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Childhood Best Friend

@opalescentobrien hope you enjoy love. x

A/N: i don’t do smut, so don’t ask || enjoy ♥

Fandom: Disney Descendants

Boy: Carlos De vil

Word Count: 1,889

Warning(s): Fluff

‘’Y/N? Is that you?’’

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things I’ve said while playing ffxv
  • this would be a great make out spot (in 30 different spots)
  • [sees 2 NPCs standing next to each other] I ship it
  • i wonder why they always rent 1 room with 2 beds when there’s 4 of them…. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) lmao no i don’t
  • i bet that’s the item that triggers the rest of the story so i’m gonna touch literally everything else except for IT
  • do the chocobos go into the tent with them when it rains????
  • i have absolute no idea what the caravan looks like on the inside
  • AU where i play cards with the quest givers once i finished everything they’ve got
  • [hears dog barking] STOP STALKING ME DAVE
  • where do they even find power outlets to charge their phones????
  • [turns on Radio] KAW KIDS! [turns off radio]
  • I have 99 of this ingredient but i don’t know a single recipe for it
  • this is the first time i’ve seen this person (has seen him in the movie three times)
  • i’m gonna buy this ridiculously expensive meal and immediately get angry at Ignis for not stealing it
  • SHE’S THE FIFTH BRO!!!!!!!
  • ugh who allowed you to be this cute? stop it, stop being cute! UGH ♥
  • my dude you are LITERALLY standing in the fire right now
  • YoU’Re BEiNg hELpfUL foR A cHAngE! wHatT DO yoU MEaN For A cHanGE???
  • that one looks Japanese in a crowd of white people, better save and stock up on curatives before talking to them
  • SHUT THE FUCK UP ARDYN not really i love your voice sorry please continue

Bucky Barnes Series
-Your attraction to the brooding Winter Soldier is instant, but when you overhear him talking badly about your appearance those feelings of desire quickly turn to hate.

Part One

Part Three

Part Two

“Hey Doll.” The dark haired man smiled, flashing all his teeth in an obvious attempt to attract you. The attempts to flirt made your skin crawl yet your icy responses did little to deter him, the unwanted attention you were receiving causing you to become restless. Your eyes soon began searching for the much kinder Steve. “Something on your mind, Doll?” He asked sweetly, reaching for your hand as he noticed your distracted eyes. 

“Yeah.” You replied shortly. “Steve.” That got a reaction out of him, he reared his head back and you took that moment to snatch your hand back. 

 "Excuse me?“ He gasped, shocked. 

 "You heard me. You don’t interest me, you’re not attractive and your attempts at flirting are absolutely abysmal. It’s a wonder you were even let into an establishment as classy as this-” you emphasised, motioning around you with your hands, “in a suit like that.” You finished, prodding his chest and the material that covered it. 

 "I-“ he began, only to be interrupted. "So I won’t be wasting my time on you- in fact- there’s Steve now.” You brushed past him, bumping shoulders as he stood in the same spot, completely shocked by your unexpected and sudden rudeness. The smile of petty victory overtook your face and you puffed your chest out with pride. 

“And one last thing, Buck.” You sang, putting sickly sweet emphasis on the nickname. “I’m not your Doll.” And with that you sauntered off, feeling his eyes on you the whole way. 

It felt like the beautiful beginnings of a new enmity.  

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Voltron as the things my thesis group (I'm pidge)
  • Lance: I'm horny
  • Pidge: don't say it like that!
  • Lance: It's only an expression
  • .
  • Pidge: Your hair is growing out, you need to cut it
  • Keith: You think so?
  • Lance: I can't fuck Keith in bed with short hair!
  • Keith & Pidge: *chokes*
  • .
  • Shiro: Ok team, we need to start making chapter 3 or we'll fail
  • Lance: *dabs in front of the teacher* You like that?
  • Keith: *looking at himself in the mirror* these pimples are disgusting...
  • Hunk: Anyone want to buy my handknit wallets?
  • Pidge: you got your hands full,huh?
  • Shiro: kill me
  • .
  • Pidge: Hey Keith, I just noticed how long and beautiful your eyelashes are, and your eyes are huge!
  • Keith: uh, thanks?
  • Lance: yknow if Keith was a girl, I'd hit him.
  • Hunk: Lance not in front of the teacher...
  • Lance: it's just an expression
  • .
  • Lance: *flirts with Keith, then pidge*
  • Shiro: Lance! class is in session!
  • Lance: I'm just expressing myself!
  • .
  • Lance: guys, this chapter is really confusing
  • Pidge: *explains it then mentions a person named Terry who's like a big part of the thesis*
  • Lance: I guess you could say our thesis is full of Terryble statementes
  • Pidge: you're terrible
  • Lance: i'm expressing myself
  • Shiro: *sighs* Let me die now
  • .
  • Hunk: Hey pidge, check this *holds Jake the dog wallet*
  • Pidge: whoa, you made it?
  • Hunk: Yeah wanna buy it?
  • Pidge: I think Lance would love it
  • Lance: I'm expressing my love for that wallet with this noise *starts barking*
  • Teacher: Stop barking!
  • Shiro: Lance! If we're asked to defend first you're dead to me!
  • .
  • Keith: Hey Hunk, everyone says I look like a girl, is that true?
  • Hunk: Yeah man, but I think you're pretty
  • Lance: What about me? I'm pretty too
  • Pidge: Pretty pathetic
  • Shiro: Why did I ask you four to be my teammates?
  • .
  • Pidge: *talks about the thesis*
  • Keith: Oh me and Lance are going to handle that part.
  • Lance: *winks at Keith*
  • Keith: *turns red* Ugh, stop that you idiot...
  • Pidge: Your love is disgusting
  • .
  • Teacher: ok, you've done your thesis right, I'm impressed. Well as expected too since Shiro is in your team. You're all smart but kind of disorganized if Shiro isn't in it.
  • Lance: What? Ma'am you're underestimating us. I'd make a good leader you know
  • Teacher: doubt it. Pidge would make a good leader but she's kind of absorbed on other things, suffers depression and likes to babble on things we dont understand.
  • Lance: And me?
  • Teacher: You're TERRYble...
  • Lance: ayyyy!
  • .
  • Hunk: Lance if you're gonna keep talking, our teacher's going to call us first.
  • Lance: nonsense my good Hunk, she knows we can defend our thesis, she'll probably call a different group.
  • Teacher: *calls our team*
  • Keith: LANCE!
  • Pidge: hmmmm
  • Shiro: *starts crying*
  • Hunk: told you...

For those unaware, I refer to deer as my allies because often I too want nothing else but to hang out in the woods and be left alone

Yesterday’s Feelings Chapter Three- Dean x Reader

Yesterday’s Feelings Chapter Three- Dean x Reader

Rating: T

Summary: Dean Winchester cheated on you and you left without a word.  A case brings you back to him, but the story isn’t as simple as it seems.

Warnings: Some language.  Sexual references.  

Word Count: 1500

AN: Please excuse the major errors. I will fix stuff I see with time. ;) Happy reading!  

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All those feelings, those yesterdays feelings will all be lost in time
but today I’ve wasted away for today is on my mind
(yeah today is on my mind)

Yesterday’s Feelings by The Used

You tired not to look up from your coffee as you sit eating breakfast with the Winchesters.  You could feel Sam boring a hole through your forehead and Dean trying not to make eye contact.  It was awkward on overload and you stayed stiffen and pissy.  Finally, Sam’s starring got the better of you and you gave him a look.

“Yes?” You asked through gritted teeth.

“It’s just really good to see you.  We were worried.”  He said with those pupp y dog eyes of his.

“Yeah.  Like I said before- I have been fine. Except maybe now….”  You muttered as you stopped to rub your poor stiff neck.  “You are like the worst sleeping partner I have ever had.”

Sam chuckled and gave you a bright make you go weak in the knees smile.

“Really?  Cause I haven’t slept that well in a while.  You’re a good cuddler.”  

You rolled your eyes and sipped your coffee.  A grunt of annoyance came from beside Sam and you glance to the side.  Dean is frowning down at his breakfast like it broke his favorite toy.  No doubt that the little exchange between you and his brother had him fuming.  Sam followed your eye gaze and raised his eyebrows at his brother.

“Anyway.  Thanks for coming on short notice.  We thought that this was a single or maybe a couple of vamps.  Turns out that there is a whole nest on the outskirts of town.”  

“Well, I am probably the stupidest person alive right now, but you know I love a good old vampire hunt.”  You said with a slightly bitter chuckle.  Your fingers reached to tuck a stray hair out of your face and you can feel another pair of eyes on you.  Your stomach lurched when you made eye contact with Dean for a moment.  You quickly looked away and turned your attention back to Sam.  He’s gone a bit rigid in his seat at the uneasiness that permeates between you and Dean.

“Huh…  Well we know for sure that the leader of the nest’s name is Harry Bergeron.  He’s some super rich business type.  He has a house just outside of Delhi and he’s having some sort of party tonight and well…”

“Let me guess.  He likes them young, pretty, and female?  You need me to be bait?”  You asked as you took a bite of your biscuit. Sam looked at you grimly and nodded.

“I really don’t want to have to ask you to do this….”  

“Wouldn’t be the first time and won’t be that last time I’m used as bait.”  You said with a shrug.

“I don’t like that plan Sammy…. If Y/N gets hurts….”  You heard Dean began to protest but you shot him a dirty look.

“Thanks for the sentiment but I’m a big girl.”  You snapped as your eyes pierced his.

“Y/N. Look I know you hate me but I don’t want to see you hurt….”

“TOO LATE!”  You hissed.  

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me in 2015: i shouldnt say im kin to this animal or character bc if i dont feel a true Spiritual Connection then i probably would be kinfaking or something and i dont want to be disrespectful about it thats not cool….

me in 2017: im kin to doodlebob from spongebob for no other reason than bc i can do the MEEEYYYOOHOYYMINOYYY perfectly and bc i use that as an expression in my daily life to express pain and dissatisfaction

So this is a completely random and kinda ridiculous headcanon but I’m kind of attached to it and it’s also vastly amusing

Anyways so I headcanon that on Kashyyyk Wookiees tend to bond to only one other Wookiee for their entire life and there’s only one word for husband/wife/life partner in their language and it’s “mate.” But on Kashyyyk the connotations of the word aren’t just “spouse” but also this more “mystical” meaning like SOULMATE, as in it’s just understood that your mate is your one true love and that you’re meant to be together and that whatever higher power there may be essentially like designed you and your mate for each other and all that one true love soulmate jazz.

So anyways I headcanon that Chewie took one look at Han and Leia together and was like yup that’s his mate.

I’m talking they’re in the trash compactor on the Death Star or something and they’re bickering about their next move to escape and Chewie is getting progressively more annoyed because there’s really no time for freaking arguments so he just barks at Han



And Han knows exactly what a Wookiee means when he says that word and he’s just so flabbergasted that he literally can only whip around and fix Chewie in a wide-eyed, incredulous stare like he truly thinks Chewie has lost his Wookiee mind and just goes “WHAT?!??”

But there’s no time to say anything else because like a second later the walls start closing in and the fact that Chewbacca just implied that Han and Leia were almost definitely going to fall in love and get married and have babies slips his mind for the time being.

And like at the very start of their involvement with the rebellion like right after ANH whenever Han and Leia argue and Han insults her Chewie is like “What’s wrong with you how could you talk to your mate that way??” and Han grows progressively more exasperated and is just like “SHE’S NOT MY KRIFFING MATE!!!!!!”

And sometimes Han is just dismissive and snarky like “You’re out of your Wookiee mind if you think Her Royal Princessness is my damn MATE” and at other times he gets genuinely annoyed because he and Leia argue all the time and yeah she’s smart and brave and tough and feisty but she also thinks she’s right about literally everything and she walks around giving lectures about fucking justice and his responsibility as a galactic citizen to do his part to restore freedom to the former republic and she snarks and condescends and insults his ship and really Chewie needs to fucking cut the crap because Her High and Mightiness pushes all his buttons and drives him nuts and not in a good way and she is NOT his fucking MATE.

So Chewie kinda dials it back but he still brings it up every few months like if Han and Leia have an argument and Han is in a foul mood Chewie might warble something later about how it’s understandable that Han is discouraged that he failed to woo his mate that morning but could he maybe stop throwing the hydrospanners around because they’re new and he doesn’t want to have to steal new ones.

And this kinda stuff goes on and on but once it starts becoming painfully obvious that Han has started actually desperately wanting Leia to be his mate but that he’s clearly bitterly convinced that he wouldn’t ever actually get to be with her and is noticeably growing more and more frustrated and restless and angry with himself for not being good enough for her, Chewie finally stops mentioning it.

He doesn’t bring it up again for years until Leia is like enormously pregnant with their first child and he and Chewie walk into the apartment only to find her curled up dead asleep on the couch and Chewie watches Han’s eyes go all soft and adoring and Chewie just smiles to himself and lays an enormous paw on Han’s head and tells him, in the SMUGGEST of growls,

“I told you she’s your mate.”

so i saw this post and was inspired to make one based on my limited experience as lúcio

The Joker x Reader -“Obsession”

The Joker has an obsession: you. He doesn’t really need another one added to the pile but…anyway, here it is. Brace yourself  you lucky girl - you’re in for a treat. 

Related to this:

– He keeps on dropping things on purpose so you can pick them up, this way he can stare at your butt.

You know, for being the Joker, your boyfriend is pretty clumsy: he keeps on dropping stuff all the time. Like, right now, he just dropped his pen and you are fast to bend over and get it for him.

Intense purring immediately follows.

– J took you shopping and you were so excited when you smelled “Gucci Guilty” for men. You thought it’s a divine scent and he got 10 bottles without you knowing, replacing his current cologne with the Gucci one. He has those stashed all over the place while he still keeps in sight his usual fragrance: Clive Christian - “No.1” .

You have a feeling he smells like “Gucci Guilty”.

“Are you wearing Gucci Guilty?” you sniff the air around him with a huge smile on your face.

“Nope,” The Joker keeps on piling up money in boxes, trying to ignore you.

“Are you sure?” the insistent question pops up because you got a vibe you’re onto something here.

“I think I know since I’m the one that put it on, hm? Stop pestering me!!!” he barks your way and you just turn around, biting on your lip, stricken with fascination: your boyfriend does smell like GG, no point in denying it. Where is the damn bottle? (Well… bottles, but you have no clue there are 10 of them).

– You love knives; they are your favorite weapons. Mister J believes it’s classy as hell: in a world of guns, his girl is sooo stylish using sharp blades. You don’t know yet, but he ordered 50 personalized gold plated knives with your initials on them. He plans to give them to you for your 2 year anniversary.

* J totally loves it when you use him as target practice: such a turn on when the blades shriek by him, he gets very impatient.

“Don’t move, baby, I wouldn’t wanna cut something you might need to use later, hm?” you always wink at him, teasing even more just because you can.

Your boyfriend loves guns. So you will surprise him for you 2 year anniversary with a special gift: you will order 20 personalized guns for him from the place that all Gotham’s underworld knows about. Upfront they sell jewelry but the basement it’s a different story.

“I want to order 20 customized guns: half green, half purple background, gold plated,” you start your order.

“Sure, may I ask who they’re for? We can personalize even more,” the guy offers, pointing towards the multitude of catalogues lying around.

“Daddy,” you reply, absent minded since some fancy grenades caught your eye.

“How old?”

“Ummm…Probably… around 39,” you debate, deep in thought.

“Oohhh, OK,” the seller finally understands.”Got’cha!”

You smack your lips and it clicks for the person.

“Hold on, is the order for Mister J ?”

“Of course it’s for him, who else?!” you frown, irritated by the question.

“Oh my God, so sorry, I didn’t recognized you with this purple hair!”

“Whatever!” you grumble, grouchy he needed so many hints to figure it out.

“Would you also like to add his logo on all the guns?”

You roll your eyes, exasperated:

“Well, duh, HE IS The Joker, isn’t he???!!!!”

“Such a Goddam temper,” he thinks, aiming not to annoy you since you are famous for your short fuse.

* You totally love it when J uses you as target practice: such a torn on when the bullets shriek by your ears, you get very impatient.

“Don’t move, Pumpkin, I wouldn’t want to shoot something you might need later, yes?” and he always takes his shirt off, teasing even more just because he can.

– He likes to watch you sleep. Sometimes The Joker spends hours just staring at you. One night he cut off a small strand of your hair and hid it in the nob of his favorite cane since it’s hollow, this way he always has a piece of you with him. He detests being so infatuated but he can’t help it.

You like to watch your boyfriend sleep; you spend hours just staring at him. One night you cut off a strand of his hair and hid it in the pendant he gave you last year and never part with, this way you always have a piece of him with you. You hate it that you are so infatuated but can’t help it.

And you love his hands. When he’s asleep, you just like to look at his fingers, pressing your palm against his, caressing the soft skin. Sometimes he wakes up.

“What are you doing, Princess?” he opens just one eye, not knowing what’s going on.

“Nothing,” you are fast to reply, kissing his knuckles and keeping one of his hands prisoner for the rest of the night.

– Once every 3 months or so, your boyfriend is in a good mood so you try to take advantage of the rare occurrence. This time, for example, you convinced J to let you put makeup on him because you want to have an idea on how he looked like before the “Ace Chemicals” incident. A little bit of foundation to cover the scars and tattoos, bringing the skin and lips to a natural tone plus a dark blonde wig with a similar haircut to cover the toxic green locks.

“Wow, you were so gorgeous before too!” you gasp, admiring your work and how flawless The Joker seems. In your opinion, of course; Batsy wouldn’t share the same belief.“So this is how you looked like before?!”

“More or less,” he smirks, loving to see you so worked up about the whole thing. “Can’t argue with that statement though, I am a very good looking guy.”

You take a picture of him like that and set it up as your new screensaver, gulping when he gets up all shirtless, taking the wig off, being done with the experiment. A miracle doesn’t last for long - just like his patience.

“I’m gonna go and wash this stuff off,” he stretches and heads towards the bathroom when you block his way.

“Noooot so fast, handsome. I was kind of thinking to have a one night stand with this stranger I’ve just met,” you lock your arms around his neck, determined to have fun with him like that.

“Well, this stranger’s services are very expensive. I come with a high price. Still interested?” The Joker grumbles in your ear because he doesn’t want to say no to some crazy stuff for sure.

You just snicker and push him on the couch, starting to undress.

* Later you both go to one of your clubs to enjoy a night out. While you change your dress in the VIP room upstairs, one of the waitresses brings J his drink, thinking she can finally get you in trouble with your man. She despises you but you wouldn’t know since you never pay attention to those girls.

“E-hem, Mister J?…” she clears her throat, getting ready to talk crap.

“What?” he snarls, watching over the club from behind the smoky windows.

“Sir, I’m sorry to bring the bad news, but I think your girlfriend is cheating on you,” she blurs out and he lifts his chin up to finally look at her.

“Is she?”

“Yes, Mister J, I saw it with my own eyes. Y/N keeps on glaring at the screen saver she has on her phone; definitely not your picture sir. I caught her kissing the image and she turned off the cell right away, pretending nothing happened.”

He sighs, tapping his cane on the floor.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, sir, I swear!” a smile appears on her face, happy you are probably a goner now.

“That woman! How dares she?!” J huffs and pushes her away, then strolls upstairs while she silently follows.

He barges in the VIP room, slamming the silver door behind him.

“Almost done, baby,” you cheerfully announce, putting on another coat of mascara.

“Who is that asshole on your phone?” he raises his voice and the waitress bites on her nails, enticed at your misfortune.

“Umm…My boyfriend?” you giggle and turn to face him, wondering if you’re playing roles again.

“Boyfriend?! How dare you sleeping with somebody else behind my back, huh?” and he tosses the cane to the floor with all his strength, making the woman jump on the other side of the door.

Oh, she’s gonna get it ! she victoriously chuckles to herself, silently clapping.

You are going to get it, but not in the way she thinks.

“I couldn’t help it,” you play along, not having a clue about what’s going on but if he wants to go this way, heeeeyy, works for you.

“You are so paying for this, nobody cheats on me!!!!” J yells, starting to rip your dress off while you do the same with his shirt.

She’s going to pay for it ! I hope he kills her, the woman gets all excited, waiting for the bad turn she is responsible for.

You are going to pay for it, but not in the way she thinks.

She hears a loud thud, your scream and The Joker grunting, then …moans?!

What the hell is going on?!  she wonders, baffled, still listening at the door for a few more moments before leaving.

Needless to say nobody saw her again after that night. Who knows what happened? People disappear all the time, right?

– You can fix things and J goes insane for it. He breaks shit on purpose.
“Doll, we have a water leak under the kitchen sink !” he shouts and places his elbows on the table, waiting for you.

“Again?!” you reply from the balcony, but go and get the tool box so you can take a look. You get under the sink and begin to work on the problem.

Intense purring immediately follows.

You don’t know how, but something always breaks around the penthouse. It’s a mystery since everything is the best quality money can buy. Like, why do you have another water leak under the sink?! You just had one two days ago. And The Joker is purring so loud. Why is he all excited about?!  

– You love huskies so J got you a puppy. Best present ever! Since you love Japanese names, you named the fur ball Yuki. The first trick you taught your doggie makes you melt when you watch it in action:

“Yuki, go bite Daddy!” The puppy jumps from your lap and charges at your boyfriend, grabbs his shoelace and pulls on it while growling up a storm:

“Grrrrrrr!!! Grrrrr!!! Grrrrrr!!!!”

J would love to break its neck, but how can you kill something that kind of growls like you?!

“Cut it out, mutt !” he threatens but bends over to pet the puppy. He hears you whistling with admiration.

“Wow, nice ass baby!”

* The puppy likes to sleep on your tummy. You are watching a movie with J and it’s boring so you need something more interesting to see.

“Yuki, go bite Daddy!”  The doggie’s ears go straight up and he rushes to get the enemy, pulling on the t-shirt he didn’t take off yet.

“Grrrrrr!!!! Grrrrr!!!! Grrrrrr!!!!!!!!!”

“So annoying!” The Joker complains, but caresses the fluffy pest and as a response he gets licked all over his face. And barked at too, in between.

You are absolutely and utterly thrilled.

“Now I have two sets of blue eyes I adore,” you grin with admiration, and your boyfriend doesn’t like that.

“I’m the only one you adore. Period,” and he starts growling.

Yuki’s tail wiggles with eagerness while jumping up and down by The Joker.

“Grrrr!!! Grrrrrr!!! Grrrrr!!”

J growls some more; Yuki is stunned and continues to growl also.

“Are you two having a contest?” you start laughing, reaching over to separate the two feisty males. The puppy cuddles in your arms, barking at his other owner.

When The Joker’s arm reaches towards you, Yuki hops on it, keeping it in place, not having any of it.

“Stop it, mutt ! I need my girl!”

His fingers are softly getting chewed on and more growling follows.

“Seriously?! I want to have sex with my woman, get lost!” and Yuki gets lift up and locked outside the master bedroom, but not before it gets more petting and squeezing. His intention was to break the puppy’s neck, but how can you kill something that kind of growls like you?!

– J hopes you are not going to notice how much he’s obsessed with you. It will get to your head and he already spoils you too much.

You hope that your boyfriend won’t notice how obsessed you are with him. It will get to his head and you already indulge his every whim. Even if he is soooo clumsy. Like, right now, J just dropped his gun and you are quick to bend over and get it for him.

Intense purring immediately follows.


The Bronx: Part 5

Pairing: Reader x Peter Parker
Word Count: 2.2K
Warnings: Angst, a lil’ torture, swearing

A/N: This was supposed to be the last part, but it would have run too long. So there will be one more!

Feedback is always appreciated. Let me know if you want to be added to the tags list.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

It’d been a month, you guess, since James had told you that everyone now wanted to be called by their codenames. You thought it was silly at first, but the more you did it, the cooler it felt. You’d also gotten a lot better with your powers. You no longer felt scared of them, or not in control. You had pretty much mastered all of them solely, and were now getting better at using more than one at a time. You’d discovered that the more exposed skin you had, the easier it was to seamlessly use your powers.

You still hadn’t gotten to see your father, and no one else had been to see you since Tony Stark. Every day you hoped that Peter would show up. Your anger had completely disappeared, and you just missed him now.

You’re jolted awake by the deafening sound of an alarm sounding. You’re frozen, you’ve never heard the alarm before, and you don’t know what to do. Was it a fire alarm? Suddenly, your door bangs open, a fully decked out agent standing in the doorway.

“Let’s go!” she shouts at you, and you waste no time jumping up and scurrying over to her.

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Reader x Ivar

  • Tha iad a ‘coimhead air adhart - They seem on edge.
  • Sealltainn dha mar a chleachdas tu na sgeinean tilgeil gòrach sin. - show him how to use those silly throwing knives.
  • Cha tig e air ais gu sgiobalta bho mo dhìol. - He will not recover quickly from my lesson.
  • Tha mi làidir, Lochlannaich. - I am strong, Viking.
  • Bidh an Fae a 'dèanamh a’ bhàis a tha fada, beag beag - The Fae will make your death long, tiny viking
  • Nach urrainn dhut a bhith a 'sabaid agus gu bheil thu a’ tuiteam tinn no rudeigin math dhut! - that you cannot fight and you fall ill or something you great fuck!
  • Bi sàbhailte - Be safe

The long boat trip was enough to make anyone irritable. Any normal person would be tired and disagreeable. After your father had agreed to allow some of the Ragnarsson’s army to settle on a patch of the villages land near the sea he had swapped you for the promise that the vikings would not be hurt.

Ivar had turned up his nose at the idea. A princess would be a hindrance. But with the encouragement of his brothers they all came to an agreement. “Tha iad a 'coimhead air adhart”

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Not Letting Go - fic

Characters: Jon Kent, Damian Wayne, Ra’s al Ghul, bits of everybody else.
Pairing: jondami
Summary: Jon didn’t care that Ra’s was family. That the situation was complicated. He would not let that bastard hurt Damian again.
A/N: Jon’s like, 27 and Damian’s around 30. I love making people save Damian. Love IT. Jon literally starts wedding planning on the jet on the way back to Gotham. He’s also sappy as hell and like, reproposes every day, and likes to tell the story that he proposed in the midst of battle and saving his lover etc. Damian thinks he’s a huge loser (but he’s thrilled that Jon is his huge loser).


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there’s a lady who lives across the street that’s definitely up to all kinds of questionable shenanigans and illegal activities and I just heard her dog unleash the worst scream I’ve ever heard my entire life so I was instantly pumped and my first thought was “this is the day I’m going to prison for murdering a bitch. this is how it ends for her and how it begins for me” but in the end it turned out the dog is fine now I’m so psyched up to fight though that I need to run to Scotland and back tl exert some of this energy