stop antisemitism

Some things that make me feel unsafe in public

- being asked if I’m Jewish because of the way my hair looks
- being interrogated about my personal political beliefs because I am identifiably Jewish
- being expected to denounce and apologize for Israel every time I want to be Jewish in public
- being told “I don’t hate Jews, but I’m pro-Palestine” in response to my Jewishness
- being told I’m going to hell for being Jewish
- non-Jews dictating to me what does and does not constitute antisemitism
- people who are not me and who don’t look like me engaging in endless debate about what “race” I belong to
- white supremacists telling me that I “control the world” and “should go back to Germany” while folks on the left tell me I benefit from white supremacy
- having to make a choice between queerness and Judaism

Noticeably absent from this list:
- seeing others’ religious symbols on display in public

hey guess what if you’re not jewish and you celebrate/observe jewish holidays in ANY circumstance other than being explicitly invited to join a specific service/dinner/seder/ritual/etc by a jewish person then i fucking hate you

if there are no jews around when you’re observing jewish holidays you are doing something wrong and harmful and you need to stop

me: gal gadot supports the IDF and its terroristic ideals and her vocalness in her support contributes to the death and uprooting of Palestinians so I’m boycotting wonder woman 

me: *literally mentions NOTHING about her faith or heritage*

yall: “can’t believe this antisemitism”
YouTube's biggest star PewDiePie causes controversy with 'Death to all Jews' video
World's most popular YouTuber lands himself in hot water again.

The performers, who call themselves “funnyguys”, advertise that they will paint any message on their body in exchange for money while dancing in the jungle.

While many choose their own name or a funny message, PewDiePie jokingly asked the pair to display: “DEATH TO ALL JEWS”.

He published the resulting clip, showing them dancing and laughing while holding the antisemitic message above their heads, on his YouTube channel.

While some fans found the clip funny, others said the star had gone too far.

Despite requesting the hateful message to be displayed, and publishing the resulting video, PewDiePie apologised to fans at the end of the video – but still gave the performers a five-star rating.

He said: “I am sorry. I didn’t think they would actually do it. I feel partially responsible. I mean I’ve got to give them five stars for an outstanding experience because at least they did what I asked.”

He added: “I don’t feel good. I don’t feel too proud of this, I’m not gonna lie. I’m not antisemitic, or whatever it’s called, okay so don’t get the wrong idea. It was a funny meme, and I didn’t think it would work, okay. I swear I love jews, I love ‘em.

"I am so sorry. I don’t know what else to say.”

pewdiepie paid some guys actual money to hold up a sign that said “DEATH TO ALL JEWS”, published it, gave them a 5-star rating, and then tried to shrug off any responsibility by saying he didn’t think they would really do it. he even says he only feels “partially” responsible and he’s “not antisemitic” despite the fact that he 1) posted this video so close to a surge in antisemitic hate crimes following trump’s election and 2) posted this video at all.

this isn’t funny, this isn’t satire, it’s gross and hateful shock humor at the expense of people who are already unsafe with the increasingly emboldened neo nazis–i mean, “alt right”. it’s not defensible. stop supporting him.

anonymous asked:

"I'm losing this argument and starting to look like an idiot for not finding out the context of what I'm talking about first, better do some ad hominem :^)))"

I feel like on your side you have your argument that pewdiepie isn’t antisemitic and on my side I have a photo of him pointing and laughing at a sign saying “Death to all Jews”


Stop Making Jew Jokes

Stop saying “Jew”

Even if you hear us joking about our stereotypes, you have no right to

Don’t comment on our features, how they do or do not “look” Jewish

Don’t make holocaust jokes, especially about camps

Don’t call us white

Don’t use Yiddish or Hebrew words in your vocabulary such as ‘oy vey’

Stop asking us “why” we’re jewish

Stop saying our names are too hard to pronounce

Stop making fun of us using Chet (The letter that makes the chuh sound)

Stop talking over us by inserting your beliefs

Stop being so anti-semetic and denying it


the fact that merle is the only person of color in the new comic designs is something that ppl have been saying is bad since the start of the fandom’s popularity …. jewish fans have been beggin y’all to stop drawin that green antisemitic mess of a taako for months now …. but sure… .. .. . they listen to their fans :/

I just embarrassed the hell out of a missionary. She asked it I was interested in a positive message and showed me Jesus lit. I pointed out that for me Christianity has never been a positive message. She pushed I pointed out that I’m Jewish and have no interest in the religion that murdered my ancestors and drove them from country to country.

Got her to not only leave but do so without bothering other people at my bus stop.

To see this spread, to see people not caring and saying it’s just a joke.

It’s revealing your true mask that you absolutely do not care about Jews. That you only see us as a punch line. That you don’t see us as human beings.

It makes me want to cry. This is such obvious antisemitism. And to see people you respected or people you never in a million years would have thought would harbor antisemitic ideas are showing support.

This is a perfect example of how insidious antisemitism today is.

Him using Hitler, Jews, and the Holocaust as punchlines is blatant antisemitism.

But defending these actions as simple jokes? Would you be as appalled if your precious YouTube personality wore black face? What about making a Muslim terrorist joke?

If you support these men and their actions, you are antisemitic. Full stop.

Before you have a knee jerk reaction and deny it, please think and consider why that is.

Antisemitism is insidious and creeps into anywhere. You may consider yourself someone who stands so strongly for social justice. But if you defend this as just a joke, you’re an antisemite.

Please, I’m begging you all to put aside your rabid love of this man and try to see it from our perspective. Listen to us when we explain why it’s dangerous, why it’s a gateway, why it is horrible and hurtful.

That’s all we ask. Is to listen and try to understand.

If you believe in social justice, you must try and understand.

I would get on my hands and knees and beg you to think about this. To consider that we are human beings who have been persecuted for years. We have always sought safety but have never found true safety. Please consider that we fight for our lives every day. We fight the creeping insidious worm of antisemitism. In jokes, in media. To hear friends or coworkers make jokes. Too see graffiti.

We are never safe. And all we ask is to just understand our feelings.

I’m begging every single one of you that supports PewDiePie to just listen and to just try to understand. Consider our perspective. You can go on thinking it’s funny if you wish, it is difficult to change opinions on the Internet. But just try and understand. Try and empathize or at least sympathize.

International Holocaust Day of Remembrance Rant

Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. I’m more convinced than ever that it could happen here. I’m also convinced that if it were to happen here, the left would not support us.

There have been dozens of bomb threats against Jewish Community Centers in the US these past few weeks. Yet only two of my hundreds of goyische Facebook Friends said anything about it and one only knew because his niece went to pre-school at a JCC. It’s not common knowledge, but JCC’s actually provide services and facilities for non-Jews as well as Jews, including pre-K and daycare. Which meant that one of my FB friends was aware of it without affecting her.

I’ve seen dozens of articles talking about the ethics of protecting Nazis, but I’ve seen virtually nothing outside of the Jewish media about protecting Jews. I’ve heard nothing anywhere about anti-romani racism.

The American Left seems increasingly blind to antisemitism and has grown moreso over the course of my life. Instead, what I’ve seen is an increasing display of Oppression Olympics in which antisemitism seems to constantly lose. The Left doesn’t de-prioritize antisemitism in favor of other issues so much as utterly ignore it.

When I showed some friends the hate crime statistics from the FBI listing Jews as the number 1 target of religiously motivated hate crimes, being the target of over half of such crimes and being the third largest target overall after Black and LGBTQA people, my well-meaning lefty goy friends’ first reaction was not shock or horror but questioning the methodology of the data. And these are my friends. My actual friends, not internet acquaintances. These are people I went to college with and hang out with on a regular basis. 

Indeed, what I see happening is people continually downplaying Nazi antisemitism, despite the Nazis deliberately murdering 6 million Jews during the Holocaust, in favor of universalizing their hatred to include almost anyone except for Jews. I see dozens of repurposings of Niemoller’s “First they came for…” while somehow leaving Jews off the list.

It’s not like there haven’t been dozens of Swastikas painted all over the place since the Trump campaign kicked into high gear. It’s not like we haven’t had to evacuate our children from JCCs over bomb threats. It’s not like Nazis haven’t tried to organize armed marches to threaten Jews in Montana. 

So today, on Holocaust Remembrance Day, I’m calling non-Romani goyim out. Stop leaving Jews out. Stop talking around us. Stop lying about fighting antisemitism when you don’t even pay attention to it and ignore our concerns. Antisemitism neither began nor ended with the Holocaust, but the Holocaust shows us what can happen to us when hatred of Jews goes unchecked. 

thickcas replied to your post: I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating. I…

And the horrid thing is that people view him as a bad character specifically for that? They don’t pay attention to the great characteristics as a person Dolph has. He’s a sweet kid, others just strip that out with the excuse that he really IS just as bad as Hitler because the resemblance is uncanny.

You’re kinda speaking to the wrong person, pal. I do not like him at all because the issue is, it’s REALLY hard to get past that REALLY BAD AND FLAWED aspect of him and enjoy any possible GOOD aspects of him. I can’t rewatch Reigny Day because I feel uncomfortable enough just SEEING him, I can’t stomach an entire episode with terrible, antisematic ‘jokes.’

Which is why I think that he would have been so much more likable and more sympathetic as a character if they had based him off a FICTIONAL bad person, not a real one who did REAL horrible things. I don’t care how many cutesy faces he makes, it won’t make him any less of a shitty Hitler joke. Now if they make an episode where he’s suddenly made aware of his actions  and actually make him try to CHANGE his ways, then I might consider actually liking him. In fact, I HOPE they go that route. But I don’t hold much hope.

"I can't take criticism so I send out my minions from 4chan out to get you" blocklist

I’ll be honest, I do not get what are these peoples deal but they seem to always get on the bad side of everyone and they can get to this very contrarian personality from 4chan /v/ so I’ll just take that a hint to making a list of them, they aren’t fascists by any means, crypto-fascists at the least, but they often gobble up the worst of people from this website and have probably been co-opted by fascists multiple time because of their apatheticness and coyness, the whole “I’m not a SJW! I don’t like protesters, fighting for something is dumb!” kind, shit they aren’t even probably right-wingers so this is a very special blocklist because I keep seeing them on tumblr whenever something bad happens, in fact i see so many fascists on this site only follow these people, so it’s probably better to block them to cut off their social rings immediately. 

–The list that has probably already been made once–

moontouched-moogle - Not much interesting to talk about here they’re just this hive mind for /v/ people. They kind of helped me build this list a bit. 

thefeelofavideogame - This guy never catches a break of not minding their own business and can’t help but feel cynical about anything but just ‘vidya’

nentindo - This one deserves a special mention because they’re 15 years old so it’s better to just block them and ignore them in advance rather then let them act elitist, i mean jeez kid you’re 15 you BARELY experienced life yet. Like really this amount of them surrounding themselves by adults that don’t wish them the best is an unhealthy obsession for them at it is. 

inkerton-kun - Dontcha hate when a porn artist has to have a ‘personality’

steven-universe-official - Kind of like the grand papi of this gang, I don’t even need to tell people to block them because I think about everyone does already due them sending their weird combination of anti-feminist fans around sending hate to anyone that would do criticism against their shitty attitude, technically in the recent years they kind of toned down on going around spewing bullshit and being THE uncle tom but it’s good to double check

dream-cassette - Oh this one I’ve heard of the most! Used to make child porn by the name of hoshime, in the name of rule 34, along the lines she deleted her original blog because she believed the obviously fake “down with cis” situation was the biggest EXAMPLE OF BIGOTRY in the world and the not absurd at all rival towards inequality (ignoring how it works systematically) and ever since then she’s been hanging out with the anti-sjws. 

thathomestar - I think they used to be a 100% gamergater but then again almost everyone here on this list was at one point. They still have that suspicious aura of “all the misery in the world is the left-wing’s fault for fighting back against their human rights being removed rather than just submitting!”. Says everything that is politically incorrect is just a joke, might be just a weird case of /pol/’s law (haha, get it?)

mr-cappadocia - Also an infamous gamergater, they sorta hold a grudge so much against social justice they end up sounding like they’re high on sherm. You know those try-hards that sound REALLY hard to sound politically incorrect? Yep! They sound like that. I also recommend blocking leopirate too as they are also a hotspot for gamergaters. Both are pretty terrible Islamophobic people. 

takashi0 - The OG Anti-SJW Brony of Tumblr! What a title. 

shitpost-senpai - I don’t even know why this guy’s on this list they’re just a 100% obvious fascist to the point they won’t stop being antisemitic about everything but hey, I guess because they like anime and metal gear rising that’s enough for them to fit in this blocklist… They’re also constantly being reblogging by this social ring of people and could just be the reason why a sum of people don’t trust them. 

maoh - They hate it when people fight back against oppression in general, the old cuck-like mentality of “No, don’t do anything, don’t fight back and die and it will be a win!” without knowing that peaceful protest holds no consequence and allows fascists to do anything they want to do at any time while removing human rights. They’re very petty about god damn children rather than just let them be too. What kind of an adult is this? Kind of funny that they changed their description recently from “I dislike the left-wing of tumblr” to “zero tolerance for faux morality and art censorship”, dude got some brand new codewords to pass off “I hate criticism” and “I’m a nazi sympathizer cuck and I’ve been brainwashed by the enemy to say that violent dynamics, no matter how history shows the story otherwise, is ineffective in justice and is villainous, anyways let me just frantically love an anime where they beat someone up”. It’s basic praxis and how the world works! 

shameshack - Ey! the-cringe-channel, known for producing their own cringe content because for some odd reason they keep ignoring the academic values of things and brush ofF everything in the world as mindless paranoia but probably aren’t a very smart person themselves and would rather waste their life making fun of kids and fueling the quickly made anti-sjw blogs on this website that all have urls like “tumblr-is-dumb-because-i-hate-minorities”, out of everyone who acts coy about why people dislike them, this one acts the most coy out of them all, what a malicious kind of guy. I really don’t know if they legit don’t get how things work in the real world because they take silly things seriously and serious things as if they were silly. Have you ever tried living life once where you have to don’t have to keep insecurely looking down on others that are just harmless oddities to fuel your ego or what?

–End Of List– 

Just copy and paste each url onto your blocklist if you wanna. 

Again I repeat these guys aren’t “fascists” and will deny they’re “anti-sjw” (Even though they don’t do anything to show for it besides say “Oh don’t worry we make fun of anti-sjws too! But we sound exactly like them when we go against our vague idea of social justice”), but fascists and crypto-fascists always seem to be around these people because they act coy about it all the time for the sake of being contrarians. They don’t want to care about them being followed by neo-nazis, just the power of having many followers that come straight from 4chan’s /v/! Almost the same as sympathizers.  

It’s the same odd link towards people who take video games and substancless anime too seriously and… Neo-Nazis, seriously what’s up with that? Anyways be careful when you criticize anime or them and don’t have them checked! 

Special mentions: KanColle fans I guess? Moe anime attracts a lot, and I guess that’s what happens when a medium genre is 100% bottom feeders towards substanceless girls just being cute, blogs with gray backgrounds, the nihilists that blog about trump jokes “ironically” (poe’s law), youtube celebrities, it’s more about ethics in games journalism and not objective game design. It’s not like they can’t be analytical ABOUT EVERYTHING right. Like how video game game design isn’t the only analytical theory in the world to take into consideration when criticizing media. Why is it always the gamers? 

Won’t say it again! Act coy about it all you want but take the loss because you guys have negative connotations and never really worked on it. 

This isn’t a “Reach” like a lot of you guys keep blaming it to be one or just belittle it as just “discourse” (the most thrown around word ever), the fact is just that you simply won’t accept the weight of your actions by either doing bullshit yourselves or allowing fascists to co-op your communities because you guys aren’t actively critical at all despite your contrarian image. 

Anyways this blog’s been moving slow (Which is good! Unless they’ve just been more secretive) to the point I gotta make a list out of these infamous dudes that i’m pretty sure everyone on tumblr already blocks or at least is suspicious about the people who reblog from them so i’m gonna go jack off to hentai rather than cowardly reblog ecchi to my blog to remind people I do indeed jack off to anime have no mistake about it. 

PSA: Stop calling Avi Jesus

Both he and Kevin have expressed discomfort with fans referring to Avi as Jesus, so if nothing else, y'all should stop out of pure respect for them as people, but also it’s kinda antisemitic to blatantly disregard Avi’s Judaism by saying he’s Jesus.

I know most of you already know why this is problematic, but I keep seeing it, so I felt like something needed to be said. -Leilah