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I challenge you to retell any piece of Jack or Bitty's college years as a series of in-universe RPF callout posts

**whispers** dammit this is clever and I’ve never done a real callout post so let’s see how this goes

*clears throat, we’re now in the land of my UBER SUCESSFUL in-universe rpf blog. My character will be one of an ex-Pimms shipper who’s been jaded by the discourse surrounding Jack’s OD.* 

Here’s a brief coverage of Fall Semester of Year Two: 

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Little Darling

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Kol x Reader

“Of course, you would be the one to survive.” You turned at the familiar voice and smiled.

“Kol!” You laughed as he hugged you.

He leant his chin on his head and chuckled. “You did always have a knack with witches… would you be the one who turned Davina onto the spell?” Kol asked as he pulled back and smiled.

“I didn’t know if it would work, I didn’t think you’d be to pleased if all your sired vampires went ku puts.” You pointed out and he laughed as the two of you walked together.

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Helpless- Philip Hamilton X Reader

I walked down the street, clutching the Reynolds Pamphlet in my hands. I looked around, seeing that the street was littered with them and that almost everyone had one.

Alexander Hamilton had chosen to ruin his family and my mother just to save his name.

He had chosen to save his legacy rather than his wife and his children and I don’t know what that says about him as a person but it’s nothing good. I approached the house that I knew to be the Hamilton’s and I knocked, preparing myself for the door to not answer. They must’ve gotten a lot of visitors so it was obvious why they wouldn’t open the door.

Especially not to the daughter of the woman he was having an affair with.

The door swung open and I saw Philip, his eyes red but he smiled.

“Y/N. It’s good to see you.”

“Do you want to talk about it?” I whispered and he nodded. He exited the house, shutting the door quietly and he grabbed my hand and we walked to my home.

Nobody was home and that was probably for the best because I knew Philip would go off on my mother given the chance.

“How are you?” I asked him, knowing that it was a stupid question and he shook his head.

“I’m alright. My mom… she is devestated.”

“It’s okay if you aren’t alright… I know you are probably trying to be okay so you can be there for your mom.”

“I know I just…”

“Talk to me about it. Please.”

“He ruined my life!” Philip yelled angrily at me and I hugged him, knowing that it wasn’t me that he was angry at. It was his dad. He hugged me back as angry sobs racked his body.

“It is by no means okay what he did to you and your family… I mean he destroyed your lives.”

“He told the entire world how he cheated on my mom. He told the entire world how he had sex with this chick- your mother- in our house!”

“I know.”

“I hate him.” He sobbed and he continued crying on my shoulder, holding me tightly. “I mean he claims that he’ll be around for me and then nobody ever sees him because he’s always working.
When he isn’t he’s too busy having an affair to actually sleep in the same bed as my mom and he ends up missing practically all of my childhood over a stupid plan!” He screamed.

“How is your little sister taking it?”

“Angelica doesn’t understand how badly he screwed up but she understands that he did something bad. Speaking of which, Angelica- my mom’s sister is here as well.”

“All the way from London?”


“And he was selfish enough to think that she came here for him.”

“Guessing she didn’t take that so well.”

“Not at all. I should be getting back. My mom might need me.” He said and he pulled away from the hug and wiped his face.

“I understand. Please don’t do anything stupid.”

“I never do anything stupid.” He laughed although it sound empty. I stood up and walked him to the door, watching him depart down the street, watching his head turn at every single pamphlet that was littered.

Every single pamphlet that was published by Alexander Hamilton but for some reason still had my last name smeared across it.

3 years later.

“Philip what are you doing?” I cried, tears running down my face. He looked at me and sighed.

“Eacker talks about my father like that- I cannot let that slide.” He said stone faced.

“Don’t you dare do a thing. History will prove him wrong.” I begged him.

“They rake his name- my name through the mud. Strong words from George and someone should hold him to it.”

“He is not a maiden in need of defending! He is a grown man and if he has a problem with Eacker he can duel him himself.”

“You don’t even get it!”

“Get it? Your father destroyed my families name when he published that stupid pamphlet so I think that qualifies me to know what your name being dragged through the mud feels like.” I yelled back at him, hurt.

“Your mother is a seductress-”

“My dad called my mom a whore- your dad was the
one who decided to stay. He could’ve stopped at any time but he didn’t.”

“But he’s my family! And I can’t just let people talk shit about him!”

“If you try to fight everyone who has ever said something about your dad then you never stop fighting, where do you draw the line?”

“I should be going. The duel starts soon.” He said coldly.

“Don’t do this.”

“Do what? If I die you’re not gonna care.”

“Don’t you dare assume how I feel about you. I thought it was quite obvious my entire life how I felt but I suppose if you even thought for a second that I wasn’t gonna care than I was wrong.”

“How do you feel about me then?” He asked.

“You make me feel…”

Helpless. He was bleeding out and the wound was infected. I felt like I was intruding on his family and that I didn’t have any right to be here. And maybe I didn’t. I started sobbing and he grabbed my hand weakly.

“Y/N… I don’t have a dollar to my name, an acre a land, a troop to command or a dollop of fame… all I have is my honor… a tolerance for pain, a couple of college credits and my top notch brain… And I swear… the rest of my life I’ll never make you feel so…”

“Helpless. You make me feel helpless.” I told him, finding that the word fit.

I would like to thank @leaalda for making these amazing banners.

This is an effort to spread the word about all fan fiction writers in our little fandom. If you would like to be featured or nominate a writer, please contact me. Please reblog this post if you can and check out some of @jugandbettsdetectiveagency work!

1. First things first, if someone wanted to read your stories where can they find them?

They can be found on my blog under this tag and on my AO3.

2. Tell us a little about yourself. 

I’m Anna, a 21 year old, recent graduate from England, who has an unhealthy obsession with reptiles, making things out of wool, and writing about all-consuming ships.

3. What do you never leave home without? 

My phone because that’s just the generation we’re in.

4. Are you an early bird or a night owl? 

A night owl that desperately wishes to be an early bird.

5. If you could live in any fictional world which one would you choose and why?

 I’d probably be very happy just living in The Shire, eating first breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, lunch…

6. Who is the most famous person you’ve ever met. 

I met the British pop group Steps when I was four.

7. What are some of your favorite movies/TV? 

Jurassic Park, Rear Window and The Sound of Music are top dogs for me. Also I never fail to find comfort in watching John Tucker Must Die. For TV, I always put Gavin and Stacy on for a bit of comfort, and then Riverdale obviously. And I really like old Britcoms like Butterflies and Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em.

8. What are some of your favorite bands/musicians? 

Oh man, too many. Right now I’m on a Fleetwood Mac hype because it’s summer. But I’m a pop-punk gal, through and through, so like Sum 41, Green Day, Blink 182, Good Charlotte, that kinda vibe.

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from YouTuber anon ;) i just had to write it down…

Peter Parker was just getting used to his new life on YouTube. He had started his channel after getting inspiration from the big team, the Avengers.

Tony Stark, or Iron Man by his channel name, was one of his favourites out of the group. His snarky remarks and sassy behaviour always got a laugh out of him when he was feeling down. Another was his daughter (Y/N) Stark. She was smart, funny and kind, the total opposite of her father and not to mention the most beautiful person Peter had ever seen. He may or may not be putting the crush in celebrity crush when it comes to her.

Their funny and not to mention relatable videos and challenges between Team Captain America (the other leader of the team) and Team Iron Man made him as happy as ever. The ever-growing team of people were so iconic on YouTube that they went to every VidCon and have been on a tour… twice, one being international. 

Rumours had been going around on every social media possible that a new Avenger was being added to the already large group.

Even though the excitement of the possibility of him being the next Avenger sent him sky-high, he knew that the odds were very low. There would be no chance that a 16-year-old teenager who had only been on YouTube for 4 months would be chosen by the big and the best.

There were others too: Black Panther, or maybe Doctor Strange who could be chosen. Plushis popularity on the site didn’t particularly reflect to real life, being classified as his schools’ ‘Nerd’ and having only one friend and a half, Ned and a girl named Michelle.

It was a regular Wednesday night when a knock on his door suddenly disrupted the coming of his plans for his next awesome parkour video.

“Peter, there’s someone waiting for you in the living room… I let her in because of all the times you talk about her so I just assumed she was your friend. She says she’s an ‘Avenger’ or something?”

Peter had never gotten up to run so fast in his life. He had to stop right at the doorway to catch his breath only to look up and catch eyes with the most beautiful pair he’d only seen through a computer screen or his phone.

He could already feel the stutter that would happen once he opens his mouth…

If he can get any words out, at least.

She brought her hand in front of her for him to shake, her sparkling eyes causing his heart to stop.

“Hi! I’m (Y/N) Stark! You must be ’Spider-Man’.”

Dear “Devil’s Advocate”:

I’m “Evangeline”. Yes, I read his letters. Yes, I understand where you are coming from. I do see how from the surface, Isaac can come off as incredibly… dependent? On me, or toxic, or manipulative.

1.) Yes, it is also true: I am still with Greg. In a way, I caused an even further spiral downwards.

HOWEVER, you are in no place to call him manipulative. You do not know Isaac. I am not the reason he started drinking. I am not the reason he cannot quit. You do not know his life, and what he has been through, and what he has overcome, and what he is going through at this very moment.

2.) Yes, I read his letters. Yes, I see that they have an air of vengeance within them (example: when he said “I hope you see this”).

HOWEVER, you do not know Isaac. I am trying to help him without hurting him more than I have. He is not entitled. He is not coercive. He is a guy who has a great character but who is in a dark place right now.

3.) I know Isaac; you don’t. I know that the majority of the letters he has been sending, he has been incredibly drunk or under the influence in some way. I know that as he scrolls through the page, and finds a letter, he reads it, not remembering what he even said. Actually, for that very letter in which he said that I hoped I saw it, he read it when it was posted and texted me apologizing about it.

4.) In no way, shape or form, is he trying to coerce me back to him. Like I said, you do not know him. I do. He is the one that told me to stay with Greg because he realized that Greg is better for me than he was. His love for me allowed him to go through pain so I could be happier. This is someone who is in a constant haze and does not think clearly when he writes. I’m sure everyone can notice a difference between when he has control over his words vs. when he’s drunk. Yes, I know that I technically “lied” to him about him being the one. But I honestly didn’t. Isaac could be my one. But right now, he knows how much pain he is in and he doesn’t want to hurt me anymore.

I realize that he needs help. He knows it too. He is an alcoholic and he has admitted it. That’s the first step to him getting help: he realized that he had a problem. This is the beginning to a very long road to recovery, and I will be there for him, whether it is walking behind him to catch him when he falls, or helping pave the way to his recovery, or to disappear completely if he wished.

So, to respond to your section about me: I will not cut ties with him. I will not stop talking to him. I refuse to leave him when he needs me the most, when he has always been there for me no matter what.

I am not going to lie to him and tell him we have a chance again, because I don’t know if we will. But I’m one of the only people in his life right now.

Without me helping him, he’d be dead.

So please, stop assuming that you know Isaac. Mind you, he’s only written to me about our relationship. You don’t know any other aspect of his life.

And let this be known: I read his letters. I know firsthand how bad he has become because I’ve seen it with my own eyes. He was my guardian angel when I needed it. Now; I’m his.

By the way, when you you typed “tough love” you misspelled “radical assumptions” wrong.

And to Dead Girl Walking, who posted something similar to this letter: thank you for understanding.


Evangeline, Isaac’s newly appointed Guardian Angel.

Yoongi Scenario: Two Faced Lovers - Part 4.

Request: I was wonderig if you could do an angst scenario where the character has a fling with yoongi, gets pregnant and has an abortion when he leaves her. later, she starts sleeping around to fill the void??

Genre: Angst / Drama

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3

Yoongi and you locked eyes for what seemed to be an eternity, your eyes getting away from his to see him and take him all in. The blond was gone, that was the first you pointed out, now his hair had his natural black color which made him look paler, he was skinny as he had always been but he had noticeably gained weight since last time you saw him for he no longer looked emaciated; you saw his clothes, simple, clean but with a certain edge, just a plain black t-shirt and black pants, he also had a denim jacket on and white jordans ; overall it was a simple look but you found him so attractive, if he were to be just a random guy walking down the street you would have an instant crush on him. But Yoongi wasn’t a random guy.

You fisted your hands, not believing his presence here, how dared he? how he had the guts to appear before you after all he had done? It was baffling as it was frustrating, he could do things too easily, come and go as he wanted, show up here and flaunt his better off face, why? When you had to endure so much, when you were now meeting someone else, maybe even thinking you could move on with your life, he came here like you didn’t have to fight your own dreams to stop going to him. But he was here now, his haunting eyes not telling anything about his intentions

As Yoongi took a step closer you applied more force to your fists, trying to stay grounded and not step back, there was no way you would show him weakness or vulnerability.

-Didn’t I tell you to not come close to me again? Didn’t you understand?-

Yoongi stopped approaching you, by now just a few steps from your body. What a big mistake it was to let him in, but now you wanted an explanation.  -I wanted to talk to you-

You snorted, bitter and angry, that was something, he wanted to talk. -Ever thought if I wanted that? I don’t-

-Y/N, I didn’t come here to fight with you- it impressed you Yoongi’s calmness, the way his voice was even, like he was the mature person in the room and you were a kid throwing a fit.

-Then what are you doing here? I don’t care about you or your life, so I’m not interested in hearing from you- you spat to which you could see how he blinked longer, his face lowering slightly.

-I care about yours- the man in front of you stated, making you breathe deeply to not go and hit him. -I care… I know before I didn’t, I know before I showed you other side, my worst side… but I care-

Now you were the one taking another step closer to him which you could see surprised him, good, you didn’t want to seem like the naive little girl he had throw out of his house. -So you care, huh? Did you care when I almost die at the fucking street?-

-I did, I was a coward for never coming to you, but I did… I…-

-Shut up!- you cut angrily. -We already had this “conversation” and I told you everything that it was, why are you here? why are you so fixated in making my life a living hell? Don’t you think you had done enough?- he stared at you, his face impassive, his eyes nailed on you. He was so strange, so cryptic and quiet, it made you angry that you couldn’t stop looking at his eyes, it made you angry that you wanted to hit him, but you weren’t sure if it was his suffering or the touch of his skin what you were craving.

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Prank Call (1)

Paring: Taehyung x reader

Genre: Angst, Romance, tragedy

Word count: 645 words

Summary: “What happened was a coincidence.”

“Coincidences don’t exist, we were meant to cross paths, and i’m here to help you”

A group of boys decide to prank call random people but accidentally come across a girl trying to commit sucide.

A/N: My first blog here, and i’m kinda nervous. Hope you enjoy ^_^. I think my chapters are generally short…


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It was one of those nights when the guys would gather at someone’s house and talk or watch a movie. However, this time they sat idly in Jin’s living room, bored to death.


“Hey! how about we prank call someone. It’ll be fun.” suggested Taehyung. It was as if a bulb went on in his mind. The others hesitated but eventually nodded along. “Atleast it’s better than just lying around, i was bored.” said Jimin slowly getting from the couch.

“So who’s ready to sacrifice their phone?” asked Yoongi. They all looked at each other and finally decided to play rock, paper, scissors. Each player kept being excluded until the last two survived. “It’s one of us…you or me.” Jungkook said looking at Jin with a competitive look

“Yesss.” a loud cheer was heard as Jin was left groaning. Jin took his phone out from his pocket and started calling a random number, as the other huddled in a circle.

“Hello?” a voice spoke from the other line. “Hello, is there Mr. Wall there?” he spoke out, trying to stifle a laugh. Whereas, the others let out low groans and looks of disapproval. “No, sorry.” the other voice spoke from the line.

“Can i talk to Mrs. Wall?” Jin said. “No, i’m sorry she isn’t here..?” the stranger half-answered half-asked. “Are there any walls there at all?” Jin inquired. “No sorry…” the stranger spoke. “May i ask what’s holding up your house?” He said and ended the call, laughing a loud.

After calling a few times, it was Taehyung’s turn. He called a random number and waited for the call to connect. “I told you not to call me again! i’ve made my decision…i’m going to do it, there’s no use living, i’m ending my life…” The other person on the line spoke. It was a girl, her voice was shaking. Taehyung assumed she was crying. “No wait!!” Taehyung yelled, trying his best to stop the girl from doing anything. “Listen….is your refrigerator running?” Taehyung spoke, not thinking clearly. The guys gave him confused looks. “Is this a joke?” the girl spoke.
“No. Um..uh. Talk to me about it.” Taehyung stuttered

“Talk about it?! What’s there to talk about? My life is a mess. My boyfriend cheated on me, i’m getting bullied. If i’m getting hurt anyway isn’t it better to just die? I ran away from home. I have nobody to trust, it’s all lost-” she continued to speak til her voice broke down and she started crying.

“Listen, your life may seem like it’s hard but trust me, all your worries will eventually seem small as time goes by. Ending your life will end those problems, isn’t that what you think?” Taehyung’s said, eyes full of concern for the stranger.

“I’m a coward. I can’t even do it, i keep hesitating.” The female said. “Yes! you are a coward. Because your scared to live your life. Ending your life isn’t brave, facing your problems is. And if you really want to be brave then go face your problems…” Taehyung said, this voice filled with anger. There was a minute of silence until the girl hung up.

The guys seemed to understood what happened. They sat quietly among themselves, unsure of what to do.

It’s been an hour and this is all I’ve come up with.

“I don’t owe you an explanation,” Dick says as Jason approaches him. The kid is in his civvies, and Jason knows he knows better, but that doesn’t seem to stop him from looking off at the city from the roof, “I don’t need to explain anything to anyone.”

Jason doesn’t respond to that, but instead motions to the place next to him, “Can I sit?”

“I won’t stop you,” Comes Dick’s soft answer.

Jason settles down beside him, and lets his legs dangle off the side of the building. He feels the wind kiss his face, and glances at Dick, taking in his expression and his posture. In an odd way, this has to be the first time Jason has ever witnessed any real sorrow from him.

“You know,” Jason says, mouth dry, “I never really knew,” Dick looks over at him, “About the name thing. You never talked about your life very much. I just assumed-”

“Well you shouldn’t have,” Dick snaps, and Jason actually get’s surprised at the tone of voice the kid uses.

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Hey! I'm new to this blog so I know this is an old topic but the one about namjoon being a dom, don't get me wrong I 100% agree it's gross to call him "daddy" out loud and we should leave their personal lives alone, but just for the argument I think it is safe to say that he is a dom and likes "oppa" from his lyrics in Prometheus by Yankie (oppa I like it hit me more / I'm a pervert narcissist / make your bitch rock) and also in Rush when he sings about wanting to be called oppa by girls

I don’t want to start this discussion again, but here are my thoughts.

I don’t really think any of what you said is necessarily relevant. And I don’t mean to attack you with that statement.

1. Lyrics are lyrics. And especially rappers talk a lot of shit they don’t actually mean. Just because he sings about bitches doesn’t mean he’s disrespectful to women in real life. Plus most of the time lyrics are written for them, or made to fit a theme or image. I’m not saying I know that that’s the case, I’m just saying you can’t take lyrics as proof for anything. (same goes for people who think lyrics are proof for their ships)

2. We don’t “know” idols. We can’t say it’s save to assume anything, because we don’t know what’s image and what’s truth. Stop thinking your idols are your friends, because they are not. As much as we indulge in this fantasy on this blog, it’s very likely that none of us will ever really know them.

Admin Moon once had a big problem with this and that was the reason she left the blog for some time. She thought it to be very unfair what we are doing here. We don’t know these boys, yet here we are, assuming how they would react in certain situations. We could be talking about the biggest bullshit in our reactions without knowing it. The members might all react very differently, but in the end this is all just a fantasy. We don’t make any bad assumptions in our reactions, they are just for fun and entertainment. That’s also why we don’t to any reactions involving violence or similar topics. That’s where our comfort zone stops. We also try hard not to support any stereotypes of the boys that might harm them. (For example that Tae is a weird alien)

3. And three, as long as you don’t think your opinion is the truth you are free to think about their kinks as much as you like.

There’s nothing wrong with thinking he is a dom. But when your whole characterization of him revolves around the fact that you think he might be a dom, you should know that there’s something wrong.

And that’s the whole reason why we don’t support this kind of behavior. People think they know Namjoon and contribute to spreading a warped image of him. 

And last but not least, may I remind you that it’s completely irrelevant what he likes in bed? It has nothing to do with the music or anything else, and none of us will ever sleep with him.

So again, we don’t want anyone to call Namjoon daddy on this blog or assume that he’s a dom, Please respect that.

PS: Also, may I remind you all that oppa isn’t a sexual term? please stop using it like it is one. Thanks.



Surprised at Asher’s response, Elena sat silently a moment before questioning him on his reaction, “I can’t believe you’re upset about this, Asher. Why do you care if she’s dating someone?”

“Why do I care?! Why do you fucking think?”

“Don’t talk to me like that.”

“Well, I’m sorry, but I can’t believe you didn’t think I would be upset about my Mom dating someone. Of COURSE, I’m pissed about it. Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Because deep down you want your Mom to be happy?”

“I do want her to be happy,” Asher said. “But that doesn’t include being pleased that she is dishonoring my Father’s memory and also lying about it to all of us.”

“Dishonoring his memory? Wow, Asher, what is your problem lately?”

“What are you talking about?”

“You just think you know what’s best for everyone, don’t you? First with Ethan and now with your Mom. No wonder no one tells you things.”

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me. People don’t tell you things because they don’t want to be made to feel bad if you disagree.”

“I admitted I was wrong in how I dealt with Ethan but I’m not wrong on this. You don’t know anything about it, Elena, and I have every right to be upset at my Mom for what she’s doing.”

“No, you don’t. You really don’t.”

“Yes, I do! And you know what? My Dad would agree with me! If he was here to see what she was doing he would be fucking heartbroken.”

“I think it’s you that’s heartbroken,” Elena said, softly. “And I understand. But maybe you should talk to her about it before you get too upset. It might not be what we’re all assuming. And if it is, then you two need to discuss it. Calmly.”

“Discuss it? By that, I hope you mean talk her out of it and remind her that what she’s doing is wrong.”

“Asher, stop it. I know you’re struggling lately and I have tried my best to be patient with you but now you’re going too far. Your Mom has every right to find whatever happiness she wants and how dare you be upset about it. It’s not your fucking life, you need to mind your own business sometimes.”


“No, I’m done talking about this with you,” Elena said as she got to her feet. “And I suggest you make some time to talk about this with your Mom as soon as you can. Before you get so upset you won’t listen at all.”

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what's the most annoying asks you get in your opinion?

wow this is a very good question i’m about to vent here i go

1. “you should remix/sample _____”
or anything remotely similar to this. Especially if it’s some unfunny meme shit, i’m not a teenage soundclown wiener.

2. “you look like lapis lazuli/ramona flowers/that girl from life is strange”
this doesn’t really upset me i’ve just heard it soooo many times

3. “are you and your wife poly/looking for more partners”
I literally do not know you, why are you trying to find out if i’m datable

4. “please beat the shit out of me/punch me in the face” etc
this one just makes me feel weird. Like i get it, you’re a bottom, but like. Stop that please

5. any ask in which someone casually mentions something esoteric and assumes that I just know what they’re talking about

6. “Your music isn’t really my thing, but-”
This is never ever ever necessary. The rest of the message will always be perfectly fine if you just leave this part out. I don’t mind if you don’t like my music, but why would you ever feel the need to open a conversation with any artist like “The art you spend all your time and effort on is unattractive to me, but-”

7. “your mixing/mastering/etc could be better”
hey that’s really cool thanks for the feedback hey how about i stay over here where the music gets made, by me, and you can stay over there with your thumb in your asshole and your discography of 78 dark ambient tracks which you’ve never uploaded anywhere

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ahhhh i’m so glad that you liked it! 💕 and well, tbh i left it at that cliffhanger because i wasn’t so sure how draco and harry would react to something as “alarming” as that


this took me a long time but hey at least i tried haha

note: it isn’t necessary for you to read the prequel to this but it would be much more understandable if you did. :)

• potions class these days is more awkward than anything else
• mostly for harry and draco
• it’s the absolute worst for draco because not even potter messing up the brewing can cheer him up
• harry’s got it just as bad because not even the prospect of quidditch afterwards can cheer him up
• nobody can stop thinking about it though thus someone coined the term the incident which must not be named
is it true? everyone seems to be whispering to one another
is what true? someone asks curiously
is is true that harry potter and draco malfoy fancy each other?
• merlin, it makes both boys sick to their stomachs
• only their closest friends actually engage in conversation about it because 1. draco will hex anybody else into the next century and 2. nobody wants to offend the boy who lived
• funnily enough, snape can’t seem to understand why his class with the gryffindors and slytherins has gotten so quiet all of a sudden
• harry tries his very best to not to think about it and yet his friends have better ideas
• “i don’t understand what’s got you so worked up, harry. i mean, ron and i have figured it out for ages now—”
• “figured what, hermione?”
• “that you fancy malfoy, of course!”
• “merlin, no. blimey, never. i don’t, really. hermione—no, what’s with that look? it’s malfoy we’re talking about. come on, ron. back me up here.”
• “sorry, mate. hermione’s never wrong and amortentia doesn’t lie, does it?” ron says sympathetically
• “not you two as well,” harry groans
• draco is in denial and he’s gone on a rampage
• “salazar slytherin, draco. can you just stop talking about potter for a second? my poor ears are bleeding.”
• “pansy, this isn’t about him! it’s about that wretched potion he’s concocted. he did something to that potion, i’m telling you. he sabotaged my potion to fail me and make a fool out of me in front of professor snape!”
• “draco, you got an O on that.”
• “so what, blaise? it’s not outstanding if i smelled things i shouldn’t have. rumors spread quickly and people assume the worst.”
• “draco, you’re overreacting—”
• “am not!”
• merlin help them all
• hermione, ron, pansy & blaise are so sick of listening to them rant that they come together to form the ultimate plan
• their plan is simple: lock them in a closet until they sort their feelings out
• “remember, guys. we’re not unlocking the door until tomorrow morning,” pansy reminds them
• blaise and ron snort
• “parkinson, that won’t work. don’t you think that’s too extreme?” hermione asks worriedly
• “trust me, granger. they’ll get to it before the sun rises tomorrow.”
• with pansy’s cunningness and hermione’s ingenious strategy, they’re able to grab harry and draco’s wands and lock them in the broom closet without too much trouble
• “sorry, we won’t let you two out until you two have accepted your er, mutual feelings,” ron yells back
• “ron? hermione? guys? nothing’s going to happen except maybe there’ll be 2 dead bodies here in the morning.”
• “ha-ha, potter. now, listen. you too, draco. stop pouting. i can feel it. this is for your own good. nobody’s going to hear you in there and since it’s the weekend, people can assume all they want about both of your ‘disappearances’.”
• at that, both boys wince
• pansy sounded smug when she said, “that’s right. so get to it, lover boys. we’ll be back tomorrow. maybe earlier.”
• for a few minutes, draco does nothing but glare at harry
• harry wants to talk about it
• he really does because he doesn’t want to spend more time with the supposed love of his life
• thank merlin the closet is poorly lit so nobody can see harry’s expression or draco’s red face
• they’re sitting as far away from each other as possible; the (sexual) tension is palpable
• “malfoy—” harry starts
• “i don’t want to talk about it, potter,” draco says grumpily
• “no, listen. i have a plan!”
• “your plans always backfire, potter,” draco sneers. “just shut up and let me think.”
• harry huffs angrily “my plans—”
• “oh? you mean granger’s plans, i presume?”
• harry reaches blindly for his wand, maybe to throw it at draco or maybe to curse the tosser properly but he remembers ron taking it for “safety reasons”
• ron was right to take draco’s too
• “stop being such an arse. the world doesn’t revolve around you, you bloody prick. i wonder why my amortentia—” harry stops then turns red. “forget it, malfoy. nevermind.”
• “might as well say it, potter,” draco taunts. “what? is the ickle boy who lived afraid?”
• “you’re such a hypocrite! merlin! how about you, huh?” harry retorts. “oh, potter. it smells just like your shampoo!
• “shut up!”
• “make me,” harry challenges
• draco suddenly tackles harry and tries to take a go at him
• “oi!”
• but harry rolls them over just in time
• now harry’s on top
• both panting and slightly angry, they don’t notice that their faces are mere centimeters apart
• “who’s afraid now?” harry whispers, gripping draco’s wrists so he can’t move under him
• draco scowls, squirming under harry’s weight
• “i’m not afraid of anyone, most especially you, potter,” draco replies defiantly
• harry has to admit that even in a bad situation, draco is still an arrogant prick
• while harry’s still distracted from draco’s statement, draco punches him right in the nose
• harry lets go of draco’s wrists, clutches his (bleeding and probably broken) nose and yells a hoarse “ouch!”
• “that’ll teach you not to mess with me.”
• both boys retreat to their respective corners, harry with a bleeding nose and draco with slightly sore wrists
• it’s completely silent, apart from the occasional pitter patter of the pipe water and the footsteps of students who’ve lost their way
• harry sniffles, desperately trying to stop the blood from dripping onto his clothes and the floor
• he glares at draco and wishes that he had a wand to fix his nose or something

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20th Photo || Joe

Joe masterpost found here

Word count - 640

Summary - The one where Dan finds out.

Today your brother, Dan, was coming over with Phil to the flat you shared with Conor, Jack, and Josh. The boys were all planning on filming a few collabs. You had been friends with Conor for a while now, and ever since your friendship blossomed, the collabs between Dan, Phil, and the buttercream boys and become quite a bit more frequent.

You felt like it had been ages since you had seen Dan and Phil. Even though you both lived in London, it seemed as though you hardly visited each other. Needless to say, seeing each other today would be exciting.

There was one, small thing, however, that Dan didn’t know about you; you were dating Joe. Dan had nothing against Joe- he loved him in fact. Dan just didn’t talk to you about relationships. Everyone assumed that the role of an older brother was to be overprotective of the sister, but that just wasn’t Dan. You didn’t talk to him about his relationships and he didn’t talk to you about yours. Whenever you chatted, it was usually just about your friends and the fun adventures you had been going on while you were apart from each other. The fact that you were dating Joe just never came up. After all, you and Joe had only been dating for a little over two months. It wasn’t like you lived with each other. You felt like, until you were really secure in your relationship with Joe, it was better to continue living with your best friend, just in case something were to go wrong.

The buzzer to your flat went off and you eagerly went to go let Dan and Phil in. “Hey,” the boys said simultaneously, each pulling you into a hug.

“It’s so good to see you,” you said to them both. All of the buttercream boys were sitting in the living room but quickly got up to greet the other boys. You always loved seeing your best friends with your brother. It was good to know that they got on well with each other.

For the collab on Joe’s channel, they decided to have Dan, Phil, Joe, Caspar, Oli, and Mikey play Game of Phones. They didn’t want to have everyone play it or they probably wouldn’t even all fit in frame. That was fine for everyone though as it was just as fun to watch them play. After about ten minutes of playing, Dan drew the next card. “Okay, this is a fairly easy one,” he stated. “Show the 20th photo on your camera roll.”

“This could end very badly,” Phil laughed.

“Phil, what could you possibly have on your phone that you can’t show?” Dan joked back.

“You don’t know the things on my camera roll!”

You were just scrolling through your phone absentmindedly when all of a sudden, all of the boys started laughing. “What? What is this?” Mikey asked from one end of the couch. Dan had Joe’s phone in his hand and was showing it to the camera.

“Snogging my sister!” Dan shouted, exasperated. Your face was beat red as everyone was looking from you to Joe. “Are you two dating?” Dan asked, still laughing.

Joe nodded, “For just a few months.”

Suddenly, Dan burst out laughing again. “What’s so funny?” you asked from off camera.

“I thought,” he had to pause to laugh again. “I thought, after all this time, I thought you were dating Conor. Like, I literally never asked because I just assumed.” At this, everyone continued laughing.

“Maybe we should talk more,” you said to Dan through tears of laughter.

“Yeah, maybe,” he said back. Once you all stopped laughing, the boys continued playing the game. Dan occasionally made jokes about you, Conor, and Joe, causing you to laugh at all the weird boys you had in your life.

markicrydiepiepotterwinches-blog  asked:

My 12 year old sister has her life/future more planned out than my day. I feel like a noob because even though I'm graduating next year, I have no idea what I'm going to do and where I'm going, while she's planning on what college she'll be attending. Is that bad that she's more planned out than I am?


Who fucking cares that your sister has her shit “more planned out” than you? When I was 12, I thought I was going to Boston College to become a veterinarian and then getting married right after graduation. Let me tell you a thing: none of that shit happened. I am way damn different than I was at 12. Your sister probably will be, too.

But enough about your sister. This shit’s about you.

I am assuming that you’re talking about graduating high school? Yeah? Well, guess what: a lot of people are much older than you and still have no fucking clue how to play the marvelous game of life. SO THERE. Don’t be all bugging out. Sure, there’s the traditional route: high school, college, perfect job, marriage, house, babies, something something, retirement, death. In case you haven’t noticed, the “traditional route” is not always what happens.

Anyway, now you’ve hopefully stopped shitting yourself long enough to realize that there are many options out there. Here’s a few place to start, if you’re worried about post-secondary education options.

As for how to figure out what you want to do, look at stuff you like to do, stuff you’re good at, stuff you love. Volunteer, job shadow, whatever. Even bad experiences can help you figure out what you might want to do in the future.

So, to really answer your question…NO. It’s not “bad” that your sister has more stuff figured out than you do. Everyone figures shit out at their own pace.

-The Sudden Adult

anonymous asked:

i think my favorite part from Hunters in the Dark was when Olympia smiled and laughed then Usze tried to front like, This is STUPID YOU'RE STUPID humans are TOO WEIRD please keep telling me YOUR WHOLE LIFE STORY

Definitely a good part of the book and an interesting way to look at it. I think Vale was laughing because that’s when Usze was talking about not sitting in case he needed to be ready for a fight.

Which I suspect is a bigger issue for him. Considering later when he’s explaining that he’s doing the “guarding stance” or what was it and Kola’s response is pmuch “The fuck you are. You’re pacing and it’s annoying. stop >:x”

I’m assuming the constantly-on-his-toes things is kind of a nervous tick and considering that brodie has had to be on his toes constantly since he declined to join the Honor Guard way back when and painted a target on his back.

Which really makes his sitting thing mean more and utilizing that knowledge you could both read the interaction over Vale’s chuckle both a difference in sangheili-human expression as well as maybe a veiled request to not laugh about it???

That’s probably reading too much into it but y’know. Taking everything at face value and not playing with possibilities makes me a very bored man.

peter pan imagine - pieces

hey there, loves! here’s an extra imagine this week for all of your help on my english project! there’s a little quote in here from the script just as a little shout out to those that helped me out! it’s just a slightly modified version of a line from second star to the right by mary alice monroe (which is a great book and you should definitely read it if you’re really interested in a twist on peter pan!). it’s on page 318 if you want to check it out!


title inspiration: pieces by red

requested by: @little-lumikki


You trudge your way to your room after a boring day at school, craving a change in your daily schedule of waking up, going to school, coming home, doing homework, and falling asleep. Maybe there wasn’t anything hard in your life; you had a home, food, shelter, but your life lacked independence, adventure, and you wanted to change that. You want more in your life, yet you don’t know where to find it; you just feel…lost.

You recline on your bed, attempting to organize the future, but it’s pointless; nothing comes up for hours.

Nighttime approaches, as the stars shine brightly with the moon through the curtains swaying over the open window. As you slowly drift to sleep, a soothing melody plays in the air, and though all you need is rest, curiosity takes over and you force yourself up, making your way downstairs towards the intriguing noise.

Exiting the front door, your footsteps echo, flowing with the soothing music.

When arrive at the source, a figure in red cloaks continues playing his flute, swaying to music with no one around him.

“Hello?” You state, wondering who the person could be; your heart beats faster with every step you take towards them, as if this is the thing you’ve been waiting for, as if this is what you need, what you’ve wanted your entire life.

“Hello, love.” The figure unveils his cloak, displaying his face, a boy who appeared to be only slightly older than you, “And who might you be?”

“My name is (Y/N), and you?”

“I’m Peter, Peter Pan.” He chuckles, examining you and the empty square.

“You play really well.” You compliment him, hoping the conversation will continue.

“You can hear my music?” He asks, his head tilting to side with curiosity, as if not expecting your remark.

“Of course.”

“What if I told you that I could provide an escape for you, a place where you won’t feel lost anymore?” He instantly intrigues you. An escape from everything, the change that you wanted, it all sounds so amazing.

“What do you mean?” You question, attempting to figure out if this offer really is true.

“I can take you to Neverland, where you’ll feel loved. I can help you if you let me.” This is the one thing you’ve been waiting for, and for some reason, you trust the boy, as if there’s something inside of you that tells you to go for it. “I understand what you’re going through, and trust me; I can help you. I want to help you.” By the way that he stares at you, with compassion in his eyes, you can tell that he truly means well.

“And what if you can’t?” You ask, a small hint of doubt in your mind.

“How about a deal? Just give me one day, and if I can’t help you, then I’ll bring you back. Please, (Y/N), I want to make you feel loved.”

“Alright, I’ll go with you.” You finally admit that you want to go with him and give him a chance.

“Thank you, (Y/N). Now come here.” He takes a step towards you, grabbing your hand gently, leading you to an open area, where he pulls out a bean, clear as glass and glistening with magic.

“Hold on to me, please.” He states, meeting eyes with you, his grip on your hand increasing as he throws the bean on the ground, causing a green portal to emerge, swirling violently.

“Are you ready, love?” He looks for a nod of approval, which you give him, and the two of you jump in, the first step of your new adventures in Neverland.


Your eyes flutter open, your vision clearing up, revealing Peter with a worried look pressed on his face.

“Sorry, (Y/N), your first time through a portal is always rough.”

“No it’s fine…I’m fine.” You confirm to him, trying to calm him down.

“Good, because we have an adventure-filled day, and I don’t want you hurt before we even start.”

“Why are you helping me?”

“Because I want you to feel loved. I guess you could say it’s my job.” He chuckles.

“What do you mean?” You ask, wondering what he means.

“Do you know who can hear the music, (Y/N)? People who feel lost, people who feel unloved. I take them here, where I help them, but I can’t say I’ve ever had a girl hear the music.”

“Maybe I’m just special.” You smile at him, staring into his bright green eyes.

“That you are, love.” He stands up, lending out his hand to help you up, “Come on; let’s get started. I want to teach you how to fly.”

“Fly?” You question; it sounds amazing, but you never thought you would ever do it, you didn’t believe you could do it.

“Of course! Anything is possible in Neverland if you believe. Come, let’s go to the Pixie tree.”

The two of you walk together to the tree, getting to know each other even more as he explains the magic of Neverland and how he created it. Everything here sounds so fascinating and full of adventure, something that you didn’t have in your previous life. And slowly, you find yourself falling in love with the island.

“Here we are: the Pixie tree. Up there is where the fairies get their pixie dust. That’s what will help you fly.” The tree extends to the sky, appearing to touch the clouds above.

“So how do we get it?” You wonder, hoping you didn’t have climb up.

“Not to worry.” He holds his hand out, as a cloud of green surrounds it, a flower magically appearing in his hand, a gorgeous pink and white flower, “I’ve got it.” You smile at him, as if a silent thanks for all that he’s done so far for you.

“So where’s the pixie dust?”

“Right here.” He flicks the flower, shaking a green substance out of them, like pollen out of the flowers at home. Home. You start to wonder if you’ll stay here with Peter in Neverland instead of returning to your old life.

“Are you ready, love?” He asks, and you nod, even though you don’t believe you will be able to fly. He places the dust into your hands, allowing it to spread across your body, and while it’s only a small amount, you already feel exhilarated, as if filled with magic.

“Now just believe you can fly, and you will.” He instructs, using a calm voice to encourage you, but no matter how hard you try to force yourself to believe, you can’t, and remain landed instead of in the sky.

“I’m sorry, Peter, I don’t know how to believe.” You apologize, knowing very well that there is no way that you can change your beliefs in a day.

“That’s alright, love. If you choose to stay, we can work on it, but first,” He grabs your hand tightly, “You should experience flying.” He takes off, as you squeal from the surprise, but soon learning to enjoy it: the wind blowing through your hair, the freedom, and there’s something so incredible about being away from the ground, away from your problems, away from the world you once knew of boring routines.

“How do you like it?” He asks, placing one hand on your waist to hold you steady.

“It’s amazing! Thank you, Peter.” You give him a caring look, attempting to express all of your emotions through a single expression, and judging by the look on his face, he understood the message perfectly.


The whole day, the two of you discovered new parts of the island, from secret caves to new and different magic. Slowly, you fell in love with the boy; his adventurous spirit never failed to entertain you, and he truly seemed to care for your wellbeing.

“Hey there, love. Want to stop here? There’s a good view of the stars from here. It’s been a busy day.” He smiles at you, as you both sit down, admiring the view. The clusters of stars illuminate the entire sky, yet two stand out in particular, which you assume to be the second star to the right that Peter talked about.

“All my life I loved looking at the stars. They’re all so…infinite, makes you realize your own mortality, doesn’t it? We’re all just blips on a map of time.” He states, passion in his voice, as he stares at the infinite string of galaxies above him.

“Is that why you became immortal?”

“Maybe it is.” He shrugs, continuing to stare, “Stars live and die, like everything else. Some are hot, some are cool, both of them struggling against the forces, just as we do. And in the end, they all collapse, and their light is snuffed out.” His voice lowers, as if saddened by the thought of it, revealing his emotions in front of you, something that meant more to you than you could express in words. The fact that he would open up to you, despite having the reputation of heartlessness, it made you feel…special.

“But while they live, (Y/N),” He turns to face you, meeting eyes, “They shine.”

The two of you stare into each other’s eyes, examining every detail of each other, and instinctively, you glance at his lips, and he seems to do the same to you. Before long, he leans in, pressing his lips to yours, moving his hand to your neck to deepen the kiss, sweet and passionate. The two of you pull away, only being able to stare at each other.

“Well, (Y/N), I guess the day is over now.”

“I don’t think I’m ready to leave quite yet.” You chuckle before pecking a quick kiss on his cheek.


request a peter pan imagine here

“But what about the real transsexuals?”

I get asked this question constantly, because most people assume that those of us who stop our transition were simply mistaken about being trans and are inherently and fundamentally different from “real transsexuals.” It’s such a set up of a question. As full of foregone conclusions as “When did you stop beating your wife?” –the framing of the question makes it impossible to say the truth.

What does that question mean? A possible translation: “Can you acknowledge that some people are happy with their transition?”

Of course. I’m not here trying to talk any individual out of living a trans life. But I know plenty of detansitioned women who were “happy with their ftm transition,” too, for a time. I mean, it works for all of us, until it doesn’t anymore. I also know that women have come to this place after years, even decades of “being trans.” So I see contentment/satisfaction with transition as a state of being that is potentially subject to change, and not an immutable or inherent ”identity.”

To go deeper, what exactly is the significance of being happy with one’s transition? Does that contentment make the story behind “trans” real? Because trans identity relies on and is made of a story, a personal mythology. Always. And personal satisfaction with a course of action does not, in real terms, prove the story behind it to be factual. So many stories: “I was born in the wrong body, so I have to change my body to be more congruent with my psyche.” Or, “I’ve just always known I was a boy and not a girl,”/”I’ve never been a girl” when said by someone born unambiguously female.

Here are the only stories I believe (again, when we’re talking about someone born unambiguously female): “I am a female human being who cannot accept the sex characteristics of my body and/or the social limitations forced on me because of my body. I am more comfortable passing as male than being recognized as female.” Or: “I am trying to make my body appear ambiguous in terms of sex characteristics so I will not be seen as female, in order to try to establish sovereign control over my body and/or alter the characteristics that I can’t accept and/or escape the social limitations forced on anyone who is known to be female.” 

Being trans is not inherently an identity, nor is it an inborn reality. It is a set of behaviors and strategies. People build “identity” around those behaviors and strategies. It’s what we seem to do. I believe that many people find satisfaction and meaning in building a trans identity. I think most people who do are somewhat naive/misguided about the foundational values they are actually building that identity on. When I was building my trans identity, I believed I was a feminist and that my trans identity was built on feminist values. It was not, and I could not see that from within.

The problem is that in the process of identity building, the problems and impulses leading to the behaviors get co-opted into the trans narrative–and when those problems and impulses are conceived entirely through the lens of “trans,” it precludes any other way of speaking about our reality. 

The problems which are now termed as “dysphoria” (an ever broadening catch-all which must now be defined in every instance in order to remain meaningful) are shared broadly among many segments of the female population who reject trans as a meaningful and beneficial way to understand ourselves. We may share every characteristic that supposedly defines ftm experience, or even “real transsexual” experience–but we do not find that framing meaningful or beneficial. Many of us find it actively harmful. Even some of us who continue to take steps to intentionally pass as male find it a harmful way to frame self-concept and opt for the framing of “passing woman” as one which allows for greater integration.

“tell us your life story” they said, thats how it all began

but where did they want me to start, at the first thing i could remember? the first thing that shaped me? do they want to hear about my first word? or my first steps? or are we talking about when i was five and my dad decided it was time for me to “grow up”. do you want to hear about my first soccer game? or when he put his fist though wall next to my head. or how about when i became the punching bag?. wanna hear about when i learned to tie my shoes? or when i was 7 and my mom could hear my screams from my dad beating me, but decided to drown them out over the TV. are we talking about when i was 12 and i lived with my dad and his drug addict girlfriend? or are we talking about my first day of high school? are we talking about hot summer days at the beach? or me dragging a blade across my skin at 4 in the morning. are we talking about the straight a’s i managed to get my first year of high school, or being forced to visit my father in prison. are we talking about the countless nights i spent contemplating taking my own life. or are we talking about school plays, and sports? “tell us your life story” they said but do you want the life I’ve lived, or the life you’ve seen me live because god damn theres two sides to everyone. stop assuming everyones okay just because they look it.

PETER: This is going to sound crazy. It was Dr. Octopus. He took over my body. It’s been months. I don’t even know half the stuff he–
MARY JANE: Peter. Stop. I believe you. I know things like this happen to you. And I understand it’s not your fault. It’s your life. But I can’t have it be my life anymore.

Superior Spider-Man #31

So I guess it’s safe to assume Marvel is officially done with MJ, what with the reference to her first appearance in this panel and the whole talk in this issue (which was actually well written and believable, and showed a really strong, grown-up aspect of her) about needing to stay away from Peter to have a normal life, and that’s it’s okay to want that?

Sad. But Marvel hasn’t been on MJ’s side for years now, so maybe this is for the best.