling all day in a daze after kissing someone who you supposedly like as a brother, and then continually like that person through the next year…

Also just the fact that Maya was “being” Riley when she said Riley liked Lucas as a brother, even though Katy legit said in the same exact episode: “You can’t pretend to be someone your close to.” I was just appalled that the LM fandom missed this part because they seem to love digging in deep into the show with all their incorrect theories. Like, the rucas fandom has been the ONLY fandom to correctly predict Maya’s identity crisis, and the LM fandom Didn’t even believe it, even when the creator himself CONFIRMED THAT IT HAPPENED AND HAD SEVERAL EPISODES ON IT.

Like I think I was one of the only people who still understood that Riley didn’t actually like Lucas as a brother when Yearbook aired, but I can distinctly remember all the LM shippers rejoicing because Maya, the queen has spoken.

Like you people claim to be so intelligent with the owldetective by your side, yet none of the Lm shippers actually paid attention to the entire brother ark story…

And again, LM shippers are the same people who think Maya still likes Lucas, and that they actually work as a couple, and that Maya didn’t have an identity crisis.




This is why rucas prevailed in Ski lodge and all LM shippers were shocked: LM shippers don’t pay attention to the story.

MJ LITERALLY laid it all out for Ski lodge, explaining why Maya and Lucas won’t happen, yet still LM shippers are coming into the rucas tag and bashing us on our canon ship.

ALSO LM shippers literally forgot Josh was even a character all throughout season 2 when MJ LITERALLY PLANNED FOR THE TRIANGLE TO END ONCE JOSH CAME: he tweeted the triangle would end in Legacy, which was the episode Josh was supposed to be in, but the actor was injured at time.

How did all of you miss that in Girl Meets First date, Maya asked Lucas out(and he ignored her to ask out Riley) and she literally TELLS Riley that she would never do that to her; LM would never happen as long as Riley likes Lucas (and if it did I would stop watching GMW because that is an awful lesson to teach children)

MJ Legit tweeted before Ski Lodge aired and the spoilers came out: “Those who know the story will be at a 1 on the surprise scale.”

And I distinctly remember all LM shippers being so confident that L*caya and R*arkle were gonna happen in Ski Lodge (and then the fake spoilers came out with LM and RF happening and lucas was wearing a cat sweatshirt)….. yet now they’re saying it was a bad thing for rucas to happen in Ski Lodge which literally makes no sense because Rucas don’t have ANY parallels with Cory and Lauren because Cauren didn’t even get together at the end of Ski lodge they just kissed and of course Lucas wasn’t going to say “I love you” to Riley in ski lodge; they’re freaking freshmen and you all would just say that Lucas only said that cuz Maya told him to if he did say ily to Riley

All the LM shippers literally ignored the entirety of the LM scene in ski lodge, save for the hug and the part where Maya sends Lucas off to go to Riley and where Lucas laughs at the whole ily thing, when they literally established in that same scene that Lucas likes Riley MORE than Maya, and did NOT choose Maya.

And I can’t speak for season 4 because who knows what’s gonna happen, but I only started shipping Rucas in late season 2 (during the whole triangle thing) because I was watching the show objectively and paying attention to arks, and not just jumping to every conclusion from the smallest details.

And for those LM shippers who still think Rucas will die at the end of season 3, NEW FLASH Rucas are still together at the end and did NOT break up (and Joshaya are still thriving btw). I am not saying that rucas will be endgame, but they do date for at least a year and I’ll guess we’ll see what happens in season 4. All of you LM shippers were so confident that your ship was going to happen so many times I’ve lost count. And you were wrong.each. time. And now you’re lashing out at rucas shippers who are actually RIGHT for a change.

Like I literally only started shipping Rucas because I knew it was going to happen. Because I paid attention to the story. (I actually shipped l*caya at one point because they DO have chemistry, but dropped it as soon as I realized that Riley and Lucas have more evidence of becoming canon-and they’re just better for each other)

Maybe if LM shippers paid attention to the story more, they would’ve realized that.

I am by no means saying that LMers should stop shipping l*caya, I’m saying that they should stop coming into the rucas tag, constantly bashing us and acting like we’re the stupid ones when actually, LM shippers are the ones that have been wrong this ENTIRE time.

Logical reasons why Sarada isn’t Karin’s child.

Alrighty here. Disclaimer: These are just some things I thought of while doing the dishes. Also, this has nothing to do with pairings.
Oh and: SPOILERS. <—-

1: If Sarada were to be Karin’s child, why would Karin let another woman raise her child? Suigetsu pointed out that Karin was at another hide out, meaning that she isn’t dead. Do you seriously think that a hot blooded lady like Karin would let her and Sasuke’s love child be raised by another woman? Whatever you guys make her out to be, Karin does care about people, and isn’t a cold hearted bitch. 

2: Suigetsu is a dunce (lol). No srsly, Suigetsu isn’t sure whether that umbilical cord (or whatever it is) in Karin’s desk is actually hers. This cord might’ve been from Sarada’s birth (When Sakura was pregnant). We are aware that Sakura didn’t give birth in Konoha, and did it in a safe place. Now; what if Karin was the one who delivered the baby? She might’ve kept the cord as a keepsake. 

3: The whole Naruto Gaiden series is the base for the following movie (Boruto). They need Sarada to develop her sharingan in order to get her at the same level Sasuke was at that age. Uchiha’s develop their sharingan when they are experiencing great emotional strain (as you probably noticed, Sarada’s sharingan activates each time when she encounters a situation that angers/saddens or excites her). If they didn’t do that, Sarada’s sharingan wouldn’t be strong enough, and she wouldn’t be able to be called ‘Boruto’s rival’.  These things basically NEED to happen in order for her to get stronger.

You seriously think Kishimoto, who actually put Sasuke and Sakura together, would fuck us in the ass like this? Have some faith in the man who made these beautiful series. Stop bashing Kishimoto, he has done us a favor. Do you even believe that in 2005 he told the world that he didn’t WANT any romance in Naruto? He has done us all a favor, and now we repay him with anger?

Ps. Stop bashing each others pairings. Whether you like SasuSaku or SasuKarin doesn’t matter. We’re all in this together. I for example, would want to see Suigetsu and Karin together. I was hoping this for 8 years, but I didn’t get it. You don’t see me bashing everyone just because my OTP didn’t happen right?

All peace and love people! Let us embrace the future spoilers with laughter and joy! 

Ok people. There’s huge hurricanes in the Atlantic causing people to lose their homes and lives.  I have one thing to say.
STOP POLITICIZING THEM and using them as excuses to bash Trump.  I hate him myself, but  only assholes use deadly hurricanes to push their politics like that.

anonymous asked:

tell your sc mutual, we are calm. and we will be even more chill once you stop lecturing us to about trusting scs who continue bashing us. I love how you are turning constant redks bashing of ALL sanvers shippers till yesterday to just her having issue with Floriana. Well i guess delusion is contagious.

yep you’re totally right i’m lying and not twisting her words or anything!!!

im not otherkin or fictionkin but pls ??? stop bashing people who are ??? some mentally ill people use kin as a coping mechanism ??? and telling them that fictionkin and otherkin isn’t real is basically telling them that they aren’t real and that could really seriously damage them ???  tell me how these people identifying as a fictional character or a different species is damaging you in any way lmao

Well, after watching that sneak peek it is clear why Enzo isn’t in this episode.  If he’d been there when Alaric/Damon were talking up Caroline, he would have snapped all their necks for being such douche canoes about the coolest girl around.

Never forget.

I wish people would stop hating on Exo about everything. I know this is impossible, but I feel so sorry for them especially when they’re working so hard for us. I also wish people would stop bashing Chanyeol and Sehun for their rapping. They’ve been improving so much and people should stop comparing them with other rappers. Just because they weren’t underground rappers or don’t have mixtapes doesn’t mean that they’re bad or can’t improve.


I will try my best to be nice.


If you are this lame and can get offended by few words, see a doctor or something. Don’t fucking act so innocently like you never used a word “faggot” yourself. Have you at least heard some real American rap? Do you know what rap is and history of it? You have no right to hate him for this. This is not some kpop song about how beautiful you fugly ass is. It is not some 1D song to say you are beautiful. It is not some lame song of Bieber “oh baby oh babyyyyyy blah blah blah”. Stop bashing him if you are lame yourself. HE PROVED US HE IS NOT AFRAID OF SAYING ANYTHING HE WANTS TO. HE PROVED US HE IS A TOUGH COOKIE. AND YES, NOT EVERYBODY CAN EAT TOUGH COOKIES.

What is more, it is so funny to see white people getting offended by that flag than black ones. I believe he respects them and it wasn’t racist at all.

Also, even if it is bad to use word “faggot”, it is fucking nothing against what kind of Miley Cyrus image has. Sucking a fake dick in front of her fans? What the actual fuck it is? Zico did nothing that bad. He is an artist, a tough artist. Get over it.

I respect him and I am proud of him. He killed it. That’s how he knows who are real fans and who are just a fake bunch of hurtbutts.

In the end, listen to some rap. Then rethink if you have a right to bash him or send death threats. SO DON’T EVEN DARE TO DO THAT.

We still love you, Zico. Be strong. Be tough cookie.

#Supporting_Zico #sorry_not_sorry

This is the best relevant picture I could find, since this is just me complaining, but a lot of anti-sjw’s are becoming just as annoying and obnoxious as sjw’s, and while they do have some legitimate points, a lot of the shit they complain about is just as stupid as the shit sjw’s complain about. By now, everyone with two working brain cells understands that bashing men, white people, cis people, and straight people is wrong, but some anti-sjw’s need to stop using that as an excuse to bash everyone they don’t like as special snowflakes and getting mad every time women complain about anything. Sure,things may not be quite as bad for women as the sjw’s say they are, but that doesn’t mean women don’t have any problems. Basically I hate tumblr social justice cliques, regardless of what “side” they’re on.

I'm putting a stop to this: EXO-L were framed, EXO-L found the person that made that post about Jungkook

Regarding the issue sparked from Koreaboo claiming an EXO fan wished death to Jungook, It turned out to be a fellow army, a jungkook stan, who made the posts.

So as usual, Koreaboo framed EXO fans with yet another shit-post, click bait, bullshit ass article. They blamed EXO fans for something they didn’t even do without even bothering to do any research. They just post any damn thing from anywhere to get clicks. 

It was not an EXO fan who did it, It was an army that did it to bring hate to EXO-L, all because they were pissed off that people were asking why junkook used exo’s slogan. Great job, you played yourself.

Instead of saying what exo-ls are and are not, look for the truth before you jump to conclusions from an unreliable source. Btw the two tweets KB posted werent even bad, they were exo-ls asking why someone would post something like that and trying to figure if the person was a real exo-l fan are not…turn outs they werent.

I’m so done with people grasping at straws and looking for every reason to jump down EXO fans throat over the most exaggerated bullshit. 

You have to be sick in the fucking head to not only do something like wish death on someone, your own biase no less. but to frame another fandom for this then have it spread to the international fandom…to blame EXO fans over something as petty as using a slogan?? wow, that’s a new low.

I don’t want all Army being blamed, but What they did wasnt right so dont try to defend it with useless excuses. That individual brought unnecessary hate to another fandom and on top of that they brought stress to thier own idol (what if he read that?). idc whose stan they are, wishing death on someone is fucking gross. Also stop generalizing all exo-l all because someone says so especially if there’s no truth to it or evidence to back it up.

Case in point, Stop using KB as a reliable source. Don’t take anything they posts seriously unless their original source is totally legit. Don’t fall for their clickbait articles and scandalous titles w/o reading further and stop using it as a means to bash another fandom. Koreaboo is a site that takes immature PANN post by 12 y.o fangirls and uses them as sources for articles.. 

We all know KB wants clicks. Don’t feed them.