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At her touch, Vax's face begins to crumble away into dust, flesh disintegrating and falling away to reveal bone. He raises a hand to hers, flesh falling away from his deft, half-elven digits as his eyes meet hers. "I can't lose you" She says, her eyes welling with tears. "You never will" He responds, smiling sadly as the last of his face falls away and his armour clangs to the ground.


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he’s such a babe. ♡

I’m actually on the verge of crying right now, he looks so good that my physical and mental state can’t comprehend the emotions that I’m experiencing. ♡

EXO's love letters

Xiumin:  “jagi-yaah~ I hope you’re doing well and that you don’t miss me too much (you better), since I’ll be back in your arms sooner than you know it. Pls pls pls keep sending me selfies everyday bc I can’t get enough of your smile, it’s the only thing that gets me through the day~ I love you so much. Stay safe, my love xx”

Suho:  “I know you said not to be cheesy but I know you’ve been having a tough time lately sooo…oh gosh, I hope you see this when you’re making your coffee this morning or else this would be awkward when I came back home…but anyways, I just wanted you to know it’s okay to tell me everything, yeah? You know that I love you more than anything and it makes me sad when you’re sad. I just wanted to make your day a little brighter, I hope you know that I love you lots~ have a great day, baby :)”

Lay:  “I can’t put into words how much I miss you, and it’s killing me not to have you wrapped up in my arms right now. I promised that I’d be back from China soon and I meant it, I just have a little more work to do, baobei, I hope you can understand. I felt that this was more special than a simple text, but call me as soon as you get this so I can hear your voice!!! I love you, y/n  -Yixing”

Baekhyun:  “Baby, I’m so sorry…you know we never fight so I’m feeling so lonely and broken, that’s why I can never say this to you in person…but I need you so much, I don’t think you even realize it. I really hope you get to see this before tearing it apart, but I’m hurting a lot right now and I just needed to contact you somehow. Please, talk to me and let’s work things out.  -The love of your life, Baek”

Chen:  “please ignore this if you actually hate me and don’t want to ruin our friendship :) y/n, I love you. I’ve been in love with you before I met you….I don’t know how that works, but I’m sure of it. You’re always on my mind but I can’t ever think of the right words to say about how I feel. So please, if you feel the same, come see me at the first place where we met at 9 o'clock…I hope to see you there x.”

Chanyeol:  “I can’t believe you’ve set up a surprise party for me when you’re 3000 miles away, you’re actually insane. It wasn’t the same without you, love, I wish you could’ve actually been there to give me birthday kisses too :( I promise I’ll be home soon and I’ve got way more presents than this package. Thank you so much for everything, I honestly don’t know what I’d do without you. I love you, please text me soon and don’t leave me on read again :D”

D.O:  “y/n-yah, guess who’s gonna be the owner of a new apartment. The keys and the address should be inside the envelope unless someone stole it, in that case I was just kidding. I know this is a big step for us to move in together but…I’ve already talked to both our parents about it and they agree. I hope you’ll love it as much as I do, so I’ll see you there after work. (P.S the fridge is full, go crazy.)

Kai:  *after his injury* “I know you’ve been worried about me and you’re probably mad that I don’t let you see me at the hospital…but baby, I can’t let you see me like that. You have no idea how much of a mess I am, I feel like I won’t be able to fully recover or do anything from now on. You know how much dancing means to me, so I can’t let you see me cry everyday on a hospital bed. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be sure to recover quickly so I can see you again, please don’t be mad and please understand me. I love you so so so so much, please take care of yourself.”

Sehun:  “so I know you probably won’t ever see this unless you’re going through my computer again…so in that case, hey, y/n. I know we’ve been friends for longer than I can count, but I can’t help but feel something else when I look at you. We’re not kids anymore so I should be able to tell you this and not be scared, but for some reason I can’t. Just know that you’re all I ever think about and you’ve always been the person I wanted to end up with. I guess you can ignore this if you don’t feel the same, but if you did then pls just kiss me already and stop killing me. I love you.”

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Fell!Poth Part 2! <33

And now…
We’re gonna send li'l ol Rurik on a guilt trip~
Bear with me, folks, this story has JUST BEGUN! <33

Fell!Palette belongs to @angexci

Fell!Goth belongs to @nekophy (or) @nekophysinpile

Palette walked irritatedly down the path back home. It had been a hard day of taking care of people on his ‘hit list’, and he couldn’t wait to get back home to Goth. He’d make that younger skeleton limp so bad tomorrow…

In the middle of his thoughts, he opened the door to the house.

“Gooooothy~” Palette purred, “I’m home… You know what that means~~”
He walked into the kitchen. Goth wasn’t there like he usually was. Palette’s eyes narrowed as he growled more aggressively, “Oh my little doll, where are you…”

He walked around the island in the kitchen to find Goth knelt on the ground softly gagging and coughing up blood. The younger skeleton had a sharp knife to his own throat.

Palette’s eyes widened in dismay. 
Goth only slowly looked up with a smile. A smile that clearly told Palette, ‘You won.’ And with that, Goth’s hand trembling, he began to slowly slice his own throat–

But Palette was quicker. He dived into a kneeling position and yanked Goth’s wrist to the side, taking the knife and chucking it out the open window. He took a hold of both of Goth’s wrists with one hand, while his other held Goth’s throat. 

This time, Palette wasn’t holding Goth by the throat in attempt to choke him. He was doing it to save Goth. And neither skeleton knew why.

Goth’s eyes were filled with confusion (and not to mention tears) as he met Palette’s. The smaller skeleton choked out only a single word.
And then Goth passed out in Palette’s arms, soul beating faster than a humming bird’s wings. He was soaked in his own blood and tears…literally.

Palette hesitated but stood up, letting go of Goth. The bigger skeleton had no interest in taking Goth to his room, but he did get a large bandage and gauze to cease the bleeding in Goth’s throat.
After he was finished treating the small wound, Palette began walking back to his room. 

…He glanced over his shoulder to make sure Goth was in a decently comfortable position, then he walked out.

Goth woke up with a damp face and a bloodstained mouth. He groaned as he sat up slowly and winced as his throat was strained with the effort. His eyes were wide as he realized that he wasn’t dead.

Tears came almost immediately all over again. 
Ignoring the pain in his neck, Goth screamed in pure agony over his failed suicide attempt and he stood up to punch the cabinet door. 

“No!!” He sobbed loudly, “No, no no no no!!! No….!!” Goth sank to the floor, whimpering and trembling violently. He felt a shadow darken his vision through his eyelids. The smaller skeleton immediately froze. He let out a long whine of terror.

“I’m…..sorry….” Is all Goth could manage to get out before rage and fear battled each other in his mind, making him shriek in a shaking voice, “I give up!!!” To the figure in front of him, “Just rape me already!! Kill me! SOMETHING!! Stop torturing me by making me wait…just get it over with… I just…want to die…” Goth’s voice faded into a sob as he lowered his head in defeat to Palette, “I… Give… UP… You win… Please… N-no more…” 

Palette looked angry, but anger and guilt were fiercely battling each other in his mind. At the moment, guilt was winning. Palette’s eyes softened somewhat and he knelt in front of Goth, raising his head by the chin with a hand.

Goth’s expression was laden with horror as Palette’s hand made contact with Goth’s chin. He flinched and trembled, preparing for the worst.

But Goth’s gradual flinching was all for nothing as Palette leaned in and gave Goth a kiss. 
This was different than the kisses that Goth had received in the past. This was a soft kiss. Not aggressive and lust-hungry. 

Goth was thoroughly shocked. He trembled even more in confusion but kissed back nonetheless. Even if Palette meant this kiss to actually be a kind advance toward Goth, the younger skeleton still didn’t want to risk angering him by not returning the kiss. 

By the time they pulled away, Goth felt nothing. His eyes–his whole expression – was blank. Goth felt nothing for Palette. NOTHING. There was definitely hatred there. But nothing else. 

“I love you, Goth…” Palette said gruffly but slowly, as if he was honestly trying to be more convincing than he usually is, “…I don’t want to lose you.”

Goth just stared at Palette.
“No you don’t,” Goth replied simply.
Palette looked up in slight surprise.

“Excuse me?”

“You can’t take me from my own family, come here of all places to live, treat me like yesterday’s newspaper, rape me, abuse me, then wait until I’m trying to escape my miserable, wasted life to decide that you love me. That’s just not possible. Or, at the very least, you can’t expect me to love you back…” Goth’s voice shook in anger as he confronted Palette of all his faults.

Palette let his hand fall as Goth stood up. 

“Where do you think you’re going?” Palette tried to sound like his intimidating self through his shock, “You aren’t allowed to leave. I’m dominant over you.” Palette stood as well, grabbing Goth by the arm.

Goth flinched again and turned to Palette. He nodded slowly and meekly, and just as Palette felt satisfaction bubble up inside him…


Palette stumbled backwards in utter shock. Goth was standing with his hand raised. He had smacked Palette so hard it sent the older skeleton to the ground. 

“…You are not dominant over me…” Goth’s voice was shaking, “I am my own person.” 
Palette was staring up at Goth in alarm, his intimidating aura gone. He looked…guilty?

But Goth didn’t let it get to him. He glared down at Palette and kicked him in the ribs. “I’m leaving you for good this time! I don’t give half a shit about how you feel! You never gave anything about how I did!”

And with that, Goth ran outside the front door, leaving Palette groaning mess on the floor.

Goth ran as fast as he could down the alley next to his and Palette’s house. By now he could only pray that Palette or one of his buddies wouldn’t come after him.

Nearly tripping on a rock, Goth squealed a bit in alarm and jumped as to keep himself from falling. That would only slow him down. He broke through a thin wall of bushes and into someone’s backyard. 
He raced through it and made it to the edge of town in no time.

Palette’s home was close to the edge of town, though, so Goth still had to be careful about being seen. He couldn’t be too loud, either, or else Palette might be able to hear him.
Just as he was about to cross into the next town…


Goth collapsed to the ground. In a haze of alarm, he looked behind himself.

One of Palette’s comrades were standing right there with a bat in his hand.
Goth’s eyes widened in horror. He’d been caught again! What was going to happen to him now?!

Goth let out a loud scream as his attacker harshly picked him up and started carrying him away. 

“Let me go!! You dirty rotten miserable sick son of a bitch!!” Goth’s words were laced thickly in fear as tears streamed down his face.

“Y'know, doll…” The attacker growled, “You’ve been escaping one too many times lately. I think I’ll punish you for that MYSELF.”

…If Goth hadn’t been completely horrified of how his life would end before, he definitely was now.
 He forced himself to let out another loud cry.

Palette’s head raised as he walked out the front door of his home, hearing several loud sobs from the edge of town. 
‘What…? But that sounds like…’ Palette thought silently, making his way down the alley at a speed walk. What had gotten Goth? Or was it Goth at all, he wondered silently?


Still not over yet~ Have patience~~


Karrie: (cries) I can’t do this anymore! I don’t want to do this anymore.. I want to go home, I want to see my mom and my brother. I don’t want to be pregnant anymore and I - God, I just want Gage to be alive again.. Just let him kill me already..

Alex: Stop it. You stop it right this second! Gage did not sacrifice himself the way he did just for you to give up. I’m not going to let you give up and he wouldn’t want you to, either.

Karrie: I can’t do this without him..

Alex: You can, and you will. Gage was my friend … a really good friend and my only one. He was there to help me when nobody else was. Vlad bit me and left me for dead, but then Gage came along and saved me. I made a promise to him that I would help you and I intend to keep it.

Karrie: How? How could you possibly help me?

Alex: You leave that up to me. The only thing you need to worry about is taking care of yourself and those babies. Okay?

Karrie: (nods, sniffles)


Lily Evans looked at herself in the mirror in front of her. She was only 18 and in a wedding dress about to say “I do” to James Potter. Her hair was braided into a basic crown and her dress was as simple as can be. She looked down at her right hand where James’ mother’s ring shone, something old. McGonagall brought her a golden necklace as a gift. Lily insisted she couldn’t accept, that it was an honour enough to have her give Lily away but woman wouldn’t take no as an answer, something new. Mary gave Lily her favourite earrings for the wedding, something borrowed. She had blue flowers in her braid, something blue.

If she had to say “no” to one more person who asked her if she was pregnant, she was going to hex that unlucky person. Aside from that small annoyance, her knees were shaking but not from cold feet, she was excited and scared. She was excited because having a family with Potter made so much sense to her but there was a war going on outside, she couldn’t see past that. All the precautions they had to take just for a wedding was alone nerve wrecking. She knew that all the bridesmaids and the Marauders had their wands hidden somewhere in their dress robes, she insisted she could have her wand as well but Dorcas looked at her like she would kill her, so she gave up.

She felt the heaviness of not having anyone from her blood family as a guest. She knew Petunia wouldn’t have bothered and her parents… Well her parents were gone, weren’t they? She hoped they watched her from up above. She slowly set down to the old blue armchair in her room, looking up so the tears wouldn’t ruin her make-up, Marlene would kill her. Please don’t fall, please don’t fall. She slowly closed her eyes to make sure the tears don’t leave her emerald eyes and took a deep breath to calm herself.

Lily was dancing with James Potter in the Gryffindor common room. It was dark, the only light in the room came from the window and the fireplace. She looked at James, they were in their 7th year. Lily remembered that night vividly. She had drank a little too much Firewhiskey, she had decided to talk to Potter about her feelings which were very unexpected for Lily, because she would have expected to fall for anyone but Potter. So she was panicking a little. James twirled her around and she put her head on his chest, her head was spinning but she couldn’t tell if it was the Firewhiskey in her blood or the way James looked at her behind his glasses, like she was some kind of a miracle.

She calmed herself down by thinking about how James looked at her that night. She imagined it would get even better while she was walking down the aisle. Then the girls came in, there wasn’t much time left and they were just as excited as Lily was.

James Potter walked up and down in his room while waiting for the moment he would finally say “I do” to Lily Evans, the girl with the emerald eyes and aflame hair. He was way too much in love to get cold feet. He dreamt about this day since the day he met her. It took some hexes and insults but finally, he was with her. Lily Evans soon to be Lily Potter. All the boys were out dealing with some issues and his parents were greeting the guests, it was the first time he had sometime to himself. This was really happening, he was going to marry Lily Evans. James stopped in front of the window looking at the garden where there was an arch made of white lilies, I should thank Remus for that idea James said to himself. Then he shut his eyes as he felt a small breeze in his hair, which wasn’t tidy even on his wedding day.

James was dancing with Lily in the Gryffindor common room, he wouldn’t have cared if the world outside was burning down to ashes, Lily’s head was on his chest, she smelled like flowers. Lily had a little bit too much Firewhiskey and was looking him right in the eyes, James felt her insides melt. She looked a little drowsy and she had a scared look on her face. 

“Oh no you don’t Evans” warned James.

“Sorry Potter, shouldn’t have given me that last–”

James summoned a bucket just in time because she never finished that sentence. 

“Lily? Are you alright? Do you want anything?” asked James while holding her hair back, it felt like silk, he never wanted to let go. 

Then she looked over her shoulder and as she wiped her mouth with a napkin she found, she smiled at James. 

“I am very sorry Potter, you didn’t have to see that.” apologised Lily as she turned a new shade of red. James felt like a train hit him and all the Firewhiskey suddenly went away, he was seeing clearer than before.

“The times I cleaned up after Sirius, you are very cute compared to him, don’t worry” assured James, she was even a darker shade of red. Then James summoned some water and mints from his dorm and Lily looked a lot better than she did ten minutes ago. 

James sat down on the couch by the fire and he felt like something had changed. Lily came and sat down next to him, she still looked very apologetic.

“Stop already, It’s not like you tried to killed me Evans, don’t worry so much. Do you want to lay down a little? I promise you will feel better.” suggested James and Lily put her head on his knees without a word. 

James could tell there was something on her mind.

“Come on Lily, tell me whatever you are thinking about. I can see that you are stressing over something.”

“No– I– I’m not stressing over anything. I just- I- James can I stay with you tonight?” asked Lily. James felt his fingers go numb, he never felt his heart beating like that before. He was looking at Lily’s face with utter disbelief which took Lily by surprise.

“Never mind, I- Forget I ever asked.” stuttered Lily, she looked embarrassed and disappointed.

“No,no! Not that I would mind but you should get some rest Lils. Merlin knows I would love that but– You should sleep properly tonight, Firewhiskey hangovers are not fun.” replied James.

Lily nodded and kept laying down until it was 4 am as James played with her hair and James suggested they went to bed, so she did. She gave a shy smile as she climbed the stairs to her dorm.

When James reached his bed, he was dumbstruck. He always thought his love for Lily was unrequited. Was that really Lily talking just an hour ago or was it the Firewhiskey? James had contented himself with just being Lily’s friend for the past year and now this was happening? He had settled for friendship because he thought that was the only way to keep her green eyes in his sight. He was thinking way too fast and he knew he wouldn’t get a minute of sleep that night. What would tomorrow be like, would she remember? If Lily wasn’t drunk, he would have said yes in a heart beat, he would have stayed with her until they were grey and old but as always he did what he thought was the right thing to do. He smelled his sweatshirt, he smelled like flowers, he smelled like her. Then he fell asleep to her smell.

James jumped to the knock on the door.

“I’m sorry if I startled you. It’s about time Prongs” said Peter as he grinned widely and made his way out.

James walked out of the room and went slowly down stairs, Sirius was grinning so wide he couldn’t help but return it.

“Mate, I am the one who’s getting married what are you so happy about?” asked James.

“What? Can’t I be happy that my brother is getting married?” demanded Sirius.

James felt like he was flying, they both called Euphemia “mum” but this was the first time Sirius referred to him as his brother. James never wanted to fill Regulus’ shoes but damn it felt good.

“Now let’s go Prongs, Lily-kins is about to come down, you can’t see her.” said Sirius and pulled James by his arm.

James was standing in front of the arch with Sirius by his side. Remus and Peter were just behind Sirius, he felt weightless. Then he heard the music and the rest was just complete euphoria. 

The moment Lily stepped out of the small house just across the arch, James felt his breath get stuck in his stomach. She was so beautiful, she had an embarrassed smile on her face but Merlin, she was like an angel. 

James had always appreciated Lily’s dark red hair and emerald green eyes but this was different than before, what he was feeling as Lily made her way down the aisle with McGonagall by her side, James felt tears stinging his eyes. How did she even agree to be with him? She hated him four years ago, this must be a dream.

James found himself standing in the middle of a hallway with a breakfast tray in his hands, he took a few steps forward to find a older but beautifully pregnant Lily in the bed, smiling at him. She was still breathtaking. James put the tray in front of Lily and gave her a kiss on the head. She smelled like flowers. Then he made his way downstairs again to have a boy and a girl jump on him. Kids, they had kids and there was another one on the way. The boy was older and had Lily’s eyes, the girl had her hair, they were perfect. James made his way to the door and waved the kids goodbye. They decided it was better for them to have Muggle education, too. 

Then he made his way upstairs again to lay next to Lily and listen to the small sounds that came from her huge belly. After Lily finished eating, they went downstairs and into the kitchen. James felt happy as she twirled Lily around, she was laughing like a child. She had her head on James’ chest, just like that day.

She whispered “I love you” to James’ heart and he felt alive. She had no idea how much he loved her back, he couldn’t put it into words, so he contended himself with “I love you, too”. He would have given anything just so they would stay like that forever. James then checked his watch and realised he had to go to work.

“Please stay today, say you are feeling ill or something” begged Lily as she was kissing her husband’s lips slowly at each word.

James hated saying no to her green eyes but he had to go. He wanted to stay with her until she had whites among those red hair and he had wrinkles around his eyes, he wanted to stay like that with her, as they were.

He came back to his senses as McGonagall lead Lily towards James, he reached out a hand to Lily, she was so warm. James saw his father give him a reassuring nod as he smiled holding Euphemia’s hand. Euphemia had her napkin ready, she was already on the verge of crying. James kissed Lily on the cheek and now they were face to face. Lily’s eyes were shining with tears, she was as happy as James was. She turned around and gave her bouquet to Marlene who was smiling widely, she turned back to James and looked him right in the eyes, James forgot there were other people around them. The only thing that mattered was her. 

They got through the necessities, we are gathered here today to celebrate the union of two souls, pretty fast or so it felt like, it was time for their vows. James had spent so much time thinking on it, and he looked Lily in the eyes and took a deep breath and took Lily’s warm hands in his cold ones.

I won’t lie I have dreamt about this for many times before, standing in front of Lily Evans in a white dress as beautiful as ever but I always dreamt about it, it never crossed my mind that it would one day come true for obvious reasons. I know I annoyed you more than enough for a lifetime Evans but I want to keep annoying you until the world ends. I want to keep looking into your green eyes and see what I am seeing right now until my lungs give out. I want to be your knight in a shining armour and your shoulder to cry on, I want to grow old with you but also stay kids forever at the same time. I want to do the impossible with you, I want to live forever if you are by my side.

I will do anything to protect you and I promise to be there for you when things get hard. I know things aren’t as good as you want them to be Lils but I am going to find ways to make sure you are as happy as you are right now. I assure you, we will make your parents proud. Also Mr. and Mrs. Evans I promise you I will take care of your daughter to the best of my capabilities and I promise I will try and love her as much as you did. 

Lily Evans, I am glad I became a worthy man for you because I can’t imagine anyone else standing in front of me today. I am glad you accepted a mere human like me to be your husband. No matter what other people tell you, to me you are perfect. I love you to the moon and back and I will never let you go.

Lily was in tears long before James finished but James didn’t let go of her hands until he was done, then slowly he reached to wipe away the tears from her cheeks. Lily mouthed an “I love you” as he did that. James could see Marlene looking up to make sure no one saw her cry.

It was now Lily’s turn to take deep breaths. She looked nervous. Remus winked at her and she tried to focus only on James and shut everyone else out.

Firstly I want everyone to know that, I hated James the moment I laid my eyes on him, I know that’s not something one would say at her wedding but believe me it’s very important that long before we were together, I hexed him every chance I got.

You never gave up on me Jamie, it was tiring I will admit that. Even though you knew I would never be nice to you, you still stood up for me. You and that pure gold heart of yours were a part of me although I didn’t want it to be. I am glad we both changed, I am glad I was around to see you grow up to be an incredible person and beyond all I am glad you didn’t give up. 

I admire how you are always trying to make sure I’m happy and how you always put me first. I would have never gotten through my parents’ death if it wasn’t for you. I wouldn’t have been standing here if you didn’t stay up with the for three days straight making sure I ate or I wasn’t feeling alone. I fell in even more love with you because you were there when I needed you the most, when most people thought we were too young to get married I knew there was no point in waiting because I knew that I could never love someone else like I love you.

We are unstoppable and inevitable James Potter, don’t you forget that. 

I promise I will be there for you whenever you need me, I promise I will be everything you need me to be and more. I will be your best friend, your lover, your wife. I promise I won’t try to fix your hair because I adore the way it is free like you are. I promise I will keep stealing your sweatshirts because you smell like home. I promise I will never stop looking at you because your eyes are my favourite colour. I promise I will put up with Sirius, Remus and Peter because I know they make you who you are and who you are is flawless. I promise I will never let you go because you are all I’ve ever wanted. I love you more than I can put into words and I am proud to be the person standing here in front of you.

James’ eyes were looking at the Lily like he did after Lily first kissed him, she knew exactly what he was feeling, she knew him like the back of her hand. 

“Do you, James Fleamont Potter, take Lily Evans to be your lawfully wedded wife?” asked the officiant.

“I do.” answered James. He heard few whistles.

Once they settled the officiant turned to Lily. “Do you, Lily Evans, take James Fleamont Potter to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

“I do” replied Lily while looking into James’ eyes. 

“Very well then, I declare you bonded for life, you may kiss the bride”

James was barely holding himself as the got the permission to kiss Lily. He hold her from her back and twirled her around while kissing her. The guests broke into an applause and Sirius was jumping up and down while whistling. When James opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was his mother and McGonagall crying and holding each others hands. It was real, he really was married to Lily Evans, no, Potter. Now, she was a Potter.

*The story was inspired from Say You Won’t Let Go by James Arthur

** The idea of using a song for a story was given to me by @gryffinbros so thank you love for that

Pennywise x Reader Glass Flowers

You’re running faster than you ever have to afraid to look back, you know what’s chasing you taking the shape of someone you thought was long out of you’re life. You can feel your legs wanting to give up but if you stop he may get you, at some point you no longer hear someone behind you maybe they aren’t chasing you anymore but you know better so you run into a crowded part of the town where it looks like a small festival is taking place and slowly come to stop. There’s people and bright lights laughter.

You find a place to sit and take a breath but checking around you IT can take forms of anything. Someone looks at you and asks if you’re okay, nodding you offer a small smile the person leaves and even though there’s people everywhere you feel alone on high alert, IT doesn’t stop. You get up and make you’re over to a small shop not wanting bring attention to yourself, there’s a small glass flower that caught you’re eye gently picking it up you hold it in you’re hand turning it over and touching the glass petals. Something in the air changed so fast panicking knowing you spent to much time forgetting why you were running you quickly put the glass flower down and look up but see darkness the laughter stopped the movement has stopped you can hear you’re heart pounding.

“No no no.” backing up you can hear glass break and a body drops in front of you bloody bleeding from the neck seeing a familiar coat flashbacks attack you’re vision, the air gets damp around you getting harder to breath. You stare at the man you killed his body a reminder of what happened that day, you back up till you’re back makes contact with someone you feel cold metal going around you’re wrist and you yank you’re arm away moving to look behind you to see a cop grinning with a all to familiar smirk and the yellow eyes glowing, the cop giggles at you and takes a step toward you.

“My my I found you.” a little bit of drool leaves his mouth his clown form taking shape as you feel you’re heart sink down shaking you try not to run cause he could easily catch up “I thought it’d be hard to find you too, (Y/N)… my little toy” his gloved hand grabs you’re cheeks roughly pulling you closer to him “I spent so long trying to find you too, it was rude of you to leave.” he grips your cheek harder and you can feel blood in you’re mouth laughing darkly he leans down and smells you’re neck and chuckles “ Fear has always smelt better on you.” dropping you he walks over to the body laying on the ground.

You know that’s how he found you the cops didn’t know a thing you hid all the evidence so well , being found out for killing someone was you’re fear but you didn’t know what to do that night. That man deserved to die.

“Just kill me already stop toying with me!” you yell getting up looking at Pennywise tired of all this torture and toying around. He looks at you and smirks giggling a little “ And why would I do that (Y/N) you’re so fun, who likes to get rid of their toys?” he towers over you brushing you’re cheek with the back of his hand leaning down he tries to smell you’re neck again, you reach up with your hands trying to push him away but he grabs your wrist and laughs hotly against your neck, you feel something hot and wet on your neck panicking “STOP!” you yell trying to get away from him, he moves to grip both of your wrist into one hand and then moves the other to cover your mouth. 

“ No I don’t think I will,  the smell of you’re fear right now is too good to stop so sweet and delicious.” he almost makes a purring sound and chuckles at you feeling you tremble. Moving back he stares at you and smiles “Besides this is just the beginning.” Looking up at him with wide eyes terrified the last thing you see it his yellow almost glowing eyes and his toothy smirk. 


HAAA okay I wrote this out of nowhere Dx I’ve never written anything before but needed to get this out, it doesn’t seem good to me but meh. This isn’t really smutty just the end seems smutty Pennywise wants to have fun with the reader by making them scared shitless. I don’t know where I was going with this but TADA it’s shit but thank you to whoever reads this xD mini fic thing

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Hello, can you please do number #2 for Drarry? I was thinking what if in HBP Draco didn't go to jinx/attack in the bathroom Harry but instead turned around and said 'Why do you keep doing this to me?'. Then maybe he just starts telling Harry how much he loves him (and he can't help himself anymore, he starts crying about it), but also how much Harry aggravates him and basically how he has felt since year 1. Sorry that this request is long!

Omg yes I love this

Harry looked down at the Marauder’s Map and saw Draco’s dot heading into a bathroom. He quickly stopped what he was doing to follow him.

Harry opened the bathroom door just a crack and looked in. Draco was standing in front of a mirror, hands grasping the sink, tie loose around his neck, looking nothing like himself.

Harry walked into the bathroom, and Draco saw his reflection in the mirror. He whipped around, wand in his hand, and Harry did nothing to try to defend himself. He stupidly left his wand up in his dorm. Harry just stood, waiting for the curse to hit him, but it never came. He watched as Draco slowly lowered his wand. 

Why do you keep doing this to me?” Draco asked quietly, his voice cracking at the end.

“Malfoy, what-”

“Why?!” He cut him off, shouting this time, as his tears started to fall. “First it was Chang, and now everyone is saying how you’re crazy about the Weaslette and…and it’s not fair! I love you way more than she ever will, so why should she be the one that gets to have you! And I loved you first! The moment I met you in that bloody robe shop, Merlin, I knew I was doomed. I was the first person from this stupid school that you ever met, and you wanted nothing to do with me! Do you have any idea how that made an 11 year old me, with a huge crush on you, feel? I was heartbroken when you wouldn’t shake my hand in first year! You would always parade around with your stupid friends without a care in the world about me or how I was doing or anything! And I had to sit and watch you, wondering what it would be like to just be friends with Harry bloody Potter, and wishing that he would feel the same way about me as I did about him. God, you bothered me so much! All these years, we’ve never had just a normal conversation. I’d have to start a fight with you just to get you to talk to me! You always thought I hated you, but that’s not true. I just wanted you to notice me. I at least wanted you to know that I was there, that I still existed despite your efforts to ignore me, if I couldn’t have what I actually wanted. Because that was all I really wanted: you. Just Harry. Not the bloody Chosen One or the Boy Who Lived. I just wanted you. And I still do. But you don’t want me. And honestly, I don’t even care anymore if the Dark Lord kills me, because at least it will put me out of my misery of…this.” Draco gestured between them to indicate what “this” meant.

He was sobbing by the end of his speech and Harry was at a loss for words.

Draco turned back around to face the sink as he tried to quiet his sobs.

“Draco…” Harry said as he carefully approached him.

“Go away, Potter. Just go back to the Weaslette and be happy and never think twice about me after he kills me.”

“He’s not going to kill you, Draco. I won’t let him, even if it’s the last thing I do.”

Draco shook his head, but refused to meet Harry’s eyes in the mirror.

“You won’t be able to stop him if he really wants to kill me,” he whispered, hardly audible.

Harry gently grabbed Draco’s arm and forced him around so he was facing him.

“In case you’ve forgotten, I’ve stopped him from killing me four times already, well three, actually, because it was really Dumbledore who did it at the Ministry, but that’s beside the point. I can assure you that he really wanted me dead all of those times, but I’m still here. And even if it was just because of some dumb luck, I’m counting on that luck. He’s not going to kill you, Draco. I promise.”

Draco just looked at Harry for a moment, eyes bloodshot and watery from crying.

“It doesn’t even matter. You’ll just save me and then go right back to the Weas-”

Harry cut Draco off by grabbing him around the waist and kissing him. A kiss full of 6 years worth of passion, anger, competition, and most importantly, love. Draco’s knees went weak at the kiss, and if it weren’t for Harry holding him around the waist, he would have fallen.

Harry pulled away and rested his forehead against Draco’s.

“God,” he whispered once he caught his breath. “Will you stop talking about Ginny?”


“Draco. I don’t love Ginny. I love you. How you’ve never noticed is beyond me. Hermione says I’m so obvious.” Harry chuckled.

Draco just gave him a small smile and let the last of his tears fall.

“Now,” Harry said, grabbing Draco’s hand. “How about we go talk to Dumbledore about this ridiculous task you’ve been assigned.”

Draco looked on edge about it. Harry brushed the hair out of his face and kissed him again, this time short but sweet.

“We’ll be able to keep you and your family safe, I promise.”

Draco reluctantly nodded his head and gripped Harry’s hand tighter before letting Harry lead him up to Dumbledore’s office.

What I appreciate about AYH making of pt.1

or Aiba’s sekushiiness

ehm Aiba-chan can you stop killing me with your abs already?! ( noo do it how much u want XD ur abs are perfcectly smexy omg *dies of nosebleed*)

dang here we have smexy tired Masaki in a car ♥

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annnd here goes AIBA STAAAR ♥ ( my lame pun which is not pun at all :P )

idk but why it looks to me little bit as a model photo? XD

yeah he must be doing it on purpose :P