stop asking him to show his face

Draco and Harry become coworkers after the war, they decide to stop fighting and even become somewhat friendly. They end up hooking up after a ministry event, but Harry makes it pretty clear that it was just a one night thing and it won’t work between them because of their past.
A usual response would be a sad, self-depricating Draco. But no. Instead, Draco cultivates an elaborate plan to redeem himself to rub it in to stupid Potter’s stupid face. He’ll show him who’s not good enough.
He contacts everyone he’s ever hurt and asks for a chance to earn their forgiveness. That includes all the Weasleys, his estranged aunt, baby Teddy, Hermione, Luna, Dean, Neville, Ollivander, Madam Rosmerta, random Hogwarts class mates, anyone he can think of.
He supports and helps Hermione with her house elf legislation proposal, goes to Dean’s art shows, joins Luna’s weird creature expeditions, works odd shifts on Three Broomsticks, plays unnecessarily competitive chess with Ron, finds and tends to a borderline illegal plant with Neville, looks at obscure muggle stuff with Arthur, baby sits Teddy and just generally has so much fun?
What starts out as a mission to spite Harry ends up becoming a huge journey to discover himself. He makes new friends, reconnects with his family, grows and changes as a person and learns so many new things! The only problem is that he’s just so busy that he sort of… forgets about Harry and the aforementioned face rubbing.
Harry doesn’t forget though, he’s watching all this happen from the outside thinking ‘idk what’s happening to Malfoy but i need to know MORE

A Summary of Lipstick Prince

Heechul: exists just to tease everybody and make Tony An feel old

Eunkwang: helps Heechul not be awkward, the actual source of laughter in the show, we love you

U-Kwon: blatantly judges everyone, doesnt flirt because he loyal probably, laughs at everything especially Pyo

P.O: blushes @ cute girls, hyper ALL THE TIME, still acts like a maknae, help him Dara, his crush since forever is in the next episode

Doyoung: /is the ace/ not much screentime, is the only one that actually cares about the make up

Shownu: ???? /but sexy/  mostly ??? gets shipped with everyone, girls love him until he shows his robot ways, ???, what do we do with him 

Rowoon: his face and height is the envy of the cast members, A HUGE FLIRT WHY????, ask Bora if he cute

Tony An: just wanna find love, thinks Heechul should stop making age jokes, who flirts more Rowoon vs Tony

I’ve been doing a lot of headcanons lately, so I decided to do scenarios for these.
If you wanted headcanons instead, just tell me, and I’ll do them. (^ν^)


It was some stupid meme that he found that got them reeling in laughter. Junkrat shows his S/o anything and everything he finds, but, this one caught them off guard; and the snort caught him off guard.

They seized up, stopping their laughing as quickly as they had started. Jamison, the doof that he is, asked them to do it again, finding the first snort so cute. Red, they quickly refused, stating that it was too embarrassing.

Since then, he’s been on the hunt to find something that’ll fill them with the same glee that they end up snorting again. It was his personal mission.

Junkrat falling flat on his face is what caused Rodhog’s S/o to almost cry laughing. Not only did he fall, but he got up, tripped and fell again. He was fine in the end, of course. This, however, didn’t stop Mako and his S/o from cracking themselves up.

With a sharp intake of breath, S/o let out a short snort. They stopped suddenly, filled with embarrassment. Their red face grew hotter when Roadhog continued to laugh, patting their back with his large hand. He was almost to the point of tears because of his crazy best friend, and adorable S/o.

Zarya was literally bench pressing her S/o as they giggled. They bet that she couldn’t do it 10 times (when in actuality they just wanted their girlfriend to bench them). When the snort came out Zarya started laughing as well and almost dropped them on top of her.

When she realized how much they were squirming above her, she lowered them down into a strong, loving embrace.

S/o buried their face into her arms, pink in the cheeks. This merely made Aleksandra laugh at their silly behavior.

They were having a bad joke contest, Mei was winning. Her S/o was trying to catch their breath after a particularly bad one when they snorted.

They got silent quick, but Mei was quick to retaliate with another bad pun, one about snorting. This started up another crazed frenzy of tears and gasping laughter.

Then Mei snorted.

Zenyatta was trying to tell a joke to his S/o, but got some human terminology mixed up, causing the joke to end differently and S/o to laugh anyway.

Zenyatta, delighted that they found his joke so funny, laughed alongside them. This amped up the intensity of S/o’s hysteria, causing them to snort.

When they no longer laughed, Zenny picked up on their embarrassment, and was immediately at their side, reassuring them that he loved it and thought it was cute.

After The Show - G Eazy Imagine (requested)

Bella’s POV “Gerald, stop.” I giggle, trying to push him off. “No.” He practically growls, burying his face in my neck. Kissing the exposed flesh. “Stop. Everyone is watching.” “Fine.” He picks me up, carrying me to his dressing room. He sits down, setting me on his lap. Humming one of his songs. I lift up my head kissing his jaw before capturing his lips with mine. Gerald bites my bottom lip asking to deepen the kiss, as I deny him for the third time. I move on his lap so I’m straddling him. My hands pulling at his hair, fingers tangling in it. I moan into his mouth as his hands guide my hips. My moan allowing him access. A knock on the door stopping us. “Come in.” Gerald answers the knock, his voice hoarse. Marty pops his head in, “we need to get on the bus. Sorry to be a cockblock." 

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Sangwoo finds a dildo in Bum’s old apartment. Things escalate quickly from there.

“Hey Bum! I brought you a present!” Sangwoo called out as he walked into the living area where Yoonbum was huddled in the corner.
“What are you doing there? Come out so I can show you properly!” Sangwoo smiled as Yoonbum crawled out into the middle of the room.
“Look at this! It’s so worn! How many times did you use this?” Sangwoo wondered as he waved the once red dildo in Yoonbum’s face.
“Why-” Yoonbum balked before stopping himself and looking up at Sangwoo with wide eyes.
“Why would you even have this?” Sangwoo cackled as he continued to tease him mercilessly, “did you fuck yourself with it?”
He felt giddy as Yoonbum refused to meet his gaze. This was going to be fun.
“I asked you a question. Why are you ignoring me?”
“I - it’s just… Sangwoo.” Yoonbum faltered, looking up pitifully at him with eyes that begged to be saved.
“No, no, no. Now play the game Bum.” Sangwoo warned playfully as he continued to wave the object of discussion in Yoonbum’s mortified face.
“Don’t look so horrified when it’s been inside you.”
“You! I pretended it was you!” Yoonbum cracked, leaving Sangwoo stunned.

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ok so you guys remember i recommend to you Old stories new discoveries by @the-mystical-wolf, right?

Which remind you, if a fic about the whole class of Miraculous watching the show.

So now it’s in Copycat and has the best scene ever im just so losing myself because of this scene:

Ladybug: Hm… [approaches Imposteur, face to face with him] You didn’t tell him about us, I hope…

“Okay, no, wait,” Nino managed to get the remote, pausing the episode. “Marinette, I know you asked to stop, but this is too good of an opportunity to pass.”

The class turned to look at him, confused. Nino chuckled.

“Alright, so, Ladybug is face to face to the akuma now, right?” he gained a collective nod. Rewinding only a few seconds, he paused again, showing the position the three were: Chat on the floor, Imposteur sitting on his stomach while Ladybug is crouched right in front of them. “So if Chat Noir is still lying there the whole time, when Ladybug moves closer…

“What exactly was his view the whole time?”

Nino looked around, and as understanding slowly settled onto his friends’ faces, he had to bite his lower lip to hold back a laugh.

It did not help that both Marinette and Adrien resembled two perfect tomatoes at the moment.






Lydia touched stiles the ENTIRE time he was having the attack. She touched his face with both of her hands then forced herself onto him by complete surprise. She didn’t try to understand his situation or steady his breathing or take any time to really think about what was happening. But Scott did it the exact way he was supposed to. He asked stiles what was going on. He didn’t take stiles by surprise. He encouraged stiles to steady his breathing while helping him count on his fingers. This show clearly knows the correct way to stop a panic attack, but they are romanticizing it for the sake of the fact that it’s the only kiss stiles and Lydia shared, and because they want to please the fans. They are actually giving off the impression that this kiss “saves lives”. That’s repulsive and disgusting. The kiss wasn’t “magical” and it wasn’t “an amazing moment” like holland once said. Panic attacks are a serious thing that happen to millions of people who actually have trouble with them on a constant basis. Romanticizing this and making it seem okay? Srydia as a whole is just an unhealthy portrayal of a relationship. A guy who knew literally everything about a girl who didn’t know he existed, him having a 15 year plan to MAKE her fall in love with him, him not ever caring about her consent and making her seem okay with it, him yelling at her when she didn’t do what he wanted, him patronizing her about abilities she couldn’t control when she actually needed support (calling her a whackjob and a nutjob, telling her she made people commit suicide), putting either one of them in danger almost ALL THE TIME just so they can share a “special” moment on screen together, etc. And in the end, when the girl clearly showed no interest in him, making her have these “buried” or “hidden” feelings for him just like every other cliché. And the best part, she “fell in love” with him when she wrongly kissed him during a panic attack. Stydiots love to say stiles grew and matured and stopped being so obsessive. That doesn’t change that he was still obsessed with her. They say Lydia and stiles have “come so far” and “they are finally accepting that they’re meant to be”. No and no. Placing Lydia with her former stalker (yes, knowing where someone lives, knowing their exact height, hair color, eye color, birthday etc. when they don’t know who you are is basically being a fucking creep) is in no way romantic. Stiles yelling at her wasn’t him caring for her and being worried, him kissing her without consent isn’t cute, him stalking her isn’t him paying attention because he loves her, him letting her touch him when she was heavily drugged isn’t him just wanting a moment with his crush. Him almost letting her kiss him when she thought he was Jackson because he knew that was the only way she would even try to show him affection isn’t just something to brush off. This isn’t “reaching” or “exaggerating”. It’s paying attention and seeing it for what it really is and not having my head shoved up srydia’s toxic ass. You can think Srydia is healthy and romantic all you want. It doesn’t erase what’s clearly there, but you’re too blind and stubborn to see it because you want to believe it’s this amazing slow burn love story that was planned since the beginning. Nope, nada, zilch, zippo, NO. Bye👋🏼

The Edge (Divergent, Eric One Shot)

This is a one shot for holyground1996 I hope you like it!

Eric stands on the edge of the ring, hard faced, watching Molly beat the crap out of Christina. He doesn’t flinch once, they need to learn, he shows no mercy.

Christina calls out, breathless and Molly backs off.

“You need to stop?” Eric asks.hristina looks up, bloody faced and panting. She nods.

“Great. Let me give you a hand.” Eric almost sighs, irritated and extends his hand. Tris looks on, both her and Christina look at Eric warily before taking his hand and excepting the help.

“Alright lets everyone take a break!” Eric shouts, and everyone stops what they’re doing and follow him out the training room.

They walk down a corridor towards the bridge over the chasm.

Eric puts his hand on Christina’s lower back, almost a comforting move.

“You feeling a little better?” He asks, guiding her.

“Yeah” Christina sighs, exhausted.

Eric shoves Christina over the edge of the walkway and she cries out, he grabs her hand to stop her falling to her death. Everyone around gasps but no one dares stop him.

“Grab the rail. Or don’t” He shrugs and lets go. Christina holds on to the cold metal for her life.

“You’ve got 3 options, hang there and ill forgive your cowardness, fall and die,or give up. But if you give up you’re out.” He shrugs. Christina hangs there, eyes screwed up with both fear and pain.

Everyone is silent but the approaching foot steps.

“C'mon Chris!” Tris calls out, braver than the others. Eric turns his head slowly, glaring at Tris. And that’s when he sees Y/N stood behind her, a disappointed look on her face. His mouth slightly drops and his eyes soften. He knows he’s in shit for this.

He looks back at Chris and shouts “ Time!”. People rush to pull her up and she collapses into them.

“Dauntless never give up.” says Eric, sounding even more irritated than before. He looks back at Y/N and she shakes her head and turns back down the corridor. Eric curses under his breath and pushes the initiates out of the way to find Y/N.

“Hey! Wait up!” He shouts after her but she doesn’t stop. He catches up to her and pulls her down the nearest off path.

“Get off me Eric.” Y/N huffs, pulling her arm away. “How many times have I told you about treating the initiates like that. Especially the transfers Eric they don’t know as well as we do!”

“I know im sorry..I just..Im just under a lot of pressure. I just want them to be the best. I want to be the best I can be at my job too.” Eric stammers, its not like him to get nervous but when he’s upset Y/N it gets to him. She’s the first and only one that matters to him.

“I know Eric, I know. Just please stop taking it out on the kids ok? I wont tell you again.” Y/N says sternly, looking him dead in the eye.

“Ok, just please don’t be upset with me. I hate it when I do this to you.” Eric says quietly, his fingers running up and down Y/N’s arm.

“Fine. Last warning.” Y/N smiles, holding the side of Eric’s face and kissing him.

He pulls away and salutes you.

“Yes boss.” He smirks, and so does Y/N, before laughing. She can never stay mad at him for long. He may be a hard man but to her he’s a silly softy.

“C'mon lets go get some food, and then I can make it up to you later.” Eric winks, and Y/N shakes her head and laughs. He wraps his arm around her and holds her close and they joke around all the way to the dining area.

anonymous asked:

I'm looking for a oneshot where baekyeol visits baek's brother because baek wanna show Chanyeol his niece, which he has kept a secret from him because he wanted to surprised Chanyeol. Pcy finds out that baek broke up with Taeyeon and gets mad because baek didn't tell him. Baek and pcy used to fool around, but suddenly baek stopped and pcy still has feelings for him.. I'm sorry it's a messy description, but that's all I remember from it! I hope you can help me

Face the Sun by AGirlCalledKil (if this username is wrong, pls tell me and I will re-edit)

Special thanks to Chanbaekvibes for the help!


working out with bts

jungkook: doing sit ups and kissing you every time he sits up

hoseok: staring at your flexed biceps when you are lifting weights “WOAH~~” “hoseeeok pls”

yoongi: doing a few warm up sets with you before asking you to stop and pulling you into a cuddle on the floor and sleeping instead 

namjoon: you being too distracted by his arms and thE MUSCLES THAT HE RARELY SHOWS “y/n, why don’t you do some weights?” “huh? oh..yeah” staring at his bulging arm muscles still

seokjin: running on the treadmills across from one another and admiring his sweat slicked face and accidentally not paying attention and falling off the treadmill 

jimin: watching him do one handed push ups and clapping for him every time he shows off his strength to impress you and then him getting all sweaty and lifting his shirt to wipE HIS FACE AND HIS STOMACH IS SHOWING LIKE NONONNONO BOY

taehyung: impressively showing you his arm strength on an exercise machine but realizing that there isn’t any weight on it “but i had u convinced didnt i” “yeah yeah of course u did”

Auditions (Bobby)

Anonymous asked: So its my turn! I want to request a bobby scenario. You tell him you will audition for smtm (yeah i know its over) but he tries to stop you cause he thinks you’re sensitive and nice, but you take it as an insult for your skills Fluffy ending

    “Jiwon?” you said and he looked up from his bowl of bibimbap, a smile on his face.

    “What’s up?”

    “I’m going to audition for Show Me the Money,” you stated. You weren’t sure how he would react, so it was best to just get it out.

    His face was unreadable, and he stared at you, considering, for a few long moments.

    “What?” you asked finally.

    “Well, I mean… I think that’s awesome, but-”

    “But you don’t think I’m experienced enough,” you finished for him. You had kind of guessed somewhere in your subconscious that he might answer something like this.

    “No, that’s not it,” he said quickly. “I’m just worried- that scene is not really where I see you fitting in.”

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anonymous asked:

How would the Allies plus Canada react to their S/O trying to Snapchat them and trying to use the filters on them while they are talking at a world meeting?

America: He’d be at first surprised but would quickly go along with it. He’d make the stupidest faces ever and everyone around would think he went crazy. He’d be laughing so much and would ask his s/o to show him the photos afterward.

England: He’d try not to look at your phone. Honestly, he’d be kinda annoyed but wouldn’t be able to stop watching those photos. He’d eventually start snorting out of nowhere. He’d start to cover it by coughing but his laughter would be too obvious to ignore it. He’d ask his s/o to not do it again.

Canada: He would get embarassed. But in the end, he’d start smiling at his s/o and how hilarious photos they were taking. He wouldn’t actually mind it. He’d let out a little laugh now and then but no one would notice it. He’d shyly ask his lover whether they can take more photos after the meeting.

China: He’d be the most annoyed out of the Allies. He’d roll his eyes but would secretly look at the photos of himself. He’d actually enjoy some of them. Especially if there was a panda filter. He’d later ask his s/o not to do this kind of thing during the meetings but wouldn’t mind doing it in private.

Russia: He’d think his s/o is really cute and wouldn’t care about other countries’ opinions. He’d smile at his lover a lot and if someone complained about it, he’d quickly silent them. He’d show the funny photos to others and would take some of his s/o.

France: He’d let out a laugh now and then like Canada. He wouldn’t be exactly fond of the timing but if his s/o wanted it, he’d go along with it. He’d start an argument with England if the Brit said something mean about it. He’d make fun of the photos afterward along with his lover.

You knew he would be staring at you as you made your way through the tables to the powder room. You stopped and looked back to see if he was indeed looking at you. You smiled as you saw his eyes trained on your ass.  Jai Courtney looked so  damn good sitting at the table in a tan button down dress shirt that had at least three buttons unhooked that showed his thick hairy chest. The man was just everything you wanted in a man and to get asked out for drinks from him there was no way you were saying no.  

You freshen your face and made sure you would look delectable when you return to the table. As you applied more lipstick a couple of women entered the restroom gushing about the hot celebrity they just saw. They were no doubt talking about your date. You smiled at them on the way out and hurried back to the table.

Jai being a gentleman he stood up when he saw you make your way back to the table. You tried hard to keep your eyes focus on his blue eyes and not wander down his massive built physique.

“Everything alright?” he asked in his thick Australian accent that made you shift a little when you sat down.

“Yes. I’m fine.” you replied sitting your clutch purse on the table.  Jai grabbed one of the dirty martinis and pushed it toward you.

“I took the liberty of ordering. I hope you don’t mind. You did tell me one of your favorite drinks was a dirty martini.”

You smiled at the thoughtfulness that he remembered that little tid bit of information about you.

“I’m glad you were able to meet me today.” Jai’s blue eyes stared down yours as he grabbed the plastic pick out of his martini and bit into an olive. You could not help but become mesmerized as he chewed the olive and licked his lips. You silently hope you would feel those lips on your body soon.  You took a hefty swallow of your drink and sighed at the familiar feel of the warmness flowing down your throat.  You and Jai chatted and you found yourself leaning over the table to push back one of his curly locks that fell out of place onto his forehead. You notice his eyes trained on your cleavage as you tucked his lose curl in place. He smiled as your fingers trailed down his cheek and outlined his lips. Realizing how forward you were being you quickly pulled your hand away.

“Sorry.” You murmured looking away from his heated gaze.

“Sorry for what? It is only a matter of time before I have you in my arms and the sooner the better.” His voice low and husky. “Waiter can we get two more of these.” He ordered pointing to their empty glasses.  

“Are you trying to get me drunk Mr. Courtney?” You asked finally meeting his heated gaze.

A wicked seductive grin played on his lips.

“Maybe I am? Is it working?”

“You don’t need to fill me up with drinks to get me in your arms.” You replied with your own seductive grin.

“Check!” Jai called out. You shivered as you could not wait to feel him inside you.

Seungjun as a boyfriend

5 Senses version 


  • Cute aegyo faces that he won’t stop until you do some back at him
  • Six selfies sent at a time to show you every emotion he is feeling at that moment
  • Excited, happy smiles and claps when you make him his favorite foods


  • Cheesy dad jokes
  • Consistent phone calls asking you to meet up for food at random hours of the day
  • Surprisingly sweet words whispered in your ear when you’re alone 


  • Cran-apple: super sweet with a bit of a sour bite to keep it interesting


  • Sweet smells of fruits and flowers, reminding you of summer sunshine and warmth


  • Piggy back rides that tend to end up with you and him in a tangled mess on the floor
  • Tickle wars that break out spontaneously anywhere, anytime
  • Sweet kisses to your nose and forehead along with fully enveloping hugs that couldn’t pull you any closer

We all know that Seungjun is just a big, innocent kid at heart. He would be the sweetest boyfriend, happy to do nothing more than hold your hand while walking down the street if that’s what you wanted. He would treat his girl like a princess, but he’d also like it when you did little things to take care of him, too.

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Tord: It was by some ‘soldiers’, the ones we’re fighting. They kidnapped me.. I never saw his face but his voice… Well I’d rather not go into it..  Maybe another time.. 

Tord: Show them the scars?! Do you know how dumb that would be? I appreciate the concerns but I’m putting everyone at risk as it is.. Showing Edd… There’d be no stopping him to find the leader.. It could happen to Edd.. 

Tord: I- I can’t let that happen to Edd… 


               Hinata gripped his bag looking at the stunned Kageyama. He had the same scowl like expression on his face, but his eyes had softened slightly and was looking down at Hinata as his face slowly showed shock. “W-well?” Hinata asked looking up at him, his brightly colored eyes were wide and then his eyebrows slowly furrowed together in worry. He ruined it didn’t he? He just ruined everything. He felt his lips tremble and he had never felt so weak in his life. His legs were shaking and he bit his lip attempting them to stop trembling. He didn’t answer.

               Kageyama was more than stunned staring down at Hinata. Had he heard him right…? Did Hinata just…confess…? He blinked once, twice, then his lips formed and ‘oh’. He had nothing else to say, everything was swimming up in his head and he felt so out of place. He felt like he was out of his own body and he stared at the small ball of sunshine underneath him. “Oh…” he whispered.

               “Oh? That’s it?” Hinata asked, and his shoulders slumped and his gripped his bag tightly. He turned quickly his heels slightly digging into the dirt as he took off. Maybe he had made a huge mistake. He ran as fast as he could with his body full of adrenaline going toward his bike, hopping on and peddling as fast as he could out of that school yard. His practice clothes stuck to his body and he felt the sweat from practice turn cold on his heated face. The tears prickling at his eyes and he felt his nose burn with the strong urge of crying. He gripped the handles to his bike, taking a shaky sob out in the evening spring air. His heart felt like it was stopping; slowly trying to claw its way out of his chest.

When he reached home he had slipped in as quietly as he could, his mother greeting him but he had no response. He dragged himself up to the bathroom and cried his eyes out silently under the running hot stinging water.

Kageyama had watched Hinata run off, and he wanted to chase after him. But he couldn’t move. It felt as if his legs were glued to the floor and he simply couldn’t move, his heart was swelling and only after Hinata was long gone could he move. He was breathing quickly and pressed his palms to his eyes. A small smile pulling on the edge of his lips. He knew by not answering he gave Hinata the wrong impression and he had no intention of doing that, but he would have to correct that tomorrow. He was just far too happy at the moment.  His body swayed a moments and he knew his face had switched to a different and darker hue. He leaned back against the large gym and one hand covered his mouth attempting to cover the slow and wide smile that formed on his face.

“Well well well…” came a low chuckling voice and Kageyama glanced up to see Tsukishima walk around the corner, his arms crossed and a smirk on his face. “The king has found a queen.”

Kageyama felt his face turn into a small scowl looking at him, “The hell do you want?” he growled as he stood up straight and faced the blond straight on. “How long have you been standing there?”

“Long enough to have heard the entire thing,” he smirk fell a bit and he dropped his hands to his side. “As much as I don’t like you, I have to warn you. Yamaguchi got bullied the other day because he and I are together. I would be careful – “

Kageyama held up his hand a small confused look on his face, “You and Yamaguchi are together?”

Tsukishima stared at him for a few moments longer, “You’re kidding me right? You didn’t know that?”

“No. Why would I pay attention to what you do?”

That stuck a nerve with Tsukishima but he was willing to let it slide just this one and only time. “Look all I’m saying is that you need to be careful. There are some really twisted people around here.” He gripped his headphones once more and set them over his ears waving at the rather stunned Kageyama and walked off.

Kageyama wasn’t quite sure how to react, but he felt a bit annoyed. Not at Tsukishima, but at the thought of anyone wanting to hurt Hinata. Did it really matter if he liked another guy? No it didn’t. At least that’s what he thought. “Fucking homophobes…” he muttered and picked up his bag and began to make his way home. Although he wasn’t able to stay in a sour mood for long. The thought of having Hinata confess to him was almost too much for him to stay in such a foul mood for so long.


Hinata laid in bed, having his phone shut off and his eyes staring up at the ceiling. He saw the room slowly brighten up and he knew he would have to get up soon. If he didn’t he would miss practice.

He didn’t want to miss practice.

But he also didn’t want to see Kageyama.


His stomach began to twist and his eyes began to sting again. They were red and puffy from a nights worth of crying. He had hardly gotten a wink of sleep and he rolled over to his side, stuffing his face into the pillow. His body curled up slightly and he sniffled. He hated feeling this way. But he hated himself more for suddenly confessing to Kageyama. He knew he had ruined everything.

But how was he supposed to know it would take this much of a toll on him?

He blinked his eyes quickly trying to get the tears to disappear. He hated the way they felt against his eyes. He sat up in bed rubbing his eyes harshly. He wasn’t going to let this bring him down. If anything he loved volleyball more than anything else. He didn’t need Kageyama.

At least he would like to think.


Kageyama was making his way to school like usual, making sure to wait for Hinata like usual. His hands in his pockets, he felt nervous. All of last night he had thought of nothing but on how to word his feeling back to Hinata. He didn’t want him to think he didn’t like him back or anything. He wanted him to know he did like him.

He really did.

But as time dragged on and it was getting later and later Hinata still didn’t show up. He frowned and made his way to school without him. So much for telling him in private.

He had made it to practice just in time, but even as practice commenced there was still no sign of Hinata. Kageyama frowned a bit when he felt someone bump into him from behind. He glanced back to see Tsukishima. “Did your queen not feel well today?” he asked a bit with a mocking tone.

Kageyama scowled at him and was about to respond when he heard Daichi call his name. “Kageyama have you seen Hinata?” He shook his head and Daichi frowned. That was odd to him. It was completely unlike Hinata to miss practice even if he had a cold. He only knew because Suga had to force Hinata home once since he kept insisting he was well. (Even if he did look pale as a vampire and had vomited twice on the gym floor.) Just as he was getting to deeply worry the gym door slid open and in stumbled in Hinata.

His orange hair more of a mess than usual and huge bags underneath his eyes. He bowed, “Sorry for being late!” he said quickly then took off toward the locker room to change.  Kageyama watched, not once did Hinata glance at him. He would have to get him alone at some point.

Practice continued on as usual, but even then Hinata didn’t pay much attention to him. He was always looking after him, wanting to him at least glance at him. But he wasn’t even getting that. He was getting frustrated a bit too quickly and before he knew it practice came to an end.

And just as Hinata was the last to show up, he was the first to leave. This just pissed off Kageyama more.

Hinata rushed out of the gym, changing in another bathroom and walking to his first class. His stomach was hurting and he didn’t know how much longer he could take seeing Kageyama. Just seeing him from the corner of his eyes made his heart hurt. If he didn’t know any better he thought he was going to go into cardiac arrest any moment.

He walked to class trying to mind his own business as he did, not saying a word and mostly staring down at the floor. Although that didn’t seem to help because he was short as it was. He bumped into someone and looked up at a rather tall guy with short hair, seemed to be cut into a Mohawk but most his hair was curly. Two others standing beside him as the boy pulled out an earphone from his ear. “So we heard your little rant yesterday.” He smiled a bit.

Hinata was a bit confused as he took his earphone back. “What are you talking about?”

“Your little ‘confession’.” He snickered. “I think Kageyama was so disgusted he couldn’t even respond.”

Hinata eyes widened slightly as he realized what they were talking about. His face began to heat up and the other two boys went on either side of him. “Just leave me alone…” he mumbled and try getting past them. He really wasn’t in the mood to be taunted about his utter rejection and with them pointing it out made it even worse.

“Why don’t we have a little fun?” the curly haired boy asked his smirk only growing wider. “Follow us outside…”

Hinata felt his arms being gripped as he was basically dragged outside, he tried to get away from them. But it wasn’t much use.


Kageyama was sitting in class, playing with his pencil. He really hated the fact that he didn’t get a chance to tell Hinata how he felt. He thought maybe cornering him at lunch, or would that be too weird? After practice? Or would that be too awkward? He sighed in frustration and hit his head against the desk. Hinata wouldn’t even look at him. How was he going to expect Hinata to actually talk and listen to him?

But that didn’t mean he was just going to give up either.

That’s when he heard sudden chattering among the class, he raised his head a bit to listen.

”I heard they cornered him and beat him up!”

“No way! Why did they do that?”

“They said he was a fag! And they heard him confess to someone!”


“They didn’t say!”

Kageyama had felt his body tense up a bit and he got up. Walking over to the group of gossiping girls. “Do you know who got into a fight?” he asked.

The girls looked up, a bit frightened by the look he gave them. “H-Hinata!” they squeaked.

Kageyama said nothing more pushing past them and walking out of class.


It didn’t take long for him to find Hinata. He was by the back of the gym, a place where hardly anyone ever was. He only knew he would be there because that was Hinata’s favorite place to practice when he was by himself.

But when he saw Hinata standing there bruised up and dried up blood from his nose and lips. He felt his blood boil some. He walked over and Hinata looked over at him. “What do you want?” he growled.

“Are you okay?” he asked taking note of the venomous tone in his voice.

“I’m I okay? I don’t know why don’t you ask my fucking beat up face?” Hinata spatted back.

Kageyama frowned, “Why the hell are you angry with me?”

“Well why the hell are you even here? Why do you care?”

“What do you mean why do I care?”

“Well yesterday you seemed to be pretty fine not answering my confession. Now all of a sudden you want to be the good guy?” He glared at him slightly and pushed past him but Kageyama had gripped his wrist. “Let go of me you bastard.”

“I didn’t answer you because I didn’t know how to!” he said and pulled the orange haired boy closer to him. His hand sliding up from his wrist, his other hand taking a hold of it as his now free hand took Hinata’s chin. “I do like you. Okay? Get this through that thick skull of yours. I like you. A lot. And right now I’m very pist off and you’re only making it worse.” Kageyama was only just a few inches away from Hinata’s face, he was reachable. He saw Hinata’s face flush in his hand and he almost wanted to smile in amusement.

Did Hinata hear right? Maybe he was beat up to hard and this was just some weird day dream he was having. But his face was heating up and he swallowed a bit loudly. Looking at Kageyama like that did not help either and the way he spoke to him didn’t seem to help either. “You’re serious?” he asked almost in a whisper.

“Why would I lie to you? I told you we would get to the top together didn’t I? It’s only right that you’re beside me in every way.”

Hinata could die happy at that moment.

But he didn’t want to die.

And just as he thought life couldn’t get any weirder and better at the same time, his lips were suddenly taken up by his setters. His eyes widened and looked straight at Kageyama’s as they kissed, his guard was instantly disposed of and he relaxed. He didn’t know how life could seriously get any better than this.

Later that day Kageyama decided to pay the bully’s a little visit. Of course he wasn’t the only one as Tsukishima showed up as well. “Were these the guys who picked on Yamaguchi?” Kageyama asked as they walked toward the three boys who weren’t aware of them at the moment.

Tsukishima glanced over at him and nodded quietly as they walked side by side. As much as they detested one another and wished nothing more to go their separate ways.

They were willing to kick some ass together on behalf of their boyfriends.

The curly haired guy was facing the other two away from them and Tsukishima tapped his shoulder. He turned around looking at the two and his smile had disappeared.

Neither boy said anything, simply raising their fists and socking him.


Hinata was silent looking up at Kageyama his face a bright red and he smiled a bit. The smile that Kageyama had fallen for completely. He held his hand and their finger tangled together. “You didn’t have to beat them up.” He said that although the smile on his face said otherwise.

“I said we would be together all the way didn’t I? I can’t have anyone beating up on you.” Kageyama shrugged and leaned over pecking his lips gently.

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4 A/B/O with vikturio pls :)

Yuri took a small break from skating to drink water. and just as he was about to gulp, a small gift appeared in his rage of view. The water in his mouth was spurge with nothing to stop it.

“What’s that for?” He asked after wiping his face. Viktor just smile at him.

“A courting gift, of course.” He said as if it was the simplest thing in the world. Yuri gave him a disbelieving look, but reached out for the small package nonetheless and opened it slowly. “It shows I am a rather good example of an alpha as I can provide for you and care do you.” He explained, rather uselessly since Yuri already knew the procedure.

“You know that’s a pretty old-fashioned thing to do, right?” He asked rhetorically, opening the wrapping paper to reveal a white t-shirt. He unfolded the clothe and his eyes absolutely gleamed when he saw that in the front of the shirt, was a picture of a snow tiger.

“I’m glad you like it.” Said Viktor as he leaned close to Yuri, making him feel self-conscious and rather inhibited. He cleared his throat and folded the clothe again, holding it near his chest.

“How come Yakov hasn’t said anything to you?” He asked incredulously, ever since he had presented as an omega, Yakov had taken upon himself as Yuri’s unofficial tutor, the duty to scare off any possible chaser he might have, he doubted Yakov would let even Viktor court him.

“Hasn’t seen me, I suppose.” Viktor shrugged, and Yuri could swear one of his eyes was twitching. “Hey,” he looked up again, and Yuri suddenly felt like air abandoned his lungs. “Can I kiss you?” He asked and his legs wet weak. He got flustered and tripped on words before deciding for an answer. He looked around, checking if Yakov was nowhere to be seen—then nodded.

“We’re technically already dating, so I guess you can.” He closed his eyes, allowing Viktor to take the lead. The older one leaned down, eager to taste those lips, and when they finally connected, a sigh escaped him, and the moment was perfect. When the separated, Yuri was way more flustered than at the beginning, Viktor knew it was caused by his alpha pheromones, because he could smell Yuri’s sweet omega ones too. “Don’t you have like, work or something else to attend to?”

“I’d rather stay with you.”

BTS REACTION - Where they find out that their GF is a kickboxer and has lots of muscles

Namjoon is glad… He ask you to teach him how to give some kicks.

He walks by your side showing to everyone how strong his girl is.

He can’t stop facing your muscles and you don’t know if he is admiring or envying that.

J-Hope does everything you want, because he is afraid to get a drubbing.

Both of you compete to know who has the best body.

“Yah! Why are you stronger than me?!”

“I should work out …. I’m feeling kinda at the bottom”


How to dont love Taehyung gifs? hahaha

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