stop antisemitism

PSA: Stop calling Avi Jesus

Both he and Kevin have expressed discomfort with fans referring to Avi as Jesus, so if nothing else, y'all should stop out of pure respect for them as people, but also it’s kinda antisemitic to blatantly disregard Avi’s Judaism by saying he’s Jesus.

I know most of you already know why this is problematic, but I keep seeing it, so I felt like something needed to be said. -Leilah

  • y'all: completely ignoring jewish existence and the fact that antisemitism is on the rise and has been for years
  • y'all: donald trump is the reincarnation of hitler!!
Real Customer I got to deal with today

Customer: Merry Christmas
Me: Happy Holidays
Customer: No this is Trump’s America now, we say Merry Christmas.
Me: *laughs nervously*
Customer: It’s great that he won right?
Me: I’m not really supposed to talk about this as an employee its against my guidelines…
Customer: Don’t tell me you voted for hillary, more like hillarlie.
Me: I’d rather not talk about it.
Customer: You want an illegal immigrant to steal your job from you? I say he builds that fence and we kill the illegals in the country and watch those mexicans die from lead poisoning from our side.
Me:…your total is $$.$$

I love my state and I love my country but it’d be great if I could avoid this ignorance/racism/antisemitism at my work place. If I asked you to stop you could stop instead of making me more uncomfortable.
It doesn’t really help that I can’t defend my ideals because I will 100% get fired for talking to a customer about politics 🙃

Look, guys, if you use the term feather n*zi in any way, shape, or form, that is atrocious behavior. I’m sorry, but there’s no way around it. If you equate being overzealous about feathered dinosaurs with racism, hatred, genocide, fascism, and violence, you have a seriously warped view of the world and you need to sort out your priorities and reestablish your world view. Read some books, be more creative in your attempts to insult people, and get over yourself. 

I don’t want to see the term anymore. Use the fucking “Pluminati” if you have to, that seems to be going around. I… seriously. Stop. 


Stop Making Jew Jokes

Stop saying “Jew”

Even if you hear us joking about our stereotypes, you have no right to

Don’t comment on our features, how they do or do not “look” Jewish

Don’t make holocaust jokes, especially about camps

Don’t call us white

Don’t use Yiddish or Hebrew words in your vocabulary such as ‘oy vey’

Stop asking us “why” we’re jewish

Stop saying our names are too hard to pronounce

Stop making fun of us using Chet (The letter that makes the chuh sound)

Stop talking over us by inserting your beliefs

Stop being so anti-semetic and denying it


Yall need to stop acting like trumps antisemitic voters wouldn’t have come out in droves against Bernie too

Like yall weren’t listening during this election at all were you


I can’t stop watching this shit (a minor compulsion…I started, and must finish).

Kimmy Schmidt is antisemitic garbage.  On top of every other sort of racism. (Vietnamese character named “Dong” played for laughs, Asians calling a black man “a Hitler” because he puts on Yellowface to portray his geisha past life (in this case, everything is a problem, because the Asians calling him racist are being portrayed as unreasonable and wrong), and Jane Krakowski playing a Native American…) this season that antisemitism is getting ridiculous.

Five seconds in, Krakowski’s character complains about the Jews trying to steal her painting.  In the second episode, Kimmy Schmidt assumes a pair of Orthodox Jewish men are “sad Santas.”  And in episode 8, we finally find out what’s going on with Jane Krakowski’s character’s painting.  It’s a Mondrian that was provably stolen from this Jewish family during the Holocaust by the Nazis, and they want it back, and are being portrayed as the bad guys! Worse, they’re just another shitty, off-color, unfunny joke.  Their names are “Harry Weiner” and “Ivana Ita Weiner.” And their daughter “Anita Weiner.”

This is getting worse by the moment, but I can’t look away…I have to finish, because I’m me.  Help.

@feministrhymeswithwitch and @kylorensrey, if you can avoid it, do so.  This is where it’s going.  And it’s not likely to get better…

Tina Fey.  Back on 30 Rock, you were less bad, in what I saw of the show.  You even recognized that the bullshit coded language used to attack “East Coast liberal values” was just another way of saying “Jewish” (though for all I know, you cribbed that right from the West Wing) and made it clear that this was bigoted.  Now, your new show is nothing but racist jokes (ok, to be fair, there’s gay jokes and I’ve caught a couple of transphobic jokes, too) and unless something drastic changes, I’m done with you.

Two out of three of the Baudelaire children have been cast for Netflix’s A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Both of those actors are not Jewish, but the Baudelaire are. That is whitewashing.

When you cast a non-Jewish actor for a Jewish character that is whitewashing.

Stop whitewashing Jews 2016.

I got sucked into Stephen Fry interviews on youtube and I’m crying my eyes out because he told the story of a women named Anita Lasker-Wallfisch whose entire family died in the holocaust. She spent years at Aushwitz but she survived because she was an amazing cellist and all the Nazi commanders wanted her to play for them.

She was my age, playing the most beautiful cello music she knew, Bach and Schumann and Mozart, for the people who had tortured and killed her friends and family. They didn’t consider her a human, she was literally playing for her life. If she made a mistake she could die.

Her wikipedia page literally says “Her membership in the 40-piece orchestra saved her as cello players were difficult to replace.”

If you’re more concerned about getting an answer for “Are the Jews really white???” than “How do we stop antisemitism?” that tells me you care more about maintaining the purity of your US-centric PoC vs. white dichotomy than the suffering of a group of people that has been othered, persecuted and killed since long before your shitty country existed.